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Slow Loading In Blu-Ray Players – The Reason And Solution

Slow Loading In Blu-Ray Players – The Reason And Solution

One problem that always arises wherever Blu Ray players are being discussed is their loading time. Many people wonder why it takes Blu Ray Players so long to read and load the disc. Another question that we have seen people asking frequently is why the movie starts playing instantly without showing any menus first.slow loading bluray players reason Slow Loading In Blu Ray Players   The Reason And Solution

The first thing you should understand here is that there are some significant differences between a Blu Ray Disc and a DVD. Their mode and procedure of working are completely different. The main reason being the huge size and capacity of the Blu Ray disc. A normal Blu Ray disc can store as much as 5 times more data than a DVD. A single layer Blu Ray disc can hold up to 25 GB of data whereas the dual layer Blu Ray disc can store as much as 50 GB of data. This is what allows the Blu Ray discs to be more attractive and interactive. The menus of Blu Ray discs can also make use of sound effects and animations to make the look more pleasant. Where all of this makes it more entertaining and fun, it slows the speed of loading as well, since the files are huge in size. It takes the Blu Ray player some significant time to load the files up in their memory due to their immense size.

The problem of slow loading has actually nothing to do with the Blu Ray player itself, but rather with the system of Blu Ray discs and how they are written. The coders who write the content inside the Blu Ray Disc usually decide what the Blu Ray 3d video player will load first; it can be the Menu, or the file itself. Loading up the menu and then going to the file tends to make the process much slower. This is the reason why you can feel that the loading time of each Blu Ray disc is different, because all of them are coded by different programmers with different priorities in mind.

One thing that also plays a role in loading the Blu Ray disc slowly or fast inside the player is the processing power of the Blu Ray player. There are varieties of options available in the market when it comes to blu ray players, and their prices vary a lot. Blu Ray players with higher processing speed tend to be much more costly, just because of their fast loading and smooth experience.

Sony PS 3 is considered, by industry experts, as the fastest Blu Ray player in the market till date. Other major names are, LG BD390, Samsung BD-P3600 and Oppo’s BDP-83, that have significantly enhanced processing power and posses the ability to load up the Blu Ray movies much faster. The average time to load a Blu Ray disc for all these major players is around 20 seconds. Some slower (and less costly) players tend to take much more time (up to 2-3 minutes) to load the discs.

If the loading time of your player has decreased gradually after using for a long time, one way to fix it is by upgrading the firmware. Vendors tend to offer updates of firmware quite frequently, and using the old version of the framework can also be considered as a reason to slow loading of Blu Ray discs.

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