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How To Deal With Android/Windows 8 Envy

How To Deal With Android/Windows 8 Envy

There was a time that it felt pretty good to be the owner of an iPad or an iPhone. When Apple first released their ground breaking tablets and phones, there was literally nothing that could hold a candle to them – they were a ground breaking triumph of design that made using the internet more intuitive, more fun and more convenient than it had ever been before. These devices were sexy, it was powerful and it felt like holding the future in your hands. Nothing else came close.

Of course shortly after Android tablets and phones started coming out to try and compete, but at first they didn’t stand a chance due to their more sluggish interface and a lack of tablet-optimised apps. Gradually though, these devices started to gain traction as Google fine-tuned Android with their ‘project butter’ and as hardware developers started to find new ways to challenge the iPad and iPhone. Pretty soon there were some truly awesome tablets on the market that didn’t have Apple’s logo on them, and that had completely unique features. The Note 10 and Note 2 have that cool stylus and multiscreen multitasking, the Nexus 7 has a beautifully small form factor and appealing price point, and the Asus Transformer clips onto a laptop-style keyboard to become the lightest ultrabook out there.

And now things are getting even worse thanks to Microsoft entering the fray and releasing its own tablet OS bringing full PC-functionality to convenient and portable slates and its own phone OS with an awesome Aesthetic. Windows 8 means that you can play Super Meat Boy on a Surface Tablet, but also enjoy the convenience of reading the paper on the Tube. And the clip on keyboard that most of these hybrid devices feature means you can then sit down and start programming/word processing when you get to a desk.

Dare I say it, the iPad and iPhone are almost starting to look old fashioned…

But that’s only true if you let it be true, and thankfully there are many ways you can get more from your iPad and give it back its edge. Here’s how to deal with that envy and make your iPad or iPhone king again…

The Best Accessories

There are many accessories that can help you to practically transform your gadget’s form factor and get a lot more use out of it. Keyboard cases for instance mean that your Apple device can become a laptop as well, while leather bound ones will make it look that much slicker and more desirable.

On top of this you can also find all kinds of other funky accessories to help you interact with the iPad or iPhone in new ways. Better stands for watching media? Check. Styluses for art programs? Check. Docks for getting more battery out of your system or enjoying better sound? Check.

The Apps

There are also many different apps you can look into to find the features you want, and you might be surprised to learn just what the iOS is capable of if you have the right software running from it. Better yet though if you fail to find the app you want? Why not just program your own, and who knows you might just have a hit on your hands!

Of course if you still can’t handle the jealousy then there’s always another option which is to buy an Android or Windows phone. And if you looked for refurbished cell phones these needn’t even cost you that much allowing you to have two handsets or two tablets and use each for the jobs they perform best.

Luke Thornton is a freelancer and works for He writes on tech matters and keenly follows the latest developments in the industry. A fan of Iphone, he believes that with the influx of Windows 8 and Android phones and tablets, the going is getting tougher for Apple.

windows 8 envy How To Deal With Android/Windows 8 Envy

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Alanis (CC BY 2.0)


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