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How To Build A Unique Space-Saving Door For Your Modern Home

How To Build A Unique Space-Saving Door For Your Modern Home


If you’re in the habit of surfing the net for new house accessories or styles, then you must’ve noticed how a lot of websites are featuring barn doors. Those old doors, which are typically found in farms, are now gracing even the most classy pads, apartments or office buildings; and yes, you’ll even find them in some ultra posh TriBeCa lofts.

Why Barn Doors?

So, what’s so appealing about barn doors? There are so many nice things about barn doors. One major advantage is that these are space-saving. If you don’t have enough space for a regular door, then you can use a barn door, which you can just slide to open or close. A lot of people also like the fact that these are multi-functional too. Barn doors can be used as main doors or as dividers. These can also be repurposed to make tables, shelves, bed headboards, and many more.

barn door

Still, though many want to put up barn doors, they hesitate because of the price. Most barn doors, particularly those made of top quality wood, can be quite pricey. But with some web surfing and price comparisons, you’re sure to find alternatives that are definitely much cheaper. Another option is for you to create your own barn door depending on the budget that you have.

Cheap DIY Barn Door

In case you are installing a new door or putting up a divider to isolate a small home office, you can consider having a simple and more lightweight barn door. Here are a few tips on how to make one that’s nice and cheap.

1. Make a list of everything that you need.

A simple barn door is not that complicated to build. List all the hardware and wood supplies that you are going to use. Some hardware supplies that you’re going to need are — door pulls, box rail, brackets, tracks, tubing, and wheels. Don’t forget the screws that you are going to use to mount the tracks. You also need wood of various sizes depending on the dimension of your door frame.

Barn door hardware, especially tracks, can be pretty expensive. But you’ll find cheap options by checking out or going to a local tractor supply store and asking for more affordable tracks, flexible hangers, or box rails. As for wood, you can buy some for less than $50 and these will be enough to make a simple plank door. In order to make it easier for you to connect wood boards, buy boards with tongues and grooves. There are also pre-made doors that you can utilize as barn doors.

2. Build the plank door.

First, cut each board according to how big or wide you want the door. Then, use a strong wood glue to attach each plank to each other. After gluing, tighten the fit using straps that you can easily adjust. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

After the glue has completely dried, nail two cross boards – one on top and the other at the bottom. This will provide more support and add visual appeal as well. You can even add diagonal accents if you like. Then, apply the finish that you prefer. Paint the door or apply a varnish.

3. Mount the hardware.

The easiest type to use is a combination of box rails and trolley hangers. Use strong and long screws to attach the box rail on the ceiling. See to it that this is firmly attached because this will hold most of the door’s weight. Attach the door pulls and the trolley hangers. The latter should be on the top part of the door; and then set the door onto the box rail.

You can readily accomplish a barn door DIY project. If you are hesitant about cutting boards or metal parts, ask someone to help you out. Maybe you have a friend who is a carpenter or a builder. Or, ask someone from your hardware store to cut everything for you so that all you have to do is attach all the parts.

Claire Willows is a freelance writer and a homemaker who has blogged about home improvement issues since 2008. Her write-ups have been featured in blogs and websites, like

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7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome


home theater 7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

What is an awesome home without an awesome home theater? It saves you the trouble of watching a movie with about 100 random (not to forget, raucous) strangers. It lets you watch ANY movie you want, at ANY time you want. What’s better? You just realized your basement can do a whole lot good than store junk. So you’ve got your home-theater essentials like the projector, the screen, the sound system etc. But you still need to add a touch of “awesome” to your home theater. We’ve put together a list of seven awesome things your home theater should not miss out on.

1)   Blu-ray disc player

In the seemingly lifelong race for mind-numbingly awesome visual quality, Blu-ray finally took over HD discs to give us the mother of high definitions. And if you have any intention of having a home theater system with absolutely “WOW!” effects, Blu-ray it is for you. A system connected to a Blu-ray disc player not only ensures you have high quality movies running every time, but also takes care of your connection issues.

2)   Soundproofing

Surround sounds, woofers, sub-woofers and the lot are always there to ensure you get your fair share of some thunderous sound effects. But, they also ensure that everyone else speeds up that appointment with the ear specialist. Because, even though you may have your home theater in the basement, face it, everyone in the vicinity can at least feel mild tremors. Soundproof your home theater at about the same time that you install the home theater system. Action movies just got a lot more awesome for you and a lot less deafening for everyone else!

3)   Food station

Nothing is more annoying than pausing the movie every 30 minutes and rushing to the kitchen to refill the popcorn bowl, the chicken wings tub or soda. This is why, no matter how much everyone opposes the idea, food station is very, very essential. That way you get to have your food (within an arm’s length) and eat it too, without having to pause to movie or run to and from the kitchen like a crazed psychopath.

4)   Dimmable lights

home theater1 7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

Adjustable lighting is one surefire way you’re sure to have an experience you’ll never forget. This is where dimmable lights come into play. These lights give you complete control to adjust the brightness. So, you get to have the pitch black darkness for a horror film, as well that perfect amount of dimness for the animated movie with the kids. A perfectly elegant substitute for confusion causing switches or bulbs of varying voltage, dimmable lights are the perfect lighting choice for home theaters.

5)   Plush Leather recliners

Your ordinary couch is not even anywhere close to the awesome comfort leather recliners provide. Be it a common-for-all large sectional or multiple recliners, these reclining sectional sofas add the ultimate touch of comfort, luxury, style and of course, some VIP authenticity to your home theater.

6)   Themed home theater

Let’s face it, the only thing better than a private home theater is a theme-based private home theater. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan who wants a bit of the universe in his home, or a Batman fan playing out his bat-cave theater dream, a theme is all you need to make your home theater super-awesome. Anyone can have a home theater, but how many can boast of a themed home theater?

7)   Remote controlled room

home theater2 7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

You’ve got the Blu-ray, the sound system, the dimmable lights, the soundproofing, the dark curtains and everything else in place. But what good is any of it, if you have to keep fiddling with fifty different remotes to adjust to the perfect setting? The final icing on the home-theater cake is a fully remote-controlled room that at least controls the major details, if not every little thing. A universal remote is like the final blessing for that resident movie buff who loves all things VIP. Check the internet or your local gadgets stores; the last time we checked, there were remotes for at least fifteen different kinds of functions!

Sophia Easton is an interior designer and writes for an online luxury furniture company. Sophia has designed interiors for many homes and she specially likes designing kitchen, multimedia room and kids room.

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The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences

The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences


When you are a person that loves gongs, it is impossible not to want one from every corner of the globe. However, many lovers of this musical instrument are hesitant when purchasing Thai gongs. There are several reasons for this pause, but few are against the magnificent sound they create. With a general overview of these differences, you will soon understand that this style of gong is right for you.

Why people buy Thai gongs
Most Americans that play gongs are doing this in three different ways. The first buyer is typically a gong musician within a percussion symphonic structure. These types of gongs have a specific sound and are used as part of an orchestra. Other types of gong owners use them for meditative practices. Finally, some gong owners appreciate their decorative value and rarely use them. Obviously, Thai gong owners are going to buy a modern or antique version for these three purposes, but there are still other reasons to buy.

The unique Thai gong sound
If you have heard a gong being played in the past in the United States, it probably was not one from Thailand. Most gongs that Americans know by ear are ones developed in Europe or China. No matter how big they are, these common American versions tend to have a bright shrilly sound. On the other hand, even the smaller Thai gongs lean toward a lower tone than other gongs made around the world. In many ways, amateur Americans might describe this specific Thai sound as one that has a lot of bass.

The extra heft of gongs from Thailand
If you are accustomed to buying gongs and having them shipped, you will soon notice that delivery of a gong from Thailand is slightly more expensive. Despite the fact that you might be buying one that is the same size as another one you already own, these gongs are heavy because they are made from thick metal. This produces part of their distinct sound.

Heavily decorated antique collectors items
In addition to heft, part of the reason that a Thai gong stands out is because they are heavily decorated. For this reason, the wood or metal that holds them up in the air is also usually distinctly bejeweled. This focus on the ornate not only has immediate value, but Thai gongs also have a long-term angle because they are so beautiful. In general, it is assumed that a well-crafted gong from Thailand with unique markings will gain antique status easily within a few decades.

Matthew Boley is an avid writer.  Giving people different or new ideas is something he strives to continually do.  Learning about Thai gongs, and possibly how to play them, may broaden other’s horizons.

thai gong The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences

Photo Credit. Vern L (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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