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Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property


When choosing property, many of us have a tendency to stay overly focussed on what’s inside the homes we’re looking at. It’s easy to get fixated on the size of a property or on how modern it looks, but ultimately these aren’t the things that will have the biggest impacts on your lifestyle.

great things near buying property Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

What will have much more of an impact on a day-to-day basis though is your location. Depending on where your property is located you will have more or less access to the things you use regularly and you will spend a lot more or less time travelling. Read on to see what some of the best things to be near are…


great things near buying property1 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

The single most useful thing to have near you is a supermarket, so that you need never worry again when you run out of milk or bread and so that you can quickly grab food for any event.


great things near buying property2 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

Having a café near you is great if you want to meet up with friends somewhere other than your home, if you want to just grab a nice cup of tea in a different environment, or if you’re trying to avoid your housemate’s party.


great things near buying property3 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

All of us have evenings when we’re feeling lazy but hungry and we want convenient food quickly. If you have a takeaway near you, then it will be a simple matter to order yourself a bite to eat that you can enjoy with friends in front of the TV, or on your own when you just feeling like bumming out.


great things near buying property4 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

If you’re someone who enjoys reading, then having a library nearby is perfect for running out and grabbing books. Likewise a video rental store can still be a boon too, even in the digital age.


great things near buying property5 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

Having a gym near you will make it much quicker and easier to head out for a workout when you have a spare hour. This in turn will allow you to stay in better shape and health and make your whole life better as a result. The only downside? There are no longer any excuses not to train…


great things near buying property6 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

If you want to impress your guests then few things will do that quite like a sea view. At the same time, being near the beach will mean that you can go for jogs by the sunset, or that you can go for scenic walks/collect shells. It’s a great way to unwind and chill out and that’s why being near the sea is one of the most sought after features for any property. Any real estate beaches are near to will instantly become more popular…


great things near buying property7 Great Things To Be Near When Buying Property

Having a friend just down the road is incredibly useful. Not only does it mean you have help to hand when you need someone to babysit your pets or when your fridge stops working, but it also means you can grab a coffee at that café down the road when you just fancy a chat – without it becoming a huge effort.

This post has been authored by Jim Carter, a freelance blogger who often writes for Mark Richards Real Estate, a team of home design experts based in Toronto. He is quite passionate about learning new things and he enjoys going on camping trips when he gets free.

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Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail


So you got arrested for DUI, and since it is only your first offense, you feel somewhat confident and assured that the penalties will not be that strict. After all, there are more hardened criminals to go after, so why should they waste time and energy on your first DUI offense, right?

post bail Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

To Post Bail or Not?

When you are taken to jail for booking, you will be advised that you can post bail if you want to get out of prison as soon as possible. If you have the money to post bail, then go ahead. You are going to get it back after your trial. However, if you do not have the money to post bail, then hire a bail bond agent who can post bail on your behalf. They take 10% of the bail amount though as their fee, so that will be additional money out of your pockets. Once you post bail, you can get out of prison and prepare for your court appearance.

Depending upon your total bail amount, that 10% can be huge. If you decide to be a cheapskate and not post bail, that’s okay. Know though that you will have to spend some time in the holding cell before you appear for your court hearing.

Not Posting Bail?

Before you decide not to post bail, here are four things that you should know.

One, court dates are scheduled by the clerk’s office. Depending upon the number of arrests made the night you were arrested and depending upon the severity of your case, you could be out of the holding cell the morning after. You will only have to spend one night in jail, saving you money on bail costs. However, if you were arrested on a Friday night or on a weekend, you will have to spend more time in the holding cell until you get your schedule for your court date. Will you be able to tolerate being in prison that long?

Two, depending upon the holding cells in your area, you will either get to spend your time in a single-person cell or a multiple-person cell. Lucky you if they put you in a single-person cell. You will not have to worry about other inmates, some of whom can be downright rude, disruptive, and troublesome. However, if they put you in a multi-person cell and you know you are going to be in there for a while, will you risk your safety and wellbeing?

Three, most prisons do not offer the best amenities; some of them do not even give you basic items such as toilet paper and shampoo. If you decide not to post bail, knowing you will be there for a while, then be prepared for the lack of these items. Plus, holding cells are pretty cold, so ask your family members or friends to bring you extra sweaters or jackets to keep you warmer.

Four, you also have to consider the inmates. What if they are rowdy, scary, creepy troublemakers who love harassing people?

Holding cells are not fun, so before you decide not to post bail, think of these four things.

Jennifer Dallas is a freelance content provider for law-related blogs as well as parenting sites. If you find yourself in legal trouble, she recommends visiting for options.

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Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation


The idea of owning your own swimming pool is an appealing one for many people. Having somewhere to swim, hold parties and relax and make the most of good weather is certainly nothing to sniff at, and for people with children the benefits can be even greater. However, some people are put off by the thought that their pool is going to end up being a huge maintenance responsibility, the benefits of which will fade as the novelty wears off. For every family the situation is different, however if you are in two minds about whether to invest in adding a pool to your property, here are some things it is worth considering:

Work Out a Cost Per Use

buy a pool Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

One thing a lot of people do to work out how much value they’ll get out of their pool is to work out a rough cost per use. If you think, for example, that a pool will cost you $50,000 to install and around $3000 per year to maintain, and you and your children will use it four times a week for four months per year, perhaps for 15 years into the future, how much does that actually equate to per swim? Is it vastly more expensive than using other swimming options like a municipal pool or the ocean, and do you consider it a fair price for benefits like privacy and being able to let friends use it?

Is the Increase in Property Value Significant?

buy a pool1 Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

While a pool can undoubtedly add to the resale value of your home, this is often something people don’t really analyze properly when they are trying to decide whether or not to put one in. While your home may gain an equal amount in value to what you spend on the pool, whether or not you’d actually get that amount on top of your home’s value (with inflation) if you don’t sell for 20 years is hard to say, and a pool can actually be a turn off for some home buyers as much as it can be an appealing feature to others. Look at other similar homes to yours on the market in neighboring areas and see what kind of effect different types of pools have on property prices if you may sell in the next ten years. If you plan to stay in your home for far longer (for example if you have young children and won’t be likely to move before they leave home), the effect on property value is so hard to gauge that this probably shouldn’t be a huge factor in your decision. Consider value for money rather than the potential for future profit in this situation.

Safety and Insurance

buy a pool2 Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

Pools do represent a certain amount of risk, particularly if you plan to let neighbors, friends and family use yours. You will probably need to take some safety measures in terms of keeping the pool area secure (so children and pets from neighboring homes don’t find them tempting places to try and explore unsupervised) as well as making sure you are insured if anything happens to anyone using your pool. Even if you haven’t given permission for them to be there, someone who gets hurt using your pool (or worse) can present you with serious financial problems, as well as of course the bad feeling that an accident happened at your house.


buy a pool3 Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

Different kinds of pools need different pool supplies and maintenance, some of which you can take care of yourself, and others which will require professional help. Make sure you are clear on what needs to be done to keep the style of pool you are considering clean and usable in summer, and protected when not in use through the colder months. Factor these costs into any estimates you make regarding the price and value of having a pool.

This guest post is by Marshall Stinson, is a plumber who works with a company that deals with fasteners and other pool supplies. He is a passionate blogger and likes blogging about random topics affecting his life. He likes reading books and playing indoor games.

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7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome


home theater 7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

What is an awesome home without an awesome home theater? It saves you the trouble of watching a movie with about 100 random (not to forget, raucous) strangers. It lets you watch ANY movie you want, at ANY time you want. What’s better? You just realized your basement can do a whole lot good than store junk. So you’ve got your home-theater essentials like the projector, the screen, the sound system etc. But you still need to add a touch of “awesome” to your home theater. We’ve put together a list of seven awesome things your home theater should not miss out on.

1)   Blu-ray disc player

In the seemingly lifelong race for mind-numbingly awesome visual quality, Blu-ray finally took over HD discs to give us the mother of high definitions. And if you have any intention of having a home theater system with absolutely “WOW!” effects, Blu-ray it is for you. A system connected to a Blu-ray disc player not only ensures you have high quality movies running every time, but also takes care of your connection issues.

2)   Soundproofing

Surround sounds, woofers, sub-woofers and the lot are always there to ensure you get your fair share of some thunderous sound effects. But, they also ensure that everyone else speeds up that appointment with the ear specialist. Because, even though you may have your home theater in the basement, face it, everyone in the vicinity can at least feel mild tremors. Soundproof your home theater at about the same time that you install the home theater system. Action movies just got a lot more awesome for you and a lot less deafening for everyone else!

3)   Food station

Nothing is more annoying than pausing the movie every 30 minutes and rushing to the kitchen to refill the popcorn bowl, the chicken wings tub or soda. This is why, no matter how much everyone opposes the idea, food station is very, very essential. That way you get to have your food (within an arm’s length) and eat it too, without having to pause to movie or run to and from the kitchen like a crazed psychopath.

4)   Dimmable lights

home theater1 7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

Adjustable lighting is one surefire way you’re sure to have an experience you’ll never forget. This is where dimmable lights come into play. These lights give you complete control to adjust the brightness. So, you get to have the pitch black darkness for a horror film, as well that perfect amount of dimness for the animated movie with the kids. A perfectly elegant substitute for confusion causing switches or bulbs of varying voltage, dimmable lights are the perfect lighting choice for home theaters.

5)   Plush Leather recliners

Your ordinary couch is not even anywhere close to the awesome comfort leather recliners provide. Be it a common-for-all large sectional or multiple recliners, these reclining sectional sofas add the ultimate touch of comfort, luxury, style and of course, some VIP authenticity to your home theater.

6)   Themed home theater

Let’s face it, the only thing better than a private home theater is a theme-based private home theater. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan who wants a bit of the universe in his home, or a Batman fan playing out his bat-cave theater dream, a theme is all you need to make your home theater super-awesome. Anyone can have a home theater, but how many can boast of a themed home theater?

7)   Remote controlled room

home theater2 7 Really Simple Things That Make Your Home Theater Unique And Awesome

You’ve got the Blu-ray, the sound system, the dimmable lights, the soundproofing, the dark curtains and everything else in place. But what good is any of it, if you have to keep fiddling with fifty different remotes to adjust to the perfect setting? The final icing on the home-theater cake is a fully remote-controlled room that at least controls the major details, if not every little thing. A universal remote is like the final blessing for that resident movie buff who loves all things VIP. Check the internet or your local gadgets stores; the last time we checked, there were remotes for at least fifteen different kinds of functions!

Sophia Easton is an interior designer and writes for an online luxury furniture company. Sophia has designed interiors for many homes and she specially likes designing kitchen, multimedia room and kids room.

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Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing


money cash Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

When it comes to using our smarts, money matters are one of the areas that can best benefit from us being sensible. By being clever with the way we manage our money we can keep it safer, help it to grow and avoid serious mistakes. Unfortunately though, not all of us are sensible with our money all the time for a number of reasons. Often this is due to the fact that money is such an emotional subject – which leads us to make these key decisions based on our emotions rather than our brains, and other times it can be down to the fact that we’re too lazy or even too nervous to deal with our cash. Here we will look at some of the mistakes people make often that are important to avoid.

Keeping All Your Cash in One Place

money cash1 Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

If all of your money is in a single account then this is a seriously risky behaviour that you should aim to stop right away. The problem here is that keeping your cash in a single place means that all your eggs are in one basket. If that account should be broken into, if that bank should go under, or if you should lose that card even then you will be in serious difficulty and unable to pay for anything. Right away then you should try to move your money into at least a few separate accounts and some savings accounts that will make your cash harder to access.

Avoiding Looking At Your Accounts

money cash2 Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

Many people will avoid checking their accounts because they’d rather not know what was in them. This might sound absurd, but if you’ve had a tough few weeks and you are expecting your money to be looking low then you might not want to put yourself in a bad mood by looking at it. Of course this is a serious mistake because it means you won’t know precisely how much is in your account and you won’t notice any problems until it’s potentially too late.

Put Off Chasing Up Money You Are Entitled To

Most of us could get an injection of some cash if we wanted to. Perhaps we paid a bank charge that we shouldn’t have and we would negotiate our way into getting it back, perhaps we could change to a cheaper service provider for one of our bills, or perhaps we’re owed an instant tax refund. Either way, many people will tend to put off chasing this cash because they don’t want the hassle, but of course this is a big mistake and means turning down potentially large amounts of cash. If there’s a way you can get money, then make sure that you make the effort to chase it.

Paying More For Things

This falls under roughly the same category but this doesn’t just apply to your bills. For instance it also means looking around for time to time to see if you can find a cheaper offer on your bread or a cheaper shampoo brand you need. Don’t fall into a routine and then just accept that price as gospel – make the effort to shop around once in a while.

Jack Horne is a financial consultant with a leading investment bank. A passionate blogger, he often gives quality advice to people on monetary issues. He also likes travelling on weekends with his family.

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Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl


Recycling came into the public’s attention about 15 years ago and has been fully embraced – but the newest craze to hit the eco world is up-cycling. Up-Cycling is the process of taking one thing (that is either broken, old or unused) and turning it into something new.

There are loads of Up-Cycling trends out there at the moment, but one of the main ones is making things out of old Vinyl records. You’d be surprised how incredibly inventive people are being with this too, it seems like everything and anything can be made out of these vintage goodies!

Here’s some of the most interesting examples we found:

1. The Vinyl Bowl

The Vinyl bowl is probably the most common creation from cold records – it’s easy to do and so simple and effective. Not to mention, incredibly trendy too! Imagine how good this would look on your coffee table!

vinyl things Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

2. The Vinyl Clock

A clock is a pretty simple thing to make from an old record – as (usually) it keeps it’s shape and the ‘making’ process is simple and quick. You can probably find one of these lovely pieces at a local craft fair of craft store.

vinyl things1 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

3. The Vinyl Book

This is one of the most iconic and creative uses of old vinyl records, and is one of my favourite’s. Great for photo albums or scrapbooks – all you need to do to make your own is cut out a vinyl shape and glue it over the original cover. Extra creativity-points if the title of the record relates to the content of your book!

vinyl things2 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

4. The Vinyl Plectrum

If you want to create something cool and original with your old record – why not opt for making a vinyl Plectrum. It’s pretty simple – and actually you can order them online specially too (saving you all the hassle). There is something pretty cool about playing guitar with an old record!

vinyl things3 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

5. The Vinyl Cake-Stand

This is one for all the food lover and cooks reading! The vinyl cake stand is one of the easiest to make – and is by far one of the cutest, most effective pieces – especially for those who love vintage, kitsch items! Imagine serving up all your yummy cupcakes on this beauty!

vinyl things4 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

6. Modern Vinyl Art

Another thing that has really caught on, is using old vinyl records for modern art. Yes, you read that right! There are some truly fascinating art pieces around at the moment made completely out of the old vinyl records. Imagine hanging this on your wall!

vinyl things5 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

7. The Vinyl Post-Stand

Always looking for somewhere to stack important post? Maybe you should take tips from whoever made this then! This cute, quirky post-holder is made from simply bending melted records into a 90’ angle.

vinyl things6 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Author: This list was put together by DV247, suppliers of Fender guitars.

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Internet On The Phone – Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

Internet On The Phone – Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of


Do you plan on using your cell phone as a hub for receiving emails and messages on the go? Maybe you download songs and other stuff on your phone and want to find out what affects the speed of download? Internet on the phone depends on five factors, all of which heavily influence download speeds and your personal internet experience.

Type of Mobile Connection

Mobile networks have undergone major improvements over the past decade. Today, you have the opportunity to use GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA networks together and each as a standalone.

Starting with the basic GPRS, it provides the slowest transfer rates of just 128kbps while EDGE increases speeds to 236kbps. They fall under the 2nd generation of mobile networks and are available almost everywhere in the world. The next generation network called 3G uses a myriad of network types to increase speeds to 384kbps or higher while a further step up is HSDPA also dubbed as the 3.5G connection. This can breeze through the internet with transfer speeds of 14.4 Mbps although most service providers restrict bandwidth to just 3.2Mbps.

Obviously, new generations of mobile network offer faster speeds and a better end user experience so try sticking to 3G or higher connections for the best internet browsing.

Go Wi-Fi

Malls, cafes and many public places now offer free Wi-Fi connection. Anyone in the vicinity of these locations can tap into open Wi-Fi networks for free and cruise through the internet. Wi-Fi connections are always better than mobile network connections because of phenomenal transfer rates of 150Mbps or more. Moreover, you actually access a fixed line or ADSL network through Wi-Fi achieving greater reliability. This connection does not depend on the signal strength of your service provider.

Web Browser Matters Too

If you thought that the default browser is what your phone can only operate then think again because people with older cell phones will feel their internet speeds throttled by the connection speeds blaming it on their phone whereas a simple change of web browser can boost speeds. A popular application, Opera Mini is known to quicken web page browsing experience offering seamless scrolling and pinch zoom capability.

Mobile Phone Features

The speed of your mobile internet depends heavily on the phone features. A phone with faster hardware and better display will be better able to exploit high 3G speeds. However, a phone with low internal memory and an older OS will be bottlenecked even if it has got HSDPA connection enabled. For example, Blackberry is superb with mobile networks but slower with Wi-Fi connections.

If speed matters a lot then purchase a top of the line mobile phone with the latest specifications and witness the true potential of mobile networks.

Costs Vary Based On Usage

Traditionally, all mobile network operators charge users on a per MB basis or usage basis unless they are specifically told to put in a monthly rental. 3G rentals are obviously costlier than 2G rentals or EDGE rentals but in return you get a higher speed with more download quota.

Fred Williams is an expert in the field of mobile and technology. He works for one of the leading internet providers in Denmark, offering cheap mobile subscriptions (interesting to know is that the term in Danish is mobilabonnement) as well as broadband internet and other services.

phone iphone internet Internet On The Phone   Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

phone iphone internet1 Internet On The Phone   Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

Photo Credit: William Hook (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Things You Can Do Underwater

Things You Can Do Underwater


If you are a real underwater lover you should really try these things. But do not forget to take enough oxygen under water with you.

You can play poker with your friends.

1 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can marry someone. Best wishes Dan and Justine from Cancun.

2 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can play backgammon of course.

3 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can go to restaurant the underwater restaurant in Maldives where you can enjoy an underwater view of fish, stingray and more.

4 Things You Can Do Underwater

This ironing under water is really popular. Not so much at home.

5 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can play with the thousands of jellyfishes without getting stinged. Probably.

6 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can be part of 400 sculptures placed underwater off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsular to encourage visitors away from the damaged coral reefs in the West Coast National Park.

7 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can enjoy horse riding.

8 Things You Can Do Underwater

You can play underwater rugby.

9 Things You Can Do Underwater

And you can enjoy Poseidon Undersea Resort at Fiji when you really need holidays.

10 Things You Can Do Underwater

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