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How To Build A Boat Kit: Step By Step

How To Build A Boat Kit: Step By Step

Building a boat is no simple project. It is something that requires immense planning and understanding of the various steps involved. Also, a boat should follow optimum safety standards in order to ensure that it is suitable to set sail on water and actually let you have a good time. For this, you need a step by step boat building kit. This kit should be highly illustrative and descriptive to make sure that you have covered all aspects of the boat.

how build boat kit step How To Build A Boat Kit: Step By Step

Step 1

The first step is making a blue print. You need drawings and instructions that are meticulous and easy to follow. This item of your boat building kit is very important as you will need all the details, measurements and patterns to build your row boat. Preparing a good blueprint is as good as winning half your battle. If you are no sure how to do it, you can seek assistance from professionals who will be able to guide you or even complete this step for you.

Step 2

Cut out all the wooden pieces as mentioned in the blue print and keep them in your kit. These pieces should be cut in accordance to the measurements, and to absolute precision. When you are beginning this step, make sure that you have included all the pieces necessary for the floor, the bottom panel and the sides of the boat. You can use plywood, mahogany or cider to build your boat.

Step 3

Make a complete collection of the hardware parts that you will require for your boat. These parts include the ones needed to make the inside of your boat. You can count the front, middle and rear seats among other important items of the hardware.

Step 4

When you are building your boat, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary parts to add the finishing touches. Therefore, your boat building kit needs to have items such as the fasteners, marine epoxy, finishing coat of paint, oars and oarlocks, if any and also the oarlock sleeves. You can get most of them from reputed hardware stores that sell boating equipment.

Step 5

There are certain accessories that need to go with your boat. These include items like the rub rails, the hatches, the rudders, the oak tip protectors and flotation devices.  These parts, although secondary, are extremely important to be added in your boat making kit.

Step 6

A boat kit must also include a list of necessary tools. You must include screw drivers, hot metal glue gun, sandpaper, wood filer, contact cement, carpenters level and wire cutters your boat making kit. You even get readymade boat making tool kits that are available in hardware stores. You can just buy these and include them in your boat making kit.

After you have made the kit, make sure you verify it completely before you begin your project. It is very frustrating when you have to hunt for small devices and tools when you are in the middle of a large project such as building a boat.

David Hammel is freelance writer, professional blogger and an avid boater. He is from the Napanee area and enjoys blogging for Atkins & Hoyle about his boating knowledge and experiences.

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