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How Physiotherapy Works To Help People With Sports Injury?

How Physiotherapy Works To Help People With Sports Injury?


Module 1: The aim of Physiotherapy

The main goal of physiotherapy in general and especially sports injury physio is to restore normal movement and body function in cases of disability, injury and illness. In addition to treating specific issues a sports injury physio may also suggest numerous ways in which you can improve your overall wellbeing. For instance some specialists may recommend that you exercise regularly.

physiotherapy sports injury How Physiotherapy Works To Help People With Sports Injury?

Most physiotherapists like to take a more holistic approach by considering the body as a whole rather than focusing on just one illness or injury. For instance back pain can stem from a number of issues which include:

  • Bad posture
  • Bending or awkwardly twisting
  • Standing in one place for an extended period of time
  • An inherited spinal deformity
  • Overstretching
  • Lifting heavy stuff incorrectly

Many physiotherapists in Sydney may recommend that you maintain good posture and perform core stability exercises to cure back pain.

Module 2: Physiotherapy Approaches

Physiotherapists in Sydney often use an array of treatment techniques. We will look at a few conventional ones below:

Exercise and Movement

Physiotherapists often use a combination of therapeutic exercises and movement which is designed to strengthen the area. These exercises need to be performed usually daily for a given number of weeks. For someone who is recovering from a mobility issue like a stroke a physiotherapist may suggest a few exercises that target the affected body part or region. For instance a recent study showed that circuit class therapy is very effective in post stroke rehabilitation. It can improve a person’s ability to walk faster and longer.

Manual Therapy

This type of therapy often requires using the hands in order to mobilize the soft tissues and joints. This technique is most efficient when it comes to:

  • Relieve pain and improve relaxation
  • Improve the movement of various body parts
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Helps to improve the fluid to drain from different parts of the body efficiently

physiotherapy sports injury1 How Physiotherapy Works To Help People With Sports Injury?

 Module 3: Effects of Massage Therapy

There is a lot of evidence showing that manual therapy is very beneficial in treating a number of musculoskeletal conditions like chronic back ache. There are cases in which massage is also used as part of the treatment program. There is evidence to suggest that massage is useful for a range of conditions like that of the side effects of cancer treatment.

Module 4: Other Physiotherapy Techniques

There are some other physiotherapy techniques which can be regarded as unconventional but are effective to some degree.

  • The ancient art of acupuncture is said to reduce pain. Fine needles are strategically inserted into various points of the body. This may be used along with physiotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a machine which delivers a small electric shock to the affected area via two small electrodes. The sensation produced by this shock can suppress and block pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Ultrasound is high frequency sound waves which penetrate deep within the tissue to stimulate cell activity and improve blood circulation. It is also shown to reduce muscle spasms and improve healing.

There is not enough scientific evidence to show that the above treatments are effective. For instance, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that TENS is a reliable form of pain relief treatment.

Module 5: Aquatic Therapy

Most physiotherapists in Sydney will not prescribe or use aquatic therapy. However, the few that do often do so based on their own personal research and experience. This type of physiotherapy is carried on in warm and shallow swimming pools or a special hydrotherapy pool. This therapy is often effective at improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and relieving pain


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