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Security Services Package: What it Does and Doesn’t Include

Security Services Package: What it Does and Doesn’t Include


Our world today has become quite a scary world. There are a lot of crimes every now and then, and people have become quite harder to please. In addition to this, the technology has become more innovative that crimes can be quickly kept in secret. The consequence of this includes the fact that the people have become more aware of their properties, and their valuables. Gone are the days when pad lock is enough. With an ax, one can easily break through. Hence the need for specialized security services. With the plethora of security companies mushrooming, how does one choose which offers the best package? What should be included in the package and what does it not include? Should there be additional costs attributable to the installation of security devices?

What it includes: 

Typically, a good security service package should include the following in their quote:

· Ready-to-use security system

                        Their security system should also be easy to operate. This would allow the client to avoid having to call for too many people for installation. A “plug-and-play” is also ideal because it has steps that are easy to understand.

· Smart door lock

                        This smart door lock is the first security measure that can be installed.

·Video cameras

                        Video cameras can be deemed useless without the sounds. Hence, to be able to be more efficient, video cameras with sound should be installed instead.

it security services 300x97 Security Services Package: What it Does and Doesnt Include


                        Some security services limit their coverage. Make sure that the one you choose is flexible.

With this package, you get safety in ways that are miles beyond those old school alarm systems that didn’t do much besides create noise.

But these will only prevent trespassers. With a more advanced security system, you can tell the lock to actually send you a text message or e-mail you when someone is in your home, or not. You can also control which specific lights should be on when a sensor is tripped. You can also control the temperature and can send you alerts too. This security package allows your house to be an automatic partner in running your life.

What it DOESN’T Include 

While the package sounds as good as it gets, there is still some stuff which are not to be included in the package:

1.Dedicated security guard

                        -This will be an additional cost, since you have to pay someone to guard your property

2.Unlimited Telephone Lines

                        –Telephone lines are not part of the package. You need to contact a telecommunications                 company. 

3.Operational Risk Assessment

            -The security services company cannot assess the risk involved. You are solely responsible for this unless you decide to consult an agency to do it for you.

The Cost

The traditional security systems make you pay for the privilege each and every month, whether something happens or not while locking you in their system. While nowadays, there are no more monthly fees or very little of such, depending on your choice.

These are some of the other features you may want to discuss with your security service provider. TO ensure utmost agreement of minds, do not rush meetings and be sure to ask questions. Remember, it is your safety at risk, and it shouldn’t be like that when you are paying a good sum of money.

About Author

Tony works as an event planner and occasionally writes articles on his blog. He has seen a great increase in the number of business’s and organizations employing security guards for events and parties due to rise in theft. He personally hired Unified Protective Services to provide full security guard services for one of his events he was planning.


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At Home In Chattanooga: Tips To Improve Home Security

At Home In Chattanooga: Tips To Improve Home Security


We are here in the land of the free and the home of the brave so there are a lot of great places to live. Cities such as New York, L.A., or Miami get a lot of attention but those of us living in Chattanooga realize that we have one of the country’s best-kept secrets. There aren’t many cities out there that can cater to tourists and residents alike but Chattanooga does just that. Whether you’re new to Chattanooga or are a longtime resident you will certainly agree. With attractions such as the Tennessee Aquarium and Hunter Museum of American Art or beautiful spots like Lookout Mountain and the Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga offers much to its residents. One of the city’s recent struggles, however, has been a relatively high crime rate. While Chattanooga certainly isn’t competing with big cities like Chicago or Detroit for dangerous levels of crime, we aren’t immune to theft. The safety of our families and homes is likely a priority for all of us so here are a handful of simple tips to follow to effectively improve your own home security.

chattanooga At Home In Chattanooga: Tips To Improve Home Security

1. Try Breaking in to Your Own House
It sounds a little silly but locking yourself out and trying to break in to your own home is the best way to figure out your home’s weak spots. (It might be a good idea to keep I.D. on you just in case the cops show up.)

2. Put Interior Lights on Timers for When You’re Out
Burglars will be severely deterred if it looks like somebody is home so putting lights on timers when you leave helps a great deal. Timers are especially helpful for those times when you go out of town because it will allow you to have some lights on without running up your electricity bills.

3. Install Exterior Motion Lights
There are a lot of burglaries that occur during the daytime but nighttime burglars will have a much more difficult job breaking into your home if they are bathed in bright light as soon as they approach primary access points such as doors and windows on the main floor.

4. Change Locks Immediately when Keys go Missing
We all misplace our keys from time to time but we shouldn’t wait too long to give up the search and replace our locks. A set of keys in the wrong hands is a serious danger and a burglar won’t wait long to use them so it’s worth the inconvenience and extra cost to get locks changed as soon as you’ve expelled every reasonable effort to find the missing set.

5. Communicate with Your Neighbors
The safest neighborhoods are those wherein neighbors are looking out for each other. Even if you are not close friends with your neighbors it is important that you maintain good lines of communication so that suspicious activity can be reported right away.

6. Proudly Display Your Security System
The goal is to keep burglars away from your home so the earlier that that can be achieved, the better. Prominently displaying a sign for your security system will let potential burglars know that your house is not one they want to mess with.

David Glenn is from Tennessee and often freelance writes for Vivint. He is a retired home improvement professional with over 30 years experience in the industry. He spends his freetime keeping up on home technology advancements and eco-friendly initiatives around the world.

Photo Credit: Steve Hankins

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Keeping Your Home Safe: 3 Security Tips While Out Of Town

Keeping Your Home Safe: 3 Security Tips While Out Of Town


Whether you’re taking advantage of “vacation season” in the summer or trying to escape our cold Baltimore winters, home security is always going to be a concern when you go out of town for any period of time. If it’s a vacation that is taking you away from home then you won’t want to waste any of it by worrying about the safety of your home and if it’s a business trip then you likely won’t have time to worry about things back in Baltimore. There are a lot of simple things that can be done to put your mind at ease while away from home but here are three of the best.

house keys Keeping Your Home Safe: 3 Security Tips While Out Of Town

1. Talk with Neighbors

Neighborhoods are safest when all the members of the community work together as a team to protect each other’s homes. You should be careful not to advertise too much (don’t announce you’ll be out of town on social networks or post pictures until you get back, for example) because if knowledge of an empty home gets to the wrong ears your home becomes a sitting duck for burglars. Telling trusted neighbors, however, is a great idea because they’ll be able to keep an eye on your home while you’re away and can report any suspicious activity. If you don’t want to put temporary stops on mail or newspaper services then you should ask a neighbor to collect these for you while you are gone because piles of mail or newspaper are dead giveaways that you are out of town and burglars will key on that.

2. Remove Hidden House Keys

Many people hide spare keys somewhere on the exterior of their homes or in the immediate yard. Be careful not to hide the key in an obvious location and remove all keys from their hiding spots before going out of town. If you are worried about the need for someone to gain access to your home while you are away then you might consider leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor so that access to the home is still a possibility even while you are away.

3. Keep Exterior Clean

Most home robberies are not personal attacks, which means that they are based primarily on what a burglar can observe from the outside of the home. The appearance of your home can either invite or deter burglars based on a few very simple things. Homes that are well maintained (regardless of the size of the home) are less likely to be targeted because the assumption is that the homeowner takes care of their property. It is especially important to keep primary access points such as doors and windows clear because overgrown shrubs or trees at those points can provide cover for burglars when attempting to break in. It is important to maintain your yard immediately before leaving on vacation because an overgrown lawn or un-weeded garden are indicators that nobody has been home for some time. If you will be out of town for a period longer than a week or two then it is a good idea to hire a professional service or pay a trusted neighbor to maintain your yard while you are away.

David Glenn is a home improvement expert from Baltimore that frelance writes for Vivint. He occasionally freelance writes about home automation and making your home more green.

Photo Credit: Denise Mattox

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Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break-ins

Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break-ins


For many people, protecting their home is a top priority. People often store important personal information as well as valuable items in their home, making it something worth protecting. Not only that, but parents are often worried about their own children’s safety. To help alleviate some of the stress and worry that comes with being a homeowner, many choose to invest in home security systems. These systems can be highly effective in deterring and preventing burglaries.

security cameras Security Cameras In Can Prevent Break ins

One important element of a home security system is surveillance cameras. However, some people wonder, are they really effective? A recent occurrence in North Lauderdale suggests they are. In May of this year, two burglars attempted to break into the home of a resident in the Coral Ridge neighborhood. Surveillance footage from the home shows that only 15 minutes after the owner left for the day, two men appeared at the front door. They knocked on the door and when no one answered they proceeded to the back of the house. The camera caught them trying to break through the back door as well as a nearby window. When the house alarm went off, the two give up and leave.

Fortunately for law enforcement, both burglars looked straight at the camera when making their escape. This story shows that installing video surveillance is something every North Lauderdale resident should consider. In 2011 alone 544 burglaries were committed throughout the city. So what are the exact benefits of video surveillance?

Lead to arrests

As the North Lauderdale story reveals, video footage greatly increases the likelihood that authorities will be able to make arrests. Facial recognition gives police officers a much better idea of who they are looking for, more so than verbal descriptions of their clothes and appearance from witnesses. Additionally, if the burglar has a criminal record, computers can match up the images from the video with mug shots.

Evidence for conviction

Surveillance footage makes for great evidence in court and can lead to a criminal’s conviction. It is hard for even the best lawyers to dispute visual footage of the suspect breaking into a home. As burglars are convicted, the number of potential intruders on the street is decreased, making both your own home and your entire neighborhood a little bit safer. Burglars who spend time in jail often learn their lesson and wont repeat the same crime when they are released.


Apart from everything else, security cameras act as a great deterrent to burglary. Criminals know that it is a risk to be caught on camera, especially if they have a criminal record. Many burglars will simply forego those homes that threaten to provide great evidence that they were there.

Now that you know the benefits, how should security cameras be used?

Make sure that your security cameras are always in use. You never know when a burglar will attempt to break into your home. Additionally, it is smart to put them in a place where they cannot be tampered with. The higher above the ground the better. Experienced burglars will often try to disable a camera before making their move. If a camera is out of reach or camouflaged however there is likely nothing they can do.

Lindsey Patterson is from North Lauderdale, Florida and often works as a freelance writer for Vivint, helping others with home safety and security.

Photo Credit: Jaymis Loveday

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5 Ways You Risk Security On A Daily Basis

5 Ways You Risk Security On A Daily Basis


Business owners should know the value of confidential information. Not only does leaked data harm company reputation, but it can also damage finances if customers decide to take their money to a more secure firm. Here are 5 ways you could be risking your data security on a daily basis.

security documents 5 Ways You Risk Security On A Daily Basis

Throwing documents in the bin

Gone are the days when you could tear a piece of confidential paper in two and chuck it in the waste bin, happy that it will never be looked at again. Now, the Data Protection Act 1998 states that a business must take appropriate measures against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data, and this means destroying certain documentation. Anything that holds personal information like addresses and contact details need to be destroyed securely, as do other documents like bank details or employee application forms. Failure to do this could put your company at risk of a hefty fine as well as prosecution.

Not backing up

We all know that it is important to back up your documents, but how many of us actually do on a regular basis? It has been said that no piece of information is safe until it is stored in three places, with a master copy, a back-up copy and a second back-up copy all necessary to prevent loss of data. Paper documents in particular should always be scanned into a computer, and copied to an external hard drive or a secure server. By taking these steps to protect your files, you will ensure that the loss of any important information is not irreversible.

No anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is a necessary part of keeping your information secure, because it prevents your computer from being hacked. This is particularly important if you have a large number of employees who will be visiting a variety of websites on a regular basis and downloading files.

Keeping your files onsite

All businesses, large and small, can collect unmanageable amounts of documentation and files over the years. Whilst some of these will be redundant and never used again, many need to be kept just in case they are required at some point in the future. However, keeping on top of these records is a mammoth task, and often takes up valuable time that would be better spent elsewhere. And if old files are not looked after properly, it can be easy for security to be breached. Many companies use offsite document storage to solve this problem. Document storage companies will archive your old files for you in secured premises, and can return them to you within hours of a request.

Not putting a password on your documents

Passwords are a crucial part of keeping your data secure, particularly when using a computer. They are an easy way of making sure than only authorised personnel have access to certain confidential documents.  By not putting a password on your data, you run the risk of someone getting hold of crucial company information and leaking it to competitors. And whatever you do, make sure you use a different password when necessary, that is not easy to guess. Random password generators are a good way of providing difficult codes that will not be cracked by your average person. Finally, store your list of passwords somewhere safe, not on a piece of paper on your desk!

Chloe enjoys writing, and currently works as a writer. One day, Chloe would like to have her own novel published which she is working on in her free time.

Photo Credit: Gordon Joly

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Business Security – Is Your Small Business Due A Security Audit?

Business Security – Is Your Small Business Due A Security Audit?


Running a small business is full of exciting and, sometimes less exciting challenges, and sometimes a year or two can go by before you know it. While some things, like getting your taxes done, have to fit into those annual cycles, other more self imposed annual tasks can get forgotten. Sadly, security audits can often fall into this category.

Every business should have a security strategy in place and a set of policies and measures to protect the people, assets and data belonging to the organization. To make sure that your strategy has grown with your business, and that standards haven’t slipped, it is advisable to perform a security audit at least once a year. If your business hasn’t had one in a while, or worse, doesn’t even have a security strategy; then now is the time to do a full audit of your IT and physical security.

Review Policies, and Check They Are Being Adhered To

security audit Business Security   Is Your Small Business Due A Security Audit?

If you don’t have any formally documented policies, now is the time to write some, however you can consider things that are simply ‘done’ as current policy. If, for example, only one person has access to the key to the supply closet and another person deputizes when they are not there, this can be considered policy even if it has never been formally written down.

Every year, your audit should include checking that your policies are complete, and that they are adequate. Your business may have taken on a lot of new people, or bought a lot of new hardware in the last year, and you need to be sure that the strategy to take care of all of these resources isn’t lacking anything. If your strategy has grown organically with your business, take the time now to update your written policies – this will help if there is ever a dispute, and also make it easier to quickly inform new people how things are done.

Also check that everyone is aware of policies. If you have a policy of shredding all papers every week, check that this actually happens. If you have a policy of staff locking their laptops and other gear in their desks and taking the keys when they go home, check that they do.

If you have any kind of formal business security system then the annual audit is a good time to archive old CCTV footage, and review things like camera placement and the policies around setting alarms and other measures.

Check and Update Records

security audit1 Business Security   Is Your Small Business Due A Security Audit?

One major part of your business’ security plan should be keeping a log of all of the company’s assets. This doesn’t just mean any stock you have to sell, if you are a retail business, but also your own hardware, tools and equipment. Whatever kind of small business you own, you probably have some valuable tools, even if it is just some computers and printers. These should be updated all year round as any gear is retired, replaced or purchased, but when you do your annual audit you should check that your records do indeed match what you have within your business.

Today’s featured contributor, Kate Harris, is a security expert at AAA Satellite, one of the leading manufacturers of business security cameras in KS. She likes to share her expertise on business security systems through blog articles.

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