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6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

From tracking your spending to paying monthly bills, staying on top of your personal finances can be difficult. Yet, in the age of technological assistance, countless apps are now on stand by to help you make smarter financial decisions. Check out these top financial apps and learn why you should start using them today. Personal Finance Personal Finance 6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

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The free iPhone Personal Finance app was named the Best Finance App by the 1st Annual App Awards and was listed among TIME Magazine’s 50 best iPhone Apps of 2011, and for good reason. This app allows you to view up-to-date details about your accounts, check your budgets, and more, so you’ll never again wonder whether or not you can afford that steak dinner. Enter cash or pending transactions at the time of purchase to see instantly updated bank balances.

Lemon Wallet

Lemon Wallet 6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

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Worried about losing your wallet and the important financial information stored inside it? Worry no more with the free Lemon Wallet app. The app allows you to quickly store digital copies of all your cards, from IDs to payments cards, as a backup in case your wallet is ever lost or stolen. In addition, use the app to receive interactive balance updates, personalized offers, and to store digital copies of all receipts.


Manilla 6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

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Organize your financial life with the free Manilla app. Manage all your bills and accounts including finances, utilities, subscriptions and more all in one place and receive custom alerts when important due dates are near. Reduce paper clutter and organize bill statements with the app’s document organizer. By reducing paper clutter and managing all bills in one place, you can begin making smarter financial decisions with ease.

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense 6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

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The paid Pocket Expense app from Blue Tags is an easy-to-use financial software program that helps you track and understand your personal finances. Bring all your financial accounts together in one location, categorize transactions, set budgets, track bills and achieve savings goals with the app’s straightforward features. By easily seeing where your money is going each month, you can quickly cut back on spending or redirect funds to more important expenses.

Fisher Investments MarketMinder

Fisher Investments MarketMinder 6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

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Stay current with the latest happenings in the financial market and make wiser investment decisions with the MarketMinder app from Fisher Investments. The company’s in-house research and editorial departments monitor numerous financial outlets and compile the information you need to know into the MarketMinder app. With pertinent investing details at your fingertips, making important investment decisions will never again be a guessing game. Find out more by visiting this Twitter account.


Zillow 6 Apps That Can Guide Your Financial Decisions

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Mortgage payments and rent are among the costliest expenses in most household budgets. Simplify your next property search and make a smarter final selection with the free Zillow real estate iPhone app. See homes for sale or rent in your area with the app’s built-in GPS feature, get cost estimates on countless properties, and share property details with friends and family.

Don’t let your finances get you down. Instead, get organized with the best financial apps that meet your needs.



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