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TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?

TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?


With Internet service providers offering free and low-cost dialup Internet access plans, it’s hard to justify the cost of broadband Internet access. After all, your costs could go from zero to well over fifty dollars a month when you switch from a free dialup plan to broadband. Is the upgrade worth the price?

broadband comparison TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?

Value For Money?

If you take full advantage of broadband and its capabilities, or even if you tap into some of the more powerful options, you could find that broadband Internet access quickly pays for itself. Most consumers can expect to pay about $500 for a year’s worth of broadband Internet access. Once connected, these same consumers can tap into potential savings of nearly $9,000.

Saving Money With Broadband

According to a recent report, the Next-Generation Networks and Top 10 Consumer Savings Now, entertainment is one of the biggest areas where you can save money with broadband. The report suggests potential savings of about $2500 in entertainment alone. Depending on your preferences and hardware, you could even eliminate your monthly cable service by watching television and movies online.

Streaming Entertainment Media

There are many different HD quality streaming movie and TV services available. Your local cable provider with their movies on demand service is certainly one good option. However, fast download speeds up to 16GB provide a multitude of other streaming entertainment options.

Amazon is one provide that offers digital entertainment en masse. Instead of buying music albums filled with a couple of good singles and then the rest of the tracks acting as low quality filler, consumers can now purchase and download single MP3 music tracks of their choice and save money on the price difference. Similarly, movies can be downloaded shortly after release in the movie theatre in streaming special events (to promote the service).

The major music labels and Hollywood film companies now offer their own streaming services, and have also partnered up with Apple to provide media for mobile platforms too.

Fast Connectivity Needed For Business

Not only does broadband offer significant savings opportunities, many people earn their livings completely online. For example, freelance graphic designers and writers often rely on high speed Internet access to run their businesses.

Good Reasons For High Speed Broadband

Why go with more expensive broadband when you could continue using dialup access and potentially receive similar results? While it’s true that you can use online banking (and slash your postage expenses) with basic dialup Internet access, broadband’s speed and capabilities open up a whole new world of surfing the Web. Instant streaming movies and videos and photo-heavy sites that load in a blink of the eye make the Internet much more engaging and relevant. Where dialup surfing can be slow and tedious, broadband Internet access is fun and engaging.

With broadband Internet access it’s possible to have more fun, reduce costs significantly, and explore new ways to earn money. Is it worth paying more for? Give high speed Internet access a try and you may find out that it is well worth the premium.

Celeste Stewart questions whether broadband internet from providers like be broadband is worth the money and concludes that it is.

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee (CC BY 2.0)

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Angular Cheilitis and Its Various Treatments

Angular Cheilitis and Its Various Treatments


Angular cheilitis is a type of skin inflammation that is commonly found in the corners of the mouth. It is generally susceptible to bleeding and cracking. It could be a pain due to the discomforting feeling it brought to individuals who have it. There are various factors that cause the inflammation of angular cheilitis. This kind of infection could be evident to individuals of any age particularly those who lack proper nutrition in their body.

Causes of Angular Cheilitis

  • Dribbling saliva in the corner of the mouth
  • Overhanging lips
  • Spread of yeasts, bacteria or viruses in the inflamed area of the skin


  • Dry chapped lips
  • Deep furrows in the corners of the mouth
  • Painful cracks or fissures in the inflamed skin
  • Redness, blisters, bleeding, ooze or crusting of the irritated area of the skin.

It is important to find cure of angular cheilitis even if it doesn’t posts any severe threat on an individual’s health. Leaving this kind of skin inflammation untreated would usually cause severe pain in the corners of the mouth and could possibly affect your appetite. Hence, it could also cause an unsightly skin. There are lots of angular cheilitis remedies available both in home and over-the-counter products that could help you get rid this skin infection.

Several treatments for Angular Cheilitis: Over the counter Products

Ways of treating angular cheilitis varies depending on its cause. Here are several ways that one can make use of in treating angular cheilitis:

  • Application of antifungal creams and application of topical antibiotic to the area healing the lesions.
  •  Application of lip balm to your lips. Moisture brought by saliva can cause the development of this skin inflammation and constant licking of your dry lips may trigger the development of angular cheilitis. Hence, using lip balm could save you trouble from having dry lips.
  •  Use emollient ointment on the dry corners of your mouth.
  • Use Topical antiseptics, oral antistaphylococcal, and oral antifungal medication
  •  You could also apply antibiotic topical steroid ointment in the irritated skin area as it is also useful in treating angular cheilitis.
  • In drying out angular cheilitis, applying triple antibiotic ointment or polysporin could also be useful. It usually contains some combination of polymyxin B and neomycin or bacitracin. This ointment could serve as an aid in healing the sores. It could also treat the bacterial infection. This ointment is proven to be effective in treating angular cheilities as long as the cause of the skin infection is bacterial.
  •  Apply hydrocortisone cream. This is another type tropical steroid that could be used in treating skin irrititation. Hydrocortisone cream is a prescript product that could dry out angular cheilitis.
  • Anti-fungal creams are then applied if the previous treatment is not effective.

Over-the-counter products are effective. However, if the skin infection in the corners of your mouth is not still treated with these various applications, it would be advisable to seek medications from doctors. At times, over-the-counter products may not work, thus, you might need a strong prescription of strong topical anti-fungal treatment.  If your skin is too much sensitive for skin infection, it would be recommendable to consult the doctor before using any form of over-the-counter anti-fungal products.

cheilitis Angular Cheilitis and Its Various Treatments

Photo Credit: Evil Erin (CC BY 2.0)

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When A Dogs Bite Is Worse Than Its Bark: Whats Next?

When A Dogs Bite Is Worse Than Its Bark: Whats Next?


It’s been said that dogs are man’s best friend, but what happens when your best friend turns on you? Every year in America, there are over 4 million documented incidents of dog bites, many of which require medical attention. This can be avoided, but only if you are extra cautious and understanding of a dog’s sensitive nature.

Bites Can Happen At Home

Most cases of dog bites involve a familiar dog, such as one belonging to yourself, a family member or a neighbor. Avoid startling or scaring the dog by refraining from sudden movements and allowing him time to become comfortable with your presence. When introducing a new dog into your home, teach your children to play with him gently. Whether it’s an animal trainer in Hollywood or a local personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL, they suggest that bites can sometimes happen as a result of rough play, so encourage games of fetch or long walks instead of wrestling and tug-of-war.

 Be Cautious Around Strays

The best way to avoid a dog bite is to keep your distance. Approaching to check the tags on a lost dog is a very kind thing to do, but it doesn’t come without risk. If you don’t feel safe going near the dog but are concerned for his well-being, call your local animal control department and report where you last saw him roaming. Someone will pick him up and take him to the pound, where he can then hopefully be located by his owners. If you do decide to approach the stray, kneel down and allow him to come toward you, avoiding any sudden movements until you are sure he is friendly.

 What to Do in Case of an Attack

If you feel threatened by a dog, remain still and avoid eye contact. Shouting, running away or staring at the dog in the eyes could trigger more aggressive behavior. Try to remain motionless as long as it takes for the dog to go elsewhere. At that point, you can slowly begin to move a safe distance away. If this doesn’t work and the dog becomes more aggressive, attempt to block your body with anything you can, such as your bag or jacket.

 How to Respond After Being Bitten

Wash the injury with soap and water, cover it with a clean dressing and see a doctor immediately to ensure that you receive the vaccinations you need to stay healthy. Your next step is to call animal control and file a report. Whether or not you choose to do this will depend on the nature of the situation, but if the dog could potentially be a danger to others, it’s important that you report the incident right away. For legal reasons, you may also want to take pictures of your injuries and gather the names and phone numbers of any bystanders who witnessed the attack.

Being attacked by a dog is an intensely traumatic experience. Not only is it physically painful, but also an emotional betrayal. It’s okay if you feel depressed, scared or angry after an attack. Give yourself some time to recover, and if you aren’t feeling better after a few weeks, consider talking to your doctor about post-traumatic stress and how to best treat it.

For freelance writer, Nadine Swayne, being bitten as a teen by a neighbors dog helps her to forward this article. If you have been the victim of a dog attack, you can find a local personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL at the law offices of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene. Since 1997, they have assisted victims of dog bite injuries. The attorneys have the experience to help ensure you or your loved one gets the proper compensation for medical bills and lost wages due to a dog attack.

dogs bite When A Dogs Bite Is Worse Than Its Bark: Whats Next?

Photo Credit: Charlie Cowins (CC BY 2.0)

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A League of Its Own

A League of Its Own


They called football the sleeping giant of Australian sport. And boy has it awoken. (And don’t call it
soccer, or it will stomp your face like a giant would). Since the success of the Socceroos in the last
world cup, football has been steadily increasing in popularity and interest. Nationally, the A league
is enjoying its biggest season since its inception. Here are five reasons why you should be paying
attention to the A league right now.

The Western Sydney Wanderers:

After the failures on the gold coast and the Northern Territory, The FFA needed the next club to
stick, and they hit a home run with the Wanderers.

league A League of Its Own

It’s incredible the amount of passion this club has been able to generate in a short period of time.
Parramatta Stadium, or “Wanderland” as their fans have dubbed it, is an atmosphere like no other.
The clubs most dedicated fans the RBB – Red and Black Block are already the most vocal in the
league. When they chant or jump in unison it adds another element to the game entirely.

The jerseys are selling like hot cakes and with good reason. The traditional Red and black stripes are
one of the best looking in the league at the moment.

One of the highlights of the season has to be the first Sydney derby at Allianz Arena. The atmosphere
was electric. The longstanding Sydney FC fans from The Cove at one end and the new kids on the
block, the RBB on the other, trading cheer for cheer, taunt for taunt. In the end, the Wanderers
exacted payback for the first 1-0 loss by a two goal victory. This will be a rivalry that will grow for
years to come.

The Wanderers are surging up the table at the moment. They are brimming with confidence, and
crowds growing every game. This is a new team done right.

The Galacticos of the A league.

Probably the most talked about aspect of the 2012/13 A league season is the arrival of European
superstars Alessandro Del Piero and Emile Hesky. The question is have they been worth the cost of
signing them? The short answer is yes. In a big way.

Over 35 000 people turned up to see players match up in round 2 at Allianz stadium, which was a
regular season record. Sydney FC has been struggling to find the best way to play Del Piero. But
when ADP is on the ball, you can see the class. Sure the pace may not be there anymore, but players
still struggle to get the ball off him. And in any dead ball scenario, watch out. The FFA couldn’t
have scripted his first goal better. A free kick on the edge of the area, which curled past keeper Ben
Kennedy sent the fans into raptures.

Hesky has been all class as well, netting a bunch of hard fought goals, with his trademark physical
presence throwing defenders off all over the league.

These signing have to be seen as a coup for the league. They are Marquee players in the truest
sense, and will open up the doors for similar signings in the future.

The Crowds are up and the goals are flowing.

Average crowd numbers are up about 35-40%. There have been some huge crowds this season. Even
smaller clubs like the central coast are pulling bigger numbers thanks to their success on the ladder.

Let’s be honest, no one likes nil all draws. One thing Australian football cannot be accused of is being
conservative. The football is free flowing and the goals are coming effortlessly. Some football purists
have called it undisciplined in the past. Forget them. This is entertaining!

Over 15000 witnessed the Mariners 7-2 drubbing of Sydney FC. The Annual Melbourne derby pulled
another solid 26 000 where Victory finally broke the hoodoo over little brothers Melbourne Heart in
an injury time thriller. The Wanderers saw out 2012 with a 6-1 victory over the powerhouse Adelaide
united. These are the type of games people want to see, and they are happening regularly.

The Competition is close.

There are no easy victories in the Hyundai A- League this season. Bottom of the table Sydney FC
took down the seemingly untouchable Central Coast Mariners 1-0 at home. After going 2 nil down,
Wellington put together a masterful 3-2 comeback against Melbourne heart late in the year. And
against all odds, Perth Glory took all three points with a 1-0 victory away to Brisbane Roar. With all
teams being so competitive, it’s easy to get behind your local team and hope they can make a run
for the finals. Anything is still possible this season, and every team has a realistic chance of making
the finals.

The Rest of the world is taking notice as well, scouting out the young talent that is growing here.
Marco Rojas from Melbourne Victory and Tommy Rogic of Central Coast are two players reportedly
getting close looks in from several EPL clubs. This is almost unheard of for top flight Australian

It’s great for the family and will inspire kids to take up the sport.

Going to the game is a great family day. For starters, In comparison to other Australian sports
it’s affordable. Tickets rarely exceed $10 for children and $25 for adults. Keep on the lookout for
discounts, as over summer there are several multi game deals that are running to save even more.
As part of the Summer of football, kids under the age of 12 get into all Wanderers games free.

Anything to get the kids out of the house when the weather is great! Football has always been
a popular sport at a youth level. It’s safe, fun and builds character for kids growing up. Having
something tangible which is popular at a national level gives young athletes something to aspire to.
That has to be worth something.

So pick your colours, grab some mates and get out there!

Daniel Lavorato is a Social Community Manager at Harvey Norman. He is also an avid fan of all thing sports and likes to track his exercise/training achievements by the latest gadgets & accessories. A range of fitness accessories are available at

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Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health

Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health


The bad cholesterol versus good cholesterol is a common theme for discussion about a diet. LDL cholesterol (bad) or low density lipoprotein is simply a waxy steroid of fat. HDL cholesterol (good) or high density lipoprotein is a form of cholesterol who’s job is to transport cholesterol from veins back to liver. This process is important because cholesterol cannot be dissolved in the blood. So the production and absorption of a cholesterol is in full control of your body. A cholesterol is important for proper hormonal function of testosterone, repairing and building of cells. So what is the problem? Why your body is putting so much cholesterol into your veins that could later kill you? Answer is very simple. To save your life, to hold you alive as much as possible, that’s your body job. It can look curious but it is so. The problem is your diet. Your blood PH have to be 7,365. Always. A difference of 0,1 means death. So the rules are simple – eat food that results in alkaline digestion – fresh raw vegetables and fruit. When you eat acid forming food, your body will store cholesterol in your veins to protect them against damage by an acid. So if you want to live longer, cooperate with your body, because the body is only one person who is always on your side.

cholesterol Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health

cholesterol1 Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health

cholesterol2 Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health

cholesterol3 Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health

cholesterol4 Bad Cholesterol And Its Body Production and Effect on Health

Photo Credit: Ed Uthman (CC BY 2.0)

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