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Offsite Data Storage: Know How It Helps Wipe Your Worries

Offsite Data Storage: Know How It Helps Wipe Your Worries

offsite data storage Offsite Data Storage: Know How It Helps Wipe Your WorriesJody:  Hey Paul, I’m in a fix. Could you help me out of this mess?

Paul: Calm down Jody. Relax and tell me what’s up?

Jody: Yesterday, some virus wiped out most of the hard drives in our organisation.

Paul: What? Don’t you have antivirus and firewall?

Jody: Yeah, we did. But it expired just the day before and I was planning to renew it in a day or two and now it’s too late. All my important documents are now gone and I don’t know how to recover them.

Paul: To recover them will be slight tricky. Don’t you have an offsite data storage system?

Jody: Offsite data storage! What is that?

This is just an excerpt of the conversation between two friends Jody and Paul. Jody is a businessman and Paul is offsite data storage provider.  As far as this scenario is concerned, Jody is facing all sorts of problems having lost most of his data from his local hard disks, which did not have any back-ups. No doubt, with advanced technology, Jody might be able to recover his data from the damaged disks. However, it will cost him lots of money and time.

What is offsite data storage?

Like Jody, there are many people who do not have much knowledge about offsite storage and its importance. Let’s first start with understanding what exactly offsite data storage is. Offsite data storage or simply offsite data back-up is a method of storing your data in an offsite or remote location. This is usually done in order to avoid any catastrophic data loss due to some unintended or unexpected disasters or technical failures. For example, if you are unable to access your system due to some problem or your local server gets physically damaged, offsite data storage will allow you to access the required data from a remote location. To access the remote data, you only need a computer and an Internet connection.

Top 5 benefits of offsite data storage

Now that you have an idea about offsite data storage, let’s look at its benefits which could help you wipe out all the worries about losing your important data.

  • Cost Effective. Offsite data storage facilities are available through various service providers at different easy and cost effective packages. You could opt for any of those as per your requirements.
  • No Capital Investment. If you choose offsite data storage, you could avoid purchasing expensive media storage devices to take back-up of your data. You only need to get a simple subscription and pay accordingly to the service provider.
  • Fast and Smooth Data Restore: Offsite data storage allows you to restore your data within minutes, which you might otherwise have to spend hours or days to recover locally.
  • Reliability: The service providers of offsite data storage usually store you data in multiple copies in mirror servers. Therefore, if there is problem in one remote server, the same data can be restored from one of its mirror servers.
  • Convenient: The offsite data storage usually offers service as per your convenience. You could directly take the back-up manually or you could set a schedule to take the back-up automatically.

Thus, you have seen what offsite data storage offers and how it could be beneficial for your data. Do share your thoughts and questions in this regard.

Syeda Tanuja Hussain has worked as a content manager, copywriter and editorial assistant at Records Management. She loves travelling, designing clothes and cooking. Having interned with an electronics magazine, she has developed an interest in document storage and offsite data storage.


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