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When Is My Employer Responsible For My Injury On The Job?

When Is My Employer Responsible For My Injury On The Job?


If you work anywhere with forklift, factory machinery, or on a construction site with dangerous and large equipment, you understand the hazards involved in doing your job.  If there is an accident or incident you could be at risk of a serious injury.  Machines malfunctioning, equipment falling apart, or just reckless endangerment on the site, can all lead to extensive issues surrounding an injury.  When accidents on the job site happen they are not always your fault.  It is important to know when your employer should be held accountable for their liability regarding you in their work space.

employer injury When Is My Employer Responsible For My Injury On The Job?

Abiding by OSHA

In every workplace there is a notification of rules provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Association that, by law, must be clearly displayed somewhere for all employees to read and acknowledge.  This outline and regulations makes things known such as:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Hours Allowed On-Clock
  • Standard Safety Procedures (varied by industry)
  • Instructions On Filing A Claim

It is important as an employee to be aware of OSHA compliances based on the industry you work in.  There are difference codes and regulations that your employer must comply with, whether you’re in the construction field, maritime, or even agriculture.  These are in place for your safety and outline the liability that your employer takes should an accident occur at work.

Safety Assured By Employer

If you work with heavy machinery or dangerous equipment then it is pertinent that your employer take the steps to assure your safety as well as the safety of their business.  If equipment that requires maintenance and upkeep isn’t regularly inspected it will fall under the liability of the employer should something happen.  If hydraulic lifts or fork lifts or scaffolding is in anyway faulty then your safety on the clock is jeopardized.  Employers are also responsible for assuring that all employees are properly trained and informed of how to do their job and use the equipment involved.  Training courses and certifications are usually required by law to operate larger machinery in a workplace, and failure to have all employers involved to be properly prepared to use them can result in a serious accident that lands blame on the employer.  On the job accidents can put employees in the hospital with piling medical bills and loss of work time due to their injuries.  Your employer is responsible to compensate for your loss in the event of their negligence resulting in an injury.

Off-Site Liability

Employers can also be responsible for accidents that occur off the site of the company or job.  For example, if a repairman heads out on a call in a company car and is involved in an accident, the employer is responsible because they own the vehicle involved and oversee the actions of the employee.  Whenever an employee is on the clock and performing duties assigned by their superior, the liability falls on the one in charge.  Any injuries resulting from an incident should be dealt with and compensated by the employer for putting an employee in said situation.  No matter where the work is being done, your right as an employee is to feel safe and protected from harm while under the watch of your employer.

If you are hurt or injured on the job, the accident could result in serious misfortune and hardship for you and your family.  Costly medical and prescription expenses, time spent off work for recovery, and even permanent damage done that restricts future job abilities, are just some of the effects an accident can have when an employer is negligent towards the safety of their employees.  Liability almost always fall on that of the company that employs their workers to do the jobs and tasks they ask, regardless of the risk it takes or hazards occurring when working.

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An aspiring law blogger, Zach Chodaniecky is well aware of the benefits of employers knowing where their liability is.

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Three Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Summer Job

Three Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Summer Job


Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our society right now. Companies are closing, and people are losing their jobs. If ever there is a job opening in a company, you will find yourself competing against other applicants just to get even an interview. However, an interview is really not an assurance that you will get the job. It is just another type of screening to narrow the list of applicants down. Nonetheless, an interview is your opportunity to show the employer that you have what they want in an employee.

three ways increase chances getting Three Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Summer Job

If you want to create an impact during your interview, then here are three ways to make a good impression.

Create a Digital Presence

Your social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Tumblr are not just for interacting with people, but they can also be used to create a good digital presence. It is a good way to show people your interests, hobbies, and passions, and it is also a good way to build networks with people who have similar interests to yours.

Nowadays, aside from the CV you submit to them, most employers use the Internet to know more about potential employees. They take a look at the applicants’ social network accounts, and what they see on online can help the applicant or not. Let us say for example that you own a Twitter account and its setting is set to public, then all your tweets are made available for all to see, including future employers. If you post nothing but parties, complaints, or criticisms in your Twitter account, then what is the message you are getting across? On the other hand, if your Twitter account is professional and geared towards the niche industry you are applying for, then you are showing future employers that you are a professional and someone who will be very serious in his job if hired.

Be careful though on what you post online because there is always a good chance that prospective employers will see your social network accounts and ask you about it, so be prepared to have an answer.

Be Well-Prepared

Employers are impressed by an applicant who knows something about the company, so before you appear for the interview, read up on the company first. Know what the company is about, the services and products they are offering, their mission and vision, etc.

Be Professional

If you want to make an impression with your prospective employer, then be professional and act like one. Dress smartly, and see to it that your clothes are pressed. Smell nice; employers do not want to get of whiff of body odor or bad breath on applicants. Be courteous and nice; always answer their questions with a smile and in a very polite manner. Finally, never bring your personal views about religion and politics on the table, unless the interviewer directly asks you for disclosure.

Finally, be calm yet confident. You want to show them that you are enthusiastic about the interview and are confident you are what they need. At the same time, you do not want to appear too overconfident since it can be put-offing to some people.

Jennifer Dalenberg is a content provider for self-help blogs. She specializes in tips and advice to further one’s career. If you are looking for a summer job, she recommends visiting the website of Vantage Marketing.

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Healthy and unhealthy job types

Healthy and unhealthy job types


The main motive of job is to earn money while using your skills, education and training. Globalization and changing trends have changed the scenario of jobs too. Physical and time bondage is not the limit. The deserving and hard working candidate can touch the paek with several opportunities. International jobs may hazardous for the health of the employee. Here is a brief description over healthy and unhealthy jobs.

  • BPO and KPO jobs

BPO and KPO jobs are very famous in the youth nowadays as no particular qualification in required. Good communication skill and fluency in spoken English with pleasing personality are more than enough to make your entry successful in this professional territory. The telecallers have to persuade the person and sell the product or service.  Most of the times the calls are made on an international level to sell the product. So employees have to wake up overnight because of the difference of the time zone between nations.  This is not a good symbol for health. Employees start facing many serious health problems because of their disturbed sleeping schedule. Sometimes teen start using unnatural ways to wake up the whole night and become a severe addict.

  • Jobs in bottling plants

To do a job in the bottling plant is not an easy task as it requires a lot of technical expertise and experience. The bottling territory produces lots of noise pollution. This affects the listening skills of the workers in their old ages. Sometimes the worker may become deaf in such situation safety precautions should be taken to escape from the listening problems in the later years of their age.

  • Jobs in fitness centers

Jobs at fitness center are very healthy as you do workout yourself while teaching exercises to your students. You get new companions frequently so it curbs the monotony of the job too. There are lucrative scopes in this era of profession too if you are creative and understanding enough to acknowledge the requirements and particular problems of your students at the center.

  • Jobs in the IT sector

Jobs in the information technology have both positive and negative aspects. Software engineers who  create several types of applications. Software  engineers are genius problem shooters. But their long sitting hours at the front of the internet may cause obstacles for their health.


  • Jobs in the insurance sector

According to the American survey jobs in the insurance sector are one of the best jobs as it requires less stress and physical exercises. The insurer must be aware about the latest trends and policies of the insurance sector with outstanding persuasive techniques.

  • Jobs as self employed

The talented and mostly like to work as self employed because they can’t work in the restricted boundaries. They need open premises for the fertile imagination as their creative ideas are the only source of their work pattern. They fix their working hours and earnings themselves.

  • Jobs in the administration sector

Jobs in the administration sector are an orthodox, monotonous job. The employees work in the same fixed hours with same working pattern every day. Regular sitting position can be harmful for the backbone and can cause other muscular problems too.

Lisa Pecos contributes regularly to the counselling services . She’s a strong believer in using natural products, especially when one needs help you find counselling services.

unhealthy job Healthy and unhealthy job types

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Have you ever been this tired

Have you ever been this tired


Have you ever been this tired in your life, that you can sleep anywhere or fall asleep while you’re having dinner. It must be hard to be a baby :)

tired babies1 Have you ever been this tired

tired babies2 Have you ever been this tired

tired babies3 Have you ever been this tired

tired babies4 Have you ever been this tired

tired babies5 Have you ever been this tired

tired babies6 Have you ever been this tired

tired babies7 Have you ever been this tired

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