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5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T-shirts

5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T-shirts


We can do a lot of things with modern technology and that now includes printing t-shirts and other clothes. They are simple to make, can be exactly what you want and are even reasonably priced.

The only thing you need is a little imagination and a sense of humour. Why buy somebody else’s overpriced slogan across a t-shirt when you can make your own for yourself and all your friends? Whether they are for friends, for a special event or simply to pass the time, we have compiled 5 ways to have fun with personalised printed t-shirts.

1)      The first way is possibly the most fun you can have designing a t-shirt and that is creating one for a group event, such as a hen or stag party. There tends to be a theme or name for the group, such as ‘lads on tour’ or ‘Daisy’s hen party’, but after adding that you can get a little more creative. Think embarrassing photos and cheesy nicknames and make something that everyone is going to want to keep forever.

2)      The second is the support group t-shirt. This is ideal for events like supporting a friend auditioning for X-Factor, running a marathon or something similar. Find a large photo of their face, add it to the front of the t-shirt alongside a witty and supportive phrase and everyone will know whom you are there to support.

3)      The third is fun in a different way. Creating inspiration and imaginative phrases to add to the t-shirt is a great way to express yourself or even as a thoughtful gift for someone special. Consider a popular phrase used between friends or a favourite quote designed to spur someone on in bad times. Think carefully and find the perfect expression for the occasion or even make a few different ones to cover all occasions.

4)      An inventive and unusual option is to take someone’s photograph, preferably of their profile or of a full body shot and turn it into a simple silhouette. It is a great way to pay homage to someone, without adding a cheesy photograph to the t-shirt. If it is tastefully done it can look very good and is a perfect example of quality personalisation. It is not a difficult effect to achieve, so simply play around until you create something that you would be proud to display on your chest.

5)      Finally, how about using a witty pun or humorous phrase as the centrepiece to the t-shirt? Just like an inspirational phrase, such as a quote, either from a celebrity or from a friend. It could be a common joke between friends, or simply a humorous statement that you feel needs to be unleashed on the world. Try to avoid anything too controversial, but then again that is the beauty of freedom of speech, as long as you don’t intend to wear it to work.

printed t shirts 5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T shirts

printed t shirts1 5 ways You Can Have Fun with Personalised Printed T shirts

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