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Satellite Internet Vs Dsl Internet Vs Fiber Optic Internet

Satellite Internet Vs Dsl Internet Vs Fiber Optic Internet

When it comes to choosing which internet connection you should use, you might get confused because of the many available options out there. There is cable internet, DSL, Broadband, Fiber Optics and Satellite Internet connection available for you in the market. Choosing the best one mainly depends on your specific requirements, but location plays a vital role in it as well.

Even though there are a variety of available options, 3 of them are most preferred and used internet connection types, i.e. Satellite, DSL and Fiber Optic. In this article we are going to discuss the differences between these 3 major types of internet connections.

fiber optic internet Satellite Internet Vs Dsl Internet Vs Fiber Optic Internet

DSL Internet

DSL stands for Digital Subscribers Line. DSL has been considered as one of the fastest mediums to send and receive data packets. And has been used by millions to access internet around the globe. DSL is fast because of its ability to send huge chunks of data simultaneously through the copper wires. DSL is a far better option, not just because it is faster, but because it does not require your telephone lines to get busy when the internet is being accessed, this is why DSL lines are also known as “Always On” lines.

Two major types of DSL connections are ADSL and SDSL, both are very efficient for individual and corporate usage. However, ADSL is more preferred by home users, as ADSL is simple to use and install. DSL internet provides various benefits but gradually more advanced and faster internet types are replacing it.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet is nothing more than just a faster form of DSL connections. The only difference is that instead of using coax telephone lines; these connections use the Fiber Optics cable to connect a DSL modem to the telephone switch. Fiber optics improve the performance of DSL connection largely. It increases the speed and reliability of the connection, which ensures lossless transmission of data signals. However, installing a Fiber Optics connection require both time and technical professional capabilities. There are specialized Fiber Optics engineers who can connect or join fiber optic cables.

You cannot just avail the Fiber Optics Internet in any area. Most of the areas still use the old-fashioned telephone lines to connect, therefore it is critical to first find out whether installation of Fiber Optics is possible in your area or not.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is the most advanced form of internet connections that most of the people do not even know about. Satellite internet is the fastest type of connection available. Its main advantage is that it can be used in areas where no DSL, cable or wireless connection works. People living in Rural areas are forced to use Dial-up connections to connect to the internet, but now they can avail satellite internet services and get connected to their family and friends anywhere in the world. However, the cost of Satellite internet connection is a bit higher than that of DSL or Fiber Optic connections because of the usage of expensive equipments and satellite itself.

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