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Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh


three tips for moving business Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Moving your business to a new location can really give it the fresh start that it needs, especially if it has been struggling. If you can manage to find a better location that’s closer to your prime customer base, or if you’re able to find a spot for your business on a busy avenue where a lot of people walking and driving by will see your company name outside the building, you can increase your odds of generating new clients who can then continue coming back for more work, helping your generate even more income over time. And moving to a more affordable location can help you save a lot of money on overhead costs, such as rent, thereby allowing you to allocate that money to other expenses instead.

If you’re ready to move your company and start fresh, continue reading for some important tips to help you do so.

Offer Discounts to Existing Customers

three tips for moving business1 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

In order to get existing customers to follow you to your new location, and to give them a reason to come visit you at your new space after you open, offer them discounts and other incentives. This will ensure that they have a reason to come by the new place, get a feel for the new location and their commute to it, and experience the new things that you have to offer them because of your new office or retail space.

Set Up a Grand Opening Event

three tips for moving business2 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Once you have your official moving day set, you can then plan to host a special event in order to generate some more buzz about the fact that your company is in a brand new office space, retail space, etc. A grand opening can be the perfect way to allow both old and new vendors, clients, and customers to see the new place and get a better understanding of your products and services. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment of moving, and it’s also a perfect way to get everyone to come and see your new place before they forget the fact that you moved and that you have a stellar new facility to work out of.

Shop Around for the Most Affordable Movers

three tips for moving business3 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Moving is no easy task, and it can become quite expensive, especially if you have a lot of high-end, heavy equipment that you need to transport. For example, a large printing facility may have machines that are extremely difficult to lift, and electricians may need to come in to make sure that the machines can be set up in the new space correctly and safely. Therefore, when searching for commercial movers, make sure you ask plenty of questions and get pricing. This will help you find the company that’s right for you that will help you save money during your move.

Moving your business can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. But if you look at it as a way to start your business off fresh again, you can have some fun with it by planning a grand opening event and other promotional events.

Today’s featured writer, Thomas Philip, is an employee at Office Move Pro, well-known office movers in Toronto. When he is not busy offering logistics services toclients, he likes to read books with a cup of hot coffee.

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Top Three List Of Home Buyers Requests

Top Three List Of Home Buyers Requests


top three list home buyers Top Three List Of Home Buyers Requests

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to keep in mind what buyers’ expectations are today. By knowing what house buyers are looking for in their next home, you can make your house more appealing to them by transforming it into a space that they won’t be able to resist. Make sure that you follow the list of common requests that buyers make, located below, so that you can watch the bidding wars begin and sell your home at the highest price possible.

Open Floor Plan

top three list home buyers1 Top Three List Of Home Buyers Requests

One of the first things that people look for in a house is an open floor plan. Rather than designating a separate area for a living room, dining room, and kitchen, today’s buyers are looking for open concepts that allow everyone to mingle at the same time, no matter what room they’re in. This is especially important for those who wish to entertain in their home, as well as for parents who want to keep an eye on their children who may be playing in the living room while they’re preparing dinner in the kitchen.

If your home has an open floor plan, make the most of it by arranging your furniture in a way that really shows off the amount of space you have. You also want to remove any clutter by organizing your belongings.

On the other hand, if you do not have an open floor plan, you will need to invest quite a bit of money into hiring a construction crew that can knock down walls and open up the space for you. If you are finding it really difficult to sell your home, this investment may be necessary, but rest assured that it will pay itself back by allowing you to sell your home at a higher price.

The Right Floors

top three list home buyers2 Top Three List Of Home Buyers Requests

Many homebuyers today prefer the look of hardwood floors instead of other types of flooring. If you want to quickly and cheaply update your floors, you can opt for laminate flooring, which looks just as good but is less expensive than actual hardwood. Make sure that you choose the right colour flooring to match the rest of a room’s décor and to create an inviting, uniform space that buyers can envision themselves in. If you already have hardwood floors in place, make sure that you really polish and buff them so that they look clean and new.

A Modern Kitchen

top three list home buyers3 Top Three List Of Home Buyers Requests

The right kitchen can really add value to a home, so if you need to update yours in order to lure more buyers in, you can rest assured that your investment will pay itself back. A modern kitchen that includes updated wood cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances will really lure buyers in and make them want to stay.

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to know what buyers are looking for. From the right floor plan to the right kitchen, basic changes can make a huge difference in your ability to sell.

This post is contributed by Ridley Pierce, who works at Broadway Hardwood Flooring Ltd., providers of quality laminate floors in Ontario. He enjoys cooking in his spare time, especially Italian cuisine.

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Three Alternative Uses For Raw Honey

Three Alternative Uses For Raw Honey


Raw honey has a lot of uses. You can add it to your milk, lemonade, or tea, instead of sugar. It can make your drink sweeter without sacrificing your health. After all, too much sugar is bad for your health since it increases your risk for diabetes.

You can also add honey to your dishes. Some dishes that make use of raw honey are honey-glazed chicken as well as honey curry chicken. However, raw honey is not just for cooking alone. It can also be used for a variety of purposes.

Skin and Hair Care

Raw honey can be used on your skin and hair. It contains not only natural vitamins but beneficial enzymes as well that help promote faster healing. Say for example you have dry and damaged hair, then simply add a dollop of raw honey into your hair conditioner and apply it to your hair. Massage for a bit and leave on for at least five minutes before rinsing. It will leave your hair more moisturized.

The same is also true for your skin. Say for example you are suffering from acne, then simply wash your face with raw honey, leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off. This will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, and more refreshed. Also, washing with raw honey leaves your skin sparkling and clean.

You can also use raw honey as a sort of exfoliating mask. You only need to mix some sugar and salt with honey as well as lemon juice and apply to your face. Gently massage the mixture onto your face to remove the dead skin cells and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse well to remove the mixture. You can also add some coconut oil for additional moisturizer as well as essential oil for scent.

Alternative Medication

Raw honey is also a good alternative for the usual cough medication. It is healthier and safer than taking synthetic drugs. For treating cough, you only have to take about a teaspoon or a couple of teaspoons of raw honey each night. This can help soothe the itchiness in the throat as well as help control your cough, giving you a good night’s sleep.

Raw honey can also be used to treat minor skin burns. Say for example you get scalded by hot water, then simply apply raw honey over the affected area. Its antimicrobial properties can help prevent infection, while its soothing properties can help relieve your raw nerves.

If you have scrapes, superficial wounds, and cuts, then simply dab some raw honey over them before you apply sterile dressing over the area.

Sleep Aid

If you are suffering from insomnia and the use of sleeping pills is out of the question, then simply add a spoonful of raw honey into your cup of warm milk before going to bed. Warm milk and honey work wonders to help you calm down and relax at night, giving you better sleep.

For those who are lactose intolerant, then simply make a cup of warm chamomile tea and add a teaspoon of raw honey.

These are just some of the many uses of raw honey, but if you want its full benefits, then ask the provider if the raw honey is organic and natural.

Jennifer Dagnon is a freelance content provider for health-related blogs as well as foodie blogs. If you are having a hard time looking for raw honey, she recommends purchasing them online at online stores such as Chilly Lizard.

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Three Creative Storage And Shelving Solutions For Small Spaces

Three Creative Storage And Shelving Solutions For Small Spaces


With the growing interest and necessity for city living, the number of individuals and families who choose condo and apartment dwelling is also increasing. Unfortunately, condominium and apartment units keep getting smaller; thus, storage becomes a very common problem. While choosing this kind of dwelling means reducing living space, it doesn’t have to affect one’s comfort. If you are one of those people who are living in a small apartment, there are savvy storage solutions that can help you maximize your space.

Today, creative storage and shelving solutions are becoming more and more in demand. These solutions offer brilliant and innovative features that can surely keep your belongings safely contained. This article lists a few clever storage systems which can help keep your living space tidy and organized while improving its aesthetic appeal.

three creative storage shelving solutions Three Creative Storage And Shelving Solutions For Small Spaces

Functional Furniture

One of the best ways to add more space in your small apartment unit is to use functional furniture. There are pieces of furniture which can double as storage systems. You can also make use of the space below your existing pieces of furniture as storage so that you won’t have to purchase additional pieces. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you have a platform-style bed, it can offer other functions aside from being a sleeping area. You can add built-in drawers or shelves where you can store books, clothes, or other accessories.
  • You can also use the space underneath the bed for storage. All you have to do is purchase the right sizes for the container bins and baskets. This storage solution can keep your bedroom neat and organized.
  • Another option is to use bench storage seating which serves as a sitting area as well as a storage system. You can get the same functionality if you use couches with drawers at the bottom area.
  • If you have an antique trunk which has been passed down in your family for generations, you can use it as a table in your living space, instead of purchasing an expensive coffee table. It can even double as a storage space to keep clutter at bay.
  • In the dining room area, you can look for a dining table which can serve as both a desk and formal eating area.

Clever Cabinets

Adding cabinets in your small living space will provide you with additional storage; however, you cannot use bulky and huge cabinets since it will only take up more space. To help you get the additional storage you need without using bulky cabinet pieces, here are a few tips.

  • You can add a built-in bookshelf in the entryway where you can place your books, pictures, and other accessories.
  • You can even consider making a built-in bookshelf that swings out to reveal additional storage.
  • If you have a cramped kitchen space, you can add storage space by creating a hole through your garage wall. You can then install an adjustable shelf or sliding doors so that you will have an efficient, functional, and flexible pantry.
  • Another tip is to use recessed cabinets. You can install these cabinets behind sink or running along the counters. These cabinets can act as an extension of the counters. They can be used as storage for things that usually take up a lot of space.
  • Another brilliant way to take advantage of your lower cabinets is to install pull-out cabinets. These cabinets are designed like a drawer. This means that you can easily see what’s stored in the cabinet. In addition, the pull out function will make it easier for you to take out items without needing to dig around.

Reclaim Wasted Space

You can transform usually unused spaces in your apartment by installing built-in shelves, cabinets, or bench seating. Here are a few creative ideas:

  • To utilize the empty space at the top of the stairs, you can install a built-in bench storage seating. In doing so, you can create a cozy sitting area, and when you flip-up the lids below the bench cushion, you will find hidden storage where you can place toys, linens, and other items you want to hide.
  • You can also make use of the walls in your apartment unit. You can add shelves which can purchase at a home improvement store. This is one of the easiest ways to add extra shelving systems in your space.
  • Lastly, you often find space at your ceiling area. A clever idea to utilize this unused space is to install shelves all the way up. You can access the shelves by using a library ladder with rollers.

These are just a few creative storage and shelving solutions which you can use in your living space. If you have valuable possessions which you don’t often use but you cannot bear to part with, you can always consider getting a storage unit from a reputable storage facility.

The author, Kris Lim, is a professional organizer who offers innovative storage tips and ideas for her readers. She also recommends her readers to get a storage unit from US Storage Centers.

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Three Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Summer Job

Three Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Summer Job


Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our society right now. Companies are closing, and people are losing their jobs. If ever there is a job opening in a company, you will find yourself competing against other applicants just to get even an interview. However, an interview is really not an assurance that you will get the job. It is just another type of screening to narrow the list of applicants down. Nonetheless, an interview is your opportunity to show the employer that you have what they want in an employee.

three ways increase chances getting Three Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Summer Job

If you want to create an impact during your interview, then here are three ways to make a good impression.

Create a Digital Presence

Your social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Tumblr are not just for interacting with people, but they can also be used to create a good digital presence. It is a good way to show people your interests, hobbies, and passions, and it is also a good way to build networks with people who have similar interests to yours.

Nowadays, aside from the CV you submit to them, most employers use the Internet to know more about potential employees. They take a look at the applicants’ social network accounts, and what they see on online can help the applicant or not. Let us say for example that you own a Twitter account and its setting is set to public, then all your tweets are made available for all to see, including future employers. If you post nothing but parties, complaints, or criticisms in your Twitter account, then what is the message you are getting across? On the other hand, if your Twitter account is professional and geared towards the niche industry you are applying for, then you are showing future employers that you are a professional and someone who will be very serious in his job if hired.

Be careful though on what you post online because there is always a good chance that prospective employers will see your social network accounts and ask you about it, so be prepared to have an answer.

Be Well-Prepared

Employers are impressed by an applicant who knows something about the company, so before you appear for the interview, read up on the company first. Know what the company is about, the services and products they are offering, their mission and vision, etc.

Be Professional

If you want to make an impression with your prospective employer, then be professional and act like one. Dress smartly, and see to it that your clothes are pressed. Smell nice; employers do not want to get of whiff of body odor or bad breath on applicants. Be courteous and nice; always answer their questions with a smile and in a very polite manner. Finally, never bring your personal views about religion and politics on the table, unless the interviewer directly asks you for disclosure.

Finally, be calm yet confident. You want to show them that you are enthusiastic about the interview and are confident you are what they need. At the same time, you do not want to appear too overconfident since it can be put-offing to some people.

Jennifer Dalenberg is a content provider for self-help blogs. She specializes in tips and advice to further one’s career. If you are looking for a summer job, she recommends visiting the website of Vantage Marketing.

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A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes

A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes


In the world of comic shops there is undoubtedly a ‘big three’ major players. This is somewhat of a ‘holy trinity’ of coffee, that accounts for much of the industry’s business and where most of us will spend a lot of money. The brands in question of course are ‘Starbucks’, ‘Costa’ and ‘Café Nero’, each of which has a number of unique benefits of downsides that wins them their own fans and enemies.

One of the things that all three have in common is some form of rewards scheme to try and keep their customers loyal. These schemes are smart from a business perspective as a way to get repeat business from their customers but each works in a slightly different way and like the coffee itself, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each system and what you can learn from them as a business.

Café Nero

coffee shop A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes

Café Nero has perhaps the most simple of all three reward systems and is also the place where you will get the most free coffee. At Nero you can pick up a loyalty card at any of the stores when you buy coffee and then get a stamp or two each time you make a purchase. Once you’ve filled up the nine slots you can then get a free coffee of any kind.

The simplicity of this system is first and foremost a huge bonus. This means that anyone can pick up a loyalty card even if they’re in a rush and understand it in a moment. At the same time, these cards benefit from their disposable nature – if someone loses their loyalty card they can just pick up another one and not feel hard done by.

This disposable nature though also makes them very easy to forget about, while the fact that people won’t have a card after their ninth purchase means there’s a small point where that person will have no ‘commitment’ to Nero.



Costa uses a slightly more conventional points rewards system that uses a card with a magnetic strip. Users can then have their card swiped every time they buy a coffee and get points added to their card that they can spend as they choose. Unfortunately this system is somewhat ‘stingy’ meaning you’ll probably have to drink about 20-30 beverages before you get anything for free – a fact that will cause many customers to become resentful.

While Costa’s system is relatively simple to understand, there is an online aspect for people who want to sign up, which creates new marketing opportunities for Costa and provides extra incentives to the customer.


coffee shop2 A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes

Starbucks have made something of a mess of their rewards scheme. Recently they had a system that requires users to ‘top up’ their loyalty card by paying money into it, which meant they had to be willing to pay $20 or more for their first coffee and often left them with money ‘stuck’ on their card (though it was useful for giving to people as a gift). This system wasn’t intuitive so Starbucks has since scrapped it but the confusion has led to few people adopting the new format.

So the winner is Nero! How can your business learn from this lesson?

Jack Voltz is a business analyst and an ardent coffee lover. While there are many successful business models, he has listed 3 top coffee chains in this post and their various incentives which has led to their success.

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The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment


Man’s men simply will not give romantic comedies the time of day… at a declarative level. They are over-simplifying, sugary sweet, mushy, and, generally speaking, the type of things that gullible girls fall for. In actuality, however, the number of men that dream of a scenario along the lines of ‘meet girl, get a girl to like you, make girl yours forever’ is not nearly as insubstantial as some would like you to believe. Quite the contrary. What’s more, acknowledging this type of sensitivity is a good first step any man could take in the direction of self-fulfillment and increased comfort with oneself. With comfort comes self-confidence, which, as anyone knows is the single most attractive quality in the eyes of both genders.

But what comes after that initial attraction? After all, attracting someone is a matter of piquing and stimulating their curiosity – however, it is no reliable basis for a long-term relationship. How can any man move from that blissful initial period of sensual bliss into a committed, profound love affair, which stands a chance of withholding the test of time. In three simple steps, outlined below.

Creating a Sense of Intimacy

Contrary to what some may think, intimacy does not start in the bedroom. It builds up to that culminating explosion of the senses, but it builds off of comfort and a shared mental connection. As a wise man once put it, “the mind is the most sensual organ.” That belief is substantiated by plenty of anecdotal evidence, which confirms that attraction will wane in time, much like curiosity. True intimacy, however, which relies on knowing your chosen partner down to their tiniest preferences and the most random trivia, is a wholly different matter. Want to get intimate with your lady friend? Listen and pay attention, in any given order.

Fostering Commitment

When is a woman ready to commit? Just like a man, when they feel it is safe to trust their partner with their history, desires, and aspirations. When they are no longer afraid to disclose and discuss their past, to communicate their sexual needs and preferences, and when they have at least some degree of certainty that they will be helped, nurtured, and supported even when they are not their best. A popular adage for women says ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.’ That, of course, is an exaggeration by all accounts. However, behind it hides the desire to be unconditionally appreciated. If you can’t surmount your partner’s flaws at least in part, then perhaps they are not the one you should be committing to.

Harboring Passion

True passion lasts a lifetime, they say. Meanwhile, looking at couples that have been together for years, or even decades, it seems that passion as we experience it in the beginning of a romantic liaison gets replaced by something altogether different. The truth is, as usual, somewhere between these two extremes. Keeping passion alive is a matter of creating memorable experiences with your partner. Such episodes foster the release of happiness hormones, such as adrenaline and oxytocin. In other words, if you can keep your partner happy, you’re pretty much home safe in terms of passion that will live on forever.

attraction woman The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman1 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman2 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman3 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman4 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman5 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman6 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

attraction woman7 The Three Steps from Attraction to Commitment

Photo Credit: dollen (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career

Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career


The Ralph Lauren brand has been around for over forty-five years and its staying power can be explained in any given number of ways. The truth, however, is that the clothing label, as well as the man who created it, have been around for so long for one very simple reason: Ralph Lauren sells the American dream, in the form of pieces of exquisitely stylish sartorial items. How does he do so? What are the reasons for which the brand has been around for as long as it has? And what are the ultimate Ralph Lauren must-haves? Read on to find out all about it.

The Polo shirt

Just like you can’t say Calvin Klein without thinking of denim, or Donna Karan without the accompanying imagery of beautifully silhouetted evening gowns, so the Ralph Lauren label cannot be dissociated from its staple creation, the polo Ralph Lauren shirt. The ideological and subculture of this otherwise simple t-shirt with pointed collar lapels has undergone several shifts and alterations throughout the course of America’s twentieth century. What started out as a functional item, preferred by tennis players, was then quickly adopted by preppy youths, and eventually, given Lauren’s own political agenda, was even embraced by U.S. conservatives. Beyond ideologies, however, lies the simple truth of a shirt that’s well-tailored and comfortable enough to suit any man, irrespective of social standing or background.

Ralph Lauren – the book

Launched in the fall of 2007, this sizeable volume weighs in at an amazing 20 pounds, but it is clearly the one coffee table book that all fashion addicts must own. It was launched during a black-tie event in New York, which celebrated Lauren’s 40th anniversary in the fashion industry, while also serving as the launching event of the brand’s 2008 spring-summer collection. The party and fashion show took place in one of the most representative places for New York: the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. The book features Ralph Lauren himself on the cover, in plain, old-fashioned American workman’s garb; meanwhile, its contents are much less about selling clothes than they are about telling stories and defining style.

Ralph Lauren fragrances

Most of the perfumes released by the house of Ralph Lauren, be they for men or for women, speak about two things: polo and the great American dream. This is obvious not only from their names, which include Big Pony, Polo (available in blue and black) and Red, White and Blue. It is also made apparent by their scent itself, which includes simple, yet refreshing notes, perfectly appropriate for the active go-getter. Perhaps the most popular of all men’s fragrances by Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue, includes melon, basil verbena, and washed suede: all of them manly men’s scents, with no unnecessary frills or exaggerated sweetness.

ralph lauren polo Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career

ralph lauren polo1 Three Items that Define Ralph Laurens 45 Year Fashion Career

Photo Credit: Foeoc Kannilc (CC BY 2.0)

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Three Design Fads That Have To Die

Three Design Fads That Have To Die


Designers are original, creative souls who live nothing more than picking brand new concepts out of the ether, showing us innovative exciting ways to interpret and use the world around us. That is, unless there’s something that’s pretty popular around at the moment. Then they’ll just do that.

Here are three design fads that we would happily see put away for a while.


Steampunk Ocular

Steampunk is a design aesthetic popular among sci-fi, comic and gaming fandoms. It harkens back to a romanticised version of the Victorian era, where computers, robots and spaceships are all powered by coal and run on cogs and gears. There is something undeniably charming about it, seeing all that brass and piping and zeppelins, for some reason there are always of lot of zeppelins, or sometimes dirigibles, because apparently nobody can just say “balloon” anymore.

Seen in: Bioshock Infinity, Sherlock Holmes, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Why it needs to die: The trouble is, so many of the people who love steampunk manage to spectacularly miss the point of that whole period of history. The British Empire in Victorian times was responsible for plundering large parts of the rest of the world, usually the parts with brown people in them. This was an age where it was a really bad idea to be anything other than a rich white dude, and you’ll find that most the steampunk heroes you see are just that. There are far more Steampunk characters along the lines of carefree adventurers like Phileas Fog than there are Steampunk chimney sweeps and workhouse rats.

More than that though, can we please, please just take a moment to ask what all those cogs are for? It’s getting to the point where you just seem to be sticking them anywhere and hoping for the best.

White Everything

Torley visits the Apple Store 06

We’re living in the future now. The age of 3D printers and robotic drone strikes and robots sending back footage from the surface of Mars while athletes with artificial legs are winning Olympic medals. Three years from now Back to the Future II will officially be set in the present day.

Since we’re living in the future, the world should naturally look like an unused Tron colouring book, lots of smooth white surfaces everywhere. Hi-tech!

Seen in: Absolutely anything that has an “i” in front of its name, the new Star Trek movie, certain banks that have got a bit full of themselves.

Why it has to die: Featureless whiteness isn’t a design. That’s what’s on the paper before you do a design. Worse, the future (the real future, not the now future) is going to think we’re stupid for this Ever been to one of those massive, concrete monstrosities of a university campus? Their designers thought they were being hi-tech as well, once.

Transparent Interface with a Photo Behind It

Transparent laptop

Just as Apple is responsible for the big white sheet of nothing, Bing owns the putting a nice photo behind your interface trick. We know this, because a couple of years ago Google got lots of well earned mockery when it tried the same thing.

It makes a weird sort of sense. After all, if plain white rectangles are the sign of something being futuristic, what could be more futuristic than that? Completely see-through rectangles! Don’t believe me? This is what many people are expect the next iPhone to look like.

Seen in: Bing, Windows 7, Looper, Google

Why it has to die: For the same reason white rectangles do. Making something see-through is the opposite of good design jobs.

Chris Farnell is a freelance writer and blogger who covers design and marketing issues.

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