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Snow Days? How To Keep The Kids Busy

Snow Days? How To Keep The Kids Busy


allpics snow and kids Snow Days? How To Keep The Kids Busy

Snow Days? How To Keep The Kids Busy

For many parts of the country this year, even the Deep South, winter is upon us more fiercely than in past years. Just about every state in the nation (except perhaps Hawaii) is experiencing the effects of too much snow, excessively cold temperatures or both. At this time of year, it is almost inevitable to have to endure a snow day. When schools and businesses are closed, what on earth will you do to keep the kids entertained?

Invite the Neighbors for Cocoa and Board Games

When all the fun of playing in the snow wears off, or your kids just get too cold to stay outside any longer, invite the neighborhood children inside for hot cocoa and games. If you don’t mind a few wet snowsuits and boots in your vestibulSorry (51/365)e, bring the kids inside and warm them up with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Put away the iPods, iPads, and smartphones for a day of unplugged fun. Get all your “old-fashioned” board games together on the living room floor, at the dining room table, or in front of the cozy fireplace and let the games begin.

Older kids can challenge each other to a game of Monopoly while younger kids can play simple card games like Go Fish or Old Maid. Candy Land and the Memory Game are usually popular with preschoolers and younger children, as well as learning toys, such as ride-ons and musical tables – or toddler toys like http://www.kidsii.com/brightstarts/c-142-toddler-toys.aspx that promote creative thinking or the development of motor skills.

Arts and Crafts

What holiday is coming up next? Depending on when you have your next snow day, bring out all the art supplies and let the kids make cards and decorations for the next holiday. For Valentine’s Day, help them decorate old shoe boxes that they can take to school and collect class Valentine cards and goodies. For St. Patrick’s Day, let the munchkins make green leprechaun hats out of felt or even poster board that they can wear to an upcoming local parade.

Check online for arts and crafts ideas for simple projects you can make using objects and supplies you already have around the house, since chances are you won’t be able to drive anywhere on snow-covered roads.

Bake Cookies

Busy kids will be hungry for snacks very soon. What better way to make treats to go with all that hot cocoa than to bake something? Baking cookies can be a great way to practice math skills (measuring ingredients), motor skills (stirring, cutting out shapes), time keeping, and ofEmily plays dress up course, the creativity of frosting and decorating the cookies once they cool from the oven.

Direct a Play

Kids love to play dress-up and make up lines to say in their very own performances. Open up the attic or the closet full of old Halloween and dance recital costumes and watch as their imaginations run wild. Encourage the kids to assign roles to everyone, no matter what their age, practice their lines and rehearse entrances onto the pretend stage. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

With the polar vortex – one of the coldest Arctic occurrences in more than 20 years – still spinning around the Northern Hemisphere, you might want to be prepared for the next snow day in your area of the country. Like hurricanes and tornadoes, these extremely cold winter storms now have names, and the next one is lurking just around the corner, ready to wreak havoc on roadways and create air travel delays. Stay inside so you are safe from frigid temperatures and icy streets and keep everyone entertained and occupied for hours on end.

Bundled snug and safe against the chilly winds whipping through North Carolina, writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is grateful for creative, inexpensive ideas to keep everyone in the house happy and content.

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Mass Shootings: Is Violence on the Rise in Schools Today?

Mass Shootings: Is Violence on the Rise in Schools Today?


AOE SCHOOL CRISIS Mass Shootings: Is Violence on the Rise in Schools Today?

Mass Shootings: Is Violence on the Rise in Schools Today?

School shootings are becoming an increasingly common aspect of life, but this is not something that people should simply get used to. It seems we hear in the news all too often there has been another shooting at a school or a child has been arrested for taking a gun to school. It is important for schools nationwide to take a closer look at their security and take measures to help prevent these potentially deadly incidents from occurring.

School Shooting Statistics

According to the U.S. Secret Service, there were 37 school shootings between 1974 and 2000. Although this averages less than one per year, statistics indicate that the prevalence of the shootings increased dramatically each decade. Shockingly, there were 10 school shootings in 2012, and there were eight more during January 2013. In other words, this decade has seen an unprecedented increase in these incidents, and this truly highlights the fact that something needs to change.

Reducing Campus Violence

It is clear that basic security measures are not enough to keep schools safe. Additionally, recent shootings have happened at a diverse list of schools, ranging from elementary to college. In other words, it is important to recognize the fact that every school has an equal risk. Fortunately, there are several techniques that each school can utilize to dramatically reduce the odds that a shooting incident will occur on campus.

For example, consulting with a professional company such as MSA Security will help school officials determine any risk factors that are specific to their campus environment. Such a company offers services such as security program audits and emergency management planning. Additionally, these companies can install x-ray technology so that schools can ensure that guns are not brought on campus.

The Issue of Hoaxes

Unfortunately, some people have decided to take advantage of the recent increase in school shootings to pull expensive hoaxes. For example, Yale University was locked down on November 25, 2013, after a 911 caller stated that a shooter was headed to campus. This turned out to be a hoax, and it is estimated that the necessary overtime to the city’s police department will cost $30,000. A week later, the University of New Haven, which is located in the same city as Yale University, experienced a lockdown when a student was found with weapons, and this cost $12,000 in police overtime.

The very real threat that is associated with school shootings makes it difficult for a local police department to immediately make the distinction between a hoax and a real event, and they are also forced to take immediate action if someone brings a weapon to campus. However, if these schools had a well-trained security company in place, they could more easily assess the situation.

Other Forms of School Violence

Although school shootings capture the most news headlines, statistics indicate that other violent acts are still a problem. However, it is important to note that the frequency of non-shooting related violent acts has been slowly on the decline since 1999. Sadly, this does not help the 43 students who died due to violence on a school campus during the 2007-2008 school year area.

Ultimately, the best way to reduce violence and shootings at each school nationwide is the take a firmer approach to security. Therefore, it is highly advisable for each school board to consider implementing techniques such as metal detectors, x-ray machines and the implementation of a professional security firm to protect our youth today.

With 4 children and as state employee of her local school system, Lisa Coleman understands the importance of having security for our kids in schools today. She recently read online about how security specialists with MSA Security can provide high level perimeter security and training programs to our schools.

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8593364@N06/3218584797/

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Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts


In the modern age, When everybody is so particular about fashion particularly hair cuts when why should kids not involve. Gone are the kids when innocent kids were afraid of the barber and his scissor. Now they confident and smart younger generation chooses hairstyle to look beautiful and different. The increased exposure of kids tv artists is the responsible factor for children’s up to date awareness about the information about fashion world. There are many kids hair accessories available in the market for enhancing the beauty of kids’ hairs. Many delicate considerations are required while making decision about kids hairs as some of them are too possessive about their hairs.

Here are some do’s for increasing the beauty of young kids

  • Age of the kids

Age of the kids is an important issue in selecting a hair cut. Most of the mothers don’t like to cut their kids’ hairs in the preschool years. Those kids who have curly hair look more beautiful with long hair cut up to the shoulders instead of smaller one. But as they start going to school moms want to look their kids disciplined and active and as per the rules of the school mothers have to pick shorter hair cut than before. Moreover in the play schools they are involved in more physical activities. The pattern of their playing changes too. Long hairs start irritating the growing kids when they run or take part in other activities and sports. So mothers should opt smaller and smarter hair cuts for their play school going kids.

  • Prepare them for hair style care

Some hair styles require regular care and maintenance. You should prepare your kids from the childhood days that how to maintain their hair. Parents should educate them about the regular cleanliness and maintaining good health for hairs. This habit would help them in their whole life that how to maintain trendy hairstyles and lessons on the cleanliness and good health of hairs.

  • Don’t color your kids’ hairs ever

Don’t try to color your kids hair. Kids hairs are too tender to make any experiments. This is not a good idea to color your kids’ hairs for a Christmas party or other special occasions. sometimes mother doesn’t find the color of the hairs suitable with the skin color of the kids. So they decide to color the hairs of their kids for enhancing the beauty. Firstly. In whatever age you color your hair you have to maintain that regularly. Kids will start having severe hair problems at the tender age of their life. Sometimes kids get influenced by their peers and media trends and insist for hair coloring. In such situation parents should let the kids know the real picture after coloring hairs.

  • Don’t iron your kids’ hairs for hair styles

Kids hairs are very soft and should be tackled with the softest care. Some hair styles include regular straightening and hair dryer setting. Parents should not opt such styles which require such maintenance. The roots of soft kids’ hairs would start affecting in the early ages of their life. This is parents’ responsibility to consider all healthy and unhealthy factors before choosing a hair cut for their kids.

Lyann Sev is a freelance writer on various lifestyle topics. She writes numerous articles providing valuable information for readers on this website. Currently her articles are focus on new kids hairstyles and other visit Hairstylescut

kids hairstyles Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

kids hairstyles1 Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

kids hairstyles2 Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

kids hairstyles3 Kids Hairstyles Dos and Donts

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt (CC BY 2.0)

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4 Creative Crafts To Do With Your Kids

4 Creative Crafts To Do With Your Kids


Hooray! Wonderful and creative craft ideas to do with your kids.  While this can be good fun for
everyone at first, it can quickly become a fight to find something entertaining to keep your kids from
parking themselves in front of the TV. Use these four creative craft ideas to keep yourself and your kids entertained.

Easy Photo Collage

Make an easy photo collage that will preserve your memories forever in a fun, creative way. This is
a kid-friendly project that will be fun for the whole family! All you need is a black cardboard, glue,
Mod Podge, and your favorite family photos. Gather the kids around and have them help decide which photos to use and how to place them on the cardboard; then, use the glue to adhere the photos to the black cardboard securely. Finally, use the Mod Podge to cover the entire cardboard in a glossy lacquer that will make those memories last! Stop here for a simple look, or decorate it as desired with glitter, stickers, and a fun border!

Paper Pinwheel Art

A craft for older kids, this paper pinwheel project will produce beautiful wall art for only a few dollars.
You will need scissors, hot glue, several pieces of scrapbook paper in both solid colors and patterns,
and a cheap photo frame. Cut the scrapbook paper into strips about one inch wide and fold them into
an accordion. Use the hot glue to adhere the two ends of the strip together so that it flattens into a
pinwheel shape. Make several of these pinwheels and glue them to the photo frame in an asymmetrical pattern. Voila! You have an interesting and beautiful piece of wall art that was fun for the kids as well.

Melted Crayon Art

This craft idea is great for kids of all ages! You will need several boxes of crayons (enough so you have five to seven crayons of each color of the rainbow), hot glue, a canvas, and a hair dryer. Hot glue the crayons in a line at the top of the canvas with the tips pointing down in whatever color pattern you like. Once the hot glue has dried, use the hair dryer to slowly melt the crayons so that the wax flows down the canvas and mixes into a lovely rainbow scene! Make sure to do this outside on a tarp because wax will drip onto the floor and may splatter behind the canvas.

Custom Plates

This cheap and easy craft idea is appropriate for kids of all ages. You will need a cheap white plate
(try a dollar store), Sharpie markers in your kids’ favorite colors, and an oven. Simply give each of the kids their own plate and let their imaginations flow. They can write poems, draw a cartoon scene, or monogram their names – anything goes! Once they are finished with the plates, bake them in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes – this makes the Sharpie marker permanent.

Don’t let the weekends slip by without doing one of these four fun, easy, and creative crafts with your
kids while making some wonderful family memories!

Dorothy Sanders enjoys writing about parenting and health.

melted crayon art   4 Creative Crafts To Do With Your Kids

melted crayon art  1 4 Creative Crafts To Do With Your Kids

melted crayon art  2 4 Creative Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Photo Credit: Amy Loves Yah (CC BY 2.0)

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Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval toys for your baby


Think your baby boy is going to grow up to be as hard as Chuck “Ice Man” Liddell? Why not ensure that he becomes a hard by buying him some of these baby toys?
If he lives through it, he’ll live through anything.

Medieval Toys10 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys9 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys8 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys7 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys6 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys5 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys4 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys3 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys2 Medieval toys for your baby

Medieval Toys1 Medieval toys for your baby

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