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2 Wheels Racing In Video Games – A Dream Come True For Cycling Lovers?

2 Wheels Racing In Video Games – A Dream Come True For Cycling Lovers?

Are you a race lover who selects online games on the basis of choice of vehicles and tracks available? Then you are at the right page to seek information about which games are designed to match your interest. There are a number of racing games available. You can choose a vehicle from one wheeler to even ten wheelers depending on the game you are playing and the gaming system you are using. Different games can be played on different gaming systems such as Play Station 1,2,3, Xbox, etc. Let us see the options available for you:

video games 2 Wheels Racing In Video Games   A Dream Come True For Cycling Lovers?


Stylish, fast and furious bikes amuse many video game lovers. Many people, who do not get a chance of enjoying heavy bikes in real, love the experience through video games. One can find all the features and even some extra in the models of heavy bikes, choppers and other bikes in video games.

The games have options of playing against the clock or opponents. Players can choose a bike to drive through the beautifully constructed city and reach a hidden treasure. The streets, barriers, pedestrians and even the police cars have to be avoided. Some games allow the player to run through the track and use the vehicle to escape police escort. The players can enjoy playing different stunts for crossing the obstacles.

Just select a perfect bike, with required road grip, fuel consumption and color of your choice and enjoy your racing experience.

Dirt Bikes

A number of tracks are available for the players to enjoy and try their luck on. Muddy sandy tracks with bunkers and bridges are selected by many people who enjoy using dirt bikes. These are the most thrilling games in which one has to drive through the rough path and reach the end point before others do. In few games, you may compete against one while in others against a group of opponents.

Different tracks and landscapes are available. You can choose muddy or grassy path, driving through water patches and flying your bike over the bunkers are the stunts that all players like to perform and specialize. You can even select the weather of your choice. Try driving in rainy and windy weather while maintaining grip on the track. A number of landscapes are available, experience driving in a stadium with spectators and cheerleaders around the track.

BMX Video Games

Discussion on racing games cannot be completed without talking about BMX video games. They give you a most indulging interface in which you can race against street robbers. Drive through a busy city, avoid hitting public and do not break any driving rules. You can choose the rough paths and enjoy racing thrill. BMX games are the best options for action and thrill lovers who love to perform different stunts while they are driving their vehicle. You can play against the clock, opponents or in freestyle to hone your stunting skills.

The choices are endless when it comes to racing games. Select a game depending upon your gaming system and interest. There is no better way of killing time and avoiding boredom.

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