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How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You


When we get broadband, we tend to go for companies that we know and packages that we feel rather than know are correct for us. Not many of us went through a proper sourcing process and often we bought off the headline rates rather than buying a package based on the fine.

how know internet wrong for How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

This article will look at the ways in which we can ascertain whether our current package is wrong for us so that we can know when we should leave. We’ll also begin by looking at how I check broadband speed in order to understand the performance of my connection.

How I Check Broadband Speed

Checking your broadband speed provides you with the ability to understand the level of performance of your connection in different parts of your home and when connected through an Ethernet cable.

I test broadband speed by jumping on to a website called I chose this website because it tests based on a server close to me and it provides a good user interface with a clear graphical display.

All I have to do is click begin and within 45 seconds I see my ping speed, my download speed, and then my upload speed. I check my broadband speed regularly so that I can understand what level of connection I’m getting and whether I’m seeing a deterioration in performance.

I also check my broadband speed at different times of the day and week, so that I can make sure that contention ratios, the number of people on the line at any one time, and traffic management are not impacting my broadband experience.

Indeed, this is the first way to know whether your broadband is correct for you. If you’re seeing underperformance on a regular basis, then it may be time for a change, but it really should be down to whether you can complete your everyday activities or not.

Speed May Be Of the Essence

When you bought a broadband package you were probably sold an up to speed on ADSL. This up to speed may have been up to 24mbps up to 16mbps, or even on some providers such as AOL up to 8mbps. This up to speed is the top level speed of the package and therefore, you’re unlikely to receive the speed. However, if you’re getting a half or two thirds of your up to speed, that is a issue but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily look to move your contract and that your internet package is wrong for you.

If you’re able to do activities such as streaming high definition movies, online gaming, watching YouTube, downloading emails, social networking, and everything that you want to do, then inherently the speed and performance is right for you, and then there’s other considerations you should look at.

If you find your experience limited in any of your activities, then perhaps an upgrade may be the way forward, but of course it is down to what technology and what providers are servicing your area. If you can get Virgin fibre optic broadband you’re pretty much guaranteed faster speeds than on any ADSL, or any other fibre optic broadband connection, but it is down to whether you can get it.

Your Data Allowances

One of the primary ways of knowing whether your package is right for you is by seeing if you are over using your data. If you constantly find yourself monitoring the amount of data you’ve used half way through the month, you probably should be looking for an upgrade.

This would signal that you don’t have enough data and that you’re worried about over consumption. Indeed, if you find yourself over consuming you may be charged extra fees. BT internet charge an extra £5 per 5 GB for data you consume above their limited packages.

If you are continuall finding yourself paying extra it may be that you need to bite the bullet and go for an unlimited package, and it may even save you money based on the reduction in overall costs from extra fees. Some good unlimited providers include BE broadband, Sky broadband, and BT broadband on their broadband unlimited packages.

Of course, many unlimited providers actually have fair usage caps on their policies which restrict the amount of data you can consume. So do ensure you understand the different policies of different providers before you sign up for a package.

Special Requirements

When I check broadband speed, I see ping, download speed and upload speed. Most of what we’ve looked at here is focused on download speed and download allowance. The reality is that ping and upload speed can also be important to you, especially if you do certain activities.

The ping rate on my speed test is 35m, and that is pretty good. However, if you have a ping rate above say 50ms or 100ms, you will have underperformance in certain activities. If you are a keen online gamer, for example, you’ll probably struggle to have a seamless journey through your games if you have a high ping rate. This is because ping dictates the response from the server and therefore, on server-based online games, you will have fuzzy, jittery and underperforming fun.

Similarly, video chat online is heavily dependent on the ping rate and if you don’t get the ping you require, you may find you don’t get the performance you want.

Upload Speed Requirements

If you spend a lot of time sending information up to the web as opposed to taking it down and viewing it, upload speed can be critical. I, myself spend a lot of time updating websites, which involves uploading a large number of files. This takes a big data allowance, but also a decent upload speed. At 1mbps, my speed probably isn’t sufficient to get really good performance, but it could be worse.

People who spend a lot of time sending photos up to Facebook, may also find that they get underperformance from their upload speed. Sending a 100 large photos could end up taking quite a lot of time.

How important upload speed is to your decision as to whether your broadband is right for you really comes down to how much its underperformance impinges on your life.

What to Do About It

If you do think “I need to check broadband speed” all the time and are monitoring your data allowances consistently, it may be time for a move.

A great way to find out about connections in your area is through a service provided by uSwitch, where you can check what speeds providers are offering in your area. Rather than just a broadband comparison of up to speeds, you can see the actual speeds that people have received on their tests. These speeds are taken where people share their speed test results anonymously in order to offer data on different providers. By using one of these services, you can quickly develop a shortlist of performers that have better upload, download or ping speeds for your needs. Then, it’s a matter of looking at fair usage and traffic management policies of different providers to ensure that you understand the actual makeup of the download limits and other costs involve in your package.

You should look out for additional hidden extras, such as line rental and fees for miscellaneous extras such as delivery of your router, installation costs, itemised billing and non-direct debit payments.

When Sam Jones’s neighbour had a problem with his internet, Phil advised him to check broadband speed. He also told him that if the problem continued that he might find a better deal with the help of price comparison sites like uSwitch

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Maintaining An Industrial Refridgeration Unit

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Maintaining An Industrial Refridgeration Unit


Now that your company’s goods and products are kept in a cool temperature-controlled environment to prevent your produces from deterioration, it’s important that you continually get the best out of your unit so that it provides the many years of consistent service. Following some of these simple guidelines will not only help towards this but help save money.

everything you ever wanted know Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Maintaining An Industrial Refridgeration Unit

Keep an eye on temperature

Firstly, it’s important to keep an eye on your temperature control, only cool to the temperature you need, every 1°C saved could reduce your energy consumption by two per cent. This in mind, it is essential that you don’t overfill your units. A unit will be most effective if it is not overfilled (there has to be room for the cool air to circulate).

Don’t overfill or obstruct

Products should not block or obstruct the airflow to and from the coolers in cold rooms, as this will increase energy consumption and compromise the temperature. For example, overloading display cabinets can increase their energy consumption by up to twenty per cent.

Keep doors closed

A simple, but easy mistake to make is keeping the doors closed, make sure doors aren’t left open for longer than absolutely necessary. This sounds simple, but means that loading and unloading tasks have to be carefully organised (Also, make sure all doors on a unit have well-fitting seals that are fully intact).

The location

The location of the unit can be a factor, where possible, keep refrigeration units far away from any sources of heat. For example; you need to leave space around the unit’s vents so it can draw in and expel air.

Keep it clean

It’s as important to properly clean your industrial refrigeration unit as it is your own refrigerator at home. Wipe down shelves, racks, tables, and other storage areas on a regular basis, using the appropriate strength cleaners for the job. Be sure to clean before and after placing new food items in the storage areas. This prevents the contamination of new foodstuffs from the potential residue of the old.

Not in use

When the unit is not in use or outside of trading hours, make sure any lights inside the unit are switched off.

Loading products

Furthermore, it is important to make sure your product that is going to be loaded into the cold store hasn’t warmed up by being left in an ambient temperature area.

Here are just a few more features to look at for keeping a safe and well maintained unit

  • Do not switch off the main power supply
  • Ensure that only qualified engineers have access to the control panel
  • Minimise door openings to maintain temperature and avoid ingress of humid air
  • Check your operating instruction as these must be adhered to at all times
  • Ensure that the unit is at the required temperature before loading the product
  • The exact time to achieve the required product temperature will depend on the type of product being chilled and its entry temperature

James writes for AHR portable cold storage. When not writing, he can often be found trying to cram things inside his decidedly un-industrial fridge.

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Is Your Information About DUI Correct? Know The Facts!

Is Your Information About DUI Correct? Know The Facts!


One of the most common criminal cases reported is Driving Under the Influence or DUI. Just as it is popular, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Sadly, there are plenty of people who have been arrested for DUI are unaware of their rights and end up focusing on misconceptions when dealing with their case. They neglect to hire DUI lawyers, resulting in inadequate legal representation, as well as unfair and unjust penalties even if they are innocent. These misconceptions have caused a lot of problems for many drivers and you must know the facts to be prepared in the event you are accused of DUI.

information about dui correct know Is Your Information About DUI Correct? Know The Facts!

People Accused Of DUI Are Always Guilty

A majority of people believe that when they are arrested, they must have truly done something wrong. This is a problem in DUI cases because many people are made to feel this way even though the law does not function this way. Remember that being accused of DUI is not yet a conviction and you deserve the right to be penalized fairly. As such, you are innocent until proven guilty and the best way to prove your innocence is with the help of a DUI lawyer.

DUI Cases Are Never Won

Only people who are unaware of their rights and do not seek the assistance of a reliable lawyer often end up pleading guilty to a DUI charge. Sadly, such people usually have very weak evidence against them, but as police officers can be quite convincing, they often believe that their case can not be won.

No Need To Worry As DUI Is Just A Minor Offense

You must have noticed that DUI laws have gotten tougher every passing year as increased penalties have been enforced. Considering the seriousness of DUI in the country, you need to understand that it is crucial to understand the proper legal process from the moment you have been stopped for DUI and rights you have.

DUI Cases Are Just Like Any Criminal Case

The law applied to DUI is very different from other areas of law. If a police officer stops you, he must have probable cause for doing so. This probable cause means that the police officer must have some reason to believe that you are breaking the law. So even if you had a drink or two, but still manage to drive properly without giving any signs that you are partially impaired, a police officer will not have any probable cause to pull you over, unless of course there are sobriety checkpoints and the police officer smells your breath, prompting a breathalyzer test.

DUI Cases Are All The Same

All DUI cases will differ in some ways. It is a very huge mistake to assume that all DUI cases are alike. As every person is different, every situation and the circumstances leading to your DUI arrest will be different. Though prosecutors usually follow a certain pattern when proving their case, a reliable lawyer specializing in DUI can easily eliminate that to prove your side.

The law is complicated and you will need years of study and training to pass the licensure exam before you are deemed completely knowledgeable. When you are charged with DUI, avoid listening to people who think they know everything about the law. If you want the hard facts to help you out, hire a trustworthy DUI lawyer.

Valerie Benson is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal topics. She primarily offers information about DUI and its legal process, but she recommends Suhre Law & Associates for reliable and well experienced legal assistance in DUI cases.

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Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail


So you got arrested for DUI, and since it is only your first offense, you feel somewhat confident and assured that the penalties will not be that strict. After all, there are more hardened criminals to go after, so why should they waste time and energy on your first DUI offense, right?

post bail Four Things You Should Know Before Deciding Not To Post Bail

To Post Bail or Not?

When you are taken to jail for booking, you will be advised that you can post bail if you want to get out of prison as soon as possible. If you have the money to post bail, then go ahead. You are going to get it back after your trial. However, if you do not have the money to post bail, then hire a bail bond agent who can post bail on your behalf. They take 10% of the bail amount though as their fee, so that will be additional money out of your pockets. Once you post bail, you can get out of prison and prepare for your court appearance.

Depending upon your total bail amount, that 10% can be huge. If you decide to be a cheapskate and not post bail, that’s okay. Know though that you will have to spend some time in the holding cell before you appear for your court hearing.

Not Posting Bail?

Before you decide not to post bail, here are four things that you should know.

One, court dates are scheduled by the clerk’s office. Depending upon the number of arrests made the night you were arrested and depending upon the severity of your case, you could be out of the holding cell the morning after. You will only have to spend one night in jail, saving you money on bail costs. However, if you were arrested on a Friday night or on a weekend, you will have to spend more time in the holding cell until you get your schedule for your court date. Will you be able to tolerate being in prison that long?

Two, depending upon the holding cells in your area, you will either get to spend your time in a single-person cell or a multiple-person cell. Lucky you if they put you in a single-person cell. You will not have to worry about other inmates, some of whom can be downright rude, disruptive, and troublesome. However, if they put you in a multi-person cell and you know you are going to be in there for a while, will you risk your safety and wellbeing?

Three, most prisons do not offer the best amenities; some of them do not even give you basic items such as toilet paper and shampoo. If you decide not to post bail, knowing you will be there for a while, then be prepared for the lack of these items. Plus, holding cells are pretty cold, so ask your family members or friends to bring you extra sweaters or jackets to keep you warmer.

Four, you also have to consider the inmates. What if they are rowdy, scary, creepy troublemakers who love harassing people?

Holding cells are not fun, so before you decide not to post bail, think of these four things.

Jennifer Dallas is a freelance content provider for law-related blogs as well as parenting sites. If you find yourself in legal trouble, she recommends visiting for options.

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Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them


Whether we realize it or not, precious stones have a perpetual spot in our hearts and minds. Be it through grandma’s most precious emerald brooch or your dad’s first diamond studded watch, or your dream solitaire. But do we ever realize that there could be so much more to our favorite gemstones than just joyful nostalgia or wishful thinking? From granting invisibility to absorbing all negativity, we give you the special significance of seven of the most famous gems and how you can wear or gift them.

1)   Sapphire

famous gemstones Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

Many cultures believe that Sapphire protects its wearers from accidents and natural calamities. The stone is also said to soothe the harrowed mind. Many people (especially soon-to-be married couples) are choosing sapphire over diamond as it is cheaper, without falling short of beauty and quality. Sapphire is also said to symbolize the eternal fire of love. It seemed to be Princess Diana’s preferred stone too. She wore it as a sapphire-diamond ring. You can do the same, as wedding bands or anniversary or birthday gifts. Sapphire rings look stunning on not just women, but men too!

2)   Ruby

famous gemstones1 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

A cousin to Sapphire, very few things are as mesmerizing as the Ruby. Ruby is as strong as it is beautiful (it is the second hardest natural mineral). Ruby is often considered as the stone of contentment, and is regarded as a symbol of success, passion, loyalty and sincerity. It is also said to offer insight and ward off negativity. This stone looks perfectly elegant on women and just as royal on men. Rubies set in elegantly cast gold earrings or necklaces for women, and heavy set silver rings for men symbolize the very epitome of grandeur.

3)   Onyx

famous gemstones2 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

The Onyx effortlessly exudes simplicity, edge and a dark charisma. Onyx is said to be the separator. It separates the bad from the good, the darkness from the light, grief from happiness. In olden times, Onyx was considered to grant its wearer with sharp senses, stealth and invisibility. Of late, this stone seems to be a growing favorite among many men due to this its perfect balance of boldness and class. For the perfect anniversary or birthday gift for him, look no further than an Onyx ring set in sterling silver.  

4)   Emerald

famous gemstones3 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

The rich green color of the Emerald instantly brings to mind prosperity. However in ancient cultures, this stone was considered as a symbol of stability and genuine affection. It is also said to make the brain sharper. The lush color of this stone also greatly represents “eternal spring” and was Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. The beauty of Emeralds is that they look grand set in anything- be it gold or silver jewelry. An emerald brooch set in silver is the perfect gift to make the lady feel like the perfect queen, while gold and emerald cufflinks or an emerald set in a gold ring makes the man a king to match.

5)   Diamond

famous gemstones4 Know Your Precious Stones. Special Significances Of 7 Most Famous Gemstones And How To Use Them

The world’s hardest substance, the purest form of carbon, a girl’s best friend; diamond is the crown prince of all positive superlatives. And it deserves every bit of it all. Because diamonds are so clear and pure, it comes as no surprise that it is believed to be a symbol of purity, thus becoming the symbol for the purest form of emotions- love. This explains why it is the most preferred stone for the holy bond of matrimony. That, and the fact that they can be carried off by both the sexes with equal panache, in almost every form- right from watches to solitaires to even pens! After all, who can resist these sparkly little splinters of stars fallen from up above.

Josh Ferdinand designs fashion jewelry and is extremely good at that. In today’s post, he has shed light on some of the most precious gemstones in the world and has also talked about their significance.

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Emergency Room Misdiagnosis: Know Your Rights

Emergency Room Misdiagnosis: Know Your Rights


Emergency room misdiagnosis usually occurs when attending physicians do not realize that a patient may have a certain medical problem. Instead, the doctor makes a wrong diagnosis, sending the patient off with an incorrect treatment plan. Sometimes, patients could suffer additional injuries or complications as a result of wrong or inadequate treatment. Some of these instances result in becoming unnecessarily catastrophic situations, such as the loss of a limb or a fatality.


Unfortunately, sometimes rushed emergency room doctors do not take enough time to get differential diagnoses right. They could fail to refer to or rule out particular problems like appendicitis after ignoring symptoms that match with a correct diagnosis. Another way that these emergency room misdiagnoses occur is when intake nurses, doctors and hospital triage units do not make note of all relevant symptoms. They could neglect to ensure that a complete and adequate patient history is taken.

A hospital emergency room may also not be aware of certain types of cognitive or mental problems existing that could signal an impending or ongoing stroke, assuming that a patient could be slow due to other reasons. For example, those suffering from automobile accidents may receive care that only addresses obvious injuries from an accident, as opposed to addressing the more serious yet subtle effects that could also occur. In these cases, a situation involving a traumatic brain injury could pose much more serious threats. Whether you’re filing a malpractice case in San Diego or you need a medical malpractice lawyer in Syracuse NY, you will be informed that when medical circumstances such as these are not addressed quickly enough, there is a good chance that irreversible harm could occur to the patient as a result. There are also times that a misdiagnosis in an emergency room result in the patient being sent home, when monitoring them more fully could have saved their lives.

Preventing Medical Malpractice

The most important way to prevent medical errors is for you or a loved one to become an active participant in the health care team. This means being aware of how every decision is made about your health care. Patients involved in their own care always tend to get better overall results. For example, ensure that every doctor is aware of all of the prescription and over the counter medications and dietary supplements you are taking. Keep a list of these items and their doses with you at all times – perhaps in your wallet. In this way, you can either easily produce them or they could be found and submitted to emergency room doctors. This information could be critical in determining how doctors will render your care. Also ensure that the doctor is informed of any allergies or adverse reactions you may have had to any form of medicine. Keep this information along with doses of medications and vitamin supplements.

Patient Rights

It is always unfortunate to receive a misdiagnosis in any scenario. The results can cause more complications since the illness or injury will not get the proper attention in time. This can also create much more complicated medical issues to resolve. Sometimes, these medical errors can cause medical conditions that can never be reversed, including fatalities.

If you suspect that you or a loved one received a misdiagnosis, contact a personal injury lawyer specializing in medical malpractice as soon as possible. They will evaluate the case and offer guidance on how to proceed. In these cases, should it be found that malpractice occurred, patients can receive compensation for pain, suffering, medical bills and other expenses.

Being aggressively involved in her elderly parents’ care gives freelance writer, Nadine Swayne, the insight to contribute this article.  Bottar Leone, PLLC is a medical malpractice lawyer in Syracuse NY that has, for almost 30 years,  limited its practice to prosecuting complex personal injury cases for injured or disabled patients. They will be able to help you and your loved one receive the compensation deserved after an unfortunate medical misdiagnosis.

emergency room Emergency Room Misdiagnosis: Know Your Rights

Photo Credit: MilitaryHealth (CC BY 2.0)

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Holiday DUI Checkpoints: Know Your Rights

Holiday DUI Checkpoints: Know Your Rights


There’s no doubt that law enforcement steps up their DUI enforcement efforts over the holidays, but what many drivers don’t realize is that a great number of DUI arrests are actually made at DUI checkpoints as opposed to roadside traffic stops. DUI checkpoints can be placed almost anywhere, and if you run into one, there will be no place to hide.

What is a DUI Checkpoint?

A DUI checkpoint is essentially a roadblock that is set up by law enforcement agencies to look for intoxicated drivers. At such checkpoints, officers will stop each vehicle as it passes through to look for signs of impairment, including slurred speech, glassy eyes, the odor of alcohol and open containers. In most cases, officers will also ask drivers for identification in the form of a driver’s license, and they may also check for proper insurance and vehicle registration information.

What are Your Rights at a DUI Checkpoint?

There are a number of rights you have upon entering a DUI checkpoint, but what many drivers don’t realize is that they actually have the right to turn away before entering a checkpoint as long as proper road laws are obeyed.

If you choose to enter the checkpoint, you need to know that law enforcement may not conduct a search of your vehicle without probable cause. Essentially, as long as there is no proof that a crime has been committed, your vehicle can not be searched. If you are asked to take a chemical breath test at the checkpoint, you also have the right to refuse, but this may result in the immediate loss of your driver’s license and an arrest.

Answering Questions

Another important right that drivers have at DUI checkpoints and during any other interactions with law enforcement is the right to remain silent. For instance, if you look at local DUI site such as, the information listed suggests to not answer any questions and that you do not have to incriminate yourself. If an officer is asking you whether you have had anything to drink, you do not need to answer the question, even if you have. Keep in mind that refusing to answer questions may cause officers to use intimidating tactics that are designed to get you to speak, but if you choose not to respond, then you do not have to.

If You’ve Been Arrested

If you’ve been arrested at a DUI checkpoint during the holidays or during any other time of the year, you should seek out the services of a DUI attorney as soon as possible. Additionally, you should make a mental note of everything that took place during your arrest, including the officers involved, the time, the location and whether any witnesses were present. This will help your lawyer to offer you defense strategies to help you beat your charges in court.

Finally, always remember that while you have rights when interacting with law enforcement, they also have a job to do. If you’ve been drinking and you’ve chosen to drive, you will eventually get caught, and as mentioned, DUI checkpoints can be found virtually anywhere. In order to avoid the possibility of being arrested for a DUI, always drink responsibly, and if you have to get somewhere after you’ve been drinking, find a sober driver or take public transportation – whatever you do, don’t drive drunk.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer who contributes this DUI information and advice to stress to think of your family and not to drink and drive over the Holidays.  The law offices of Katz and Phillips, P.A. strongly suggest if you do partake in the Holiday celebrations, be responsible.  If you need tips on safe driving, will have some good points to keep your Holidays accident free.

dui checkpoint Holiday DUI Checkpoints: Know Your Rights

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Pradaxa and You: What You Need to Know

Pradaxa and You: What You Need to Know


Pradaxa (dabigatran) is a relatively new blood thinning medication that is commonly prescribed to prevent stroke in people that have arterial fibrillation (a-fib) that is not associated with a heart valve leak. Pradaxa first became available to the American public in October 2010. It was previously approved for use in Europe in 2008.

What is Pradaxa?

At first, Pradaxa was seen as having better results that Warafin, the most commonly used blood thinner on the market. Initial testing of the product seemed to show that there was low incidence of side effects when used.

However, less than six months after the medication went into full sales to the public, reports began to surface of bleeding issues related to the use of the product. By December of 2011, a full investigation was underway by the FDA for “serious bleeding events” related to the medication and would start a flood of Pradaxa lawsuit filings by the public.

Pradaxa has been associated with the following negative side effects:

• Spontaneous internal bleeding

• Gastrointestinal bleeding

• Excessive bruising

• Bleeding from the brain

• Renal failure

• Stroke

• Death

These adverse effects are more common in patients over 75 years of age. Sadly, this group of people is also in the largest percentage of people who use this medication.

The FDA has stated that Pradaxa, in the first year of its availability to the public, had more reports of problems than any other medication in history. These events included:

• 2367 hemorrhaging events

• 644 Strokes attributed to the medication itself

• 542 deaths

• 291 cases of acute renal failure

• 200 cerebral bleeding events

It should also be taken into account that many doctors fail to report adverse effects of a medication to the FDA.

Additionally, it was discovered that medications and techniques used to stop bleeding events in patients that took other blood thinning medications had absolutely no effect on Pradaxa. Once any type of bleeding event starts on patients taking Pradaxa, it cannot be stopped. This inability to stop any reaction to the medication is what is leading to such high incidence of death and other injuries.

Talking To Your Doctor

If you are being treated for arterial fibrillation and your doctor recommends Pradaxa, it is in your best interest to request more information prior to beginning this type of medication regiment. Discuss with your doctor if the side effects of this medication outweigh the benefits, and ask if there are alternative medications that may be more beneficial to your condition.

Legal Issues and Pradaxa

In August 2012, a U.S. Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) was formed to handle the amount of cases being filed against the makers of Pradaxa. Recently, the court announced that an initial trial date was set for August 2014. This court date surprised many since it was less than two years from the establishment of the MDL. In most cases, a trial date can take five or more years before it is heard by the judge.

Many people will need some medication at one point in their lives.  Always talk to your doctor regarding the medication, possible side effects and interactions with any other of your prescriptions.  It is also important to do your own research so you can be the educated patient and consumer.

Nadine Swayne, a freelance writer on business and legal topics contributes this article in the interest of patient health. Exposure to health damages or death from a prescription medicine can be devastating but, with an experienced and empathetic attorney from the firm of Doyle Raizner LLP, they will help you handle your Pradaxa lawsuit to ensure your family and loved one gets the proper compensation to begin the healing process.

pills white rabbit Pradaxa and You: What You Need to Know

Photo Credit: Erich Ferdinand (CC BY 2.0)

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What to Know about Epstein-Barr Virus

What to Know about Epstein-Barr Virus


Epstein-Barr virus aka EBV, is a member of the Herpesvirus family, together with Herpes Simplex and Herpes Zoster and is one of the most common human viruses. Usually infection with EBV occurs during adolescence or young adulthood. Later can cause infectious mononucleosis. Like with other herpes family viruses, it is not exactly known what activates the virus. Sometimes is this virus known as so called “kissing disease”. Infectious Mononucleosis is a viral infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and can nest in any body organ. It is a DNA herpes-type virus that infects B lymphocytes in a first phase. Persons with infectious mononucleosis may be able to spread the infection to others for a period of weeks. However, no special precautions or isolation procedures are recommended, since the virus is also found frequently in the saliva of healthy people. In fact, many healthy people can carry and spread the virus intermittently for life.
Symptoms of infectious mononucleosis are fever, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands. Sometimes, a swollen spleen or liver involvement may develop. Heart problems or involvement of the central nervous system occurs only rarely, and infectious mononucleosis is almost never fatal.
People with viral diseases like herpes is can benefit from a diet high in lysine and low in arginine ratio. The following table is a good start-up point for what you should eat. The higher the ratio than the food is more suitable.

Weight (gm) Lys (mg) Arg (mg) Ratio Lys/Arg
Margarine 14.1 9 3 3.000
Plain Yogurt 227 706 237 2.979
Fruit Yogurt, lowfat 227 810 272 2.978
Plain Yogurt, skim 227 1160 391 2.967
Plain Yogurt, lowfat 227 1060 359 2.953
Swiss Cheese 28 733 263 2.787
Gruyere Cheese 28 768 276 2.783
Edam Cheese 28 754 273 2.762
American Cheese Spread 28 427 155 2.755
Gouda Cheese 28 752 273 2.755
Whey, dry, sweet 7.5 77 28 2.750
Blue Cheese 28 526 202 2.604
Provolone Cheese 28 750 290 2.586
Papaya 454 76 30 2.533
Brie Cheese 28 525 208 2.524
Camermbert Cheese 28 501 199 2.518
Parmesan Cheese 28 937 373 2.512
Parmesan Cheese, grated 5 192 77 2.494
Gjetost Cheese 28 231 93 2.484
Goat Milk 244 708 291 2.433
Brick Cheese 28 602 248 2.427
Muenster Cheese 28 606 250 2.424
Beets 136 72 30 2.400
Limburger Cheese 28 475 198 2.399
Tilsit Cheese 28 578 241 2.398
Port du salut Cheese 28 563 235 2.396
Processed Swiss Cheese 28 696 293 2.375
Cream Cheese 28 192 81 2.370
Mozzarella Cheese, part s 28 699 295 2.369
Processed American Cheese 28 623 263 2.369
Mozzarella Cheese 28 559 236 2.369
Neufchatel Cheese 28 253 107 2.364
Butter 14.1 9 4 2.250
Colby Cheese 28 561 254 2.209
Monterey Jack Cheese 28 578 262 2.206
Cheshire Cheese 28 551 250 2.204
Cheddar Cheese 28 588 267 2.202
Buttermilk 245 679 309 2.197
Skim Milk 245 663 302 2.195
Half and Half Cream 242 568 259 2.193
Sherbet 193 171 78 2.192
Condensed Milk, sweetened 306 1920 876 2.192
Chocolate Milk 250 629 287 2.192
Nonfat Milk, dry 120 3440 1570 2.191
Lowfat Milk, 2% 244 644 294 2.190
Evaporated Milk 126 681 311 2.190
Ice Cream 133 381 174 2.190
Whole Milk 244 637 291 2.189
Whole Milk, dry 128 2670 1220 2.189
Nonfat Milk, dry, instant 68 1890 864 2.188
Ice Milk 131 409 187 2.187
Whipping Cream, heavy 238 387 177 2.186
Evaporated Milk, skim 128 763 349 2.186
Whipping Cream, light 239 411 188 2.186
Ice Cream, rich 148 327 150 2.180
Mango 300 85 39 2.179
Whipped Cream, pressurize 60 152 70 2.171
Apricot 114 103 48 2.146
Coffee Cream 15 32 15 2.133
Apple 150 17 8 2.125
Ricotta Cheese 246 3290 1550 2.123
Ricotta Cheese, part skim 246 3320 1570 2.115
Pear, dried 175 116 56 2.071
Eggnog 254 758 378 2.005
Applesauce, unsweetened 244 24 12 2.000
Crabapple, slices 110 28 14 2.000
Loquat 16 2 1 2.000
Apple, dried 64 37 19 1.947
Pear 180 23 12 1.917
Apricot, dried 35 89 49 1.816
Cottage Cheese, creamed 210 2120 1190 1.782
Cottage Cheese, Lowfat 2% 226 2510 1410 1.780
Cottage Cheese, dry 145 2020 1140 1.772
Fig, dried 189 228 131 1.740
Fig 65 19 11 1.727
Human Milk 246 168 105 1.600
Avocado 272 189 119 1.588
Salmon 85 1550 1000 1.550
Swordfish 85 1550 1000 1.550
Haddock 85 1480 961 1.540
Smelt 85 1380 897 1.538
Snapper 85 1600 1040 1.538
Pollock 85 1520 989 1.537
Eel 85 1440 938 1.535
Catfish 85 1420 925 1.535
Anchovy, in oit, drained 20 531 346 1.535
Whitefish 85 1490 971 1.535
Tuna, in water 165 4480 2920 1.534
Cod 85 1390 906 1.534
Flat fish, flounder and s 85 1470 959 1.533
Mackerel 85 1450 946 1.533
Shark 85 1640 1070 1.533
Carp 85 1390 907 1.533
Pike 85 1500 979 1.532
Herring 85 1400 914 1.532
Sardines, in oil, drained 24 542 354 1.531
Bass 85 1380 902 1.530
Perch 85 1450 948 1.530
Bluefish 85 1560 1020 1.529
Halibut 85 1620 1060 1.528
Tomato 123 41 27 1.519
Turnips 130 47 31 1.516
Tomato juice 243 54 36 1.500
Soybean sprouts 70 386 266 1.451
Canadian Style Bacon 454 7370 5100 1.445
Wild pheasant 371 7470 5240 1.426
Pork Spareribs 454 4730 3340 1.416
Tomato paste 262 282 200 1.410
Liver cheese 28 334 237 1.409
Chicken, dark meat, w/o s 109 1860 1320 1.409
Chicken, light meat w/o s 88 1730 1230 1.407
Chicken neck 79 298 212 1.406
Summer sausage 23 318 228 1.395
Pineapple 155 39 28 1.393
Pork leg 454 7550 5530 1.365
Pork loin chop 151 1950 1430 1.364
Pork Shoulder 454 7140 5240 1.363
Potato 150 190 140 1.357
Chicken breast 181 2500 1870 1.337
Cream of Mushroom soup 244 127 95 1.337
Turkey noodle soup 244 212 159 1.333
Celery 120 32 24 1.333
Chicken drumstick 110 1160 872 1.330
Potato, baking 202 283 214 1.322
Beef Flank steak 454 7270 5500 1.322
Chicken gumbo 244 161 122 1.320
Chicken noodle soup 241 219 166 1.319
Beef Round steak 454 7320 5550 1.319
Beef noodle soup 244 261 198 1.318
Vegetable w/beef soup 244 344 261 1.318
Cream of Asparagus soup 244 112 85 1.318
Porterhouse steak 454 6560 4980 1.317
Beef T-bone steak 454 6330 4810 1.316
Beef Sirloin steak 454 6880 5230 1.315
Knockwurst 68 634 482 1.315
Beef Rib roast 454 6050 4600 1.315
Beef Short ribs 454 5430 4130 1.315
Beef Chuck roast 454 6900 5250 1.314
Beef Tenderloin 454 6990 5320 1.314
Persimmon 200 55 42 1.310
Squash, summer 130 85 65 1.308
Chicken leg 231 2470 1890 1.307
Chicken, light meat 116 1920 1470 1.306
Ham, boneless 454 6750 5170 1.306
Chicken canned, boned 142 2500 1920 1.302
Turkey, dark meat 152 2620 2020 1.297
Cream of chicken soup 244 215 166 1.295
Chicken heart 6.1 79 61 1.295
Turkey, light meat 180 3540 2740 1.292
Bratwurst, ckd 85 910 706 1.289
Turkey, canned boned 142 3040 2360 1.288
Italian sausage, ckd 67 1020 792 1.288
Pork sausage 28 252 196 1.286
Wild quail 405 6660 5180 1.286
Chicken thigh 120 1310 1020 1.284
Chicken, dark meat 160 2150 1680 1.280
Goose, domesticated 320 4010 3150 1.273
Pork and beef sausage 13 141 111 1.270
Bologna, beef and pork 28 250 198 1.263
Peach, dried 130 151 120 1.258
Black bean soup 247 415 331 1.254
Bean w/ frankfurters soup 250 415 331 1.254
Peach 115 20 16 1.250
Corned Beef, brisket 454 5100 4100 1.244
Pastrami 28 375 302 1.242
Bologna, beef 28 254 205 1.239
Frankfurter, beef 45 389 314 1.239
Ground beef, regular 113 1560 1260 1.238
Cream of celery soup 244 73 59 1.237
Ground beef, lean 113 1670 1350 1.237
Chicken liver 32 35 352 1.236
Duck liver 44 624 505 1.236
Turkey liver 102 1540 1250 1.232
Mortadella 28 358 291 1.230
Goose liver 94 1160 943 1.230
Plum 5.5 90 74 1.216
Green beans 110 97 80 1.213
Chicken back 177 1090 900 1.211
Beef smoked, chopped 28 467 386 1.210
Pork Bacon 454 2900 2400 1.208
Beef, dried 28 673 557 1.208
Brotwurst 28 323 268 1.205
Polish sausage 28 315 262 1.202
Salami, hard 10 182 152 1.197
Bologna, pork 28 341 285 1.196
Chicken wing 90 698 585 1.193
Braunschweiger 28 258 217 1.189
Duck, domesticated 287 2610 2210 1.181
Lentil sprouts 77 548 470 1.166
Lettuce, romaine 56 58 50 1.160
Lettuce, iceberg 75 60 52 1.154
Caviar, black and red 16 293 254 1.154
Cauliflower 100 108 96 1.125
Vienna sausage 16 127 113 1.124
Liver 113 1570 1420 1.106
Guava 112 21 19 1.105
New England Clam Chowder 244 251 229 1.096
Cream of potato soup 244 83 76 1.092
Spinach 55 98 90 1.089
Kale 67 132 123 1.073
Chicken rice soup 241 251 234 1.073
Kielbasa 28 286 267 1.071
Frankfurter, beef and por 45 407 382 1.065
Whole Egg 50 410 388 1.057
Egg White 33 206 195 1.056
Whole Egg, dried 5 155 147 1.054
Watermelon 160 99 94 1.053
Cabbage, chinese 70 62 59 1.051
Corn 154 210 200 1.050
Sweet potato 130 105 100 1.050
Turnip greens 55 54 52 1.038
Abalone 85 1090 1060 1.028
Oysters 84 444 433 1.025
Clams 180 1720 1680 1.024
Scallops 85 1060 1040 1.019
Banana 175 55 54 1.019
Asparagus 134 194 192 1.010
Oat flakes 48 583 579 1.007
Mayonnaise 185 1400 1400 1.000
Vegetarian vegetable soup 241 99 99 1.000
Beet greens 38 20 20 1.000
Endive 50 32 32 1.000
Leeks 124 97 97 1.000
Pumpkin 245 96 96 1.000
Shrimp 85 1500 1510 0.993
Crab 85 1350 1360 0.993
pea soup w/ham 253 696 703 0.990
Lima beans, cooked 170 765 775 0.987
Egg Yolk 17 189 193 0.979
Okra 100 82 84 0.976
Broccoli 88 124 128 0.969
Chicken gizzard 37 465 484 0.961
Strawberries 149 37 39 0.949
Collards 186 140 72 0.931
Minestrone soup 241 183 198 0.924
Carrots 110 44 48 0.917
Dates 83 50 55 0.909
Peppers, sweet 100 38 42 0.905
Radish 45 16 18 0.889
Watercress 104 172 200 0.860
Swiss chard 36 36 42 0.857
Eggplant 82 42 50 0.840
Tomato soup 244 51 61 0.836
Cabbage, common 70 40 48 0.833
Wheat germ 180 1330 1790 0.743
Peas, green 146 463 625 0.741
Brussels sprouts 88 130 178 0.730
Tangerine 116 27 37 0.730
Orange 180 62 85 0.729
Onions, green 100 4 6 0.667
Mushrooms 70 48 72 0.667
Cucumber 104 22 36 0.611
Wheat granules 28.4 101 169 0.598
Corn grits 242 68 114 0.596
Snails 85 1250 2100 0.595
Wheat, shredded 23.6 79 133 0.594
Wheat flakes 33 101 171 0.591
Cream of wheat 251 98 166 0.590
Pistachios, shelled 128 1640 2790 0.588
Corn, puffed 28.4 65 112 0.580
Wheat, puffed 12 49 85 0.576
Squash, winter 205 902 1590 0.567
Bran flakes 47 177 314 0.564
Elderberries 145 38 68 0.559
Plantain 148 89 160 0.556
Oats, puffed 28.4 175 320 0.547
Oatmeal 234 78 147 0.531
Cashews 160 246 470 0.523
Chestnuts, fresh 160 246 470 0.523
Rice, puffed 14 38 73 0.521
Yams 200 89 191 0.466
Pumpkin seeds & squash 140 2530 5570 0.454
Garlic 3 8 19 0.421
Macadamia nuts 134 434 1200 0.362
Blackberries 145 17 49 0.347
Blueberries 145 17 49 0.347
Onions, mature 160 90 262 0.344
Grapes, slip skin 153 13 42 0.310
Grapes, adherent skin 160 24 78 0.308
Peanuts 144 1450 5050 0.287
Peanut butter 15 176 613 0.287
Coconut, shredded 80 118 437 0.270
Almonds 142 946 3540 0.267
Rutabaga 140 55 207 0.266
Pecans 108 315 1190 0.265
Sesame seeds 150 1240 4990 0.248
Hickory nuts 15 70 298 0.235
Brazil nuts 140 757 3350 0.226
Tahini 15 82 378 0.217
Grape juice 253 25 119 0.210
Tangerine juice 247 17 84 0.202
Pine nuts 28 256 1330 0.192
Orange juice 248 22 117 0.188
Hazelnuts 135 459 2480 0.185
Walnuts 100 466 2520 0.185


1 What to Know about Epstein Barr Virus

2 What to Know about Epstein Barr Virus

3 What to Know about Epstein Barr Virus

4 What to Know about Epstein Barr Virus

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