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How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?

How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?


LinkedIn is by no means a larger network than Facebook, Google+ or Twitter but its exponential growth rate has accrued the site more than 200 million active members this past year. It is by far the leading network for business professionals. If you’re a lawyer using LinkedIn as a tool you may think just “connecting” is enough to make a difference in your practice. However, using the site in more innovative, personal ways can elicit further results.

how should lawyers use linkedin How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?

Find Connections

Updates to LinkedIn in Spring 2013 have made searching for relevant connections based on your professional identity and network easier and more efficient. Much like Facebook, the new LinkedIn offers “suggested searches” and search filters like location, company or school to make finding possible connections simpler.

Take It On The Go

Recently LinkedIn released an updated version of its mobile app. The previous app underwent a complete redesign that did away with difficult and outdated scrolling. The new app also offers numerous personalization options and a newer navigation page that makes finding connections while on the go easier. This makes connecting with someone you’ve recently met, at a conference or through a chance happening, easier akin to exchanging a phone number. Looking someone up on the spot can help avoid the risk that you forget contact information and lose an opportunity to connect.


Remember to fully participate with your LinkedIn community. While you might not think that a like or comment will amount to future business, engaging in this way is similar to having a small exchange after bumping into someone at a store. You are accordingly on the person’s mind and it may prompt an email, offhanded thought or question that leads to further conversation. Sharing news about your field or appropriate commentary about related information are ways to participate in LinkedIn and make your connections personal and meaningful. Offer those who follow your network company updates.

Demonstrate Skills

While offering actual legal advice through LinkedIn is not recommended, offering general insight through comments and posts is encouraged. Recognize that LinkedIn can act as a platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It also gives you an opportunity to give your network a sense for your personal practice style and philosophy of law.

Specify Services

There is a section on LinkedIn that allows you to denote what services or practice areas you offer. Make sure to offer your prospective clients as much information about your capabilities as possible. Clarify what areas you can offer particularly expert service in. You can also link the employee information for individual areas of practice.

Recently an article titled, “The Perils of Being A Social Media Holdout” by Clara Shih and Lisa Shalett was published in the Harvard Business Review. The article warns against the results of discounting the importance of participation in social media networks.

“People are looking you up. Not having a presence means you are not easily “findable” and perhaps leads people to question whether yours is a credible business. People are increasingly turning to social networks as the easiest way to get their questions answered.”

Employing LinkedIn as a tool in your law practice is easy enough and the payoff is more than worth it. Don’t hold out!

Amanda O’Donnell writes for Alamo Injury Attorneys a San Antonio firm that uses LinkedIn to best serve its clients needs.

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Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?


In the beginning you don’t want to spend a lot of money, so you end up wearing the cheapest and nastiest GI you can find. Maybe it was the one you wore to karate a few years ago when you dreamed of becoming Bruce Lee. It could even have been one of the smelly suits your club lets people wear. Times have changed and you want something fancy. You have now decided you love BJJ and you want to be as professional as possible from now on.

why would you want proper Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Maybe you’re also jealous when you see your fellow fighters walking around in their beautiful GIs. If you want to do things the right way you will have to buy a professional suit. You need to make sure you buy the right one because they’re not the cheapest piece of clothing you will ever purchase. Let’s look at what makes them so special and what you should be looking out for. From now on you will never feel embarrassed at training ever again.

What makes them so different?

why would you want proper1 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

A proper BJJ GI is designed specifically for jiu-jitsu and they are usually designed by the professionals. These are the guys living the dream every single day, so they know what the suit must feel like. One of the reasons they are so expensive is because they’re a lot tougher than most other GIs. The material they are made from isn’t going to fall apart when someone pulls on it too hard. The judo GIs are also pretty tough, but they tend to be a lot baggier, so BJJ ones are unique.

Buying an adult GI

why would you want proper2 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you’re older and looking to pick one up you should know they come in about 6 or 7 different sizes. They start at A0 and they sometimes move all the way down to A6. If you need something bigger I suggest you spend a few months resisting the temptation of donuts before you think about rolling around the floor with someone who is trying to knock you out.

If you have bought any clothes before you will know they are different depending on the manufacturer. You might wear a size A1 of a certain brand, but when it’s time to buy a new one you might need to buy an A2. You could also be in-between sizes as most people are not built the exact same way. If you have broad shoulders you might need to go a size up.

Buying a child GI

why would you want proper3 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

When you buy a suit for your child you don’t have to go crazy and buy the most expensive option in the shop. You just need to make sure the GI fits well because small children won’t be able to grab onto it with the same force an adult could. They also grow very quickly and you’ll need to buy a new one more regularly, so buying a top-of-the-range GI every year will leave you broke.

Trying to be different

why would you want proper4 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you want to be a little different you don’t have to wear a white GI. If you’re going to compete you will need to wear a white, blue, or black one, but that doesn’t stop companies from offering you GIs in red, yellow, and pink. You can still wear them to training and some people like a little customization.

You can even have patches put on your GI, or you can buy them with the patches already attached. This is definitely one of the main reasons some people are drawn to certain GIs. Other people take the no-nonsense approach and they like to wear a plain white one. No matter what your GI looks like I’m sure you will love it because you will look professional from now on.

The author of this post, Scott David, is a health and fitness enthusiast working at Quality MMA Gear, a provider of MMA clothing and gear. He has a keen interest in technology and he is a huge action movie buff.

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Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail


So you got arrested for DUI, and since it is only your first offense, you feel somewhat confident and assured that the penalties will not be that strict. After all, there are more hardened criminals to go after, so why should they waste time and energy on your first DUI offense, right?

post bail Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

To Post Bail or Not?

When you are taken to jail for booking, you will be advised that you can post bail if you want to get out of prison as soon as possible. If you have the money to post bail, then go ahead. You are going to get it back after your trial. However, if you do not have the money to post bail, then hire a bail bond agent who can post bail on your behalf. They take 10% of the bail amount though as their fee, so that will be additional money out of your pockets. Once you post bail, you can get out of prison and prepare for your court appearance.

Depending upon your total bail amount, that 10% can be huge. If you decide to be a cheapskate and not post bail, that’s okay. Know though that you will have to spend some time in the holding cell before you appear for your court hearing.

Not Posting Bail?

Before you decide not to post bail, here are four things that you should know.

One, court dates are scheduled by the clerk’s office. Depending upon the number of arrests made the night you were arrested and depending upon the severity of your case, you could be out of the holding cell the morning after. You will only have to spend one night in jail, saving you money on bail costs. However, if you were arrested on a Friday night or on a weekend, you will have to spend more time in the holding cell until you get your schedule for your court date. Will you be able to tolerate being in prison that long?

Two, depending upon the holding cells in your area, you will either get to spend your time in a single-person cell or a multiple-person cell. Lucky you if they put you in a single-person cell. You will not have to worry about other inmates, some of whom can be downright rude, disruptive, and troublesome. However, if they put you in a multi-person cell and you know you are going to be in there for a while, will you risk your safety and wellbeing?

Three, most prisons do not offer the best amenities; some of them do not even give you basic items such as toilet paper and shampoo. If you decide not to post bail, knowing you will be there for a while, then be prepared for the lack of these items. Plus, holding cells are pretty cold, so ask your family members or friends to bring you extra sweaters or jackets to keep you warmer.

Four, you also have to consider the inmates. What if they are rowdy, scary, creepy troublemakers who love harassing people?

Holding cells are not fun, so before you decide not to post bail, think of these four things.

Jennifer Dallas is a freelance content provider for law-related blogs as well as parenting sites. If you find yourself in legal trouble, she recommends visiting for options.

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Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs


mistakes travel businessman Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

When travelling is mentionedin any job or business, the first imagery that comes to mind is rushing home from office to pack the suitcase with the basic essentials and then rush to the airport to catch that flight. However, in between all of this, there are a lot of other things that need to be given due consideration. But, because we forget or shrug them off as menial details, we make some really stupid mistakes. Like, these five…

1)   Forgetting the data card/WIFI hotspot

mistakes travel businessman1 Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

One of the key qualities of a good businessman is his connectivity, no matter where he is. This majorly involves the internet connection- more like, portable internet connection. While most above-decent hotels and public spaces provide decent enough WIFI hotspots, it isn’t very sensible to rely entirely on them, especially when there are a lot of people on the same bandwidth. Forgetting to carry your own internet would mean you having to walk around with your gadget, just to find a decent connection. And, that isn’t the best of moves, when every minute costs hard-earned money.

2)   Forgetting to exchange currency well in advance

mistakes travel businessman2 Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

This leads to two things. First, you may have to exchange currency at exchange counters at the airport, which have quite a reputation for offering the not-so-good rates. And second, it may leave you running around at your destination, for last minute exchange, which will lead to additional waste of time. We say, stick to plastic money. That credit card is going to be your trustiest companion and certainly make your life very simple, at least monetarily. And if not that, then obviously, exchange money well before you can leave for your trip.

3)   Forgetting to consider time zone

mistakes travel businessman3 Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

In the hustle and bustle to get things done, jetlag is given very little or no thought. But do remember, when left ignored, it can aggravate the stress and affect the productivity levels. Take into consideration the time at which you’ll land at your destination, and schedule all activities accordingly- if it’s daytime, stay awake and if it’s nighttime, sleep. Get enough rest and eat well, no matter how pressing the time. Your overall well-being while travelling is a win-win for all.

4)   Forgetting peak season while making reservations

mistakes travel businessman4 Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

We agree that your chosen corporate travel company is the best on the circuit. And that it never fails to make the necessary reservations, no matter when you call them. But, seriously, think spring break, Christmas and other vacations when everyone who’s someone is ready with a suitcase to hop onto the first flight available. Getting air-tickets on a good airline and hotel reservations into your favorite hotel become close to impossible! Either reschedule the trip so you’re travelling during peak holiday season, or plan well ahead of time.

5)   Forgetting to notify the bank about the itinerary

mistakes travel businessman5 Five Stupid Mistakes A Traveling Businessman SHOULD Avoid At All Costs

This is risky business, especially for newbies. Credit card transactions abroad without informing the bank will do nothing but send the red signals blaring. And, before you know it, the bank’s anti-fraud detector has been set off, your card’s been blocked and you’re stuck in a foreign country with very little money that’s as useful as Monopoly cash. Don’t put yourself in a frantic spot; you know you don’t have time for that. Just call your bank, let them know about the trip, the timeframe and of course, a good amount of international transactions.

Travelling for business can be quite a pleasurable trip, if you know what mistakes to avoid.Just remember, time is money, and every second you waste could be used for something far more productive.

Jack Foster, the author of this guest post, is a part time blogger and a businessman. He has been working with a multinational company for many years and likes travelling for business purposes. His blogs usually contain ideas on how to make travelling easier.

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Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation


The idea of owning your own swimming pool is an appealing one for many people. Having somewhere to swim, hold parties and relax and make the most of good weather is certainly nothing to sniff at, and for people with children the benefits can be even greater. However, some people are put off by the thought that their pool is going to end up being a huge maintenance responsibility, the benefits of which will fade as the novelty wears off. For every family the situation is different, however if you are in two minds about whether to invest in adding a pool to your property, here are some things it is worth considering:

Work Out a Cost Per Use

buy a pool Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

One thing a lot of people do to work out how much value they’ll get out of their pool is to work out a rough cost per use. If you think, for example, that a pool will cost you $50,000 to install and around $3000 per year to maintain, and you and your children will use it four times a week for four months per year, perhaps for 15 years into the future, how much does that actually equate to per swim? Is it vastly more expensive than using other swimming options like a municipal pool or the ocean, and do you consider it a fair price for benefits like privacy and being able to let friends use it?

Is the Increase in Property Value Significant?

buy a pool1 Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

While a pool can undoubtedly add to the resale value of your home, this is often something people don’t really analyze properly when they are trying to decide whether or not to put one in. While your home may gain an equal amount in value to what you spend on the pool, whether or not you’d actually get that amount on top of your home’s value (with inflation) if you don’t sell for 20 years is hard to say, and a pool can actually be a turn off for some home buyers as much as it can be an appealing feature to others. Look at other similar homes to yours on the market in neighboring areas and see what kind of effect different types of pools have on property prices if you may sell in the next ten years. If you plan to stay in your home for far longer (for example if you have young children and won’t be likely to move before they leave home), the effect on property value is so hard to gauge that this probably shouldn’t be a huge factor in your decision. Consider value for money rather than the potential for future profit in this situation.

Safety and Insurance

buy a pool2 Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

Pools do represent a certain amount of risk, particularly if you plan to let neighbors, friends and family use yours. You will probably need to take some safety measures in terms of keeping the pool area secure (so children and pets from neighboring homes don’t find them tempting places to try and explore unsupervised) as well as making sure you are insured if anything happens to anyone using your pool. Even if you haven’t given permission for them to be there, someone who gets hurt using your pool (or worse) can present you with serious financial problems, as well as of course the bad feeling that an accident happened at your house.


buy a pool3 Should You Buy A Pool? Things To Think About Before Planning That Pool Installation

Different kinds of pools need different pool supplies and maintenance, some of which you can take care of yourself, and others which will require professional help. Make sure you are clear on what needs to be done to keep the style of pool you are considering clean and usable in summer, and protected when not in use through the colder months. Factor these costs into any estimates you make regarding the price and value of having a pool.

This guest post is by Marshall Stinson, is a plumber who works with a company that deals with fasteners and other pool supplies. He is a passionate blogger and likes blogging about random topics affecting his life. He likes reading books and playing indoor games.

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Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear – Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear – Should I Buy It Or Rent It?


If you are planning your first ski or snowboard vacation, it can seem like there is an awful lot of gear you need to consider. While some of it you will definitely need to buy for yourself (like thermal underwear!), there are a lot of things, like snowboards, ski poles and skis that you can rent at a ski school or resort. While this may seem like the better option, there are actually several pros and cons to both choices. Here we take a look at what those are to help you decide whether buying or renting the ski or snowboard gear you need is going to be better for you:

Benefits of Renting Ski or Snowboard Gear:

There are advantages to renting ski gear, which include:

    • You don’t have to worry about traveling to your resort with bulky ski or snowboarding equipment, or having to pay excess baggage charges on airlines to bring them.

winter sports gear Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

    • You can get gear that fits your children perfectly, without having to think that they will need all new stuff by next winter.

winter sports gear1 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

    • If you want to try the sport out without making too much of a commitment, it is much cheaper to rent for your first trip – often, ski or snowboarding lessons include equipment rental in the price. This means if you decide skiing or boarding isn’t for you, you haven’t laid out money on things you’ll never use again.

winter sports gear2 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

    • You can exchange the gear you borrow during the day if there turns out to be something wrong with it or it isn’t fitting well.

winter sports gear3 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

    • You don’t have to clean or dry out the equipment after you use it, or have your accommodation littered with drying gear every evening.

winter sports gear4 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

Benefits of Buying Instead:

Here are the arguments for buying your own ski or snowboard gear:

    • It is quicker to get on the slopes each day when you don’t have to go through the process of renting equipment, which means you get more skiing or snowboarding out of your time!

winter sports gear5 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

    • Long term, provided you keep on with the sport, you will save money, because good skis or a good snowboard will last for years (though obviously for children there is an issue with outgrowing them).

winter sports gear6 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

    • You will end up with the best quality things you can afford, and can choose what they look like. Most seasoned skiers or snowboarders hate when they have to rent equipment because the stuff that is on offer is nowhere near as good as the things they would buy.

winter sports gear7 Skis, Snowboards And Other Winter Sports Gear   Should I Buy It Or Rent It?

  • It can be cheaper than you think, particularly if you shop for used items or things like demo skis, which are highly marked down.
  • When you buy your own gear, you’ll have a lot more time in the shop to try different things and talk to an expert about what is best for you. At a rental store the concern is just to find something the right size and get hold of it so you can begin your day’s activity.

In conclusion, the main reasons to rent are if you are concerned about traveling with your gear, or aren’t certain you’ll want to use it more than once. Otherwise, it is better to own your own things, and save money if you need to by looking at buying second hand.

Today’s feature writer, Ashton Wade, is a professional skier and an active blogger. He is one of the most experienced skiers in Kentucky and likes to share his knowledge through his blogs. He likes to give away his used snowboards, free of cost, to children who want to learn. He feels that one of these children have the potential to become a world champion.

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Was The Accident Your Fault? Knowing Whether You Should Pursue Compensation

Was The Accident Your Fault? Knowing Whether You Should Pursue Compensation


If you have had an accident recently that’s left you incapacitated or cost you money, then the thought of compensation may be one that gives you some comfort. While most of us would of course rather that the accident hadn’t happened in the first place, getting a little financial aid to cover some of the associated costs can be a great way to make things a little more manageable again and to provide something of a silver lining.

Of course though, getting compensation from an organisation is only an option if you think that the accident genuinely happened due to their neglect. If the accident was your own fault then this is not only immoral but may also prove fruitless if you end up losing your court case and spending a lot of money in the process.

Thus it is very important to try and ascertain for certain whether or not an accident was your responsibility before you try to get compensation. Here we will look at some of the ways you can tell whether using an injury lawyer is an option or not.

Accidents That Are Your Fault

An accident that is your fault is any accident that happens purely through your own lack of attention or hurry. If you were running or being careless then the accident will probably have been your fault. At the same time if an accident happened due to an existing condition you have or your own weakness, then this may not be your ‘fault’ as such but nor is it anyone else’s. If you should have fallen over because you had a twinge in your leg for instance then this isn’t something you can seek compensation for.

In other words then, if there is no external factor causing the accident, then it is your fault. Another situation in which you shouldn’t try to get compensation is when you weren’t following guidelines. For instance then falling down the stairs isn’t anyone’s fault but yours if you were jumping down them three at a time or running up them carelessly – though this is a little more contentious as there is a blurry arbitrary line to be drawn here.

When It’s Not Your Fault

An accident is clearly not your fault though if it was caused by the environment when you were behaving normally. If you were walking down the stairs for instance and slipped on a wet patch that wasn’t clearly sign posted, or if you were to sit on a chair which then collapsed, this would be the fault of the business owning the land. Likewise if you were walking through the middle of a restaurant and you bumped into a table that was jutting out into one of the ‘traffic lanes’ then this too might have been the fault of the restaurant owner.

Things like sharp edges in traffic lanes is something that is covered by health and safety so it may even be that the company did not meet health and safety requirements. If you are unsure though, call your personal injury lawyer and they will consult with you on the matter.

Author of this post, Jack Blake is a physiotherapist in Atlanta. He believes in coming up with unique ways to help his patients recover from an accident or injury. He also stresses on the importance of a compensation claim, as it helps in easing the financial requirements which arise after an accident.

car crash Was The Accident Your Fault? Knowing Whether You Should Pursue Compensation

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Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing


money cash Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

When it comes to using our smarts, money matters are one of the areas that can best benefit from us being sensible. By being clever with the way we manage our money we can keep it safer, help it to grow and avoid serious mistakes. Unfortunately though, not all of us are sensible with our money all the time for a number of reasons. Often this is due to the fact that money is such an emotional subject – which leads us to make these key decisions based on our emotions rather than our brains, and other times it can be down to the fact that we’re too lazy or even too nervous to deal with our cash. Here we will look at some of the mistakes people make often that are important to avoid.

Keeping All Your Cash in One Place

money cash1 Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

If all of your money is in a single account then this is a seriously risky behaviour that you should aim to stop right away. The problem here is that keeping your cash in a single place means that all your eggs are in one basket. If that account should be broken into, if that bank should go under, or if you should lose that card even then you will be in serious difficulty and unable to pay for anything. Right away then you should try to move your money into at least a few separate accounts and some savings accounts that will make your cash harder to access.

Avoiding Looking At Your Accounts

money cash2 Are You Being Stupid With Your Cash? Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing

Many people will avoid checking their accounts because they’d rather not know what was in them. This might sound absurd, but if you’ve had a tough few weeks and you are expecting your money to be looking low then you might not want to put yourself in a bad mood by looking at it. Of course this is a serious mistake because it means you won’t know precisely how much is in your account and you won’t notice any problems until it’s potentially too late.

Put Off Chasing Up Money You Are Entitled To

Most of us could get an injection of some cash if we wanted to. Perhaps we paid a bank charge that we shouldn’t have and we would negotiate our way into getting it back, perhaps we could change to a cheaper service provider for one of our bills, or perhaps we’re owed an instant tax refund. Either way, many people will tend to put off chasing this cash because they don’t want the hassle, but of course this is a big mistake and means turning down potentially large amounts of cash. If there’s a way you can get money, then make sure that you make the effort to chase it.

Paying More For Things

This falls under roughly the same category but this doesn’t just apply to your bills. For instance it also means looking around for time to time to see if you can find a cheaper offer on your bread or a cheaper shampoo brand you need. Don’t fall into a routine and then just accept that price as gospel – make the effort to shop around once in a while.

Jack Horne is a financial consultant with a leading investment bank. A passionate blogger, he often gives quality advice to people on monetary issues. He also likes travelling on weekends with his family.

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Finding Tranquility in Your Own Backyard: Focal Points Every Garden Should Have

Finding Tranquility in Your Own Backyard: Focal Points Every Garden Should Have


From the most elegant and expensive to simple and beautiful, gardens provide many benefits to any home. A garden can be a quiet, peaceful environment for busy moms; a safe, imaginative environment for children to play; or a retreat for busy professionals.   Magazines may have given us an intimidating notion about what a garden should look like, full of perfectly manicured flora, freshly painted designer furniture, and grass so green it looks fake. Don’t fear – you can begin building the perfect garden with just a few pieces: an outdoor water fountain, seating, and, of course, plants. garden Finding Tranquility in Your Own Backyard: Focal Points Every Garden Should HaveFor centuries, poets and philosophers have been musing about the relationship between humans and water. Some have even claimed that those who live near water experience more peace and tranquility than others, because the sound of water has been symbolic of giving life for centuries. Early in the history of humanity, people groups would build cities dependent on the location of water sources. Whether or not you live near a large body of water, setting up an outdoor water fountain just beyond your door evokes the same soothing quality of listening to waves crash to shore.Fountains can be purchased or built in a variety of different design aesthetics, including classic, zen, and modern.

Seating is very important, because the placement and comfort of it directly influence the quality of relationships that can be fostered and built in your garden. It also influences the amount of restoration you can gain from your garden. In the past several years, design shows and blogs have begun to feature outdoor spaces, creating a demand for comfortable, affordable outdoor furniture in a variety of styles. Choose durable furniture with removable back and seat cushions. During inclement weather, the cushions can be removed and brought inside to extend the life of your furniture.

Gardens aren’t just for flowers anymore. From succulents to ferns, to full-sized fruit trees, find plants to match your personality. Do a bit of internet research or check with your local home and garden store to determine which plants are appropriate for your area and easy to maintain.

Start with these pieces to evoke elegance and tranquility, and you’ll add square footage to your home. With all of these stunning elements combined, your garden area will be enhanced and will also offer a quiet place to retreat to on a busy day. Your garden will also benefit yourself, your relationships, and the value of your home for years to come.

Paige One looks to gardens and the decor elements available for instant elegance and tranquility. Add elegance to your garden with outdoor water fountains and enjoy the instant value to your home.

Photo Credit: zenera (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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