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Governments Consider Changing Laws To Fight Cybercrime

Governments Consider Changing Laws To Fight Cybercrime


Cybercrime has been a huge problem throughout the world. Governments of most developed countries are struggling to fight the surge of computer crimes. They have recently proposed changes to help them identify and prosecute these criminals more easily.

Potential Changes

Identifying cybercriminals has been a challenge for many law enforcement agencies. Many jurisdictions have privacy laws which restrict police access to data that could help them catch and prosecute criminals. They have recently come to terms with this and started looking for ways to change the existing laws.

cybercrime Governments Consider Changing Laws To Fight Cybercrime

The United Kingdom has recently proposed a law that would allow them to access data on possible criminals. Various rights groups have called out the new law, stating that it would violate the privacy of the country’s citizens. Even a number of prominent politicians, such as Deputy Prime Minister Nicholas Clegg, have raised concerns.

The lawmakers supporting the new measure have insisted that it being put in place solely to help the government prosecute criminals. They are adamant the law would not be used to spy on innocent people.

Lawmakers in the Netherlands have recently proposed a new law that would allow these changes as well. They have recently advocated for a controversial law that would allow them to take over the computers of any suspected cybercriminal. This authority would be extended even if the suspect was located outside of the country.

Michael Van Eeten, a cybersecurity expert at the University of Delft, has concerns about the new proposals. Van Eeten acknowledged that fighting cybercriminals in other jurisdictions can be very difficult. Law enforcement officials must coordinate with the police in the criminal’s jurisdiction. However, he thinks the new law will be overreaching.

Many countries that are havens for hackers have already protested the new law, stating that it violates their sovereignty. Van Eeten thinks they need to consider a different approach. Dutch lawmakers feel strongly though that something needs to be done.

The United States has recently proposed a new law that would bar imports on products that have been derived from stolen technology. This law has also created a number of challenges people will need to be aware of. Some people have said that it will not help relations with the United States and China. The United States government has said they have tried hard to resolve these challenges with the Chinese government through diplomacy, but their efforts have failed.

Implications of These Laws

Various governments are starting to crack down on cybercrime. Some of the laws that have been proposed may seem far reaching, but some variation of them is likely to be passed in the near future. A common theme among most of these laws is that governments are working across jurisdictions to fight hackers and cyber-espionage.

Anyone who is working in law enforcement will need to understand these changes and what implications they carry. Many people are considering pursuing a cyber forensics specialization degree online to better understand what changes these laws are going to carry.

What do you think about these new laws? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

About the Author: Kalen is a former mechanical engineer and freelance writer. He discusses the implications of public policy on technology quite often.

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Acquiring A Legal Marijuana Card Before You Break The Pot Laws


Have you been caught driving under the influence of marijuana?

If you have ever been arrested driving under the influence of marijuana, it is important that you find an attorney who can help you through the process of your DUI arrest. Whether your cannabis was lawfully possessed or not, California state prohibits drivers to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of any substance. This law mostly applies to those who drive under the influence of alcohol, but it not exclusive to that substance. All controlled substances fall under this law, including marijuana.

Marijuana DUI process
A skilled attorney will be able to defend a marijuana DUI much easier as compared to one involving alcohol. This is because there are no tests that can prove when marijuana entered the system and how much THC is actually in the body. Driving impairment caused by the substance has also not been proven, thus making it more difficult for the prosecution to make a case. A knowledgeable attorney knows that there is no scientific or proven evidence stating that marijuana in fact impairs driving abilities. If you have been arrested for marijuana DUI, it is very important that you get a good attorney to defend you during your case.

420 Doctors Los Angeles Review
There are some illnesses and conditions that will qualify you for a legal marijuana card. However, possessing a card does not mean you can get away with your DUI. If you want to look for a clinic where you can obtain a marijuana card, look through 420 Doctors Los Angeles reviews to find a legitimate medical practitioner. As there is over a thousand 420 doctor locations to legally purchase pot. However some medical doctors are more legit then others. So you need to read online reviews of doctors that perscribe medical marijuana card.

Here are some conditions that can qualify you for a medical pot card:

-Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), HIV infection
-Anorexia, Cachexia
-Chronic pain
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-Persistent muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis

How to get a medical marijuana card
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Here are the steps in acquiring a legal marijuana card:

1. Determine the hours of the doctor you want to see
2. Find out if the doctor accepts walk-in patients or only sees those who have scheduled an appointment
3. If the doctor requires an appointment be made, call the clinic and schedule one
4. Bring a valid ID and some of your medical records to your appointment
5. The doctor will give you an evaluation and see if you qualify for a marijuana card
6. If you do qualify, you will get a medical marijuana recommendation which you can use immediately

Many doctors give you an option of having a photo identification card. It is suggested that you choose one with your photograph on it so that you will have extra protection from law enforcement.
If you have ever been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, it is important that you look for an attorney who can navigate you through the process of a DUI. Look for law firms near you with attorneys specializing in DUI cases who can help you with your case.

Christopher J McCann is an Orange County DUI Criminal Defense Attorney at Law Offices of Christopher J McCannthat helps his clients facing marijuana drunk driving arrests. Mr. McCann writes for his two active blogs with helpful posts like How Does Marijuana Affect Driving.

marijuana Acquiring A Legal Marijuana Card Before You Break The Pot Laws

marijuana1 Acquiring A Legal Marijuana Card Before You Break The Pot Laws

marijuana2 Acquiring A Legal Marijuana Card Before You Break The Pot Laws

marijuana3 Acquiring A Legal Marijuana Card Before You Break The Pot Laws

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