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Palm Spring Man’s $10 Swap-meet Pliers Pay Out A $5000 Prize

Palm Spring Man’s $10 Swap-meet Pliers Pay Out A $5000 Prize


Now this is a story you don’t hear very often, a man getting five thousand dollars for a pair of pliers he found at a swap-meet. Despite the endless stories you hear about hoarders, or people who fruitlessly collect massive amounts of “junk,” this story has the opposite ending. A man is finally rewarded for his fascination with a particular niche, and his accumulation of knowledge over the years as he builds his collection.

palm spring mans swapmeet Palm Spring Mans $10 Swap meet Pliers Pay Out A $5000 Prize

Dan Schmidt says that he started collecting tools, because he was dismayed at the lower quality of tools being produced today. He wanted to find the best of American-made tools, and went to many swap-meets in his spare time to find the best. All of the tools he’s collected are in working condition and he uses them regularly for projects he works on around the house. He’s proud of the collection that he’s tirelessly researched and developed.

The Indio resident, 58-year old Dan Schmidt, whose day job is being a lawyer, has poured more money into this hobby than his law-practice. Despite being a lawyer, his true obsession is being a tool collector, and says that he keeps over thousands of tools in his garage and a spare room in his house. He’s been able to amass this amount, even though he’s only been doing it for three years. Due to his knowledge of tools, Schmidt decided to enter the Klein Tools contest. The goal of the contest is to find the world’s oldest pair of pliers. Klein Tools is a manufacturer of tools and hold this contest on a yearly basis from March to May.

When Dan Schmidt heard about this contest, he knew he could win. He went to a plethora of swap-meets to find the oldest pair of pliers. And, luckily, he found what he was looking for a in a specific pair of pliers that he knew was “the one” as soon as he layed eyes on them.

When Klein Tools first saw the pliers, they also knew they had a winner on their hands. They were able to tell because of certain factors about the pair of pliers:

  • The Nickel plating
  • Creation date of 1904
  • The working condition of the pliers, due to the quality of the original product

After Klein tools had the pliers shipped to their location to take a closer look, they knew they had a winner on their hands. Dan Schmidt beat out 850 other applicants to win the five thousand dollar prize, for a pair of pliers he brought for under five dollars at a swap meet! This was a pretty smart investment. For winning the contest Schmidt won five thousand dollars, half of which was given in tools. He was also given a tour of the Klein Tools facility, which he greatly enjoyed. But even more than the money, Dan Schmidt now has the satisfaction of knowing that his knowledge and research were validated in a surprising and gratifying way. He even gave half the check to his wife for putting up with his large tool collection!

Kwi is a writer for who specializes in vintage furniture and furnishings

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Mens Survival Guide To Divorce: Moving Out And Moving On

Mens Survival Guide To Divorce: Moving Out And Moving On


Divorce is a huge life-changing decision. Couples might discover that there are a lot of things they need to sort out than most of them are prepared to cope with. This includes alimony and child custody; however, one of the most confusing is the decision whether to move out of the house. If you are going through a divorce, you need to keep in mind that what you decide at the beginning will have an adverse effect on your divorce process and can be life-changing for you and your children.

In addition, you also need to consider the good things that might come with the divorce. For one, it can be an opportunity for both you and your ex-spouse to explore yourselves. Although it is hard, you will eventually learn how to deal with being on your own. If you need to move out of the house, you need to realize that there is a whole different world and opportunities out there for you.

mens survival guide divorce moving Mens Survival Guide To Divorce: Moving Out And Moving On

Moving Out Of The Family Home

If you are the one who is moving out of the house, it is time to look for a new living space. The first thing you need to do is look for an ideal space in a good neighborhood. You will need to look for a place where you can have easy access to coffee shops, restaurants, grocery store, and so on. The next on your list should be packing up and moving out. Here are a few tips.

Move Out As Soon As Possible: It is best to get it over with as soon as you can. Sort out the things you want to bring with you, the things you want to throw away, and the things you should keep in storage. If you are still in the process of finding a new place, you can always put your things in storage. Self storage units are very safe and secured; thus, you don’t have to worry about your stuff while you deal with the divorce process and finding a new place.

Avoid Confrontation: It is best to avoid getting into an argument with your ex-spouse. You can avoid nasty confrontations by choosing to pick up your belongings at the time when your ex is not at home. The less contact you have with your ex will be better at this time.

Bring Back-Up: If your ex-spouse insists on being present as you pack up, it is best to bring someone with you. You can bring a friend or a relative to your house and have them help you pack. This way, you won’t have to deal with your ex so much and you are most likely able to avoid arguments when a witness is around.

Lastly, you will need to look for a place where you can heal and move on. Keep in mind that when you go through divorce, your routine as well as your lifestyle will change drastically; thus, you need to rebuild a new life. As a tip, it is best to get a studio apartment and fill it with things that won’t remind you of your past relationship. A studio apartment is also much more cost-effective for the time being, especially if you still can’t afford to buy a new residential building.

What Becomes Of The Family Home

If your ex-spouse decides to stay in the house and continue to pay the mortgage, she will have credit for the principal payment if she decides to sell the house. As the spouse who moved out and rented, you will still get credit for half of the payment of the sale.

You must also acknowledge that when you move out of the family home, your monthly bills will increase. In addition, you will find yourself in a powerless situation in relation to what occurs in the family home and any belongings you left there. To that end, there are available options which you and your ex-spouse can consider, such as refinancing, selling, or renting.

The author, Kris Lim, is a family counselor who offers divorce tips. She suggests renting a self storage from US Storage Centers if her readers need a secure place to store their items.

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Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us


These days, most people’s first port of call when they notice something out of the ordinary or are experiencing symptoms is to look them up online. There are all kinds of health resources out there, including things like WebMD which are, to some extent, there to help us diagnose ourselves and find suitable courses of treatment for minor problems. While this works great with something trivial and easy to diagnose like poison ivy, sunburn or an insect sting, there are lots of symptoms that can relate to countless different conditions, some minor and some serious, and thinking we have found out what is wrong with us because of some web research can be quite dangerous.

are all health sites out Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

Why Health Resources Online Can Give a False Sense of Security

are all health sites out1 Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

If you have a common symptom, like stomach pain, you may look online and see that this can relate to an almost endless list of problems, many of them simple bugs that will go away in time and can be alleviated somewhat with over the counter medicines. This can make you feel like your condition is most likely to be one of these, and that you should buy some medicine and give it a few days before you start to think about going to the doctor. However, that same symptom could relate to a lot of serious problems too, many of which need to be addressed as early as possible. While the website tells you this, it is easier to believe that you’ve got one of the more minor things, which can lead to dangerous choices.

Why Health Resources Online Can Cause Problems with Seriously Ill People

are all health sites out2 Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

Doctors recommend that if you are diagnosed with a serious condition, for example a form of cancer, you don’t do too much research around it online. This is because there are so many complexities and differences in treatments that the more you read, the more confused you will become and you may also begin to question the decisions your own doctor has made. While questioning things is OK if it gives you peace of mind, it is important for patients to trust their doctors rather than online resources which may relate to subtly different cases.

How to Use These Resources Wisely

are all health sites out3 Are All The Health Sites Out There Actually Bad For Us

The best way to use health information technology on the web is to:

  • Never regard them as an alternative to visiting your doctor, and if the results of your search advise you to call a doctor immediately, don’t ignore them.
  • Stick to using them for advice on minor complaints where you know what you are dealing with.
  • Only use well known, credible health websites for advice and information.
  • If researching a serious condition you or someone you know has been diagnosed with, remember that every case is different and treat it more as background research than trying to find answers to your own case – that is your doctor’s job and you have to trust them.
  • If an over the counter remedy is advised, make sure you read the label – while for most people they are safe you need to check the person who will be taking them doesn’t have a reason not to take them (for example being pregnant, too young or allergic to an ingredient).

Todd Nash is an employee at a leading company that organizes financial tech services and much more. He has a very helpful nature and he enjoys sharing his ideas through his articles.

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Keeping Your Home Safe: 3 Security Tips While Out Of Town

Keeping Your Home Safe: 3 Security Tips While Out Of Town


Whether you’re taking advantage of “vacation season” in the summer or trying to escape our cold Baltimore winters, home security is always going to be a concern when you go out of town for any period of time. If it’s a vacation that is taking you away from home then you won’t want to waste any of it by worrying about the safety of your home and if it’s a business trip then you likely won’t have time to worry about things back in Baltimore. There are a lot of simple things that can be done to put your mind at ease while away from home but here are three of the best.

house keys Keeping Your Home Safe: 3 Security Tips While Out Of Town

1. Talk with Neighbors

Neighborhoods are safest when all the members of the community work together as a team to protect each other’s homes. You should be careful not to advertise too much (don’t announce you’ll be out of town on social networks or post pictures until you get back, for example) because if knowledge of an empty home gets to the wrong ears your home becomes a sitting duck for burglars. Telling trusted neighbors, however, is a great idea because they’ll be able to keep an eye on your home while you’re away and can report any suspicious activity. If you don’t want to put temporary stops on mail or newspaper services then you should ask a neighbor to collect these for you while you are gone because piles of mail or newspaper are dead giveaways that you are out of town and burglars will key on that.

2. Remove Hidden House Keys

Many people hide spare keys somewhere on the exterior of their homes or in the immediate yard. Be careful not to hide the key in an obvious location and remove all keys from their hiding spots before going out of town. If you are worried about the need for someone to gain access to your home while you are away then you might consider leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor so that access to the home is still a possibility even while you are away.

3. Keep Exterior Clean

Most home robberies are not personal attacks, which means that they are based primarily on what a burglar can observe from the outside of the home. The appearance of your home can either invite or deter burglars based on a few very simple things. Homes that are well maintained (regardless of the size of the home) are less likely to be targeted because the assumption is that the homeowner takes care of their property. It is especially important to keep primary access points such as doors and windows clear because overgrown shrubs or trees at those points can provide cover for burglars when attempting to break in. It is important to maintain your yard immediately before leaving on vacation because an overgrown lawn or un-weeded garden are indicators that nobody has been home for some time. If you will be out of town for a period longer than a week or two then it is a good idea to hire a professional service or pay a trusted neighbor to maintain your yard while you are away.

David Glenn is a home improvement expert from Baltimore that frelance writes for Vivint. He occasionally freelance writes about home automation and making your home more green.

Photo Credit: Denise Mattox

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Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising


There are thousands of good causes out there that need money to continue their good work. Whether it’s a global charity that helps people all over the world, a charity that targets a specific medical cause, an animal charity or a local community issue, like most people, you probably have at least one cause close to your heart. Raising money for that cause could not only help them, but also give you a fun and rewarding hobby that helps you meet new people and learn new skills!

Here are some ideas for your first charity fund raising effort:

Run, Walk, or Get Active

charity fund raising Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

There are all kinds of different active things you can do for charity, and get sponsorship for from family and friends. Depending on your fitness level, you could pick a marathon, a triathlon, or something easier like a walk. Whatever you choose, it should be something you will find difficult and need to train for – not only will people be far more likely to give if you are doing something you’ll find hard, but you’ll also get a huge sense of achievement. It can be a great idea if you are trying to get fit, as it will force you to be accountable for sticking to your exercise schedule.

With online sponsorship websites and tools, you can collect sponsors and get their payments after your charity activity is over very easily, and can share what you are doing simply on Facebook and Twitter to gain more support.

Make and Sell Something

charity fund raising1 Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

A bake sale, craft sale or similar style of event can be a great way to raise funds, and can be really fun to put together. You can get help from your children, friends and other family members to not only make things and man the stalls, but also to design fliers and publicize it locally. Again, you can use social media to help spread the word and encourage people both to help and to come along.

Put On a Special Event

charity fund raising2 Get Involved! Tips For Starting Out In Charity Fund Raising

If you fancy something a little more upmarket than a bake sale and less sweaty than a marathon, you could put together a glamorous charity event. This can take a lot of planning and isn’t cheap, though it is acceptable to put some of the funds raised towards recouping the money you spent. You can either look to do this yourself, or work with a professional events planning company. You can have a lavish meal, dancing, speakers, and even fun things to take part in like a raffle or silent auction.

Generally, these kinds of evenings raise money by charging people for tickets and then having additional ways to give at the party. This means you will not only need to put on a good event, but make sure it is promoted well enough to encourage people to want to buy tickets. Online marketing within your local area can make a big difference when it comes to creating a buzz around your event, as can having a local celebrity or two on board to attend either as guests or speakers.

Today’s featured contributor, Arnold Rebello, is a professional event organizer. He specializes in organizing Calgary stampede events. He is a frequent blogger and likes to share his experiences of organizing big and successful events.

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Whats that crawling out of your eyelids? Parasites? Arrrgh!

Whats that crawling out of your eyelids? Parasites? Arrrgh!


demodex parasites Whats that crawling out of your eyelids? Parasites? Arrrgh!

These close-up animal photos show tiny microscopic parasites, known as Demodex, that live within the hair roots on our bodies. Despite their gruesome and alien like appearance they are reasonably harmless. We wouldn’t even know that they exist were it not for the skill and dedication of photographers who specialise in taking pictures of very tiny animals for our photo library. The technique they use is called scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and to get animal pictures as amazing as the one shown here, is an art in skill, dedication and patience.

The first stage with SEM animal photography is to capture and prepare the specimens. Due to the high vacuum within the SEM imaging chamber, specimens must be completely dry. For most small animals, this is done by immersing them in ethanol. Some microscopy photographers like to slow freeze their specimens first. This is so that the animals die in as natural a body position as possible. Freeze it too quickly and the animal could end up twisted, distorted or even worse, rupture and lose various body parts.  After all the water has been removed the specimens are coated with an ultrathin layer of conductive metal – usually gold.

The gold plated critter can then be imaged within the SEM machine. But the hard work does not stop there, the photographer will zoom and angle around the specimen in order to find the best viewpoint, then captures the image he wants. By zapping the specimen with electrons and detecting where those electrons bounce back, the SEM machine creates an extraordinarily detailed black and white image. The photographer must now become artist and spend a great deal of time colouring the black and white picture to add to its appeal. The result is this and many others of microscopic animals, plants and material objects that are too small to be seen in detail by the naked eye.

So the next time you scratch that nagging itch on your head, think about what might be causing the itch in the first place.

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Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl


Recycling came into the public’s attention about 15 years ago and has been fully embraced – but the newest craze to hit the eco world is up-cycling. Up-Cycling is the process of taking one thing (that is either broken, old or unused) and turning it into something new.

There are loads of Up-Cycling trends out there at the moment, but one of the main ones is making things out of old Vinyl records. You’d be surprised how incredibly inventive people are being with this too, it seems like everything and anything can be made out of these vintage goodies!

Here’s some of the most interesting examples we found:

1. The Vinyl Bowl

The Vinyl bowl is probably the most common creation from cold records – it’s easy to do and so simple and effective. Not to mention, incredibly trendy too! Imagine how good this would look on your coffee table!

vinyl things Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

2. The Vinyl Clock

A clock is a pretty simple thing to make from an old record – as (usually) it keeps it’s shape and the ‘making’ process is simple and quick. You can probably find one of these lovely pieces at a local craft fair of craft store.

vinyl things1 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

3. The Vinyl Book

This is one of the most iconic and creative uses of old vinyl records, and is one of my favourite’s. Great for photo albums or scrapbooks – all you need to do to make your own is cut out a vinyl shape and glue it over the original cover. Extra creativity-points if the title of the record relates to the content of your book!

vinyl things2 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

4. The Vinyl Plectrum

If you want to create something cool and original with your old record – why not opt for making a vinyl Plectrum. It’s pretty simple – and actually you can order them online specially too (saving you all the hassle). There is something pretty cool about playing guitar with an old record!

vinyl things3 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

5. The Vinyl Cake-Stand

This is one for all the food lover and cooks reading! The vinyl cake stand is one of the easiest to make – and is by far one of the cutest, most effective pieces – especially for those who love vintage, kitsch items! Imagine serving up all your yummy cupcakes on this beauty!

vinyl things4 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

6. Modern Vinyl Art

Another thing that has really caught on, is using old vinyl records for modern art. Yes, you read that right! There are some truly fascinating art pieces around at the moment made completely out of the old vinyl records. Imagine hanging this on your wall!

vinyl things5 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

7. The Vinyl Post-Stand

Always looking for somewhere to stack important post? Maybe you should take tips from whoever made this then! This cute, quirky post-holder is made from simply bending melted records into a 90’ angle.

vinyl things6 Cool Things Made Out Of Vinyl

Author: This list was put together by DV247, suppliers of Fender guitars.

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