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An Overview of the Chrysler GPS Navigation System with Garmin Maps

An Overview of the Chrysler GPS Navigation System with Garmin Maps

Garmin is well known as being the number one in the automotive GPS business for their in-car navigation devices including the Garmin Nuvi and Zumo.  Their GPS products are always very easy to use and designed well, but they cannot be fully integrated into the dashboard of a vehicle.  They also don’t let you control other tech aspects inside the car such as the music entertainment systems or the air con.  However, for drivers of Chrysler vehicles that’s a little bit different.

Garmin and Chrysler have a business partnership where Garmin GPS devices are built-in to the car’s dash – what this means is that Chrysler drivers can fully control their GPS from buttons on the steering wheel, and also control other aspects within the car.  The entire Chrysler Navigation System is one integrated unit that comes complete with Garmin technology and mapping software.

Have Full Control over In-Car Entertainment Functions

This means that the driver can not only get from A to B efficiently using the navigation system, but can also listen to the radio, play CDs and MP3s, and also control other accessories inside the car – for instance electric seats and air conditioning.  Of course, the most important aspects to the system is the navigational capability.  Below is a list of the features you can expect to find should you be in the market for a Chrysler car and opt to include the GPS navigation system.

Features of the Chrysler Navigation System

  • Very simple to navigate due to the large touch screen display
  • The screen display is also anti-glare so is visible in strong sunlight
  • Shows traffic lanes so you can make sure you don’t have to make late decisions
  • Comes with 3D mapping of buildings to help you better understand your surroundings
  • Shows speed limits as well as the current speed of your Chrysler car
  • Comes with millions of points of interest files like hotels and restaurants

Will Need Regular Garmin Map Updates

It’s a superb GPS navigation device and Chrysler is leading the way with Garmin when it comes to in-car fully integrated navigation.   The Chrysler navigation system is just like any other GPS on the market though because drivers will still be required to regularly update the maps on the system.  This is achieved by purchasing a Chrysler Navigation DVD from Navteq, who are the mapping provider to all Garmin GPS units.

Conclusion on the Chrysler Navigation System

Overall, the Chrysler Navigation System is one of the most impressive devices currently available from any car manufacturer on the planet.  With the partnership with Garmin, you get the peace of mind that you have the most accurate and reliable GPS technology available – after all, Garmin are the world leader when it comes to GPS in-car navigation.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new Chrysler this year, then pay the extra and opt to have the navigation system as an optional addition.

About the Author: Thanks to the team at GPS Bites for providing this insight into the Chrysler Navigation System.  If you visit their website you can get more information on how to update the maps on all different brands of GPS navigation device.

garmin nuvi An Overview of the Chrysler GPS Navigation System with Garmin Maps

garmin nuvi1 An Overview of the Chrysler GPS Navigation System with Garmin Maps

garmin nuvi2 An Overview of the Chrysler GPS Navigation System with Garmin Maps

Photo Credit: Chase N. (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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