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How To Make Running A Computer A Little Cheaper

How To Make Running A Computer A Little Cheaper

Owning a computer is a little like keeping a pet. While you might think that you can afford the initial upfront cost of buying a laptop, just like a dog or a cat there are many subsequent expenses that you need to account for and that you may not have taken into consideration. Technology is an expensive hobby but it’s one that can be made cheaper in a number of ways if you’re smart. Here we will look at some of those to make running your PC less costly.


how running computer little cheaper How To Make Running A Computer A Little Cheaper

The first hidden cost of a PC is the accessories you will no doubt need. Many people these days will choose to buy a laptop rather than a relatively restrictive desktop PC and in that case you will probably want to be able to carry your machine around with you. In order to do that though, you will need to buy not only a laptop case but also a bag to carry it in – immediately setting you back. On top of that you may want speakers for when you use the laptop at home (to replace the tinny built in ones) and you’ll probably need a printer if you want to be able to print out any of your work.


how running computer little cheaper1 How To Make Running A Computer A Little Cheaper

The next hidden cost of owning a PC is likely going to be forking out for the supplies. The most costly supplies here relate to the printer which will eat up a whole lot of paper and ink. There are various ways you can do this. One is to buy your ink cartridges and paper up front, thus getting to benefit from bulk discounts and getting cheaper shipping costs. Another is to just shop around for both to make sure you are getting the cheapest deal.


how running computer little cheaper2 How To Make Running A Computer A Little Cheaper

You mustn’t underestimate just how much money you’ll spend on actually powering your computer – particularly if you work for yourself during the day or if you’re an avid gamer (and particularly with energy prices constantly going up). There are many ways you can reduce this cost though.

One is just for laptops, which is to make sure that you are using the battery from its charge sometimes. This way you won’t always be relying on mains power. Another is to try and get as much juice from your charge as possible by using the laptop with the screen brightness and volume down low. Whether using a desktop or a laptop, make sure to remove the plug from the socket when you’re not using it as it will still drain power even though the computer isn’t plugged in. Of course you should also turn off when you aren’t using your machine (this goes for lamps and any related tech like printers as well).


Just as you will no doubt spend a lot of money taking your pooch to the vet, you’ll also have to spend a lot on computer repairs if you aren’t careful. Use anti-virus software and be careful where you browse ad what you download.

Andy Whittle is a tech expert and has vast knowledge about computers. He has seen landmark changes in computer technology over the years and is specially amazed by the cost reduction. A voracious reader, he reads a lot of tech magazines in his spare time.

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