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Services Offered At Data Center Facilities

Services Offered At Data Center Facilities

The demand for data centers is on the rise. As online commerce continues to grow, businesses are trying to meet the demand it places on their IT infrastructures. Implementing and maintaining in-house data solutions is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Many companies are turning to data centers to help alleviate those costs so they can focus on their core operations.
What is a Data Center?

A data center facility is a secure location where companies can store valuable IT equipment. Data centers are equipped with a power infrastructure to deal with outages. Data centers also involve the use of security protocols that protect data and equipment integrity. In addition, data centers offer a place for customers to work if they need dedicated office space. For example, after a disaster, companies can relocate their employees to a data center to continue running daily operations in a comfortable environment.
The recent increase in the construction of data centers has been concentrated in Texas. Therefore, data center facilities are in increasing in popularity. Any company looking to partner with a data center should consider data center facilities.
Below are some of the benefits of partnering with data center facilities.
A Reliable Power Grid

The State of Texas has its own power grid independent of the national Eastern and Western power grids. If a natural disaster was to strike most of the continental United States, power in Texas would not be affected.
Disaster Recovery Services

One function of a data center is to provide companies with disaster recovery options. If a company’s home office becomes uninhabitable, it can turn to its data center partner for assistance. Data centers provide dedicated office space for its customers. This allows a company to relocate its workforce and continue its day-to-day operations in the event of a disaster or an emergency. The workspaces are exclusive to the company and provide equipment hookups, conference rooms and technical assistance.
In addition, employees may be offered other amenities such as laundry facilities and showers.
High-End Security Protocols

Data center facilities are equipped with technologically advanced security equipment. This equipment is designed to keep sensitive information protected at all times. CCTV monitoring systems, as well as gates and the presence of armed guards, are common security features.
These facilities are also fitted with biometric identification units. Biometrics refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. In terms of security, these characteristics are often used for access purposes. One of the most common biometrics is fingerprints. Because fingerprints are unique to an individual, they can offer the highest level of security with a biometric safe or lock system. Biometrics are being used for a wide variety of security purposes, from personal safe access to point-of-sale transactions.
The reason why biometrics is so popular is that it can identify specific people via a variety of methods, including fingerprints and iris scans. This high-security technology is one of the best ways to keep mission-critical data and servers safe within a data center.

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