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New Mommy Tips: How To Take Time To Relax

New Mommy Tips: How To Take Time To Relax


allpics baby and mom New Mommy Tips: How To Take Time To Relax

New Mommy Tips: How To Take Time To Relax

From the stay-at-home-mommy to the working mom, it’s safe to say that a mom’s schedule is packed to the brim. This is particularly true for a new mom as she gets used to the scheduling and demands that a newborn baby requires. However, finding the time to relax and unwind is important for you as you adjust to your new baby.

From the lack of sleep to your ever growing to-do list, it’s easy to see how new mothers might feel the stress and strain of coping with their newborns. However, there are ways you can ensure you get everything done and get “you time” in as well. The trick is to start looking for gaps in your ever-growing schedule to grab a few minutes for yourself, as well as look for times when both you and your baby are relaxed together.

Chilling Out To Keep It Together

While stress is not good for new parents, it’s also been shown to affect your baby and their health. According to medical website, babies have been shown to be remarkably in-tune with their parent’s levels of stress. Some mothers have reported that if they breastfeed while stressed out, their babies can oftentimes be fussier and have a more difficult time with digestion and burping. So what’s a new mother to do?

1) Take your relaxation opportunities when you can get them.

As your routine develops, you will notice that there are particular times of the day where your baby naps, as well as times in the evening where they usually go down. Start using these times to invest a little time in yourself. Read a book or catch up on all that TV you’ve been recording. You can even spend some time chatting to friends on the phone or online. Keeping your social connections intact is particularly important for new moms, especially if they need to vent or just have a good giggle.

2) Get some exercise.

Exercise is a well-known stress buster. Getting your sweat on can not only help you shift that baby weight, but also release natural endorphins that make you feel good. You don’t have to hit the gym to feel the benefits of exercise either. Try taking your baby for a brisk walk, or use an exercise DVD during their nap time. Getting out and about is good for young parents as well, so if you can, try to take a weekly dance, zumba or aerobics class. It’s a good-for-you way to let music help by energizing, inspiring, and uplifting both your body and your soul.

3)  Make breastfeeding a chill out time for you and your baby.

Though breastfeeding can be a struggle for some new mommies at first, it can actually end up being a great way to chill out with your little one. Create a breastfeeding space that has soft lighting and a comfortable chair. A breastfeeding pillow, like a Mombo nursing pillow can also help to make you both more comfortable. Also, try playing some soft music as that can help relax even the fussiest of babies and the most stressed of moms.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Trying to take on a “do it all” mentality can only lead to you being more stressed out than you were in the first place. As you adjust to your new routines, don’t be afraid to ask a partner, a friend or even a family member for help when you need it. Even just having them take the baby for an hour can buy you some much-needed relaxation time. Try slipping into a hot bath with some essential oils added, or take an hour to catch up on some sleep. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

When you feel stressed, it’s important to the health of both you and your child that you do something about it. Not getting the appropriate amount of down time can cause feelings of exhaustion and even depression. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and always make the time for yourself. Your mind and your body will thank you.

Writer Melanie Fleury quickly learned that as a mom you have to take your moments when you can. She particularly enjoyed cuddling up with her baby and her favorite Mombo nursing pillow for a few minutes of quiet and calm.

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With most pediatricians and healthcare experts advising new moms to breastfeed, it is no wonder that more mothers are choosing to nurse their infants exclusively for the first year of their infants’ lives. The benefits of nursing exclusively for the first year of a baby’s life are unmatched by any vitamin or health supplement that parents could give their infant, including commercial formulas that are crafted to include dozens of minerals and vitamins.

However, many new moms quickly find out that breastfeeding is not without its challenges. Many women experience such significant pain that they want to quit breastfeeding altogether and switch their babies to formula feeding. Before they give up, however, new moms should try these suggestions that could lead to long term successful breastfeeding.

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New moms who try to breastfeed while sitting in a rigid, upright chair will more than likely experience pain in more ways than one. Even a tiny newborn can wear out a new mom’s back and arms as she holds her infant while he or she nurses. Rather than sit in a rigid and uncomfortable chair, a new mom should relax on the sofa or sit in a recliner while she nurses. She can also prop herself up in bed or lie down on her side in bed while she nurses.

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A new mother can make herself and her baby more comfortable by using a breastfeeding pillow. These special nursing pillows provide a soft and safe place for the baby to lie down while eating, as well as help the mom support the baby’s weight without straining her shoulders, arm, and back. The pillow can be placed on her lap or on the bed next to her as she nurses. There are many types of nursing pillows. Try searching online at sites such as for ideas.

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Hot Compresses For Pain

Even with nursing on demand, however, many moms experience painful gorging. If they produce too much milk or if their babies are having problems latching on, new moms may have painful gorging that causes fever and swelling. If they experience these symptoms, new moms can relieve them by using hot compresses or hot packs on their breasts. They can also manually express milk to relieve gorging.

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Nadine Swayne submits this article to help all new moms who are breastfeeding. With the vast array of products available for infant care, pediatricians will always express that natural milk is the most beneficial for your child.

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