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Key Factors in Disaster Recovery at a Houston Data Center

Key Factors in Disaster Recovery at a Houston Data Center

Disaster recovery is a primary concern for anyone in the Houston area.  A business needs to invest time and money to address disaster recovery.  Choosing a world class data center helps ensure that you’re backed up and prepared for a disaster.  Data center consistently provide a bevy additional features which aid in disaster prevention and disaster recovery process.  There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing adata center which will directly impact how quickly the disaster recovery process is executed.

houston Key Factors in Disaster Recovery at a Houston Data Center

Reliable Infrastructure

A key factor in disaster recovery is reliability.  One benefit of choosing a purpose-built Houston data center is the infrastructure is fully redundant at every level.  Building a fully redundant data center is expensive, which is why many data centers opt to exclude some redundancy layers from their structure.  A fully redundant Houston data center eliminates points of failure to minimize the risk of a disaster affecting their customers.  It is important to always review the system design in a Houston data center and researching previous outages (power and connectivity) before choosing a colocation provider.

On-Site Staff Must be Well Trained

Another key factor in disaster recovery is how helpful the staff is at the Houston data center.  An elite facility will employ staff which is experienced in disaster recovery and begin the support process immediately – even before the business’s technicians arrive.  Not only must the staff be well trained, but they must also be readily available.  A quality Houston data center will have expert staff on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Know Who Owns the Data Center

It is surprising how large of a role ownership plays in disaster recovery.  There are two types of owners who are involved with a Houston data center.  The first type of owner is a real estate investor.  These owners retrofit buildings and turn them into data centers in order to flip them for a profit.  Using colocation services in this type of environment can be dangerous because these situations are less financially stable.  An unstable company will constantly make unnecessary changes to offset their initial poor planning.  Every change or equipment move puts the customers at risk of long term downtimes.  A key factor in disaster recovery planning is understanding what the risks are.  Choosing a financially stable Houston data center ensures these types of situations never occur.  Additionally, true data center operators understand what it takes to build a well-designed, purpose-built data center and maintain it over the long term.

Happy Employees Work Faster

If a disaster does occur, a company’s employees can be on-site for numerous long shifts.  A high quality Houston data center will provide a variety of creature comforts to help make their customer’s technician’s temporary stay better.  The data center must make accommodating their customers employees a top priority.  Even small amenities such as an on-site shower, break room, and private workstation will make a big difference.

There are a variety of key factors to disaster recovery, based upon what the disaster is.  Choosing an elite Houston data center provides numerous safeguards to prevent disasters from happening, but also simplifying the recovery process.

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Matt Grosse has been researching disaster recovery strategies and data centers for several years now. He believes it is wise for any size business to have a disaster recovery strategy. The Houston Data Center he recommends can be found at

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