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The Use of Sunsource Tanning Beds

The Use of Sunsource Tanning Beds


Get your skin tanned with the use of Sunsource tanning beds. Most people prefer tan due to various reasons. These reasons could either be physiological or psychological. Some people want to have tan to heighten their mood and boost their self-esteem. Some said that a tan skin could show some confidence and sexiness in one’s physique while others prefer tan due to its extraordinary appeal. In order to have a tanned skin, people make use of tanning equipments and products. The most common type of tanning equipment is the tanning bed. Available in the market, Sunsource tanning beds are said to be a quality form of tanning equipment for everyone’s use.  A tanning bed, is also called as a sun tanning bed or sunbed. It is a tool that emits an ultraviolet radiation to create a cosmetic tan.

Primary Purpose of Sunsource Tanning Beds

Tanning beds is simply cosmetic in nature. Its sole purpose when it first hits the market is to provide indoor tanning. This technology enables people obtain a gorgeous looking dark olive skin. Back to those days, it has been widely used by young women who wanted to have a tanned skin to show to their friends.  It has been marked and designed with government’s legislation approval to ensure that t is really safe to use. In fact, the earliest indoor tanning beds were actually made with harmful high intensity of UVB bulbs. It had paved to Federal laws that mandates that tanning bed salons and manufacturers know how to operate tanning beds safely and to follow its proper guidelines for preventing skin cancers.

Nowadays, tanning beds are generally designed to accommodate both men and women. Studies even found that tanning beds that emits UV radiation enforce vitamin D production in the skin which is the same way that the direct exposure to the sun’s rays does.  Vitamin D is actually a substance that is commonly needed to strengthen human bones and prevents some body diseases. Thus, tanning beds are said to be imperative in contributing to the overall health of an individual who wanted to have tanned complexion.

Why Use Sunsource Tanning Beds

Tanning beds usually employs the use of many fluorescent bulbs. It is used to expose one’s skin to UV rays just like being exposed to daylight. Tanning beds is an aid to individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. It provides a glow on one’s skin all year-round. There are actually purchasable tanning beds just for personal use or could be utilized for your tanning salon shop such as Sunsource Tanning beds. Sunsource tanning beds are actually quality made tanning equipments which are available in discount prices. They could be availed brand new or used which could be of help in boosting your salon business. Hence, they are also cost-effective, durable and very easy to clean and to maintain.

Kinds of Sunsource Tanning Beds

Sunsource tanning beds includes the Aztech 100w Level One C, the Mojave100w Level One A, Sienna100w Level One B, and the Sahara160w Level Two. The Sahara160w Level Two model of Sunsource tanning beds uses a 160w reflector technology on its top and 100w reflector on its bottom. It has special reflectors that enhance total tanning experience. For full tanning effect, the equipment takes 12 minutes for tanning. It also has a 16-160 watt reflector tanning lamps that has 16-160 high efficiency ballasts. Sahara160w features a control box under the bed and 2-700 CFM deluxe body cooling fan. Moreover, it also have a precise digital timer with display, a daisy chain connection and bypass plug, and a single wire remote timer hookup. Sahara160w Level Two comes in colorful graphic package with easy acrylic removal. Hence, it also has 5 super cooling fans in bench, specular aluminum reflector system, 24 volt control system, color coded wiring, 3 giant canopy hood fans which are 700CFM each, a fully compatible with all timing systems and software and available with 1 or 2 400W facials.

Components of a Mojave100w Level One A:

  • 32 high-powered tanning lamps
  • Completely compatible with every timing software and system
  • Colored wiring
  • Backup timer
  • Ergonomic acrylics
  • Colorful graphics
  • Daisy chain tie
  • 100-watt ballast
  • 10 cooling fans

Sahara160w Level Two and Mojave100w Level One A are just few of Sunsource tanning beds with state of the art features perfect for having a gorgeous looking tan. One has to ensure that when using any tanning beds aside from Sunsource models, it must be properly cleaned and taken care of. A dirty tanning bed is generally bad for an individual’s tan. With clean tanning bed acrylics, one could ensure that it could do its job in filtering radiation that the tanning lamps emit. It is then imperative to make sure that tanning bed is properly maintained.

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tanning beds The Use of Sunsource Tanning Beds

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