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What To Do When You See A Drunk Driver On The Road

What To Do When You See A Drunk Driver On The Road


Drunk drivers are one of the greatest threats to public safety and life in today’s world. Drunk driving accidents claim several thousands of lives every year, and a majority of those lives are innocent.

you see drunk driver road What To Do When You See A Drunk Driver On The Road

Signs of Drunk Drivers

  • Drunk drivers are seldom able to properly stay inside a single lane. You may see a drunk driver driving in between lanes, drifting across the road at an angle,  or weaving aimlessly in and out of the lane. They will also be seen driving on the wrong side of the road or driving on the shoulder.
  • The car will make very wide turns.
  • Drunk drivers have extremely poor reaction times, and as a result they will commonly be seen nearly colliding into other objects or cars. This pattern, eventually, usually ends with the drunk driver actually colliding into something or someone else. If you see a car repeatedly almost hitting things, it’s a pretty clear sign that this driver is drunk.
  • Drunk drivers usually don’t remember to turn the headlights on.
  • We usually think of drunk drivers as speed demons, recklessly weaving through traffic. While this is sometimes true, drunk drivers sometimes also drive incredibly slow—more than 10 miles below the speed limit. A sober driver wouldn’t behave this way, so a very slowly moving car could mean a drunk driver.
  • Drunk drivers often fixate on things, especially lights. This comes into play when the drunk driver sees the tail lights of another car. The drunk driver will be seen following that car very closely, tailgating it, and copying its lane changes, turns, and sometimes speeds.
  • Drunk drivers often leave signals on that are obviously irrelevant and inconsistent with what they are doing.
  • Drunk drivers also randomly brake. Sometimes they’ll just be jerking their car around with their erratic braking patterns, other times they’ll be stopped at inappropriate places, like green lights, empty crosswalks or just the middle of the road.
  • Because of their slowed reaction times, drunk drivers are typically poor at responding to traffic signals. For instance, they will be much less than effective at stopping their car (either suddenly stopped or stopped too late), and they will be slow to go again once the light has turned green.
  • The most obvious indication of drunk driving is if you have a view of the driver, and he or she is visibly intoxicated. The driver might be leaning forward against the steering wheel, or the driver’s eyes might seem fixated on something unnaturally. If you see them clearly just drinking alcohol while driving, that’s also a good hint.

If a car on the road is showing any or a combination of these signs there is a good chance that the driver is drunk. You are not responsible for validating that information, however, so if you have your suspicions, just do the following things to try to keep yourself and everyone else safe, even if you aren’t 100% sure that the other driver is drunk.

What to Do

  • Stay a safe distance away from the suspected drunk driver if you are behind the drunk driver..
  • Get out of the way and keep your awareness of your surroundings high. Drunk drivers act in unexpected and unreasonable ways, so you must do your best to keep out of the way so that he or she cannot affect you.
  • Make sure that you are wearing your safety belt, and check that any other passengers in your car also have their safety belts on as well.
  • Do not try to pass the car.
  • Don’t follow the car too closely, because the car could suddenly stop, randomly in the middle of the road.
  • Don’t speed, run traffic lights, or break any other traffic laws in an attempt to keep up with or follow the driver. It is dangerous and reckless of yourself to do so.
  • Do not try to stop the drunk driver’s car or confront the driver. This is not your responsibility, and you would be putting your life at risk.
  • Stop and pull over if you can so that you can call the police.
  • Call the police and report suspected drunk driving. Describe what you witnessed and where the car is headed. If you were able to have a passenger write down information such as the color, make, model, license plate or other distinguishable features of the car, convey this information to the police as well to help their process of finding this individual.

Drunk driving is dangerous and it is not looked upon or treated kindly by the law. It is irresponsible and there is no excuse for such an act. Drunk driving causes serious accidents that can change innocent people’s lives forever, as well as their family’s lives. If you are injured by a drunk driver, it is important to seek retribution and justice immediately with a strong and experienced personal injury lawyer.

Olivia Lin is a blogger for The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson, a personal injury law firm based in Dallas, Texas. She believes that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and is strongly passionate about bringing irresponsible drivers who hurt others to justice.

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How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You


When we get broadband, we tend to go for companies that we know and packages that we feel rather than know are correct for us. Not many of us went through a proper sourcing process and often we bought off the headline rates rather than buying a package based on the fine.

how know internet wrong for How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

This article will look at the ways in which we can ascertain whether our current package is wrong for us so that we can know when we should leave. We’ll also begin by looking at how I check broadband speed in order to understand the performance of my connection.

How I Check Broadband Speed

Checking your broadband speed provides you with the ability to understand the level of performance of your connection in different parts of your home and when connected through an Ethernet cable.

I test broadband speed by jumping on to a website called I chose this website because it tests based on a server close to me and it provides a good user interface with a clear graphical display.

All I have to do is click begin and within 45 seconds I see my ping speed, my download speed, and then my upload speed. I check my broadband speed regularly so that I can understand what level of connection I’m getting and whether I’m seeing a deterioration in performance.

I also check my broadband speed at different times of the day and week, so that I can make sure that contention ratios, the number of people on the line at any one time, and traffic management are not impacting my broadband experience.

Indeed, this is the first way to know whether your broadband is correct for you. If you’re seeing underperformance on a regular basis, then it may be time for a change, but it really should be down to whether you can complete your everyday activities or not.

Speed May Be Of the Essence

When you bought a broadband package you were probably sold an up to speed on ADSL. This up to speed may have been up to 24mbps up to 16mbps, or even on some providers such as AOL up to 8mbps. This up to speed is the top level speed of the package and therefore, you’re unlikely to receive the speed. However, if you’re getting a half or two thirds of your up to speed, that is a issue but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily look to move your contract and that your internet package is wrong for you.

If you’re able to do activities such as streaming high definition movies, online gaming, watching YouTube, downloading emails, social networking, and everything that you want to do, then inherently the speed and performance is right for you, and then there’s other considerations you should look at.

If you find your experience limited in any of your activities, then perhaps an upgrade may be the way forward, but of course it is down to what technology and what providers are servicing your area. If you can get Virgin fibre optic broadband you’re pretty much guaranteed faster speeds than on any ADSL, or any other fibre optic broadband connection, but it is down to whether you can get it.

Your Data Allowances

One of the primary ways of knowing whether your package is right for you is by seeing if you are over using your data. If you constantly find yourself monitoring the amount of data you’ve used half way through the month, you probably should be looking for an upgrade.

This would signal that you don’t have enough data and that you’re worried about over consumption. Indeed, if you find yourself over consuming you may be charged extra fees. BT internet charge an extra £5 per 5 GB for data you consume above their limited packages.

If you are continuall finding yourself paying extra it may be that you need to bite the bullet and go for an unlimited package, and it may even save you money based on the reduction in overall costs from extra fees. Some good unlimited providers include BE broadband, Sky broadband, and BT broadband on their broadband unlimited packages.

Of course, many unlimited providers actually have fair usage caps on their policies which restrict the amount of data you can consume. So do ensure you understand the different policies of different providers before you sign up for a package.

Special Requirements

When I check broadband speed, I see ping, download speed and upload speed. Most of what we’ve looked at here is focused on download speed and download allowance. The reality is that ping and upload speed can also be important to you, especially if you do certain activities.

The ping rate on my speed test is 35m, and that is pretty good. However, if you have a ping rate above say 50ms or 100ms, you will have underperformance in certain activities. If you are a keen online gamer, for example, you’ll probably struggle to have a seamless journey through your games if you have a high ping rate. This is because ping dictates the response from the server and therefore, on server-based online games, you will have fuzzy, jittery and underperforming fun.

Similarly, video chat online is heavily dependent on the ping rate and if you don’t get the ping you require, you may find you don’t get the performance you want.

Upload Speed Requirements

If you spend a lot of time sending information up to the web as opposed to taking it down and viewing it, upload speed can be critical. I, myself spend a lot of time updating websites, which involves uploading a large number of files. This takes a big data allowance, but also a decent upload speed. At 1mbps, my speed probably isn’t sufficient to get really good performance, but it could be worse.

People who spend a lot of time sending photos up to Facebook, may also find that they get underperformance from their upload speed. Sending a 100 large photos could end up taking quite a lot of time.

How important upload speed is to your decision as to whether your broadband is right for you really comes down to how much its underperformance impinges on your life.

What to Do About It

If you do think “I need to check broadband speed” all the time and are monitoring your data allowances consistently, it may be time for a move.

A great way to find out about connections in your area is through a service provided by uSwitch, where you can check what speeds providers are offering in your area. Rather than just a broadband comparison of up to speeds, you can see the actual speeds that people have received on their tests. These speeds are taken where people share their speed test results anonymously in order to offer data on different providers. By using one of these services, you can quickly develop a shortlist of performers that have better upload, download or ping speeds for your needs. Then, it’s a matter of looking at fair usage and traffic management policies of different providers to ensure that you understand the actual makeup of the download limits and other costs involve in your package.

You should look out for additional hidden extras, such as line rental and fees for miscellaneous extras such as delivery of your router, installation costs, itemised billing and non-direct debit payments.

When Sam Jones’s neighbour had a problem with his internet, Phil advised him to check broadband speed. He also told him that if the problem continued that he might find a better deal with the help of price comparison sites like uSwitch

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5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity


If you are a creative person and you don’t want a normal office job you might feel like you don’t know what to do. Expressing yourself is really important to you and you want your future career to be something where you are able to do this.

If you are looking for a future career where creativity is the key then here are five different options for you to consider.

1. Photographer

careers you can show creativity 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

A great option for expressing yourself through your career is to get into photography. There are a lot of different niche areas in photography that you could get into. For instance, if you also love animals you can develop your skills as a nature photographer or perhaps work for a news organisation and travel to conflict areas.

There are a lot of different ways to get into photography and different ways to use your artistic skills. If you love to travel then this is a great option to consider.

2. Animation

A big growing industry today is the field of animation and there are a lot of great creative career options in the field. It is a great way to show your artistic skills and can also allow you to tell stories through your work.

Skill Set website has a good section about animation that you should read before you decide if this career option is the right one for you. In order to become a good animator you also need to be good with technology and thus career in animation might be a great idea if you’re creative and love computers.

3. Writer

careers you can show creativity1 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

The written word is one of the oldest ways that people have been expressing themselves with and there are a lot of career routes in the literature world. You could become a novelist, a poet or even a screenwriter among other things.

If you love writing and you are always thinking about new storylines then it is a good idea to seek out a career in this field. The best way to get in the business and to develop your skill is to start writing as much as possible from an early on.

4. Jewellery Maker

Another artistic career choice where you can use your design skills is to become a jewellery maker. This is really interesting option because it also allows you to use your crafting skills and is a very hands on profession.

Getting into the business might be a bit more difficult and you need to work hard to make it as a successful jewellery maker. It is a good idea to learn to craft with different materials and to look at different jewellery online, such as bone cufflink and tungsten ring. If you have design ideas why not send them to big jewellery companies, such as Tungsten Men Online.

5. Make-Up Artist

careers you can show creativity2 5 Careers Where You Can Show Creativity

If you love beauty and you are always thinking of ways to enhance it then why don’t you consider becoming a make-up artist. This is a great option if you love to spend time with people and this career can take you around the world.

It also allows you a lot of flexibility since you can work in the theatre, TV industry or even in fashion.

Nick loves to help young people find their dream careers and is especially interested in the creative industries. He loves to write poems and is also venturing into songwriting. When he isn’t talking with youngsters or writing new songs he loves to spend time with his girlfriend.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Maintaining An Industrial Refridgeration Unit

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Maintaining An Industrial Refridgeration Unit


Now that your company’s goods and products are kept in a cool temperature-controlled environment to prevent your produces from deterioration, it’s important that you continually get the best out of your unit so that it provides the many years of consistent service. Following some of these simple guidelines will not only help towards this but help save money.

everything you ever wanted know Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Maintaining An Industrial Refridgeration Unit

Keep an eye on temperature

Firstly, it’s important to keep an eye on your temperature control, only cool to the temperature you need, every 1°C saved could reduce your energy consumption by two per cent. This in mind, it is essential that you don’t overfill your units. A unit will be most effective if it is not overfilled (there has to be room for the cool air to circulate).

Don’t overfill or obstruct

Products should not block or obstruct the airflow to and from the coolers in cold rooms, as this will increase energy consumption and compromise the temperature. For example, overloading display cabinets can increase their energy consumption by up to twenty per cent.

Keep doors closed

A simple, but easy mistake to make is keeping the doors closed, make sure doors aren’t left open for longer than absolutely necessary. This sounds simple, but means that loading and unloading tasks have to be carefully organised (Also, make sure all doors on a unit have well-fitting seals that are fully intact).

The location

The location of the unit can be a factor, where possible, keep refrigeration units far away from any sources of heat. For example; you need to leave space around the unit’s vents so it can draw in and expel air.

Keep it clean

It’s as important to properly clean your industrial refrigeration unit as it is your own refrigerator at home. Wipe down shelves, racks, tables, and other storage areas on a regular basis, using the appropriate strength cleaners for the job. Be sure to clean before and after placing new food items in the storage areas. This prevents the contamination of new foodstuffs from the potential residue of the old.

Not in use

When the unit is not in use or outside of trading hours, make sure any lights inside the unit are switched off.

Loading products

Furthermore, it is important to make sure your product that is going to be loaded into the cold store hasn’t warmed up by being left in an ambient temperature area.

Here are just a few more features to look at for keeping a safe and well maintained unit

  • Do not switch off the main power supply
  • Ensure that only qualified engineers have access to the control panel
  • Minimise door openings to maintain temperature and avoid ingress of humid air
  • Check your operating instruction as these must be adhered to at all times
  • Ensure that the unit is at the required temperature before loading the product
  • The exact time to achieve the required product temperature will depend on the type of product being chilled and its entry temperature

James writes for AHR portable cold storage. When not writing, he can often be found trying to cram things inside his decidedly un-industrial fridge.

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Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?


In the beginning you don’t want to spend a lot of money, so you end up wearing the cheapest and nastiest GI you can find. Maybe it was the one you wore to karate a few years ago when you dreamed of becoming Bruce Lee. It could even have been one of the smelly suits your club lets people wear. Times have changed and you want something fancy. You have now decided you love BJJ and you want to be as professional as possible from now on.

why would you want proper Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Maybe you’re also jealous when you see your fellow fighters walking around in their beautiful GIs. If you want to do things the right way you will have to buy a professional suit. You need to make sure you buy the right one because they’re not the cheapest piece of clothing you will ever purchase. Let’s look at what makes them so special and what you should be looking out for. From now on you will never feel embarrassed at training ever again.

What makes them so different?

why would you want proper1 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

A proper BJJ GI is designed specifically for jiu-jitsu and they are usually designed by the professionals. These are the guys living the dream every single day, so they know what the suit must feel like. One of the reasons they are so expensive is because they’re a lot tougher than most other GIs. The material they are made from isn’t going to fall apart when someone pulls on it too hard. The judo GIs are also pretty tough, but they tend to be a lot baggier, so BJJ ones are unique.

Buying an adult GI

why would you want proper2 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you’re older and looking to pick one up you should know they come in about 6 or 7 different sizes. They start at A0 and they sometimes move all the way down to A6. If you need something bigger I suggest you spend a few months resisting the temptation of donuts before you think about rolling around the floor with someone who is trying to knock you out.

If you have bought any clothes before you will know they are different depending on the manufacturer. You might wear a size A1 of a certain brand, but when it’s time to buy a new one you might need to buy an A2. You could also be in-between sizes as most people are not built the exact same way. If you have broad shoulders you might need to go a size up.

Buying a child GI

why would you want proper3 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

When you buy a suit for your child you don’t have to go crazy and buy the most expensive option in the shop. You just need to make sure the GI fits well because small children won’t be able to grab onto it with the same force an adult could. They also grow very quickly and you’ll need to buy a new one more regularly, so buying a top-of-the-range GI every year will leave you broke.

Trying to be different

why would you want proper4 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you want to be a little different you don’t have to wear a white GI. If you’re going to compete you will need to wear a white, blue, or black one, but that doesn’t stop companies from offering you GIs in red, yellow, and pink. You can still wear them to training and some people like a little customization.

You can even have patches put on your GI, or you can buy them with the patches already attached. This is definitely one of the main reasons some people are drawn to certain GIs. Other people take the no-nonsense approach and they like to wear a plain white one. No matter what your GI looks like I’m sure you will love it because you will look professional from now on.

The author of this post, Scott David, is a health and fitness enthusiast working at Quality MMA Gear, a provider of MMA clothing and gear. He has a keen interest in technology and he is a huge action movie buff.

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The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee


As an employee you need to have worker’s compensation benefits designed for different purposes. The benefits included in your worker’s compensation can cover various medical care aspects such as health care costs, disability coverage, rehabilitation expenses and restitution for lost wages. As a matter of fact, your immediate family members can receive benefits if you unfortunately die in a work related accident. Sadly, not all employees are aware that they have the right to worker’s compensation and due to their lack of knowledge are unable to receive any benefits. When your company fails to comply with your right to worker’s compensation benefits for medical care, disability, rehabilitation or even death, the assistance of a lawyer is necessary.

  • Benefits Under Medical Or Health Care

Through your worker’s compensation, you can have your medical and hospital expenses paid for as long as you were injured at work or even on the road as long as it was during work hours. Though the coverage amount will vary from state to state, the common expenses covered for are doctor consultations, medical expenses and surgery costs, as well as special equipments such as wheelchairs. However, compensation does not usually cover acupuncture and therapy.

  • Rehabilitation Benefits

The expenses for physical therapy or rehabilitation will be covered by your worker’s compensation if they are deemed crucial to your complete recovery. The benefits for rehabilitation are designed to cover all the needed therapy to restore mobility, thus allowing you to continue working and perform all your duties. However, if your injuries are so severe making it impossible for you to return to work, these benefits can be provided for occupational evaluations, education and training to allow you to find another job where your injuries will not be a hindrance.

  • Disability Benefits

Disability benefits are meant to compensate for the loss of wages while you were unable to return to work. The benefits are usually provided in different increments based on the severity of your injuries or if you are unable to perform the duties required in your occupation. They will be based on 2/3 of your wages earned before you got injured and you will not be taxed on the benefits to be received. The different types of disability that your benefits will be based on are –

  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Death Benefits

If your injuries lead to death, your immediate family members – spouse, children or parents, can receive death benefits from your worker’s compensation. The benefits are meant to provide restitution for burial and funeral costs, as well as to compensate for loss of income and support. This is very crucial especially when your family members are financially dependent on you.

Are You Eligible For Worker’s Compensation Benefits As An Employee?

It is important to understand that not all employees who file a claim can receive benefits for their injuries. Only employees who sustain work related injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, regardless of who was to blame for the injuries. The injuries may be sustained at the workplace, while doing a business errand, on a business trip or at a conference. If you choose to accept your benefits, you waive your right to sue your employer for negligence.

different compensation benefits you are The Different Compensation Benefits You Are Entitled To As An Employee

Valerie Lee is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal issues concerning employment. She offers valuable information for the benefit of employees such as worker’s compensation. Click here to find out about the various benefits covered by worker’s compensation that you have the right to as an employee.

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Air Traffic Control – Ufo Sightings Are More Common Than You Think

Air Traffic Control – Ufo Sightings Are More Common Than You Think


Over recent years it has become more and more common to find forums online where air traffic controllers can be asked questions by the general, interested public. These questions are often extremely varied, however, certain questions and answers detailed in these sessions might, perhaps, pique people’s interests a lot more than the usual standard of questions and answers relating to, ‘How many planes have you seen crash’ etc.

air traffic control ufo sightings Air Traffic Control   Ufo Sightings Are More Common Than You Think

How common are UFOs?

For instance, how many people out there think about unidentified flying objects? How many people have even seen one? Well, as it turns out more than you would think, for not only do pilots regularly report seeing unidentified flying objects on their radars but people in air traffic control do as well.

As it turns out, approximately once a month, a sighting of a UFO, i.e. something that does not conform to normal flying patterns, is reported and received by air traffic control somewhere in the world, from the US and UK to Russia, India and Madrid. Before people get all alien crazy though, it is worth noting sometimes these sightings are found to be nothing more than terrestrial or military aircrafts that have strayed across into busy airlines, hot air balloons or other such flying objects.

Why is there a lack of public knowledge about these sightings?

It is also worth noting that a lot of sightings are either not reported by ATC (air traffic control) or at least not publically declared. This is not only because pilots and air traffic controllers do not want to appear deluded or crazed with their sightings but also because sometimes, the government does not wish for the public to be made aware of such sightings.

Once such online forum discussion between a couple of air traffic controllers and members of the public shows us just how limited we are when it comes to finding out about ‘real’ sightings, for no other reason than certain transmissions and tapes recording such discussions and sightings tend to be confiscated by the government. In this case, it was the US government.

A ‘real’ UFO sighting reported by ATC

This so called ‘sighting’ occurred back in the 90s and was discussed in its entirety, by the air traffic controllers involved, on Reddit, a popular social networking site. They first went about explaining how UFOs are very common in ATC simply because of how RADAR works.

Simply put, RADAR will pick up anything with radio waves. The reason UFOs are picked up but cannot be identified by RADAR is that they don’t have transponders, as aircraft do. So, for instance it has been known for trucks routing through mountain passes to be picked up via RADAR as UFOs, simply because they return a signal but with no transponder information.

The ‘real’ sighting of a UFO was detailed as follows:

– It took place in the 90s

– Bill Clinton, on Air Force One, was being directed through airspace by an air traffic controller based at the Oakland Centre.

– A pilot reports close proximity traffic, however, when the air traffic controller checks the aircraft’s position, there is nothing immediately in his vicinity.

– The air traffic controller checks with other pilots in the area to see if they can see anything and receives many reports on other UFOs in the area around the initial aircraft.

– The air traffic controller still cannot see anything to back up these claims of UFOs and then describes how the pilots start communicating with one another to work out how many UFOs are around them. It turns out there are more than 4.

– The secret service agents (present because of Air Force One) run checks to make sure the UFOs are not military aircrafts. They are not.

– The air traffic controller states the pilots are getting freaked out as it seems the UFOs are following them.

– The air traffic controller states no one wants to identify themselves on the radio as spotting UFOs, probably because they fear being ridiculed. After half an hour of spotting the UFOs again and again, all signs of them disappear.

– The air traffic controller asks if the pilots want to file a report. They don’t. A lot of risk is involved when filing a report for a UFO. Every move the pilot makes is under suspicion by the investigating authority and obviously, the pilots do not want to look crazy. However, the conversations are all recorded on the air traffic control side of things.

– The air traffic controller involved in the above UFO sightings was asked to sign a paper the next day which informed him the recordings were being submitted to (confiscated by) the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for investigation.

So, as you see, UFO sightings are a lot more common than you think and air traffic controllers have a lot of exposure to them. What’s difficult is that any truly unidentified sightings are hard to uncover, simply because any evidence is firmly under the grasp of the different governments around the world.

James writes for Host Systems. When not writing about Host mobile atc rooms, he can often be found looking up at the sky with binoculars, hoping to spot a UFO.

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Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail


So you got arrested for DUI, and since it is only your first offense, you feel somewhat confident and assured that the penalties will not be that strict. After all, there are more hardened criminals to go after, so why should they waste time and energy on your first DUI offense, right?

post bail Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

To Post Bail or Not?

When you are taken to jail for booking, you will be advised that you can post bail if you want to get out of prison as soon as possible. If you have the money to post bail, then go ahead. You are going to get it back after your trial. However, if you do not have the money to post bail, then hire a bail bond agent who can post bail on your behalf. They take 10% of the bail amount though as their fee, so that will be additional money out of your pockets. Once you post bail, you can get out of prison and prepare for your court appearance.

Depending upon your total bail amount, that 10% can be huge. If you decide to be a cheapskate and not post bail, that’s okay. Know though that you will have to spend some time in the holding cell before you appear for your court hearing.

Not Posting Bail?

Before you decide not to post bail, here are four things that you should know.

One, court dates are scheduled by the clerk’s office. Depending upon the number of arrests made the night you were arrested and depending upon the severity of your case, you could be out of the holding cell the morning after. You will only have to spend one night in jail, saving you money on bail costs. However, if you were arrested on a Friday night or on a weekend, you will have to spend more time in the holding cell until you get your schedule for your court date. Will you be able to tolerate being in prison that long?

Two, depending upon the holding cells in your area, you will either get to spend your time in a single-person cell or a multiple-person cell. Lucky you if they put you in a single-person cell. You will not have to worry about other inmates, some of whom can be downright rude, disruptive, and troublesome. However, if they put you in a multi-person cell and you know you are going to be in there for a while, will you risk your safety and wellbeing?

Three, most prisons do not offer the best amenities; some of them do not even give you basic items such as toilet paper and shampoo. If you decide not to post bail, knowing you will be there for a while, then be prepared for the lack of these items. Plus, holding cells are pretty cold, so ask your family members or friends to bring you extra sweaters or jackets to keep you warmer.

Four, you also have to consider the inmates. What if they are rowdy, scary, creepy troublemakers who love harassing people?

Holding cells are not fun, so before you decide not to post bail, think of these four things.

Jennifer Dallas is a freelance content provider for law-related blogs as well as parenting sites. If you find yourself in legal trouble, she recommends visiting for options.

Photo Credit: Aloriel

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Lightning – More Dangerous Than You Might Think

Lightning – More Dangerous Than You Might Think


While people may use the phrase ‘You’re more likely to get hit by lightning’ to describe something as unlikely, lightning strikes on people in the USA are far more common than many people imagine. In the average year, lightning kills more people in America than hurricanes and tornadoes combined, making it the second biggest weather related killer on the continent. In fact, a person with a lifespan of 80 years has an estimated 1 in 3000 chance of being struck by lightning (though not necessarily fatally), making it actually a lot more likely than many other things!

So, when you see those telltale storm clouds in the sky or hear the distant rumblings of thunder, what do you need to do to keep yourself safe from harm?


lightning Lightning   More Dangerous Than You Might Think

After in water (whether it’s a pool, the ocean, or even on a boat), outdoors is the worst place to be, so the first piece of advice is to get inside a building as fast as you can as soon as you know a storm is coming. If you can’t get in a building, then get in a vehicle, though make sure it is fully sealed up. You want a hard top car with all of the windows and the sunroof closed. It’s actually the body of the car that will protect you, not, as some people think, the tires.

If you are stuck outdoors and can’t get to shelter, as most people are aware you should never stand near anything tall or metal. Metal fences, poles, tall trees and fences must be avoided. Head for low ground and try and take shelter.

If you get the sensation that your skin is prickling or you feel your hair stand on end, it is possible that a lightning strike may be about to occur. Don’t panic, but assume a position with as little of your body as possible touching the ground – crouch low balancing on just the balls of your feet.


lightning1 Lightning   More Dangerous Than You Might Think

You are much safer indoors, but don’t assume that there is no risk. Lightning can jump from electrical sockets, metal things like your faucets, and window frames to you, so stay in the middle of a room away from anything like this. Keep your windows firmly shut and don’t stand near them watching the storm.

Avoid using your telephone landline unless your phone is cordless. It is possible for lightning to hit the phone line and travel down the cord to hit you. You must also avoid running water. Never even think about taking a shower or bathing when a thunderstorm is coming or happening.

If you hear something that makes you think something outside you house has been hit, don’t try and investigate any storm damage until you are absolutely certain the storm is over.

If you see somebody who has been hit by a bolt of lightning, make sure you get medical assistance for them immediately, even if they seem to be dead. In a lot of cases people who have been killed by lightning strikes can be revived if attended to fast enough.

Eidur Johanson is a professional handyman and part time blogger. He shares his experiences through his articles and also provides solutions and information to people, so that they can be prepared to face any calamity.

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Gone are the days when you could tear a piece of confidential paper in two and chuck it in the waste bin, happy that it will never be looked at again. Now, the Data Protection Act 1998 states that a business must take appropriate measures against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data, and this means destroying certain documentation. Anything that holds personal information like addresses and contact details need to be destroyed securely, as do other documents like bank details or employee application forms. Failure to do this could put your company at risk of a hefty fine as well as prosecution.

Not backing up

We all know that it is important to back up your documents, but how many of us actually do on a regular basis? It has been said that no piece of information is safe until it is stored in three places, with a master copy, a back-up copy and a second back-up copy all necessary to prevent loss of data. Paper documents in particular should always be scanned into a computer, and copied to an external hard drive or a secure server. By taking these steps to protect your files, you will ensure that the loss of any important information is not irreversible.

No anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is a necessary part of keeping your information secure, because it prevents your computer from being hacked. This is particularly important if you have a large number of employees who will be visiting a variety of websites on a regular basis and downloading files.

Keeping your files onsite

All businesses, large and small, can collect unmanageable amounts of documentation and files over the years. Whilst some of these will be redundant and never used again, many need to be kept just in case they are required at some point in the future. However, keeping on top of these records is a mammoth task, and often takes up valuable time that would be better spent elsewhere. And if old files are not looked after properly, it can be easy for security to be breached. Many companies use offsite document storage to solve this problem. Document storage companies will archive your old files for you in secured premises, and can return them to you within hours of a request.

Not putting a password on your documents

Passwords are a crucial part of keeping your data secure, particularly when using a computer. They are an easy way of making sure than only authorised personnel have access to certain confidential documents.  By not putting a password on your data, you run the risk of someone getting hold of crucial company information and leaking it to competitors. And whatever you do, make sure you use a different password when necessary, that is not easy to guess. Random password generators are a good way of providing difficult codes that will not be cracked by your average person. Finally, store your list of passwords somewhere safe, not on a piece of paper on your desk!

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