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How Do You Cope When Your Doctor Makes You Sick?

How Do You Cope When Your Doctor Makes You Sick?


ALLPICS SURGERY How Do You Cope When Your Doctor Makes You Sick?

How To Cope When Your Doctor Makes You Sick

Medical malpractice occurs much more often than most people realize, as it is the third leading cause of death in the United States. There are an estimated 200,000 deaths annually as a result of medical malpractice. The typical patient tends to trust their doctor with respect to diagnosis and treatment, attempting to follow their orders.

Sometimes orders can be confused with recommendations, as many patients find out once they are entangled in a malpractice claim. In addition, third-party experts can also discount the respondent doctor’s opinion, so malpractice claims can get complicated easily. There are several legal considerations to remember when involved in a medical malpractice claim.

Understanding Negligence

Malpractice claims usually revolve around whether the medical professional was negligent in the treatment process, as plaintiffs in a personal injury civil case are required to prov Medical/Surgical Operative Photography e by a preponderance of the evidence that a distinct injury occurred, including the worsening of a condition, and it was the direct fault of the respondent physician or treatment facility. The burden of proof is incumbent on the plaintiff.

Professional Latitude

Medicine is not always an exact science. Treatment regimens are normally determined by recommended first-line defenses, such as specific medications. Doctors who follow re  commended “standard of care” guidelines are normally given significant professional latitude in difficult cases.

However, an incorrect diagnosis can quickly lead to a detrimental treatment plan. Otherwise, a doctor may enjoy professional respect from the court that a treatment facility team or non-professional respondent may not receive. Multiple respondents can also be a result when a breakdown in communication occurs while medical professionals work in teams.

Redundancy in preparing for surgery is a good example. Operating on the wrong body part is obvious negligence and can include several negligent parties.

Coping With Injury During An Active Claim

This can create a problem when a condition is worsened by a medical professional and even more intense treatment is needed. Finding a new treatment facility is not that easy. This can create a financial hardship for patients who live in small communities because they may need to find a different practitioner to repair or continue the treatment process. It is important to remember that often an injured patient with a malpractice claim will still need ongoing medical attention and care if wrongful death does not occur.
Medical/Surgical Operative Photography

Always Retain A Solid Attorney

The importance of having an experienced and effective medical malpractice attorney like The Perecman Firm handling a malpractice claim cannot be overstated. When lawyers get involved, medical malpractice insurance companies get involved, and the legal wrangling will be more than an injured claimant can manage. Insurance companies would much rather deal with a claimant personally because the usual result is a minimal claim settlement with many legal claims rights avoided.

They all want a full medical release from further responsibility. A novice claimant is no legal match for a professional insurance negotiator who will want a definite claim reduction as a settlement goal. Do not play with the insurance company because deceptive bad faith antics are the status quo.

Many malpractice cases actually go to trial at the request of the doctor because they would rather take a chance that the case will be dismissed, at least for physician negligence. Malpractice insurance company legal teams are often much more receptive to a trial if they think they can impress the jury to acquit.

This is a gamble on the part of the respondent, as it is usually the plaintiff moving for trial because of the possibility of punitive damages. With a highly-experienced attorney, the injured claimant can concentrate on rehabilitation when possible. Additionally, wrongful death claims will require an experienced attorney to calculate a reasonably appropriate settlement amount.

The heart of writer LaGeris Underwood Bell goes out to those patients who suffer the additional injury of bad medicine and bad faith insurance company shenanigans. She recommends seeking the services of legal groups like The Perecman Firm for sound legal advice.

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Cosmetic Surgery: The “Hush Hush” Behind The Knife

Cosmetic Surgery: The “Hush Hush” Behind The Knife


ALLPICS FACELIFT 300x300 Cosmetic Surgery: The Hush Hush Behind The Knife










Cosmetic Surgery: The “Hush Hush” Behind The Knife

The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 14 million patients underwent cosmetic surgery within the last year. With these surgical procedures becoming more commonplace, people would assume that malpractice lawsuits linked to cosmetic surgeries gone awry, would be met with sympathy and understanding by the public. However, even though record numbers of people are going through such surgery, these procedures still carry a stigma that is less than favorable with other individuals.

When people fall victim to medical malpractice after cosmetic surgery, they may hesitate to take the appropriate action because of several notable presumptions held not only by themselves, but also the public as a whole.

Presumed Vanity and Pride

Many people who have never gone through cosmetic surgery presume that people who do are vain and proud. These patients are thought to be so consumed with their looks and beauty that they willingly go through surgery to enhance their appearances. Even if people want to better their looks, however, they do not deserve to suffer medical malpractice.

People who are the victims of such malpractice during and after their surgeries may hesitate to notify medical supervisors or attorneys because they do not want to be thought of as vain and superficial. Although this may be the case, it is very important to speak up to possibly help another not go through the pain and agony that you have at the hands of a negligent doctor. As noted by one medical malpractice attorney in Michigan,”When a medical professional or facility’s failure to provide you with an acceptable level of care causes you harm, you may have a medical malpractice claim.

Assumptions of Money to Waste

People sometimes think of patients who elect for cosmetic surgery as having excess money to throw away on unneeded medical treatments. A person who gets breast enhancements or a face lift may be viewed by others as wasting money and showing off their excessive wealth. Even if the person paid cash for the surgery, however, they did not pay for the surgeon’s neglect and mistreatment. People who are victims may want to avoid people thinking that they are being stupid with their money and throwing away cash on surgical enhancements.

Deserving Being a Victim

When patients are victims of cosmetic surgery medical malpractice, they may hesitate to take action because they fear others telling them that they deserved what happened to them. They fear being made a victim not only through medical malpractice, but also by finding a total lack of empathy from others who should be sympathetic and helpful.

Victims also may think they deserved such treatment because they elected to have cosmetic surgery that perhaps was not crucial to their overall health. Even so, patients who go through such surgery should be able to trust their doctors. Doctors in all medical specialties have the duty to treat their patients with dignity and respect.

Despite the surgery being elective, patients who were not shown the utmost care, only to suffer at the hands of their doctor, should take necessary action to find closure and justice for their medical malpractice cases.

Fighting for you rights after being the victim of medical malpractice can best be accomplished when a person hires an attorney. This person’s attorney can help by:

• Securing medical reports to show the victim’s pain and suffering.

• Prove the doctor acted without honor or integrity toward the victim.

• File action in court to seek compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering.

With cosmetic surgery on the rise in this country, medical malpractice cases linked to these procedures are expected to rise as well. People are advised to overcome their shame and never assume the worst that will keep them from taking the necessary action to seek the proper closure and justice for their cases.

Nadine Swayne presents this information with hopes of bringing this ever growing problem of brushing cosmetic malpractice under the surface. If you have been a victim of negligence, research medical malpractice attorney in Michigan to gain more knowledge of the legal rights you have after a surgery gone awry.

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Sick over a Medical Malpractice Claim? Tips on Getting Results

Sick over a Medical Malpractice Claim? Tips on Getting Results


The Steps of Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

ALLPICS EMERGENCY Sick over a Medical Malpractice Claim? Tips on Getting Results

Most lawsuits are relatively simple processes. However, medical malpractice claims are not in this common group. Doctors enjoy considerable professional respect from the legal system, as medical science is not viewed as an exact science in every situation. Medical facilities are more likely to be qualified for a malpractice claim allowance, as physicians are given the legal range to err on a problematic diagnosis.

Of course, the prognosis and treatment regimen is based on a proper diagnosis, so a misdiagnosis can result in an ineffective treatment program or wrongful death. This scenario occurs more often than most patients think, as many patients trust their doctors with their lives, literally.

Step 1. Obtain Your Medical Documents
Request copies of all medical records from all physicians and facilities involved in treating the condition. Your legal representation will need these documents to investigate what occurred and what legal rights of recourse may exist. Your attorney will be able to request any other medical documents after he has been retained.

Step 2. Hire An Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney
It is practically impossible to file suit against a doctor or medical facility without an experienced attorney. Malpractice suits can be complicated cases and are always intensely defended. In most states, the process begins with an evaluation by multiple medical expert groups who determine if the case has the merit to move forward.

“Any time a duty is violated, a personal injury claim can potentially arise” says the attorneys at Auger & Auger. But filing suit against a doctor must be approved and supported by an affidavit from a third-party medical expert, usually another doctor, who will outline the standard diagnosis and treatment analysis in the form a professional opinion. Additionally, an attorney will normally implement a network of physicians who serve as expert witnesses for their clients.

Hire an attDoação de sangue - Hospital do Subúrbioorney as soon as possible, because a statute of limitations is always in play and all states are not understanding of a condition that develops slowly.

Step 3. Notify the Facility or Physician
Sometimes the injured victim can file this process themselves, but it is not a good idea in most cases. Remember that the facility will not be the only respondent, as all medical professionals carry malpractice insurance. This means the insurance provider will have the authority to demand more evidence, usually by sending the patient to their network doctors.

Retaining an attorney quickly means they can notify and deflect any motion for summary dismissal by the company. Malpractice attorneys are professional negotiators in the same mold as insurance adjusters, so the attorney provides added protection against the respondent.

Step 4. Follow All Medical Requests Before Filing
The court systems will only allow the case to proceed if all pre-suit requirements are completed. This is absolutely crucial to filing the claim. All respondents will request some activity on the plaintiff’s part, so be prepared to follow directions of all involved parties. This can provide an argument for the respondent, but the states supposedly require this step in an effort to eliminate frivolous cases from the dockets. Failure to comply with pretrial requirements will result in a summary dismissal before the case is even filed.

Step 5. File the Claim
Instruct your attorney to file the claim immediately because of the statute of limitations. Be prepared that, depending on the location of all parties, jurisdictional problems can arise and the case can become unnecessarily complicated. Doctors remove a bullet from a 23-year-old Colombian woman's cheek.

It is important to make a definitive decision immediately, based on all case factors. This decision, should you choose to move forward, should be followed by careful choice of legal representation and from there, leave the work to the attorney in order to ensure that the case will move to the pretrial discussion phase, which will be followed by negotiations and eventually a trial, if needed. Many times the issue can be settled in negotiations, depending upon the seriousness of the medical injury.

Former healthcare worker, Molly Pearce is a freelance author and artist who regularly address the issues of health, law, and human rights in her work. She writes to emphasize the necessity of the immediate, proper actions when it comes to filing any type of injury claim, particularly one involving medical malpractice. Research for this post was collected in part from the website of Auger & Auger, a North Carolina personal injury firm who has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice.



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