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Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break-ins

Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break-ins

For many people, protecting their home is a top priority. People often store important personal information as well as valuable items in their home, making it something worth protecting. Not only that, but parents are often worried about their own children’s safety. To help alleviate some of the stress and worry that comes with being a homeowner, many choose to invest in home security systems. These systems can be highly effective in deterring and preventing burglaries.

security cameras Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break ins

One important element of a home security system is surveillance cameras. However, some people wonder, are they really effective? A recent occurrence in North Lauderdale suggests they are. In May of this year, two burglars attempted to break into the home of a resident in the Coral Ridge neighborhood. Surveillance footage from the home shows that only 15 minutes after the owner left for the day, two men appeared at the front door. They knocked on the door and when no one answered they proceeded to the back of the house. The camera caught them trying to break through the back door as well as a nearby window. When the house alarm went off, the two give up and leave.

Fortunately for law enforcement, both burglars looked straight at the camera when making their escape. This story shows that installing video surveillance is something every North Lauderdale resident should consider. In 2011 alone 544 burglaries were committed throughout the city. So what are the exact benefits of video surveillance?

Lead to arrests

As the North Lauderdale story reveals, video footage greatly increases the likelihood that authorities will be able to make arrests. Facial recognition gives police officers a much better idea of who they are looking for, more so than verbal descriptions of their clothes and appearance from witnesses. Additionally, if the burglar has a criminal record, computers can match up the images from the video with mug shots.

Evidence for conviction

Surveillance footage makes for great evidence in court and can lead to a criminal’s conviction. It is hard for even the best lawyers to dispute visual footage of the suspect breaking into a home. As burglars are convicted, the number of potential intruders on the street is decreased, making both your own home and your entire neighborhood a little bit safer. Burglars who spend time in jail often learn their lesson and wont repeat the same crime when they are released.


Apart from everything else, security cameras act as a great deterrent to burglary. Criminals know that it is a risk to be caught on camera, especially if they have a criminal record. Many burglars will simply forego those homes that threaten to provide great evidence that they were there.

Now that you know the benefits, how should security cameras be used?

Make sure that your security cameras are always in use. You never know when a burglar will attempt to break into your home. Additionally, it is smart to put them in a place where they cannot be tampered with. The higher above the ground the better. Experienced burglars will often try to disable a camera before making their move. If a camera is out of reach or camouflaged however there is likely nothing they can do.

Lindsey Patterson is from North Lauderdale, Florida and often works as a freelance writer for Vivint, helping others with home safety and security.

Photo Credit: Jaymis Loveday


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