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Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now

Thats Hot — Why Traditional Barn Doors Are So In Right Now


Traditional barn doors aren’t just for farms anymore. These solid types of doors are making their way into apartments in posh neighborhoods and in so many contemporary homes and even offices. So, why is the barn door so hot right now? For one, it’s all about the juxtaposition of the classic and the modern. The classic is represented by the barn door style, which evokes a pastoral feel. But the style can be tweaked and customized in order for it to have a more chic or trendy look. Aside from these, barn doors have several uses, apart from the obvious.

Why More and More People Prefer Barn Doors

There are really so many things that people like about barn doors. Here are some amazing features of barn doors that you can take advantage of.

1. It’s multi-functional.

You can stick to what’s customary and use a barn door like how it’s typically used. But you can also be more creative about it. Instead of using a divider, for instance, you can use this. Whenever you need some privacy, just slide the barn door closed. If you need more space, just push it open. This can also be used to enclose your laundry area or maybe a home office. A lot of people use barn doors as accessories as well. Creative ideas include making art pieces, shelves or tables from these types of doors.

2. It’s space-saving.

Typical doors swing outwards or inwards. These take up more space than sliding barn doors. If you prefer a big, towering door but you just don’t have enough space for it, use barn doors instead. These are also good options if you want doors for rooms that are in narrow corridors or tight areas.

3. There are several styles to choose from.

The usual notion about barn doors is that these are rustic-looking wooden doors. These days, however, barn doors exist in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and materials. A more traditional approach, for example, would be to allow the wood to shine. Utilize timber or reclaimed wood, and then varnish this so that it’ll lend its bucolic character to your space. But if you prefer something that’s more contemporary, use a current paint color or an unusual or striking finish. Furthermore, you are not limited to using just wood. You can also utilize glass, steel or metal, or a combination of such materials.

4. There is a wide variety of hardware or barn door accessories to choose from.

door handle

One of the best things about using barn doors is there is definitely no shortage of accessories on hand. Considering the tracks alone can already be confusing because there are many designs available. Aside from standard tracks, there are spoke flat tracks, horseshoe, hammered and stainless steel, for example. You can also customize or choose from a vast assortment of handles and pulls, hinges, and other accessories.

5. It could be an eco-friendly choice.

A lot of farm houses that are set to be demolished probably still have all their doors intact. Most traditional barn doors are made from durable timber. By restoring these instead of building or buying brand new doors, you contribute to the environment by reusing or recycling precious natural materials that would otherwise rot or go to waste. Reclaimed wood from old barn doors can also be reused in several ways too, as mentioned above.

Claire Willows is a freelance writer who has an avid interest in interior decoration. She has done quite a few DIY projects at home, and she’s blogged about hanging door hardware, painting and remodeling, and other home improvement matters.

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Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now


property Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

If you’re the house-proud type, then I’m not here to upset you or to insult you. I’m sure your home is lovely, well decorated and well thought out. However, if you’re like most people then your house is probably also somewhat underwhelming. Chances are that it’s just… a house and that it’s not really going to make anyone go ‘wow’ when they walk in or end up on an episode of Celebrity Cribs. You probably have a living room with a sofa and two arm chairs, you probably have a bedroom and a few guest rooms, and you probably have a front garden with a little bench in it… just like everyone else.

While your home may be perfectly nice if it fits this description, it also means you probably aren’t making the very most of it. You don’t actually have to be super rich in order to make your home look like something that might inspire envy from your friends and you can actually get a long way with just some basic changes and additions. You’d probably be surprised what your home is capable of, so read on and find out just what changes can benefit you the most…

Your Spare Rooms

property1 Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Having a spare room is one of the biggest wastes of a room possible. The very nature of a spare room or a guest room means that you’re only likely to use it if you have guests round or if you need to store your junk. The rest of the time you’ll be getting zero use from it.

Instead then, why not see if you can’t use your spare rooms for something a little more inventive that will impress your guests and make your home more fun to spend time in. For instance, a guest room could in fact be a home theatre (you just need a projector and some heavy curtains), a home gym or a library. Any of these things will make your home much more desirable and they will barely cost anything to implement. Then when you have guests, it’ a simple matter of unfolding a sofa-bed to give them somewhere more interesting to sleep.

Your Storage

property2 Why You Are Wasting Your Property Right Now

Likewise, if you have spaces in your home that are just for storage, then that is also a waste of what’s probably a large amount of space. Anything from a basement to a loft to an attic can be converted into a studio apartment, a bar or a second living room and this will greatly increase the number of potential uses for your property. Most basements are capable of this, you just need a waterproofing company and some imagination.

Exciting Features

The other way to get more from your home is just to invest in a few centre pieces and features that will make your home stand out and give it that wow factor. These features needn’t be expensive even – just a little different. How much nicer would that bench in the front garden look if it was next to a small novelty lamppost? And you’d be surprised how inexpensively you can add a balcony, with nice garden table, to your upstairs bedroom. All it takes it a little imagination and time and you can get a whole lot more from your home.

Today’s guest post is authored by Daniel Lorenzo. He is an interior designer by profession and an innovative one at that. He is keen sports enthusiast and loves to spend his free time watching soccer on tv.

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How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over

How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over


It’s safe to come out now. The United States Presidential Election is over. We can watch news stories about other places in the world again. Americans can breathe easy knowing that women can still have abortions, the progress made in gay rights is not going to be rolled back to the Middle Ages, and nobody is going to nuke Iran (although drone strikes are going to continue to rain down pretty much everywhere).

This means that all the contenders for the throne (America has a throne, right?) now have a lot of free time on their hands. Fortunately, they each have their own fascinating and absorbing hobbies to keep them occupied.

Newt Gingrich – Writes Historical Novels

presidential candidates election How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Sadly Newt will not continue to campaign for a moon base. Instead he is returning to his first love, the written word. Yes, Newt Gingrich has joined the honourable ranks of novelist-politicians, alongside the greats of Jeffrey Archer and Saddam Hussein.

Newt Gingrich’s novels fall mostly into the historical genre, with a few entries in the “alternate history” genre. He’s not the only one either, his wife also writers her own children’s books!

Rick Santorum – Bowls

presidential candidates election1 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Rick Santorum whose name is synonymous with good old fashioned Christian values is bound to return to his favourite hobby. It’s a pastime that’s perfectly suited to a red-blooded, heterosexual male like Santorum.

You can tell he’s a red-blooded heterosexual male, because he absolutely insists that boys shouldn’t bowl with a pink ball.

Herman Cain- Sings Gospel

presidential candidates election2 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Yes, when he’s not running for president, selling pizza or quoting pokemon, Herman Cain likes to exercise his vocal chords with a bit of gospel music, and even had his own album in the 90s. Reviewers have said that “I had no idea that he had so smooth and lovely a voice” and that it has “Beautiful voice, beautiful message, and beautiful spirit”.

Having listened to a few of his songs myself here I can confirm that the album has a broadly pro-Jesus, pro-God stance, that makes it surprising he didn’t go further in the contest. Although admittedly there could be a lot more to the album than that- I only got two minutes into the first five minute song before I had to stop listening.

Mitt Romney – Is Put Back in His Box

presidential candidates election3 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

During his campaign Mitt Romney has simulated having many hobbies and interests. He has been seen water-skiing. He has said that his favourite book is Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s science fiction novel, Battlefield Earth, and of course his wife’s hose was an Olympic contender in dressage.

Of course, all of these hobbies were actually fictions designed to make him more appealing to voters. Mitt Romney is actually a robot who will now be disassembled into his component parts and put into storage.

Barack Obama – Nerd

presidential candidates election4 How Presidential Candidates Will Use Their Spare Time Now The Elections Over
License: Creative Commons image source

Barack Obama was a historic candidate not because he was the first black president. He was also the United States first nerd president. The sort of guy who not only uses his power as President of the United States to bring Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lt. Uhura to come and geek out, but who also knows how to do a Vulcan salute.

We’re talking about someone who’s given serious thought to what his superpower would be. Saying “It’s kind of a weird superpower, but if I had something that I could immediately wish for, I would love to be able to speak any language.” (We’re sure he knows this is actually the superpower of the X-Men member, Cypher) but he also added “But if it’s like an ‘Avengers’ superpower, then I think the whole flying thing is pretty good. You can’t beat just kinda swooping around. That looks like it’d be fun.” He’s also joked about accusations he was born in Kenya by saying that he actually hails from Krypton. He’s an admitted fan of Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics. Who knows what other geeky hobbies he has tucked away?

We have absolutely no doubt that there is a bunker in the Pentagon looking to give the President his very own combined universal-translator-and-jetpack-Iron-Man-suit.

Sam Wright is a freelance writer who is frankly relieved that the elections are over. He’s pretty sure that Ron Paul spends his spare time reading books on Libertarian politics.

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