Thursday, March 21, 2019

Green Transportation Made Carish

Green Transportation Made Carish

Have you ever dreamed to have a car like Flinstones? If you answered yes, there is an option for you. Even this kind of vehicles was developed in the past, this one is a street legal car. It can drive 30 miles per hour up a hill. The car will be selling for a $15,000.

The car is powered by a series of back and forth cranks operated by the passengers, up to four people can join in. So the bigger the family the better a speed. Charles Greenwood P.E. came up with the idea for the HumanCar while sitting at a standstill in traffic smog in the Silicon Valley in 1968. So if you want to make yourself and your family fit, this a good option.

human powered car Green Transportation Made Carish

human powered car1 Green Transportation Made Carish

human powered car2 Green Transportation Made Carish

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    What an awesome car! I was the biggest Flintstones fan growing up… Now if you can just find me a pterodactyl!


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