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Popular Tourist Spots In Province of Pakistan

Popular Tourist Spots In Province of Pakistan


Before Pakistan was built as a nation in the late 1940s it had a larger chunk of sites that were not only marked in History but also are still considered a part of rich cultural heritage. Pakistan has six major sites spread across its region which are considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO. These include the ruins of the civilization of Taxilla, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa. Apart from the Indus valley civilization, the ancient city of Thatta, the Buddhist ruins and the Shalimar gardens in Lahore rank as the must visit places in Pakistan. Here is a list of tourist places in Pakistan that you must visit:

Kalash Valley Popular Tourist Spots In Province of Pakistan

1.Punjab is a province of Pakistan that is not only the land of the ancient city of Harappa but it has architecture ranging from the Mughal Empire which once ruled this land to the British Raj in the 19th Century. Lahore, the city in Punjab is a house to beautiful minarets and tombs built by the famous rulers. These include Tomb of Jahangir and Noor Jahan and tomb of Asaf Khan. The Noor Mahal built in 1872 made with modern designs boosts an Italian architecture that is simply amazing to view. Other than that the Katasraj Temple in Chakwal district is a Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva which datesback to the Time of Mahabharata.

2.     Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in the north-west site of Pakistan is endowed with natural reserves and beauty that cannot be witnessed elsewhere. With Hill stations, mountain peaks like Hindkush, Karakoram and Pamir lying in this region and amazing weather throughout the year, it is a must to see this side of Pakistan. The tourist spots include the valleys of Ghabral and Swat valley that are not only picturesque but you will be spellbound to see nature bestowing beauty in this land. The highlight of this province is the Karokoram mountain range which includes K2 and is the best spot for mountaineers in Pakistan.

3.   Balochistan has a beautiful sand beach also called as Kund Malir which is a prime tourist spot. This province is largely popular for the Hingoli National Park and the Gwadar town known for its fishing activities. There is an annual Sibi festival. which marks the celebration of the horse and cattle show and gets a lot of crowd from across the country.

4.   Sindh has the famous city of Karachi which has popular Buddhist temples and stupas. Since it was this province where Islam arrived, it has a lot of shrines, mosques which are not only culturally rich but showcase the invasion of Islam and various tribes in Karachi through the time. The port grand food and cultural complex is the latest addition to the tourist destinations in Karachi which lies by the Napier Mole Bridge and offers shopping, dining and leisure activities to the visitors. The tourist here can see the Anglo- Indian heritage as well as check out the port spread along the coast of the Arabian Sea.

Apart from these famous places which are spread in different province of Pakistan, Karimabad, a village in the Hunza valley is also ranked among the top tourist places in Pakistan. The geography of the Pakistan invites everyone from those with a historical inclination to the adventure enthusiast and nature lovers to explore the hidden yet the most beautiful places on Earth.

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