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Replace House Key with Cellphone

Replace House Key with Cellphone

Take a moment and consider how many keys you carry with you; it is suggested that most people have a round five sets of keys. How convenient would it be if you could replace those keys – or some of them – with locking via your cell phone? The amazing thing is, it can be done, and very easily too! Electronic locking systems are not new, and neither are wireless, and remote locking is used all the time for cars. So why not have a way of using your smartphone to unlock, or lock, your home?

It is worth remembering that there are advanced alarm systems that will now send a message to your phone if they are triggered; some will call, others will send an SMS message, and the most advanced of all will stream CCTV images to your phone. It follows quite logically, then, that using a smartphone to activate some sort of lock on your door is quite a simple prospect. It is, as it happens, but how does it work, and what are the security concerns?

One major lock maker in the USA has led the revolution, and others are following suit. For many years people have had the ability to control heating, lighting and other aspects of the home remotely using a computer, and with the advent of wireless this became even more convenient. That this convenience now extends to locks is no surprise. The user will need to buy special locks that are activated wirelessly by radio signals – again, not a new idea, but one that has been adapted to the locks – and a box that will be fitted into the home that is connected to the internet. When the smartphone contacts the box it sends radio signals to the lock to open the door.

You might be thinking that as the homeowner is miles away, perhaps, there is no point in this system. However, what if there are children returning from school, or there are tradesmen who need entry, or a family member turns up unexpectedly? The owner of the home can be contacted on the very same smartphone that is used to unlock the door, and instantly grants access.

The advantages are enormous, and developments are underway that will negate the need for internet connections, but aren’t there massive security issues? Well, yes, and no; smartphones can be stolen, but the thief would have to know the code built in to the system to activate the locks. Electronic systems are also subject to problems with power failures, and not all internet connections are secure and reliable. However, keys can be stolen, and duplicated, too.

The beauty of using a smartphone to enable keyless entry is that it is quick and efficient, and its use can be limited to certain people who have the right password or code. The implications are endless, and many of the world’s security companies are now convinced that this sort of locking system will become widespread in the not too distant future.

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house keys Replace House Key with Cellphone

house keys1 Replace House Key with Cellphone

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    I’d love to be able to see images of may home on my cell phone at any time.
    I wouldn’t be worried when didn’t remember locking the door…


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