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Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?


In the beginning you don’t want to spend a lot of money, so you end up wearing the cheapest and nastiest GI you can find. Maybe it was the one you wore to karate a few years ago when you dreamed of becoming Bruce Lee. It could even have been one of the smelly suits your club lets people wear. Times have changed and you want something fancy. You have now decided you love BJJ and you want to be as professional as possible from now on.

why would you want proper Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Maybe you’re also jealous when you see your fellow fighters walking around in their beautiful GIs. If you want to do things the right way you will have to buy a professional suit. You need to make sure you buy the right one because they’re not the cheapest piece of clothing you will ever purchase. Let’s look at what makes them so special and what you should be looking out for. From now on you will never feel embarrassed at training ever again.

What makes them so different?

why would you want proper1 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

A proper BJJ GI is designed specifically for jiu-jitsu and they are usually designed by the professionals. These are the guys living the dream every single day, so they know what the suit must feel like. One of the reasons they are so expensive is because they’re a lot tougher than most other GIs. The material they are made from isn’t going to fall apart when someone pulls on it too hard. The judo GIs are also pretty tough, but they tend to be a lot baggier, so BJJ ones are unique.

Buying an adult GI

why would you want proper2 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you’re older and looking to pick one up you should know they come in about 6 or 7 different sizes. They start at A0 and they sometimes move all the way down to A6. If you need something bigger I suggest you spend a few months resisting the temptation of donuts before you think about rolling around the floor with someone who is trying to knock you out.

If you have bought any clothes before you will know they are different depending on the manufacturer. You might wear a size A1 of a certain brand, but when it’s time to buy a new one you might need to buy an A2. You could also be in-between sizes as most people are not built the exact same way. If you have broad shoulders you might need to go a size up.

Buying a child GI

why would you want proper3 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

When you buy a suit for your child you don’t have to go crazy and buy the most expensive option in the shop. You just need to make sure the GI fits well because small children won’t be able to grab onto it with the same force an adult could. They also grow very quickly and you’ll need to buy a new one more regularly, so buying a top-of-the-range GI every year will leave you broke.

Trying to be different

why would you want proper4 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you want to be a little different you don’t have to wear a white GI. If you’re going to compete you will need to wear a white, blue, or black one, but that doesn’t stop companies from offering you GIs in red, yellow, and pink. You can still wear them to training and some people like a little customization.

You can even have patches put on your GI, or you can buy them with the patches already attached. This is definitely one of the main reasons some people are drawn to certain GIs. Other people take the no-nonsense approach and they like to wear a plain white one. No matter what your GI looks like I’m sure you will love it because you will look professional from now on.

The author of this post, Scott David, is a health and fitness enthusiast working at Quality MMA Gear, a provider of MMA clothing and gear. He has a keen interest in technology and he is a huge action movie buff.

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Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now

Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now


Traditional barn doors aren’t just for farms anymore. These solid types of doors are making their way into apartments in posh neighborhoods and in so many contemporary homes and even offices. So, why is the barn door so hot right now? For one, it’s all about the juxtaposition of the classic and the modern. The classic is represented by the barn door style, which evokes a pastoral feel. But the style can be tweaked and customized in order for it to have a more chic or trendy look. Aside from these, barn doors have several uses, apart from the obvious.

Why More and More People Prefer Barn Doors

There are really so many things that people like about barn doors. Here are some amazing features of barn doors that you can take advantage of.

1. It’s multi-functional.

You can stick to what’s customary and use a barn door like how it’s typically used. But you can also be more creative about it. Instead of using a divider, for instance, you can use this. Whenever you need some privacy, just slide the barn door closed. If you need more space, just push it open. This can also be used to enclose your laundry area or maybe a home office. A lot of people use barn doors as accessories as well. Creative ideas include making art pieces, shelves or tables from these types of doors.

2. It’s space-saving.

Typical doors swing outwards or inwards. These take up more space than sliding barn doors. If you prefer a big, towering door but you just don’t have enough space for it, use barn doors instead. These are also good options if you want doors for rooms that are in narrow corridors or tight areas.

3. There are several styles to choose from.

The usual notion about barn doors is that these are rustic-looking wooden doors. These days, however, barn doors exist in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials. A more traditional approach, for example, would be to allow the wood to shine. Utilize timber or reclaimed wood, and then varnish this so that it’ll lend its bucolic character to your space. But if you prefer something that’s more contemporary, use a current paint color or an unusual or striking finish. Furthermore, you are not limited to using just wood. You can also utilize glass, steel or metal, or a combination of such materials.

4. There is a wide variety of hardware or barn door accessories to choose from.

door handle

One of the best things about using barn doors is there is definitely no shortage of accessories on hand. Considering the tracks alone can already be confusing because there are many designs available. Aside from standard tracks, there are spoke flat tracks, horseshoe, hammered and stainless steel, for example. You can also customize or choose from a vast assortment of handles and pulls, hinges, and other accessories.

5. It could be an eco-friendly choice.

A lot of farm houses that are set to be demolished probably still have all their doors intact. Most traditional barn doors are made from durable timber. By restoring these instead of building or buying brand new doors, you contribute to the environment by reusing or recycling precious natural materials that would otherwise rot or go to waste. Reclaimed wood from old barn doors can also be reused in several ways too, as mentioned above.

Claire Willows is a freelance writer who has an avid interest in interior decoration. She has done quite a few DIY projects at home, and she’s blogged about hanging door hardware, painting and remodeling, and other home improvement matters.

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Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now


property Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

If you’re the house-proud type, then I’m not here to upset you or to insult you. I’m sure your home is lovely, well decorated and well thought out. However, if you’re like most people then your house is probably also somewhat underwhelming. Chances are that it’s just… a house and that it’s not really going to make anyone go ‘wow’ when they walk in or end up on an episode of Celebrity Cribs. You probably have a living room with a sofa and two arm chairs, you probably have a bedroom and a few guest rooms, and you probably have a front garden with a little bench in it… just like everyone else.

While your home may be perfectly nice if it fits this description, it also means you probably aren’t making the very most of it. You don’t actually have to be super rich in order to make your home look like something that might inspire envy from your friends and you can actually get a long way with just some basic changes and additions. You’d probably be surprised what your home is capable of, so read on and find out just what changes can benefit you the most…

Your Spare Rooms

property1 Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Having a spare room is one of the biggest wastes of a room possible. The very nature of a spare room or a guest room means that you’re only likely to use it if you have guests round or if you need to store your junk. The rest of the time you’ll be getting zero use from it.

Instead then, why not see if you can’t use your spare rooms for something a little more inventive that will impress your guests and make your home more fun to spend time in. For instance, a guest room could in fact be a home theatre (you just need a projector and some heavy curtains), a home gym or a library. Any of these things will make your home much more desirable and they will barely cost anything to implement. Then when you have guests, it’ a simple matter of unfolding a sofa-bed to give them somewhere more interesting to sleep.

Your Storage

property2 Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Likewise, if you have spaces in your home that are just for storage, then that is also a waste of what’s probably a large amount of space. Anything from a basement to a loft to an attic can be converted into a studio apartment, a bar or a second living room and this will greatly increase the number of potential uses for your property. Most basements are capable of this, you just need a waterproofing company and some imagination.

Exciting Features

The other way to get more from your home is just to invest in a few centre pieces and features that will make your home stand out and give it that wow factor. These features needn’t be expensive even – just a little different. How much nicer would that bench in the front garden look if it was next to a small novelty lamppost? And you’d be surprised how inexpensively you can add a balcony, with nice garden table, to your upstairs bedroom. All it takes it a little imagination and time and you can get a whole lot more from your home.

Today’s guest post is authored by Daniel Lorenzo. He is an interior designer by profession and an innovative one at that. He is keen sports enthusiast and loves to spend his free time watching soccer on tv.

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Tell A Thousand Words – Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

Tell A Thousand Words – Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy


When you read amount SEO and internet marketing, you will find that the focus is often very much on the way you write and the way you build links. Content is important because that’s what Google ‘reads’ when its indexing your site. In short, if you want Google to find your site easily then you need to ensure that there is lots of content on there for it to sift through and identify with. This will also help Google to know what your site is about, and of course it will give your readers good reason to visit your site and hopefully spend some time there reading.

But your articles aren’t the be all and end all of your internet strategy – not by a long shot. In fact, one of the most important elements of your online promotion is your choice of images which can have a huge impact on your success. Here we will look at why it’s so important to choose the best pictures for your site and at the various different ways this can impact on your site’s success.

Google Images

online strategy Tell A Thousand Words   Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

While most of your traffic will probably come from Google, that doesn’t mean that all of it will come from people searching your content. Some of those visitors rather will have been brought to your pages because of the images and will have found your site through looking for particular pictures. This traffic will be relatively low quality because they probably just want to see your picture and go, but some of those visitors will inevitably stick around so it’s still worth trying to attract these visitors.


online strategy1 Tell A Thousand Words   Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

One of the biggest challengers for bloggers and webmasters is getting people to stick around and read a whole page rather than just glancing at it and leaving. The internet has trained us to look at websites and then just quickly leave once we’ve found what we want – our attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Thus if you can’t grab attention quickly and effectively, your site won’t have the lasting impact you want it to.

So what can you do? Well one solution is to use an attractive and interesting looking image that will reel your readers in. A good image should not only tell people what the article is about (and confirm that it’s what they’re looking for), but also pique interest and tell the visitors that your site is high quality and cares about production values.


online strategy2 Tell A Thousand Words   Why Images Are A Crucial Part Of Your Online Strategy

Finally, having great images can help with your marketing and allow your internet marketing services to do a better job. This is because the images will often serve as a preview on Facebook and other social media when your articles are being promoted. This makes the post catch attention when it’s set alongside lots of other posts and also tells people at a glance what the link is about. Along with a catchy headline and a well targeted audience, this is what will make sure those posted links are a hit and that you bring in thousands of potential customers.

Today’s guest post is courtesy Jake Cornwall. He is an SEO by profession and has vast knowledge about the nitty gritty’s of his profession. When he isn’t working, he likes to chil out with his family and friends.

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Why People Miss The Obvious – And How It Leads To Accidents

Why People Miss The Obvious – And How It Leads To Accidents


Understanding the basics of human psychology is incredibly fascinating and can shed a lot of light on why we do some of the things we do. What it can also do though is to help us to avoid accidents and to get more from ourselves, which is why it’s a useful area for study for everyone from CEOs to health and safety inspectors.

Of particular interest when it comes to health and safety is why people can sometimes be so oblivious to clear hazards and problems. Why do people walk out into the middle of the road? Why do they fall down man-holes? Does no one ever look where they’re going? Here we will look at why the human brain is fallible in the way and what you can do about it if you work in a relevant field.

The Filter

What you have to remember about the human brain is that it takes in a huge amount of information on a daily basis. If you look up from this article right now then you will be greeted by an almost infinite amount of information – from the people moving around outside to the speck of dust on the wall to the faint sound of a tap dripping and cars going past the window. There’s no way that your brain can take all this information in and save it as you walk around outside, so all it can afford to do is to show us the things that it deems most relevant. As the human brain evolved in the wild out on the African planes though, these elements will not be things like manholes or glass left on the floor – they’ll often be things that have less bearing on our day to day lives these days.

One example of something our brain will bring to our attention is movement. If you are walking down the street and something suddenly starts moving in your peripheral vision then you will be likely to notice that movement as it could potentially signal danger. Likewise our brains tend to be drawn to particularly vibrant colours that seem out of place in their surrounds – like reds, yellows and oranges (which is why if you see traffic cones for sale they’ll tend to be in these colours). These colours might have once signalled fire, snake or tiger and so today our head turns in that direction.

This can be used to our advantage such in the case as flashing signs and other hazard indicators, but sometimes it can work against us – such as when we get distracted by something moving in the distance and so hurt ourselves.

Another thing we will often look at is human faces and studies show that from a young age we start to pay more attention to faces than other stimuli. This is probably because faces signal potential competition/attackers or mates. This is also the reason that a lot of advertising includes images of people in it – which is also a problem sometimes when it comes health and safety.

Kevin Taylor is an auto blogger and is passionate about cars. In one of his recent posts he has talked about the safety measures one needs to take while driving a car.

psychology test Why People Miss The Obvious   And How It Leads To Accidents

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Distracted Driver Accidents: Why They Are On The Rise

Distracted Driver Accidents: Why They Are On The Rise


Distracted driving occurs when a person is engaged in driving while engaged in any activity that takes their attention off the road. For example, talking on a cell phone, PDA or other device without a headset, texting, reading, eating or any other activity. Ever since the advent and popularity of mobile devices, distracted driving has been on the rise.

 Common Types of Distracted Driving

Distractions while driving can occur either visually, manually or on a cognitive basis. Visual distraction is described as anything that averts a person’s eyes from the road, while manual distractions involve removing hands from the wheel. Cognitive distractions can involve virtually anything that takes the driver’s attention away from driving. Whether you ask a Nevada patrol officer or local New Hampshire injury attorneys, they will both suggest that by far, the most common form of distracted driving has involved the use of a mobile device. However, distracted driving behaviors can run the gamut. From cell phones to eating and drinking, some people almost behave as though they are in a casual home environment. Rather than considering the fact that they are operating a large machine capable of killing themselves and others, they irresponsibly allow their attention to drift off.

 Distracted Driving Causes

There are just as many causes for distracted driving as there are activities themselves. For example, someone who is running late may be anxious and therefore drive sloppily or haphazardly. In that case, lack of time management is most likely the cause behind this particular form of distracted driving.

Those who look away at a cell phone, PDA, radio or other mobile device is someone who is not thinking much about the consequences of their actions. Perhaps they failed to prepare for their trip and now must get more information or notify someone that they will be late.

Avoiding Distracted Driving

Some of the ways to avoid distracted driving might include:

1. Time Management. Always consider how long it will take to reach a destination and then add plenty of time to that schedule. In many towns, the roads are very unpredictable, so having extra time will allow you to be more relaxed, and therefore, less prone to becoming agitated or nervous.

2. Be organized. Prepare for your trip with addresses and directions ahead of time. GPS devices are great, but they are not always reliable. Therefore, have a solid idea of how to get from place to place ahead of time.

3. Create a safe environment in the car. Have your radio presets at the ready. Play relaxing music rather than anything that is too loud or demanding to listen to. Keep your cell phone out of reach or in the glove compartment.

4. Adopt safer driving habits. If you need to make a call, pull over. That is the best way to avoid distractions. If you must talk while driving, use a headset at all times. Consider getting a device that plugs into the dashboard like the radio to make safer phone calls. Eat a snack beforehand so that you are not compelled to eat while driving.

While the dangers of distracted driving continue to receive increased attention – the only way that it will ever become less prevalent is if people become more aware of how to avoid it. For example, those people who are accountable and punctual tend to be less hurried and therefore, more relaxed.

It is expected that as more public outcry and stringent legislation is passed, more people will take the dangers of distracted driving as seriously as possible and act more responsibly while driving on the road.

However, much like drunk driving – distracted driving will never completely cease. Therefore, anyone who is involved in such an unfortunate incident should contact a competent attorney to ensure that their rights are fully represented and that damages and costs are minimized as much as possible.

Being the accident victim of a distracted driver helps freelance writer, Nadine Swayne, remind drivers to stay alert. At the law offices of Tenn And Tenn, PA, their staff of New Hampshire injury attorneys can help you with your case if you’ve been in an accident due to a distracted driver. They have a proven track record for holding negligent drivers accountable and will fight to get you and your loved ones the fair compensation deserved.

driver accidents Distracted Driver Accidents: Why They Are On The Rise

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Transportation (CC BY 2.0)

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Why Boats Are Named After Women (and how to re-name your boat Gareth)

Why Boats Are Named After Women (and how to re-name your boat Gareth)


As anyone who has owned a boat will tell you, naming your vessel is a serious business. There are rules, ceremonies and precise rituals to be consider, less your mishandling of the situation leads to your boat making a permanent mooring at the bottom of the sea.
The Feminine Touch, Curse
If legend is to be believed, women are an even complex proposition on the ocean then they are on dry land. It cannot have escaped your attention that the names ascribed to boats are either triumphant and vaguely abstract nouns or states of being (boats I have known:“Voyager” “Perfidious” “Challenger”) or have a decidedly womanly bent. It is rare that a seafarer encounters a boat named Gareth, is the point I am trying to put across and even if one does, despite its name, a ship is always affiliated with the female pronoun. Thar she blows, etc. There are a number of mooted reasons for the proliferation of lady-themed vessels and contrary to the cliché of the love-starved sailor, it is unlikely that the name is a sort of salve, a hint of the feminine on a long, lonely voyage. No, that kind of thinking is a little heteronormative in any case. Instead, it is argued, the yen for a female ship has probably more to do with the ancient practice of naming vessels after goddesses who, it is hoped, will bless the boat with their own particular storehouse of characteristics. A fishing ship named after Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting, would make a lot of sense, for instance. Furthermore, traditionalists will argue the feminine pronoun is probably a hangover from olde English, which, much like many European languages, ascribed a gender to certain nouns a tradition that has remained when it comes to the maritime.
Hm. Those arguments are unconvincing to me
Well, yeah. It does seem a little suspicious that it is only the seafaring world that has clung to the feminine noun. Also, when you consider the fact that the most traditional of captains, the ones that still subscribe to the superstition of the Old Ways, will still fervently insist that a woman onboard a ship is extraordinary bad luck, a sure ticket to shipwreck, it does seem that something problematic is going on. But instead of wasting our time hectoring centuries-old ingrained traditions, it is probably more useful to create some new ones. With this in mind, this is how to re-name your boat Gareth without enraging the Gods. You’ll be pleased to hear it involves some drinking and a nice get-together with friends.
Re-naming Ritual
STEP ONE: Determine your new name. Tell no-one. Under no circumstance must you bring anything with the new name across the threshold of your boat until the re-naming ceremony is done.
STEP TWO: Remove every mention of your boat’s old name from the vessel.
Grab your White-Out, your paintbrush, your paper shredder and get to work. To avoid terrible things happening, you need to erase the name from Poseidon’s Ledger. To erase the sea god’s memory you have to be thorough – make sure that every mention of the name is expunged. This includes paperwork and graffiti and lifejackets and everything. Nothing must remain.
STEP THREE: Prepare a metal plate and write the boat’s old name on it in water-soluble ink. Buy a bottle of good champagne. Don’t be stingy, we’re smashing the patriarchy here. Then, invite all your friends to the ceremony.
STEP FOUR: In front of everyone Purge the old name by invoking the mercy of Poseidon and dropping the sacrificial ingot (the metal plate) into the sea. Then, as a tribute, pour half the champagne in after it, moving from west to east.
STEP FIVE: Lastly, you need to appease the four gods of the winds. They’re brothers and you must address each one by name and fling a glass of champagne in their respective directions. There’s Boreas (north wind), Zephyrus (west), Eurus (east) and Sotus (south)
STEP SIX: Now is the time for the big reveal. You can proudly intone your vessel’s new name and re-paint to reflect as such. The Gareth is ready for adventure, in a traditionalist fashion. Bless all that sail in him.

Rita Haymarket is interested in all your used boats for sale, especially if they require a boozy re-naming ceremony.

boat rename Why Boats Are Named After Women (and how to re name your boat Gareth)

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4 Green Reasons Why You Shouldnt Rent a Car When Visiting NYC

4 Green Reasons Why You Shouldnt Rent a Car When Visiting NYC


New York City is one of the most congested areas in the world, and this makes it extremely difficult for a tourist to utilize the road system with a rental car. Not only will it add a very stressful element to your vacation, but it is completely unnecessary due to the quality of the public transportation options that are available.

1. Avoiding an Accident

Even if you feel comfortable driving in a highly congested area, it is always a good idea to avoid the possibility of being in a car accident. The city of New York has an unusually high occurrence of accidents on a monthly basis that make it very dangerous for all drivers, especially those who are unfamiliar with the area and the car that they are driving. In August alone there were over 17,000 traffic accidents citywide, and the greatest concentration of the accidents occurred in areas where tourists are likely to congregate.

2. The Impossibility of Finding a Parking Spot

There is a joke among New York City residents that sometimes they would rather walk than give up a parking spot. Although this might be bit of an exaggeration, it definitely illustrates the issues that tourists will have to deal with if they decide to rent a vehicle while they are in the city. Not only will their hotel charge a parking fee that might exceed $30 a day, but they will also have to deal with exorbitant parking fees throughout the city and a lack of parking spaces that can make it almost impossible to park near your destination. Most tourists end up picking one parking spot and utilizing public transportation anywhere, so there is really no reason to spend money on a car rental.

3. Following Traffic Laws

Because New York City has such a large population and difficult to maneuver road system, there are definitely laws in place that are not used in a lot of other areas. If you fail to observe all of the applicable traffic laws, you can receive a ticket that will most likely be accompanied by a large fine. It is also imperative to keep a very close eye on pedestrians. In August, 14 pedestrians were killed and 853 more were injured. If you injure or kill a pedestrian due to your unfamiliarity with the road system in New York City, you might find yourself contacting Manhattan accident lawyers and dealing with a prison sentence. It is best to avoid these issues altogether by sticking with public transportation or walking.

4. Getting Around Without a Car

New York City has a comprehensive public transportation set up that includes the subway and buses. You will also have access to taxis, but they can be difficult to obtain during key periods of the day. Another great way to get around the city is to simply walk to your destination. One of the best ways to take in everything that the city has to offer is to ride the subway or a bus to the destination that is farthest from your hotel and then walk to sightseeing locations.

As you can see, it is both easier and cheaper to avoid the hassles of dealing with a rental car. If you happen to drive your own vehicle into the city, then it makes the most sense to park it in one lot for the duration of your visit.

Nadine Swayne is a contributing freelance writer and editor who attended college, and later drove to work daily in New York City. If you do rent a car in NYC and are involved in an accident, Manhattan accident lawyers will offer a free consultation to ensure the proper steps are taken for resolution or compensation for your accident.

car wreck manhattan bridge   4 Green Reasons Why You Shouldnt Rent a Car When Visiting NYC

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Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless


We can see more and more homeless people nowadays. The core reasons for this situation is a problem with not enough affordable rental housing and increasing poverty. Declining wages has significant impact too. Because renting a housing costs more than a minimal wage, it is a big problem for many workers. There are other factors that has impact on, including age, gender or ethnicity. Based on statistics, children under the age of 18, were responsible for 39% of the homeless population. Veterans are common category too, 40% of homeless men have served in the armed forces. Even the statistics shows some prevalence for homelessness in some areas, it can have impact on anybody in any situation.

homeless people Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people1 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people2 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people3 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people4 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people5 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people6 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

homeless people7 Top Reasons Why People Become Homeless

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