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The Latest Trends And The Reason Or Their Growing Popularity

The Latest Trends And The Reason Or Their Growing Popularity


Photo booths are a type of vending machine, which can be compared to modern day kiosks. They are mostly automated and often coin operated machines with both film processor and camera. Unlike thirty or so years ago today’s photobooths are digital and many are hooked up to the internet. However, traditionally these booths just contained a bench or a seat capable of only seating two patrons. The seat has a thick curtain which allows for some privacy and also helps keep away external interference from ruining the photo session.

latest trends reason their growing The Latest Trends And The Reason Or Their Growing Popularity
After you’ve entered payment the booth will take a certain number or series of photos. That said many modern booths just take one photograph and will print out copies of the same picture. Prior to each picture the booth will sound an indicator which signals the patron to get ready for the shot. Once the pictures have been taken i.e. around 8 the booth will start to develop the film. In the old days wet chemistry was used to develop the film and took several minutes. Today, this is accomplished in around 30 seconds via a digital photo printer.

Dimensions of the pictures

While today’s photo booths can provide you with an array of print sizes in the old days things were a bit different. The classic size from most old school booths (some of which are still in use) are four pictures on a 40 mm wide and around 205 mm long strip. However, digital prints today have a square type arrangement with two images on top of two more images. In Australia you can find both black and white and color booths while in Europe the most common are black and white booths. Newer booths that use digital technology offer the option of both black and white or color after the picture is taken. This is because most booths today have digital cameras and are controlled by a computer. Many booths are also designed to produce postcards, stickers and even printed mugs in addition to just printed pictures.

latest trends reason their growing1 The Latest Trends And The Reason Or Their Growing Popularity

Origins of the photo booth

William Pope along with Edward Poole from Baltimore were the first to file a patent for an automated photography machine back in 1888. The machine or the booth was never built according to some sources but the first really working machine was produced by T.E. Enjalbert a French inventor in 1889. The machine was featured in the World Fair of that year in Paris. However, these early machines were notorious for being un-reliable and were not truly self sufficient. The Bosco which was invented by Contrad Bernitt was probably the first commercially viable photography apparatus. But all these machines were producing ferrotypes until 1896 when the German inventor Carl Sasse added the first automatic photographic negative and positive process to the machine.

The modern concept of the booth with a thick curtain was the brainchild of Anatol Josepho who came to the US in 1923. His first photo appeared in 1925 on Broadway. Using these booths would cost 25 cents and it developed 8 fine quality photos which took 10 minutes. The booth received 280,000 users during the first six months. This led the Photomaton Company to erect booths around the country as a result Josepho was paid $1,000,000 and future royalties.

Today’s technology

Today’s digital technology and powerful cameras have made photobooths increasingly popular. Unlike what many experts predicted the booth was not killed even by the proliferation of camera enabled phones. These booths have now become a part of parties, weddings, commercial launching ceremonies and proms. This has elevated their status from machines which were mostly intended for malls and carnivals to ones that people hire for their special events.

John Cone is a photography enthusiast. He currently working for loves working on old and new photo booths and when he’s not doing that he’s out surfing!

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Old Meets New – How Barn Doors Are Making Their Way Into Modern Homes

Old Meets New – How Barn Doors Are Making Their Way Into Modern Homes


When you hear the term “barn door” what immediately comes to your mind? Do you think of huge, wooden barn doors that are attached to a quaint farm that’s housing all sorts of domesticated animals? It’s not surprising for you and most people to imagine this kind of setting. However, though such types of doors have traditionally been made for barns, the style is becoming more and more popular in modern homes and offices.

Why Barn Doors?

Barn doors are surely making their way into elegant homes and even new offices. The style is gaining respect and popularity for various reasons. One is that a barn door is a multifunctional space-saver. Aside from being used for its main purpose, this can also be utilized in so many unique and different ways. Second, barn doors can also be made of different materials, like the traditional wood and the more contemporary fiberglass and timber combinations. Lastly, you’ll also be helping the environment, in some way, if you opt for reclaimed wood and other reusable materials to create your own unique door.

wood door

Transforming a Barn Door

As mentioned earlier, barn doors can be used in many wonderful ways. Here are a few things that might get your creative juices flowing.

— As Custom Closet Doors

Closets do not have to be boring. You can use sliding barn doors to conceal a walk-in closet. There are many ways to style this. A floor-to-ceiling closet barn door made from a combination of timber, glass and metal can also double as a showpiece.

— As Accent Pieces

Is the idea of getting another painting of a landscape unappealing to you? Well, although hanging lovely images on your walls is certainly one way to bring attention to a certain area, it’s pretty common. If you prefer something unique, use an old barn door as an accent piece. Use reclaimed wood or restore an old timber door and position this in an unadorned corner in your living room, for instance. If you want to embellish your bedroom, use a rustic barn door as a headrest.

— As Tables

You probably have all kinds of tables at home – bedside tables, dining tables, and coffee tables, to name a few. If you’re looking for a truly distinct table, fix up an old barn door and turn it into a table. There are so many creative ways to do this. If you want the beauty of the wood to shine through, simply polish and then varnish the wood. Attach either wooden legs or metal trestles, and voila – you have a rustic yet elegant table. For a more modern approach, hire a professional to redesign the table for you. Experts can also incorporate other materials, like glass, metal and fiberglass.

— As Dividers

Sliding barn doors can save you a lot of space, especially when used indoors as doors or dividers. You’ll find many contemporary homes, apartments or offices using barn doors to separate one area from another. For example, these can be used to provide privacy to a home office or to separate a living and dining area. If you want to hide your pantry, a barn door is also a wonderful answer to your problem. Also, though sliding doors are among the most popular style options out there, barn doors can also be made as free-standing dividers. One way to do this is by putting two or more doors together.

Claire Willows is a freelancer who takes pleasure in DIY projects. She usually blogs about her experiences because she wants to share what she knows in order for others to learn more about all kinds of home improvement issues.

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Cloud Storage – The Reason Of Their Success

Cloud Storage – The Reason Of Their Success


Traditionally the most common form of storing valuable data is through External disks. IT professionals have been using external storage mediums for data protection for decades. Recently this concept has been transformed into a more sophisticated form which is usually known as Cloud Storage. You might see many people claiming that Cloud computing is not really worth it, but in this article we will try to shed light on some of the key advantages that Cloud Storage brings to us which makes it a much better option compared to other traditional methods of data storage. Few years back nobody knew about the Cloud Storage services except for a few large organizations and not many companies were offering this service as well, except for Amazon and a few others, but now the trend of Cloud Storage services is on its peak.

The only reason why small businesses and individuals refrain from using Cloud Storage is its cost. Cloud Storage might appear as more costly than any other storage methods. Despite of its high cost, Cloud Storage offers great number of advantages that make it a much better solution for professionals and companies.

Extensive Storage Space:
The biggest advantage of using Cloud storage is its ability to provide with extensive storage capacity. Storing this kind of huge data is practically impossible using internal or external devices. This not only saves you time, and cost, but increases the reliability and security of your data to a great extent as well.

Physical Access Not Required:
most of the cloud storages services are virtual and you don’t need to visit them physically to access your data or perform any sort of operation on it. It is usually the Cloud Service provider`s responsibility to provide the maintenance services for the data storage systems. To access the data one has to just connect to the cloud server via internet and perform any required operation on the data.

Auto Backup is Possible:
It is possible in Cloud storage to take backup of your whole data automatically. Whereas in the physical storage drive`s scenario one has to take backup of the data manually which is a time consuming time for some. And if you forget to take the backup at some point of time, you might face a critical data loss. Therefore, this feature of cloud storage makes the life of big corporations a whole lot easier.

Restoration of Data:
It’s not only about taking the backup of Data, in case something goes wrong Cloud storage services offer features that help you restoring your whole data into the cloud storage using any of the previously taken backups. Furthermore, this restoration process is fairly simple and brisk that it does not require much professional expertise.

When you compare Cloud Storage services from a standard web hosting or file sharing service, than Cloud storage appear as a pretty expensive one, but the advantages it brings to any business is priceless and therefore every business should consider using Cloud Service to make the data of their company more reliable and secure.

Author Bio
Mike is a technology blogger who loves to write on internet technologies. He  regularly uses his broadband phone to make skype calls to his friends and familiy.

cloud storage Cloud Storage   The Reason Of Their Success

Photo Credit: Joe Ross (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes

A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes


In the world of comic shops there is undoubtedly a ‘big three’ major players. This is somewhat of a ‘holy trinity’ of coffee, that accounts for much of the industry’s business and where most of us will spend a lot of money. The brands in question of course are ‘Starbucks’, ‘Costa’ and ‘Café Nero’, each of which has a number of unique benefits of downsides that wins them their own fans and enemies.

One of the things that all three have in common is some form of rewards scheme to try and keep their customers loyal. These schemes are smart from a business perspective as a way to get repeat business from their customers but each works in a slightly different way and like the coffee itself, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each system and what you can learn from them as a business.

Café Nero

coffee shop A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes

Café Nero has perhaps the most simple of all three reward systems and is also the place where you will get the most free coffee. At Nero you can pick up a loyalty card at any of the stores when you buy coffee and then get a stamp or two each time you make a purchase. Once you’ve filled up the nine slots you can then get a free coffee of any kind.

The simplicity of this system is first and foremost a huge bonus. This means that anyone can pick up a loyalty card even if they’re in a rush and understand it in a moment. At the same time, these cards benefit from their disposable nature – if someone loses their loyalty card they can just pick up another one and not feel hard done by.

This disposable nature though also makes them very easy to forget about, while the fact that people won’t have a card after their ninth purchase means there’s a small point where that person will have no ‘commitment’ to Nero.



Costa uses a slightly more conventional points rewards system that uses a card with a magnetic strip. Users can then have their card swiped every time they buy a coffee and get points added to their card that they can spend as they choose. Unfortunately this system is somewhat ‘stingy’ meaning you’ll probably have to drink about 20-30 beverages before you get anything for free – a fact that will cause many customers to become resentful.

While Costa’s system is relatively simple to understand, there is an online aspect for people who want to sign up, which creates new marketing opportunities for Costa and provides extra incentives to the customer.


coffee shop2 A Look At The Three Big Coffee Shops And Their Incentive Schemes

Starbucks have made something of a mess of their rewards scheme. Recently they had a system that requires users to ‘top up’ their loyalty card by paying money into it, which meant they had to be willing to pay $20 or more for their first coffee and often left them with money ‘stuck’ on their card (though it was useful for giving to people as a gift). This system wasn’t intuitive so Starbucks has since scrapped it but the confusion has led to few people adopting the new format.

So the winner is Nero! How can your business learn from this lesson?

Jack Voltz is a business analyst and an ardent coffee lover. While there are many successful business models, he has listed 3 top coffee chains in this post and their various incentives which has led to their success.

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The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences

The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences


When you are a person that loves gongs, it is impossible not to want one from every corner of the globe. However, many lovers of this musical instrument are hesitant when purchasing Thai gongs. There are several reasons for this pause, but few are against the magnificent sound they create. With a general overview of these differences, you will soon understand that this style of gong is right for you.

Why people buy Thai gongs
Most Americans that play gongs are doing this in three different ways. The first buyer is typically a gong musician within a percussion symphonic structure. These types of gongs have a specific sound and are used as part of an orchestra. Other types of gong owners use them for meditative practices. Finally, some gong owners appreciate their decorative value and rarely use them. Obviously, Thai gong owners are going to buy a modern or antique version for these three purposes, but there are still other reasons to buy.

The unique Thai gong sound
If you have heard a gong being played in the past in the United States, it probably was not one from Thailand. Most gongs that Americans know by ear are ones developed in Europe or China. No matter how big they are, these common American versions tend to have a bright shrilly sound. On the other hand, even the smaller Thai gongs lean toward a lower tone than other gongs made around the world. In many ways, amateur Americans might describe this specific Thai sound as one that has a lot of bass.

The extra heft of gongs from Thailand
If you are accustomed to buying gongs and having them shipped, you will soon notice that delivery of a gong from Thailand is slightly more expensive. Despite the fact that you might be buying one that is the same size as another one you already own, these gongs are heavy because they are made from thick metal. This produces part of their distinct sound.

Heavily decorated antique collectors items
In addition to heft, part of the reason that a Thai gong stands out is because they are heavily decorated. For this reason, the wood or metal that holds them up in the air is also usually distinctly bejeweled. This focus on the ornate not only has immediate value, but Thai gongs also have a long-term angle because they are so beautiful. In general, it is assumed that a well-crafted gong from Thailand with unique markings will gain antique status easily within a few decades.

Matthew Boley is an avid writer.  Giving people different or new ideas is something he strives to continually do.  Learning about Thai gongs, and possibly how to play them, may broaden other’s horizons.

thai gong The Art Of Buying Thai Gongs And Their Unique Differences

Photo Credit. Vern L (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over

How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over


It’s safe to come out now. The United States Presidential Election is over. We can watch news stories about other places in the world again. Americans can breathe easy knowing that women can still have abortions, the progress made in gay rights is not going to be rolled back to the Middle Ages, and nobody is going to nuke Iran (although drone strikes are going to continue to rain down pretty much everywhere).

This means that all the contenders for the throne (America has a throne, right?) now have a lot of free time on their hands. Fortunately, they each have their own fascinating and absorbing hobbies to keep them occupied.

Newt Gingrich – Writes Historical Novels

presidential candidates election How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Sadly Newt will not continue to campaign for a moon base. Instead he is returning to his first love, the written word. Yes, Newt Gingrich has joined the honourable ranks of novelist-politicians, alongside the greats of Jeffrey Archer and Saddam Hussein.

Newt Gingrich’s novels fall mostly into the historical genre, with a few entries in the “alternate history” genre. He’s not the only one either, his wife also writers her own children’s books!

Rick Santorum – Bowls

presidential candidates election1 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Rick Santorum whose name is synonymous with good old fashioned Christian values is bound to return to his favourite hobby. It’s a pastime that’s perfectly suited to a red-blooded, heterosexual male like Santorum.

You can tell he’s a red-blooded heterosexual male, because he absolutely insists that boys shouldn’t bowl with a pink ball.

Herman Cain- Sings Gospel

presidential candidates election2 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Yes, when he’s not running for president, selling pizza or quoting pokemon, Herman Cain likes to exercise his vocal chords with a bit of gospel music, and even had his own album in the 90s. Reviewers have said that “I had no idea that he had so smooth and lovely a voice” and that it has “Beautiful voice, beautiful message, and beautiful spirit”.

Having listened to a few of his songs myself here I can confirm that the album has a broadly pro-Jesus, pro-God stance, that makes it surprising he didn’t go further in the contest. Although admittedly there could be a lot more to the album than that- I only got two minutes into the first five minute song before I had to stop listening.

Mitt Romney – Is Put Back in His Box

presidential candidates election3 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

During his campaign Mitt Romney has simulated having many hobbies and interests. He has been seen water-skiing. He has said that his favourite book is Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s science fiction novel, Battlefield Earth, and of course his wife’s hose was an Olympic contender in dressage.

Of course, all of these hobbies were actually fictions designed to make him more appealing to voters. Mitt Romney is actually a robot who will now be disassembled into his component parts and put into storage.

Barack Obama – Nerd

presidential candidates election4 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Barack Obama was a historic candidate not because he was the first black president. He was also the United States first nerd president. The sort of guy who not only uses his power as President of the United States to bring Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lt. Uhura to come and geek out, but who also knows how to do a Vulcan salute.

We’re talking about someone who’s given serious thought to what his superpower would be. Saying “It’s kind of a weird superpower, but if I had something that I could immediately wish for, I would love to be able to speak any language.” (We’re sure he knows this is actually the superpower of the X-Men member, Cypher) but he also added “But if it’s like an ‘Avengers’ superpower, then I think the whole flying thing is pretty good. You can’t beat just kinda swooping around. That looks like it’d be fun.” He’s also joked about accusations he was born in Kenya by saying that he actually hails from Krypton. He’s an admitted fan of Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics. Who knows what other geeky hobbies he has tucked away?

We have absolutely no doubt that there is a bunker in the Pentagon looking to give the President his very own combined universal-translator-and-jetpack-Iron-Man-suit.

Sam Wright is a freelance writer who is frankly relieved that the elections are over. He’s pretty sure that Ron Paul spends his spare time reading books on Libertarian politics.

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Contact Lenses Help Give Sport Stars A Sharp Eye For Their Game

Contact Lenses Help Give Sport Stars A Sharp Eye For Their Game


Contact lenses have been a long established solution to poor vision in sport. Many sportsmen over the last few years have reported the benefits of wearing lenses instead of glasses.

One sport that they have had a significant impact on is cricket.  Long gone are the generation of batters, such as Geoffery Boycott and David Steele, who had some of the greatest runs in history, with a pair of spectacles perched on the end of their nose. In fact Daniel Vettori of New Zealand remains the only cricket player at a top level in international cricket wearing glasses.

The conversion to contact lenses from glasses has been a gradual process in sport, but has significant benefits.

In cricket for example, there is a high risk that your glasses might slip from your nose and either stall or ruin your game. This risk is eliminated by wearing contact lenses. You have more freedom of movement, while maintaining crisp vision.

Cricket isn’t the only game that sportsmen have benefitted from wearing lenses. Take a look at the ways that performance can be boosted in many popular sports:

High Contact Sports

sport contact lenses Contact Lenses Help Give Sport Stars A Sharp Eye For Their Game

Image credits: Minty16121971

Wearing glasses is almost completely pointless in sports that involve high levels of physical contact such as rugby and wrestling. There is an extremely high risk that glasses would be either knocked off your face, or completely damaged during the sport.

The glasses frame will also block some of your vision. Having a good peripheral vision will enable you to have a better view of your surroundings and opponents – in a sport such as rugby it would help you plan your dodge of an oncoming tackle.


sport contact lenses1 Contact Lenses Help Give Sport Stars A Sharp Eye For Their Game

Image credits:Wisuwatj

Glasses aren’t great for helmet sports full stop. The combination of helmet and glasses can be awkward and uncomfortable.

If you wear glasses you may run the risk of your vision becoming distorted by water droplets on the lens, or them fogging up if the weather conditions change.

In professional cycling it is common practise to protect your eyes from the elements by wearing goggles, and it can be difficult to fit a pair of glasses underneath.

Ball Games

sport contact lenses2 Contact Lenses Help Give Sport Stars A Sharp Eye For Their Game

Image credits: Findstuff2

In most ball sports, such as basketball, the game runs at a very fast pace. This means that you need to be aware of the position of all of the players and the ball at all times. You essentially need 360 degree vision. And a glasses frame can cut into this.

The glasses lens can also sometimes give a reflection, which could sometimes lead to a distorted image. This is obviously not ideal while playing a sport that is highly focused on accuracy.

Racquet Sports

sport contact lenses3 Contact Lenses Help Give Sport Stars A Sharp Eye For Their Game

Image credits: Mistletoeandmagic

In racquet sports such as tennis and squash there is a huge reliance on hand-eye-coordination.

Contact lenses have fewer minification and magnification effects than glasses do. This means that the size of a viewed object is more constant.

This is hugely beneficial in sport as it gives you a better level of depth perception, and accuracy.

Although contact lenses are great for many sports, they are not recommended for swimming or other water sports. This is because water contains bacteria, which can have a damaging impact on eyes if trapped behind the lenses.

If you are thinking of wearing contact lenses for sport, it is recommended to wear daily disposable lenses as they can be thrown away once you’ve finished exercising. This is to reduce the chance of returning any bacteria that might have got caught under the eye during the sport.

Always visit your Optician to get advice on the best type of contact lenses for you and your chosen sport.

Steph McLean works at Lenstore, a contact lens ecommerce retail that sells top brands such as 1 Day Acuvue. Steph is a sporting enthusiast, and enjoys writing about different sports.

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