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How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?

How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?


LinkedIn is by no means a larger network than Facebook, Google+ or Twitter but its exponential growth rate has accrued the site more than 200 million active members this past year. It is by far the leading network for business professionals. If you’re a lawyer using LinkedIn as a tool you may think just “connecting” is enough to make a difference in your practice. However, using the site in more innovative, personal ways can elicit further results.

how should lawyers use linkedin How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?

Find Connections

Updates to LinkedIn in Spring 2013 have made searching for relevant connections based on your professional identity and network easier and more efficient. Much like Facebook, the new LinkedIn offers “suggested searches” and search filters like location, company or school to make finding possible connections simpler.

Take It On The Go

Recently LinkedIn released an updated version of its mobile app. The previous app underwent a complete redesign that did away with difficult and outdated scrolling. The new app also offers numerous personalization options and a newer navigation page that makes finding connections while on the go easier. This makes connecting with someone you’ve recently met, at a conference or through a chance happening, easier akin to exchanging a phone number. Looking someone up on the spot can help avoid the risk that you forget contact information and lose an opportunity to connect.


Remember to fully participate with your LinkedIn community. While you might not think that a like or comment will amount to future business, engaging in this way is similar to having a small exchange after bumping into someone at a store. You are accordingly on the person’s mind and it may prompt an email, offhanded thought or question that leads to further conversation. Sharing news about your field or appropriate commentary about related information are ways to participate in LinkedIn and make your connections personal and meaningful. Offer those who follow your network company updates.

Demonstrate Skills

While offering actual legal advice through LinkedIn is not recommended, offering general insight through comments and posts is encouraged. Recognize that LinkedIn can act as a platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It also gives you an opportunity to give your network a sense for your personal practice style and philosophy of law.

Specify Services

There is a section on LinkedIn that allows you to denote what services or practice areas you offer. Make sure to offer your prospective clients as much information about your capabilities as possible. Clarify what areas you can offer particularly expert service in. You can also link the employee information for individual areas of practice.

Recently an article titled, “The Perils of Being A Social Media Holdout” by Clara Shih and Lisa Shalett was published in the Harvard Business Review. The article warns against the results of discounting the importance of participation in social media networks.

“People are looking you up. Not having a presence means you are not easily “findable” and perhaps leads people to question whether yours is a credible business. People are increasingly turning to social networks as the easiest way to get their questions answered.”

Employing LinkedIn as a tool in your law practice is easy enough and the payoff is more than worth it. Don’t hold out!

Amanda O’Donnell writes for Alamo Injury Attorneys a San Antonio firm that uses LinkedIn to best serve its clients needs.

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Hiring An SEO Consultant? Five Criteria To Use

Hiring An SEO Consultant? Five Criteria To Use


Researching and hiring the right choice for your sites search engine optimization is hard. Mix this with the fact that a new business owner’s to-do list is seemingly infinite, but this article is to lighten the burden of endless tasks. Listed below are a few things to consider when looking for a SEO provider to give you the upper hand in the dynamic world of SEO.

hiring seo consultant five criteria Hiring An SEO Consultant? Five Criteria To Use

1. Check Out their Certifications

Although there are not many certifications that are standard to a well-rounded SEO, a Google Analytics certification is a good start. It may be easier to just note the companies they have worked for in the past, and how they specifically helped. Any “official” SEO certifications should be investigated with a grain of salt.

2. Communication Skills a Must

The person who is enabling the lucrative future of your business should be able to accurately and concisely communicate. This person should consistently be available to discuss any questions you may have regarding their recommendations for your company’s goals. A quality SEO consultant should be able to teach you in simple terms their plan, goals, and actions that directly affect your success.

3. Awesome Portfolio

In order to show off their technique and expertise, a working artist should always be eager to display the hard work they’ve performed. A potential SEO provider should be proud of their past interactions with clients as well. They should be eagerly showing specific details where they positively impacted another company in the ways you would like to see for yourself. If these work samples are not provided up front or when asked for, that’s a red flag!

4. Learn SEO Cheap Tricks and Avoid Any Who Use Them

There are many dated practices deemed unethical that some SEO “experts” may be implementing even after their use has been chastised. Some of these include sly ways of sneaking keywords into articles to raise their visibility to search engines, others are based on algorithmically accomplished content duplication. It is key to arm yourself with knowledge about these and other dirty practices all too common in SEO. For the sake of your future reputation, it is important to keep a close eye on your consultant.

5. Cost

The most basic of all considerations, how much are you going to be charged for the work? Before you investigate the above stated parameters, be sure to figure out your SEO budget and begin your search for not only the best consultant, but the best priced consultant.

So, no you know about five things to look for when hiring a search engine eoptimization consultant. You’ll be able to take the knowledge to decide if an out-of-house SEO is the best for your company and if so, if you should hire a patricular contractor. In any case, if you can’t find an SEO contractor meeting all these criteria, you might consider doing your SEO internally or not at alll. It’s always better to have no SEO than bad SEO.

David Hook blogs about internet marketing out of Austin, Tx for Fahrenheit Marketing. He is a lifelong learner, writer and artist.

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Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them


Whether we realize it or not, precious stones have a perpetual spot in our hearts and minds. Be it through grandma’s most precious emerald brooch or your dad’s first diamond studded watch, or your dream solitaire. But do we ever realize that there could be so much more to our favorite gemstones than just joyful nostalgia or wishful thinking? From granting invisibility to absorbing all negativity, we give you the special significance of seven of the most famous gems and how you can wear or gift them.

1)   Sapphire

famous gemstones Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

Many cultures believe that Sapphire protects its wearers from accidents and natural calamities. The stone is also said to soothe the harrowed mind. Many people (especially soon-to-be married couples) are choosing sapphire over diamond as it is cheaper, without falling short of beauty and quality. Sapphire is also said to symbolize the eternal fire of love. It seemed to be Princess Diana’s preferred stone too. She wore it as a sapphire-diamond ring. You can do the same, as wedding bands or anniversary or birthday gifts. Sapphire rings look stunning on not just women, but men too!

2)   Ruby

famous gemstones1 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

A cousin to Sapphire, very few things are as mesmerizing as the Ruby. Ruby is as strong as it is beautiful (it is the second hardest natural mineral). Ruby is often considered as the stone of contentment, and is regarded as a symbol of success, passion, loyalty and sincerity. It is also said to offer insight and ward off negativity. This stone looks perfectly elegant on women and just as royal on men. Rubies set in elegantly cast gold earrings or necklaces for women, and heavy set silver rings for men symbolize the very epitome of grandeur.

3)   Onyx

famous gemstones2 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

The Onyx effortlessly exudes simplicity, edge and a dark charisma. Onyx is said to be the separator. It separates the bad from the good, the darkness from the light, grief from happiness. In olden times, Onyx was considered to grant its wearer with sharp senses, stealth and invisibility. Of late, this stone seems to be a growing favorite among many men due to this its perfect balance of boldness and class. For the perfect anniversary or birthday gift for him, look no further than an Onyx ring set in sterling silver.  

4)   Emerald

famous gemstones3 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

The rich green color of the Emerald instantly brings to mind prosperity. However in ancient cultures, this stone was considered as a symbol of stability and genuine affection. It is also said to make the brain sharper. The lush color of this stone also greatly represents “eternal spring” and was Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. The beauty of Emeralds is that they look grand set in anything- be it gold or silver jewelry. An emerald brooch set in silver is the perfect gift to make the lady feel like the perfect queen, while gold and emerald cufflinks or an emerald set in a gold ring makes the man a king to match.

5)   Diamond

famous gemstones4 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

The world’s hardest substance, the purest form of carbon, a girl’s best friend; diamond is the crown prince of all positive superlatives. And it deserves every bit of it all. Because diamonds are so clear and pure, it comes as no surprise that it is believed to be a symbol of purity, thus becoming the symbol for the purest form of emotions- love. This explains why it is the most preferred stone for the holy bond of matrimony. That, and the fact that they can be carried off by both the sexes with equal panache, in almost every form- right from watches to solitaires to even pens! After all, who can resist these sparkly little splinters of stars fallen from up above.

Josh Ferdinand designs fashion jewelry and is extremely good at that. In today’s post, he has shed light on some of the most precious gemstones in the world and has also talked about their significance.

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The Use of Sunsource Tanning Beds

The Use of Sunsource Tanning Beds


Get your skin tanned with the use of Sunsource tanning beds. Most people prefer tan due to various reasons. These reasons could either be physiological or psychological. Some people want to have tan to heighten their mood and boost their self-esteem. Some said that a tan skin could show some confidence and sexiness in one’s physique while others prefer tan due to its extraordinary appeal. In order to have a tanned skin, people make use of tanning equipments and products. The most common type of tanning equipment is the tanning bed. Available in the market, Sunsource tanning beds are said to be a quality form of tanning equipment for everyone’s use.  A tanning bed, is also called as a sun tanning bed or sunbed. It is a tool that emits an ultraviolet radiation to create a cosmetic tan.

Primary Purpose of Sunsource Tanning Beds

Tanning beds is simply cosmetic in nature. Its sole purpose when it first hits the market is to provide indoor tanning. This technology enables people obtain a gorgeous looking dark olive skin. Back to those days, it has been widely used by young women who wanted to have a tanned skin to show to their friends.  It has been marked and designed with government’s legislation approval to ensure that t is really safe to use. In fact, the earliest indoor tanning beds were actually made with harmful high intensity of UVB bulbs. It had paved to Federal laws that mandates that tanning bed salons and manufacturers know how to operate tanning beds safely and to follow its proper guidelines for preventing skin cancers.

Nowadays, tanning beds are generally designed to accommodate both men and women. Studies even found that tanning beds that emits UV radiation enforce vitamin D production in the skin which is the same way that the direct exposure to the sun’s rays does.  Vitamin D is actually a substance that is commonly needed to strengthen human bones and prevents some body diseases. Thus, tanning beds are said to be imperative in contributing to the overall health of an individual who wanted to have tanned complexion.

Why Use Sunsource Tanning Beds

Tanning beds usually employs the use of many fluorescent bulbs. It is used to expose one’s skin to UV rays just like being exposed to daylight. Tanning beds is an aid to individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. It provides a glow on one’s skin all year-round. There are actually purchasable tanning beds just for personal use or could be utilized for your tanning salon shop such as Sunsource Tanning beds. Sunsource tanning beds are actually quality made tanning equipments which are available in discount prices. They could be availed brand new or used which could be of help in boosting your salon business. Hence, they are also cost-effective, durable and very easy to clean and to maintain.

Kinds of Sunsource Tanning Beds

Sunsource tanning beds includes the Aztech 100w Level One C, the Mojave100w Level One A, Sienna100w Level One B, and the Sahara160w Level Two. The Sahara160w Level Two model of Sunsource tanning beds uses a 160w reflector technology on its top and 100w reflector on its bottom. It has special reflectors that enhance total tanning experience. For full tanning effect, the equipment takes 12 minutes for tanning. It also has a 16-160 watt reflector tanning lamps that has 16-160 high efficiency ballasts. Sahara160w features a control box under the bed and 2-700 CFM deluxe body cooling fan. Moreover, it also have a precise digital timer with display, a daisy chain connection and bypass plug, and a single wire remote timer hookup. Sahara160w Level Two comes in colorful graphic package with easy acrylic removal. Hence, it also has 5 super cooling fans in bench, specular aluminum reflector system, 24 volt control system, color coded wiring, 3 giant canopy hood fans which are 700CFM each, a fully compatible with all timing systems and software and available with 1 or 2 400W facials.

Components of a Mojave100w Level One A:

  • 32 high-powered tanning lamps
  • Completely compatible with every timing software and system
  • Colored wiring
  • Backup timer
  • Ergonomic acrylics
  • Colorful graphics
  • Daisy chain tie
  • 100-watt ballast
  • 10 cooling fans

Sahara160w Level Two and Mojave100w Level One A are just few of Sunsource tanning beds with state of the art features perfect for having a gorgeous looking tan. One has to ensure that when using any tanning beds aside from Sunsource models, it must be properly cleaned and taken care of. A dirty tanning bed is generally bad for an individual’s tan. With clean tanning bed acrylics, one could ensure that it could do its job in filtering radiation that the tanning lamps emit. It is then imperative to make sure that tanning bed is properly maintained.

Check out get a good tan to learn more about this new supplement!

tanning beds The Use of Sunsource Tanning Beds

Photo Credit: Evil Erin (CC BY 2.0)

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How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over

How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over


It’s safe to come out now. The United States Presidential Election is over. We can watch news stories about other places in the world again. Americans can breathe easy knowing that women can still have abortions, the progress made in gay rights is not going to be rolled back to the Middle Ages, and nobody is going to nuke Iran (although drone strikes are going to continue to rain down pretty much everywhere).

This means that all the contenders for the throne (America has a throne, right?) now have a lot of free time on their hands. Fortunately, they each have their own fascinating and absorbing hobbies to keep them occupied.

Newt Gingrich – Writes Historical Novels

presidential candidates election How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Sadly Newt will not continue to campaign for a moon base. Instead he is returning to his first love, the written word. Yes, Newt Gingrich has joined the honourable ranks of novelist-politicians, alongside the greats of Jeffrey Archer and Saddam Hussein.

Newt Gingrich’s novels fall mostly into the historical genre, with a few entries in the “alternate history” genre. He’s not the only one either, his wife also writers her own children’s books!

Rick Santorum – Bowls

presidential candidates election1 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Rick Santorum whose name is synonymous with good old fashioned Christian values is bound to return to his favourite hobby. It’s a pastime that’s perfectly suited to a red-blooded, heterosexual male like Santorum.

You can tell he’s a red-blooded heterosexual male, because he absolutely insists that boys shouldn’t bowl with a pink ball.

Herman Cain- Sings Gospel

presidential candidates election2 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Yes, when he’s not running for president, selling pizza or quoting pokemon, Herman Cain likes to exercise his vocal chords with a bit of gospel music, and even had his own album in the 90s. Reviewers have said that “I had no idea that he had so smooth and lovely a voice” and that it has “Beautiful voice, beautiful message, and beautiful spirit”.

Having listened to a few of his songs myself here I can confirm that the album has a broadly pro-Jesus, pro-God stance, that makes it surprising he didn’t go further in the contest. Although admittedly there could be a lot more to the album than that- I only got two minutes into the first five minute song before I had to stop listening.

Mitt Romney – Is Put Back in His Box

presidential candidates election3 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

During his campaign Mitt Romney has simulated having many hobbies and interests. He has been seen water-skiing. He has said that his favourite book is Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s science fiction novel, Battlefield Earth, and of course his wife’s hose was an Olympic contender in dressage.

Of course, all of these hobbies were actually fictions designed to make him more appealing to voters. Mitt Romney is actually a robot who will now be disassembled into his component parts and put into storage.

Barack Obama – Nerd

presidential candidates election4 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Barack Obama was a historic candidate not because he was the first black president. He was also the United States first nerd president. The sort of guy who not only uses his power as President of the United States to bring Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lt. Uhura to come and geek out, but who also knows how to do a Vulcan salute.

We’re talking about someone who’s given serious thought to what his superpower would be. Saying “It’s kind of a weird superpower, but if I had something that I could immediately wish for, I would love to be able to speak any language.” (We’re sure he knows this is actually the superpower of the X-Men member, Cypher) but he also added “But if it’s like an ‘Avengers’ superpower, then I think the whole flying thing is pretty good. You can’t beat just kinda swooping around. That looks like it’d be fun.” He’s also joked about accusations he was born in Kenya by saying that he actually hails from Krypton. He’s an admitted fan of Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics. Who knows what other geeky hobbies he has tucked away?

We have absolutely no doubt that there is a bunker in the Pentagon looking to give the President his very own combined universal-translator-and-jetpack-Iron-Man-suit.

Sam Wright is a freelance writer who is frankly relieved that the elections are over. He’s pretty sure that Ron Paul spends his spare time reading books on Libertarian politics.

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