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How To Choose A Projector For Gaming

How To Choose A Projector For Gaming

In the recent years, projectors have become incredibly affordable; however, the technology of projectors has not gone down with their lowering costs. For that reason, the projectors are not only being used now for formal presentations by big shot companies, they are also being used by avid and hardcore gamers. Why? The answer is simple, for larger than life experience – for the ultimate gaming pleasure.

Gamers can enjoy games like Modern Warfare, Battlefield, or the famous FIFA series on a wider scale and at the highest resolutions by using a projector. It is true that monitors still retain their role as the primary display option, but projectors are now becoming more and more common among serious gamers.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be wise to just walk into a shop and buy a projector; you need to know more about the best projector for you before buying one. There are many considerations and questions that you may have to bear in mind.  Though the prices may have gone down, you have to be careful in order to get a projector that suits your gaming needs. So to make your job easier, here is a guide to buying the right projector.

PC Or Console Gaming

The first thing that you should consider before buying your projector is to determine the type of gaming you will be using your projector for. There are two types of gaming; PC and Console Gaming. Both have different aspects that should have an impact on the type of projector you buy. For instance, personal computers are quite different from consoles. Personal computers usually connect to displays through DVI or VGA, whereas consoles uses an HDMI cable.  In addition, personal computers allow gamers to use different resolutions whereas consoles are often limited to certain resolutions like 480 or 1080i/p.

The Lamp In Projectors

Every projector has a lamp that allows it to project images or videos. These lamps are excruciatingly expensive and if broken, can be very difficult to replace. For that reason, it is important to figure out the replacement costs of the projector before you actually buy it.If the price of the projector lamp is too high, then it may be wise to buy a projector that has a cheaper lamp fitted in. You should also know that at times, vendors sell projectors that have no lamp, so you must weigh in this aspect before deciding on making a purchase. It is recommended to choose a projector with a fitted lamp though, because you may not be able to pick out the right lamp for your projector otherwise.


When buying a projector for gaming, it is a good idea to keep the brightness in mind. The reason is that, projectors offer a wide spectrum of choices for consumers to choose from. They are made for conference rooms, outdoors, and for entertainment purposes. Therefore, when you are looking for a gaming projector, make sure you ask for a projector that has a brightness level of 1000 to 3000 Lumens.

How To Know Whether The Projector Will Perform

You can check the projector performance through the contrast Vs lumen ratio. For any good projector, the average ratio should be 1:500 and it works for all settings. Although all projectors nowadays can offer resolutions of around 720p to 1080i, the newer ones offer resolutions of up to 1080p. There is some technicality when it comes to projector performance, but the easy way is to compare the projector resolutions and their prices to ensure that you get the best for your gaming needs.

Adjustable Lens

When getting a projector for gaming, it is always a good idea to get one that has an adjustable lens. Adjustable lenses allow you to adjust the focus of the projector to your specific needs so that you don’t have to move your projector at all. This will come in handy if you are setting your projector in a small room.

There are also many other aspects that you should be aware of. To know all about the right projectors, you can visit  The information here is free of cost and you can learn about both older and newer versions of projectors. Also, if you are looking for options that are easy on your pocket, then look into refurbished projectors as well.  These are cheaper than the newer ones and will allow you to enjoy the same experience.

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