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TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?

TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?


With Internet service providers offering free and low-cost dialup Internet access plans, it’s hard to justify the cost of broadband Internet access. After all, your costs could go from zero to well over fifty dollars a month when you switch from a free dialup plan to broadband. Is the upgrade worth the price?

broadband comparison TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?

Value For Money?

If you take full advantage of broadband and its capabilities, or even if you tap into some of the more powerful options, you could find that broadband Internet access quickly pays for itself. Most consumers can expect to pay about $500 for a year’s worth of broadband Internet access. Once connected, these same consumers can tap into potential savings of nearly $9,000.

Saving Money With Broadband

According to a recent report, the Next-Generation Networks and Top 10 Consumer Savings Now, entertainment is one of the biggest areas where you can save money with broadband. The report suggests potential savings of about $2500 in entertainment alone. Depending on your preferences and hardware, you could even eliminate your monthly cable service by watching television and movies online.

Streaming Entertainment Media

There are many different HD quality streaming movie and TV services available. Your local cable provider with their movies on demand service is certainly one good option. However, fast download speeds up to 16GB provide a multitude of other streaming entertainment options.

Amazon is one provide that offers digital entertainment en masse. Instead of buying music albums filled with a couple of good singles and then the rest of the tracks acting as low quality filler, consumers can now purchase and download single MP3 music tracks of their choice and save money on the price difference. Similarly, movies can be downloaded shortly after release in the movie theatre in streaming special events (to promote the service).

The major music labels and Hollywood film companies now offer their own streaming services, and have also partnered up with Apple to provide media for mobile platforms too.

Fast Connectivity Needed For Business

Not only does broadband offer significant savings opportunities, many people earn their livings completely online. For example, freelance graphic designers and writers often rely on high speed Internet access to run their businesses.

Good Reasons For High Speed Broadband

Why go with more expensive broadband when you could continue using dialup access and potentially receive similar results? While it’s true that you can use online banking (and slash your postage expenses) with basic dialup Internet access, broadband’s speed and capabilities open up a whole new world of surfing the Web. Instant streaming movies and videos and photo-heavy sites that load in a blink of the eye make the Internet much more engaging and relevant. Where dialup surfing can be slow and tedious, broadband Internet access is fun and engaging.

With broadband Internet access it’s possible to have more fun, reduce costs significantly, and explore new ways to earn money. Is it worth paying more for? Give high speed Internet access a try and you may find out that it is well worth the premium.

Celeste Stewart questions whether broadband internet from providers like be broadband is worth the money and concludes that it is.

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Is Home Automation Worth The Investment?

Is Home Automation Worth The Investment?


You may be aware of the buzz surrounding home automation. If you haven’t here is a brief description of what it is. Home automation connects the technology in your home, everything from the thermostat to the entertainment system, to a handheld device (usually a smartphone or tablet) allowing you to control your home from anywhere. For example, you can lock or unlock your home doors from your desk at work or even turn on a movie, adjust the volume, dim the lights and start the popcorn all while sitting on your couch. That’s some pretty futuristic stuff, right?

home automation Is Home Automation Worth The Investment?

While it sounds fun and all, consumers also know that technology comes with a price. Families are especially sensitive to cost given the nations poor economy. So apart from having a home that feels like a space ship is home automation really worth the investment?

It will end up saving you money

While there will be significant costs upfront, many users find that home automation saves them money in the long run. For example, you will cut quite a bit out of your next energy bill by having technology that turns off lights when you aren’t home or adjusts the thermostat to be more efficient. If you use home automation for security purposes you wont have to pay those expensive monthly charges to security companies to monitor your home. Finally, a high tech entertainment system will keep you in the home, rather than going out to a movie every week. Over time, home automation will pay for itself.

You can build as you go

Another benefit of home automation that may make it worth the investment is the fact that you don’t have to buy everything at once. You may want to start out with a couple security cameras and slowly build your security arsenal with each paycheck. Eventually you can add on some new speakers, new lights and a new movie screen for your entertainment center. You can buy many of these items individually. For an example of a list of individual products to buy, look here.

It saves you time and energy

People are constantly investing in technology that makes life more convenient, and home automation is no exception. It takes care of the mundane and repetitive tasks that may keep you from focusing on what you really want to do. For example, home automation products will adjust the temperature for you, protect the home with sensors and updates on your smartphone, and even trigger a system to water the lawn when you are out of town. If you are looking for ways to save time and energy, home automation is likely worth the investment.

Home automation is growing rapidly

Whether or not you feel ready to make the switch to home automation, the reality is that the future is headed that way. Many new housing developments for example are being built with home-automated services already installed. Home security systems are moving away from the traditional model and more towards user friendly and home automated systems. By investing in home automation sooner rather than later, both and your home will be more prepared for the future.

Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in practical technology.  She also is a freelance writer for Vivint.  Be sure to check them out on Vivint’s Facebook as well.

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