Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Gadgets Going Gold

Gadgets Going Gold

A gold was and is a symbol of prestige. It maintained its value over hundreds of years and is an universal payment method. So if you want to make some gadget more prestigious, put gold on it. It will not make it prestigious only but it will load its price. Into sky limits.

gold gadgets Gadgets Going Gold

Yellow Gold/Diamond Lines 1GB – SwissMemory™ Prestige, Price USD: $6,000.00

gold gadgets1 Gadgets Going Gold

Zune limited edition gold, no pricelist

gold gadgets2 Gadgets Going Gold

Golden Mezzanine connector from inside a $5000 HP Proliant Blade server

gold gadgets3 Gadgets Going Gold

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold, 18 Carats, ~$1300

gold gadgets4 Gadgets Going Gold

Gold Plated Computer Mouse, ~$30

gold gadgets5 Gadgets Going Gold

Gold Plated Keyboard, $270 USD

gold gadgets6 Gadgets Going Gold

Gold Nintendo Wii ~$486,000


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