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A New Generation Television – Panasonic Viera LED TV

A New Generation Television – Panasonic Viera LED TV

Panasonic has ultimately reached to a new level of perfection in the ‘Smart TV Technology’ section with the introduction of their SMART VIERA range in 2013. The Smart Viera range offers both LED/LCD and Plasma televisions along with numerous additional features. Today, “smart” is the ultimate focus for every leading TV manufacturer in the market. Panasonic, though their efforts were impressive last year but somehow they did lag behind the popularity against competitors like Samsung and LG. But quite surprisingly they made history by receiving the government’s maximum energy star rating in 2013 and ultimately secured its position as the fifth largest producer and seller of televisions

pana pressc A New Generation Television   Panasonic Viera LED TV

So, let’s understand the features & utilities of Panasonic Viera LED TV.  :

The best LED picture quality and Smart TV technology are offered by Panasonic Viera LED TV. The latest range of the Panasonic LED and LCD VIERA HD TV in the most improved version yet. Full HD 3D-ready WT, DT and FT wide screens are available in 47, 50,42, 55 and 60 inches with the option of high definition IPS LED panels. The home-screen allows an access to one’s preferable games, applications and streaming the Internet TV service. Expensive models feature voice and face recognition along with improved picture calibration. The LED TV section starting from 42 inches and above feature VIERS connect functionality and Skype TV support.

Know about the Market review of Viera LED TV:

Although Panasonic firmly nailed its position in the market with the Smart Viera   range with a brilliant home screen and connectivity, excellent remote app (on iOS), however, a few teething problems on the Android App has popped out. The Android App of the Panasonic Viera LED TV seems to be very unstable. Other than this there is no such area of complaint.

Why should you buy only this Viera LED TV from Panasonic? Based on the history and reputation of the company, features, market review and public opinion it can be concluded that LED/LCD or a Plasma TV from the Viera range will be a smart choice for a buyer. And also, one should remember about the vast number of features the brand is providing and thus one must not get too concerned regarding minor drawbacks of the product. Compared to the market price of  television from rival players, Panasonic provides buyers with a competitive market price with lots of payment options to choose from which ensures high satisfaction amongst its customers. An Authorized Panasonic Retailer helps a customer to choose the right product and remains committed to regarding their assistance with the product delivery and after sales service to its customers. A retailer is adequately trained so that they are updated with the latest information to not only handle customer queries but also give him greater insight about the products.

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