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3 Remarkable Ways To Put Your Kitchen Gadgets On Display

3 Remarkable Ways To Put Your Kitchen Gadgets On Display

When it comes to kitchen design and decoration, a lot of people figure less is more, and that a naked kitchen counter top looks minimalist, frees up space for food prep and is easy to clean. However, with so many really beautiful kitchen gadgets and tools on the market, most of which are really designed to be shown off, you could be shutting away some of the best design features you own! Here’s how displaying some of your cookware, tools and gadgets can make a really big impact on how your kitchen looks, without costing you a penny!

remarkable ways put kitchen gadgets 3 Remarkable Ways To Put Your Kitchen Gadgets On Display


remarkable ways put kitchen gadgets1 3 Remarkable Ways To Put Your Kitchen Gadgets On Display

If you are using blackened old pans that have been in the family for years, then in that cupboard under your counter is the best place for them. However, if you, like many people, have spent a lot of money on high end stainless steel or cast iron frying pans, saucepans and casserole dishes, chances are part of what you are paying for is how well designed they are. If you have a beautiful matching set of pans, particularly colored ones (for example those bright, statement colored sets Le Creuset make), then why not pull them out of the cupboard and have them on display? You can hang them over a large range, giving your kitchen that luxury restaurant look, or invest in (or build) a simple rack for them where they can be kept both visible, and easily to hand for cooking.


remarkable ways put kitchen gadgets2 3 Remarkable Ways To Put Your Kitchen Gadgets On Display

Knives are another area where designers of kitchen tools and products have really started to consider aesthetic effect. You can now get beautiful matching knife sets in all kinds of colors, which can look really nice displayed on your work surface in a simple knife block, or mounted on a magnetic knife holder. Some knives now even have colored blades, which means they look even better displayed in full on a magnetic mount.

In addition to knives, serving spoons, spatulas, tongs and other interesting looking kitchen implements can look really nice displayed in a pot or wire rack rather than packed away in a drawer, and it also makes it easier to find the things you need.

Attractive Gadgets

remarkable ways put kitchen gadgets3 3 Remarkable Ways To Put Your Kitchen Gadgets On Display

Most people own a few kitchen gadgets that don’t get used all the time, like blenders, smoothie makers, waffle irons and other interesting things. Whether these are impulse bought things you seldom think about or things you pull out and use fairly regularly, chances are they spend most of their lives in a cupboard somewhere in your kitchen. However, a lot of these labor saving kitchen gadgets actually have really cool design to them, and having them on your counter alongside more commonly used things like your kettle and toaster can create a nice, high tech look, as well as encouraging you to get more use out of them.

You don’t need a full professional kitchen remodeling job to give your kitchen an upgraded, refreshed look. In many cases it can be as simple as rearranging things and getting better visual effects from things you already own!

Gary Mint, the writer of this informative article, has been working in the field of interior decoration since the past seven years and he has used his expertise for writing articles on kitchen remodeling.

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