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Making Print Work In A Digital Age

Making Print Work In A Digital Age

It might seem like in this day and age there is very limited need for the printing press, since so much information just gets transferred over the internet. Printing companies have proven that there is still very much a place for the printing press, in fact if anything the new technology has been a huge boon for the printing industry. Because of the internet, clients now have access to a huge repository of images that they can choose from, potentially able to directly use the images, or at the very least have them available for references, making it easier for the client to express exactly what they want from their printing. This isn’t just limited to images either; printing companies can use any fonts available online in their products.

Nothing Beats Physical Copies

Providing online sources is certainly useful, but you’re still going to want physical copies available as well. Having a physical copy is nice because it allows the printer to directly interact with the photo which can be useful for comparing against the paper, giving the client a good idea about how the image will look when it is physically printed, potentially alerting them to any sizing problems.


If you’re going to take something from the internet, you need to make sure that the quality of the picture is high quality enough for the printer to work with. Printing companies advise against using the common JPEG or GIF image formats because they tend to be much lower quality.

The general quality of printing companies have greatly improved thanks to how advanced printers have become. Bulk orders are also easier to complete thanks to the fact that they don’t take nearly as long to print. Printing is still one of the best ways for companies to advertise their products to date, especially when they want to inform local customers about any deals or savings they might be having. The customization that printing offers is also nice if you want to advertise in specific areas, being able to make posters that are designed solely for that niche, something that you cannot do with online ads since those are just seen by everyone globally. With posters, you also have a greater chance of the content being read, since you can have them in eye catching locations, unlike with online ads that more often then not tend to just get brushed aside and ignored when the user is browsing the web.

Matthew Boley is an SEO expert andenjoys blogging about business marketing and advertising.  He has found that printing companies in Austin TX preserve their art, using new technology to improve their trade.

print work Making Print Work In A Digital Age

print work1 Making Print Work In A Digital Age

print work2 Making Print Work In A Digital Age

Photo Credit: Kristian Bjornard (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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