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Six Tips to revolutionize your Blogging experience on WordPress

Six Tips to revolutionize your Blogging experience on WordPress

Blogging, the easiest way to convey own opinion and view to the public. It has gained immense popularity at the recent times. There are several ways for blogging however all are not as efficient as expected. However blogging is not something too hectic but there are certain things and tricks that one should tag along while thinking of blogging.

images 17 Six Tips to revolutionize your Blogging experience on WordPress

As said earlier the main purpose of blogging is to convey one’s own verdict and view point about any issue of the society to the public of all over the world. In order to accomplish this mission it is very important to choose the most relevant and effective way. Well to meet the demand WordPress is now in service.

WordPress is actually an online blogging means and at the same time a CMS or Content Management System. It is featured with some outstanding facilities like variety of themes, plug in options Widgets and lots ore that helps any blogger to promote his blog with ultimate efficiency to the public worldwide. Let us have a look at the six main and the most spectacular tricks that will help you in blogging on WordPress.

  1. Set up the WordPress: Before starting blogging with the help of WordPress the first and foremost task is to set up the WordPress. After completion of this step you need to follow certain others to become a successful blogger.
  2. Annals: Annals or archives help a lot to a blog to get maximum track of viewers. Archiving is nothing but making it more organized. You can archive all our blogs on WordPress listing it according to date or by the name of the authors or in alphabetical order.  This helps smooth navigation over the site and thus gains more and more traffic.
  3. Feeds: Using feeds will be the best strategy taken by you while using WordPress. This is basically software that helps the feed readers to right of entry to the site by design. This also helps the users to get up dates bout the latest blogs and articles and thus raise their interest on the site.
  4. Manage the comments:  This is one of the most important tools of any blogging website.  This helps the blogger the most to understand the progress and the traffic to his or her blogs. Therefore it is very much important to incorporate the comment facility on your wordPress and at the same time managing it is equally important.
  5. Theme and decoration: However content is the main key of any blog or article site but at the same time a catchy look of the site is also very important. In WordPress you will get a huge option of several themes matching your subject. Chose one that suits your topic the best.
  6. Font: At the same time you can choose a font that will enhance the essence of the article much more.


As said earlier, WordPress at the present time is the best tool for blogging. You just need to tackle certain tricks and strategies and you are ready to lead.


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