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Sharing The Road With Semis: 3 Ways To Avoid A Serious Trucking Accident

Sharing The Road With Semis: 3 Ways To Avoid A Serious Trucking Accident


If you have ever traveled on a major highway between cities you have most likely encountered the large amounts of 18-wheelers out there.  They are large, in charge, and working fast to ship goods all over the country.  Because these trucks are so massive and working on quick schedules, it is often that fellow commuters’ safety can be compromised in the moment while a trucker makes a decision behind the wheel.  Unfortunately, this results in a large portion of the highway trucking accidents and fatalities that are recorded each year.

sharing road semis ways avoid Sharing The Road With Semis: 3 Ways To Avoid A Serious Trucking Accident

If you are ever caught driving near large trucks and semis while on the highway, you know how dangerous it can be.  You’ve seen how powerful they are and how much space they take up, not to mention you have probably scoped all the warning and hazard signs they have printed on the sides and back of the trailer to warn fellow travelers of the dangers.  In order to avoid an accident that could cause both you and the trucker some serious injuries, take note of these three tips that could potentially save your life on your next road trip:

1.  Don’t Turn Into A Blind Eye.  When you’re traveling behind any semi truck that is currently complying with OSHA trucking regulations, you will more than likely be able to see at least one visible reminder of the blind spots a trucker has.  It is important to not just glance at but actually take into consideration these signs and their messages.  Lane changing into a truck’s blind spot can spell serious trouble in a matter of seconds should that large truck choose to change lanes as well.  It is always easy to remember this:  If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors then they cannot see you.  This easy step will help keep you a safe distance away from the ‘danger zone’ that travels 80mph alongside these large trucks.

2. Remember The Draft.  With trucks and 18-wheelers being so large, they are obviously fighting way more wind and aerodynamics when they barrel down the highway.  As a result, these large trucks produce a rather strong draft that can be very deceiving to a passing vehicle.  If you’re behind a truck, hopefully a safe distance, you won’t see any trouble in traveling because the the sheer size of the truck is breaking up all wind barrier in front of you and essentially creating a draft tunnel for you to easily drive in.  However, since the truck is so large and tends to move slow when breaking strong winds, you might feel the urge to pass the truck.  As a smaller car or SUV goes to pass a truck on the highway, they can sometimes experience sporadic bursts of win that could cause them to lose control of the vehicle and spin them either towards the truck or away and off the road.  This is caused by the force of a draft line funneling the broken air into essentially a wake that spurs off the front end of a semi and tapers off down the side of the trailer.  When a car enters it you feel the gust of wind make a push against your driving.  Be sure to brace and prepare for a lane change and pass-up when you’re aware of high winds and an 18-wheeler present.

3.  Recognize The Differences.  Truckers are on the road to follow a strict schedule and deliver or ship a good.  They are usually limited to the number of hours they get to sleep or even just be off the road and out of their truck.  This can usually cause serious cases of spacing out and tiredness behind the wheel.  Some truckers go entire states without stopping, and others lose time from being held up at weigh stations that they have to make up with agility and focus.  In turn, they can pose a serious hazard to other drivers on the road if the truckers themselves are in good shape to drive.  Always be aware of the time of day or night you are commuting and be aware of trucker behavior around you.  If you see a trucker hauling very fast or switching lanes quickly, it is best to stay out of their way to avoid accident.  Also beware of trucks that seem to be drifting a bit out of their lane as they might be driven by a tired and not fully alert driver.  If you see any of these signs, keep your distance and notify a highway patrol officer if things continue to seem out of line.

Following what seems like these simple and basic steps can be a huge deciding factor between a high speed highway accident or not.  Trucking injuries and accident fatalities seem to climb year after year as a result of incidents involving smaller commuter cars and large 18-wheeler trucks.  It is important to remain safe, calm, and smart.  In the event of an accident, should you have followed these steps you could be entitled to serious compensation for the distress you see as a result of a hazardous driving situation.

Zane Schwarzlose is a blogger for Colley and Colley LLP, a personal injury law firm in Austin. Zane thinks that the amount of Semis on the road in Austin is crazy.

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What To Do When You See A Drunk Driver On The Road

What To Do When You See A Drunk Driver On The Road


Drunk drivers are one of the greatest threats to public safety and life in today’s world. Drunk driving accidents claim several thousands of lives every year, and a majority of those lives are innocent.

you see drunk driver road What To Do When You See A Drunk Driver On The Road

Signs of Drunk Drivers

  • Drunk drivers are seldom able to properly stay inside a single lane. You may see a drunk driver driving in between lanes, drifting across the road at an angle,  or weaving aimlessly in and out of the lane. They will also be seen driving on the wrong side of the road or driving on the shoulder.
  • The car will make very wide turns.
  • Drunk drivers have extremely poor reaction times, and as a result they will commonly be seen nearly colliding into other objects or cars. This pattern, eventually, usually ends with the drunk driver actually colliding into something or someone else. If you see a car repeatedly almost hitting things, it’s a pretty clear sign that this driver is drunk.
  • Drunk drivers usually don’t remember to turn the headlights on.
  • We usually think of drunk drivers as speed demons, recklessly weaving through traffic. While this is sometimes true, drunk drivers sometimes also drive incredibly slow—more than 10 miles below the speed limit. A sober driver wouldn’t behave this way, so a very slowly moving car could mean a drunk driver.
  • Drunk drivers often fixate on things, especially lights. This comes into play when the drunk driver sees the tail lights of another car. The drunk driver will be seen following that car very closely, tailgating it, and copying its lane changes, turns, and sometimes speeds.
  • Drunk drivers often leave signals on that are obviously irrelevant and inconsistent with what they are doing.
  • Drunk drivers also randomly brake. Sometimes they’ll just be jerking their car around with their erratic braking patterns, other times they’ll be stopped at inappropriate places, like green lights, empty crosswalks or just the middle of the road.
  • Because of their slowed reaction times, drunk drivers are typically poor at responding to traffic signals. For instance, they will be much less than effective at stopping their car (either suddenly stopped or stopped too late), and they will be slow to go again once the light has turned green.
  • The most obvious indication of drunk driving is if you have a view of the driver, and he or she is visibly intoxicated. The driver might be leaning forward against the steering wheel, or the driver’s eyes might seem fixated on something unnaturally. If you see them clearly just drinking alcohol while driving, that’s also a good hint.

If a car on the road is showing any or a combination of these signs there is a good chance that the driver is drunk. You are not responsible for validating that information, however, so if you have your suspicions, just do the following things to try to keep yourself and everyone else safe, even if you aren’t 100% sure that the other driver is drunk.

What to Do

  • Stay a safe distance away from the suspected drunk driver if you are behind the drunk driver..
  • Get out of the way and keep your awareness of your surroundings high. Drunk drivers act in unexpected and unreasonable ways, so you must do your best to keep out of the way so that he or she cannot affect you.
  • Make sure that you are wearing your safety belt, and check that any other passengers in your car also have their safety belts on as well.
  • Do not try to pass the car.
  • Don’t follow the car too closely, because the car could suddenly stop, randomly in the middle of the road.
  • Don’t speed, run traffic lights, or break any other traffic laws in an attempt to keep up with or follow the driver. It is dangerous and reckless of yourself to do so.
  • Do not try to stop the drunk driver’s car or confront the driver. This is not your responsibility, and you would be putting your life at risk.
  • Stop and pull over if you can so that you can call the police.
  • Call the police and report suspected drunk driving. Describe what you witnessed and where the car is headed. If you were able to have a passenger write down information such as the color, make, model, license plate or other distinguishable features of the car, convey this information to the police as well to help their process of finding this individual.

Drunk driving is dangerous and it is not looked upon or treated kindly by the law. It is irresponsible and there is no excuse for such an act. Drunk driving causes serious accidents that can change innocent people’s lives forever, as well as their family’s lives. If you are injured by a drunk driver, it is important to seek retribution and justice immediately with a strong and experienced personal injury lawyer.

Olivia Lin is a blogger for The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson, a personal injury law firm based in Dallas, Texas. She believes that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and is strongly passionate about bringing irresponsible drivers who hurt others to justice.

Photo Credits: minimoniotaku

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Holiday Travel and You: Tips For Keeping Safe On The Road

Holiday Travel and You: Tips For Keeping Safe On The Road


The holiday season is an enjoyable time of year for many people. In some parts of the country, snowfall can enhance the holiday experience. However, the holidays are also a time when road and personal safety needs special attention. Below are some aspects to be more aware of in order to participate in the holidays in the safest manner possible.

Road Hazards

One of the most important things to be aware of when traveling over any road during the holidays is the possibility that winter weather can cause unsafe and dangerous driving conditions. Ice and snow can make a quick appearance over the course of any party, no matter what time of day or night. This makes roads more treacherous, so drivers must take every extra safety precaution necessary to prevent vehicle accidents.

The bottom line is that everyone should check the weather prior to heading out and prepare ahead of time. If a storm is on its way, it is always better to forgo traveling, even to close destinations, than to risk having or causing an accident.

Impaired Driving

Many people look forward to participating in numerous parties during the holiday season. However, even while quite a few people take precautions not to engage in reckless driving, it still remains a problem.

Driving while impaired in any way – whether through ingesting alcohol, drugs, being distracted, under duress or even feeling sleepy – is never a good idea. Many car accidents over the holidays can easily be avoided when drivers take the care and time necessary to ensure their safety, as well as that of others.

For example, holiday parties that take place in bars sometimes cause a predicament for attendees. While it may not seem like too much alcohol is being consumed, the fact is that the legal limit is low enough for just about anyone to incur a violation. Therefore, those who intend to take part in libations should ensure that they have had enough to eat to dissipate the chance of becoming inebriated too quickly.

Related Legal Considerations

 Many people may not realize it, but bars also have obligations when it comes to serving patrons. When they become aware that someone could be a hazard on the road, they must stop serving that individual or possibly be prosecuted for contributing to an accident caused by someone who is visibly drunk. Also, as our local Norristown personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania reminds us, anyone who is assaulted by an inebriated person may have a cause of action against the bar or party responsible for continuing to serve an intoxicated individual.

Therefore, if an establishment chooses to stop serving anyone, they should be aware that not only are they ensuring their safety and that of others, but they are also minimizing their own risk, as well.

Alternative Travel Arrangements

Alternative travel arrangements should be made ahead of time. This can be easily accomplished by appointing a designated driver or planning to take a cab back to wherever your destination may be. There are also numerous local van pools and other services in most major cities that are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the public by providing rides.

When people take responsibility and are accountable by planning for safe travel and celebrations, risk to everyone is minimized. However, should you become involved in an unfortunate accident for any reason, ensure that your rights are fully protected and represented by discussing the situation with a competent attorney who specializes in criminal law or personal injury. 

Nadine Swayne is a freelance contributing writer for McMahon, McMahon & Lentz. Any Norristown personal injury lawyer in Pennslyvania or elsewhere knows drunk driver accidents during the Holidays can be devastating to victims and their families. Attorneys within the firm can help the injured and their families begin the healing process by helping them receive the funds they financially need to do so.

merry christmas Holiday Travel and You: Tips For Keeping Safe On The Road

Photo Credit: UggBoy (CC BY 2.0)

merry christmas1 Holiday Travel and You: Tips For Keeping Safe On The Road

Photo Credit: John Haslam (CC BY 2.0)

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Top 13 Motorcycles To Be The King of Road

Top 13 Motorcycles To Be The King of Road


Hard boys and girls like cool bikes, some like Harley Davidson, someone Ducati, BMW or Honda. Here is the list of the top coolest ones.

1 Top 13 Motorcycles To Be The King of Road

2 Top 13 Motorcycles To Be The King of Road

3 Top 13 Motorcycles To Be The King of Road

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13 Top 13 Motorcycles To Be The King of Road

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Most dangerous roads

Most dangerous roads


These roads are extremely dangerous. Most of them are very familiar as places of great accidents. So, if you can, you should try to avoid them.

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dangerous road23 Most dangerous roads

dangerous road24 Most dangerous roads

dangerous road25 Most dangerous roads

dangerous road26 Most dangerous roads

dangerous road27 Most dangerous roads

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Chinese federal route

Chinese federal route


This route is most dangerous in the world, you only will look in the photograph. Road penetrates the mountains, where frequently occur collapses, landslides.

chinese route1 Chinese federal route

chinese route2 Chinese federal route

chinese route3 Chinese federal route

chinese route4 Chinese federal route

chinese route5 Chinese federal route

chinese route6 Chinese federal route

chinese route7 Chinese federal route

chinese route8 Chinese federal route

chinese route9 Chinese federal route

chinese route10 Chinese federal route

chinese route11 Chinese federal route

chinese route12 Chinese federal route

chinese route13 Chinese federal route

chinese route14 Chinese federal route

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Charles Mask Lewis Ferrari Crash Pictures

Charles Mask Lewis Ferrari Crash Pictures


On the March 11, 2009, in Newport Beach there was a super deadly crash involving 2 exotic cars and as a result TAPOUT founder Charles “Mask” Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene, a second injured, a third arrested for gross vehicular manslaughter and a fourth person detained by police.

A Newport Beach Police Officer who witnessed the wreck; saw a red Ferrari and a white Porsche “spinning out of control” on Jamboree Road between Bison Avenue and East Bluff Drive at 12:57 a.m. Checkout the very last video, you can see the passenger side turn signal still flashing even though the car was cut in half!

The speed limit on the road is 50 mph.

ferrari crash Charles Mask Lewis Ferrari Crash Pictures

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Top 10 overloaded bicycles

Top 10 overloaded bicycles


Top 10 overloaded bicycles. We can’t believe that someone really put all this stuffs on his bicycle. :)

overload bicycle1 Top 10 overloaded bicycles

overload bicycle2 Top 10 overloaded bicycles

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Car show

Car show


This collection is made in Canada, during the car show. But, the rain prevented us to take more pictures of this amazing cars. Some of them are hot rods, while the other are just regularly pimped cars. Anyway, they are all great and it’s a pleasure driving it!

1 Car show

2 Car show

3 Car show

4 Car show

5 Car show

7 Car show

8 Car show

9 Car show

10 Car show

11 Car show

12 Car show

13 Car show

14 Car show

15 Car show

16 Car show

17 Car show

18 Car show

19 Car show

20 Car show

21 Car show

22 Car show

23 Car show

24 Car show

25 Car show

29 Car show

30 Car show

26 Car show

27 Car show

28 Car show

31 Car show

32 Car show

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Interesting truck canvas

Interesting truck canvas


Have you ever witnessed truck driver in rear of the truck? What do you think, how would you react in such a situation? You wouldn’t know whether you are going toward him, or he is going toward you. This is great idea and represents quite intelligent way to post your commercial on the truck canvas..

1s Interesting truck canvas

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