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How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You


When we get broadband, we tend to go for companies that we know and packages that we feel rather than know are correct for us. Not many of us went through a proper sourcing process and often we bought off the headline rates rather than buying a package based on the fine.

how know internet wrong for How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

This article will look at the ways in which we can ascertain whether our current package is wrong for us so that we can know when we should leave. We’ll also begin by looking at how I check broadband speed in order to understand the performance of my connection.

How I Check Broadband Speed

Checking your broadband speed provides you with the ability to understand the level of performance of your connection in different parts of your home and when connected through an Ethernet cable.

I test broadband speed by jumping on to a website called I chose this website because it tests based on a server close to me and it provides a good user interface with a clear graphical display.

All I have to do is click begin and within 45 seconds I see my ping speed, my download speed, and then my upload speed. I check my broadband speed regularly so that I can understand what level of connection I’m getting and whether I’m seeing a deterioration in performance.

I also check my broadband speed at different times of the day and week, so that I can make sure that contention ratios, the number of people on the line at any one time, and traffic management are not impacting my broadband experience.

Indeed, this is the first way to know whether your broadband is correct for you. If you’re seeing underperformance on a regular basis, then it may be time for a change, but it really should be down to whether you can complete your everyday activities or not.

Speed May Be Of the Essence

When you bought a broadband package you were probably sold an up to speed on ADSL. This up to speed may have been up to 24mbps up to 16mbps, or even on some providers such as AOL up to 8mbps. This up to speed is the top level speed of the package and therefore, you’re unlikely to receive the speed. However, if you’re getting a half or two thirds of your up to speed, that is a issue but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily look to move your contract and that your internet package is wrong for you.

If you’re able to do activities such as streaming high definition movies, online gaming, watching YouTube, downloading emails, social networking, and everything that you want to do, then inherently the speed and performance is right for you, and then there’s other considerations you should look at.

If you find your experience limited in any of your activities, then perhaps an upgrade may be the way forward, but of course it is down to what technology and what providers are servicing your area. If you can get Virgin fibre optic broadband you’re pretty much guaranteed faster speeds than on any ADSL, or any other fibre optic broadband connection, but it is down to whether you can get it.

Your Data Allowances

One of the primary ways of knowing whether your package is right for you is by seeing if you are over using your data. If you constantly find yourself monitoring the amount of data you’ve used half way through the month, you probably should be looking for an upgrade.

This would signal that you don’t have enough data and that you’re worried about over consumption. Indeed, if you find yourself over consuming you may be charged extra fees. BT internet charge an extra £5 per 5 GB for data you consume above their limited packages.

If you are continuall finding yourself paying extra it may be that you need to bite the bullet and go for an unlimited package, and it may even save you money based on the reduction in overall costs from extra fees. Some good unlimited providers include BE broadband, Sky broadband, and BT broadband on their broadband unlimited packages.

Of course, many unlimited providers actually have fair usage caps on their policies which restrict the amount of data you can consume. So do ensure you understand the different policies of different providers before you sign up for a package.

Special Requirements

When I check broadband speed, I see ping, download speed and upload speed. Most of what we’ve looked at here is focused on download speed and download allowance. The reality is that ping and upload speed can also be important to you, especially if you do certain activities.

The ping rate on my speed test is 35m, and that is pretty good. However, if you have a ping rate above say 50ms or 100ms, you will have underperformance in certain activities. If you are a keen online gamer, for example, you’ll probably struggle to have a seamless journey through your games if you have a high ping rate. This is because ping dictates the response from the server and therefore, on server-based online games, you will have fuzzy, jittery and underperforming fun.

Similarly, video chat online is heavily dependent on the ping rate and if you don’t get the ping you require, you may find you don’t get the performance you want.

Upload Speed Requirements

If you spend a lot of time sending information up to the web as opposed to taking it down and viewing it, upload speed can be critical. I, myself spend a lot of time updating websites, which involves uploading a large number of files. This takes a big data allowance, but also a decent upload speed. At 1mbps, my speed probably isn’t sufficient to get really good performance, but it could be worse.

People who spend a lot of time sending photos up to Facebook, may also find that they get underperformance from their upload speed. Sending a 100 large photos could end up taking quite a lot of time.

How important upload speed is to your decision as to whether your broadband is right for you really comes down to how much its underperformance impinges on your life.

What to Do About It

If you do think “I need to check broadband speed” all the time and are monitoring your data allowances consistently, it may be time for a move.

A great way to find out about connections in your area is through a service provided by uSwitch, where you can check what speeds providers are offering in your area. Rather than just a broadband comparison of up to speeds, you can see the actual speeds that people have received on their tests. These speeds are taken where people share their speed test results anonymously in order to offer data on different providers. By using one of these services, you can quickly develop a shortlist of performers that have better upload, download or ping speeds for your needs. Then, it’s a matter of looking at fair usage and traffic management policies of different providers to ensure that you understand the actual makeup of the download limits and other costs involve in your package.

You should look out for additional hidden extras, such as line rental and fees for miscellaneous extras such as delivery of your router, installation costs, itemised billing and non-direct debit payments.

When Sam Jones’s neighbour had a problem with his internet, Phil advised him to check broadband speed. He also told him that if the problem continued that he might find a better deal with the help of price comparison sites like uSwitch

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Internet Gambling And Its Legal Consequences

Internet Gambling And Its Legal Consequences


Gambling has been a part of human life since very long time. People in different eras have been indulging in gambling, primarily for pleasure and sometimes for making money. Since it started, gambling has gone through numerous transformations and times have come when you can gamble conveniently while sitting in the comfort of your home. Today it is possible to gamble through the internet and for that all you need is a PC, laptop or even your smart phone will do. So, it means that you no longer have to drive to your favourite casino, if you want to place a bet or two. Although it has become really convenient for gamblers, but internet gambling has some consequences as well, which are mainly related to the law.

law Internet Gambling And Its Legal Consequences

There is a vast range of casino games on the internet, which are free to be played by any user, sitting in any part of the world. People can play blackjack, roulette, slots and plenty of other games, without stepping out of their homes. Every country and state has some regulations regarding gambling. In some countries it is a punishable offense, which can lead to legal consequences ranging from fines and penalties to imprisonment. While it is possible to implement these regulations on casinos or other places where gambling takes place, the scenario is a bit different as far as internet gambling is concerned.

Many people feel that there is a strong need to legally regulate the internet gambling scene as it has many negative consequences for individuals and society, on the whole. Lack of regulation, community control and infrastructure are some of the factors which raise apprehensions in the minds of many regarding the authenticity and credibility of internet gambling. In case you find out that the game you have just lost was not fairly played or you have been charged unreasonably, you can not complain about it as there is no legalized authority.

Apart from the above mentioned concerns, use of money earned through gambling in unethical and illegal practices is another concern which increases the need for having a law in place regarding internet gambling. It is a known fact that in many countries internet gambling is used as a medium to collect money and then use it for illegal practices. There are enough people around the world who cannot leave gambling and for them internet gambling has opened new ways through which they can fulfil their need to gamble. However, while indulging in this activity many times they forget the consequences it can lead to.

There are around fifty countries all over the world, where internet gambling is legal

Even if gambling is considered illegal in a country, the people living in that particular country still have the option of gambling through offshore sites. The vast reach and easy accessibility of internet are the reasons which make it difficult to impose strict restrictions on online gambling. To stay safe and avoid any legal hassle, it is recommended to go through the laws pertaining to internet gambling in your country or the country you are visiting.

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TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?

TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?


With Internet service providers offering free and low-cost dialup Internet access plans, it’s hard to justify the cost of broadband Internet access. After all, your costs could go from zero to well over fifty dollars a month when you switch from a free dialup plan to broadband. Is the upgrade worth the price?

broadband comparison TBE Is Broadband Internet Access Worth Its Premium Price?

Value For Money?

If you take full advantage of broadband and its capabilities, or even if you tap into some of the more powerful options, you could find that broadband Internet access quickly pays for itself. Most consumers can expect to pay about $500 for a year’s worth of broadband Internet access. Once connected, these same consumers can tap into potential savings of nearly $9,000.

Saving Money With Broadband

According to a recent report, the Next-Generation Networks and Top 10 Consumer Savings Now, entertainment is one of the biggest areas where you can save money with broadband. The report suggests potential savings of about $2500 in entertainment alone. Depending on your preferences and hardware, you could even eliminate your monthly cable service by watching television and movies online.

Streaming Entertainment Media

There are many different HD quality streaming movie and TV services available. Your local cable provider with their movies on demand service is certainly one good option. However, fast download speeds up to 16GB provide a multitude of other streaming entertainment options.

Amazon is one provide that offers digital entertainment en masse. Instead of buying music albums filled with a couple of good singles and then the rest of the tracks acting as low quality filler, consumers can now purchase and download single MP3 music tracks of their choice and save money on the price difference. Similarly, movies can be downloaded shortly after release in the movie theatre in streaming special events (to promote the service).

The major music labels and Hollywood film companies now offer their own streaming services, and have also partnered up with Apple to provide media for mobile platforms too.

Fast Connectivity Needed For Business

Not only does broadband offer significant savings opportunities, many people earn their livings completely online. For example, freelance graphic designers and writers often rely on high speed Internet access to run their businesses.

Good Reasons For High Speed Broadband

Why go with more expensive broadband when you could continue using dialup access and potentially receive similar results? While it’s true that you can use online banking (and slash your postage expenses) with basic dialup Internet access, broadband’s speed and capabilities open up a whole new world of surfing the Web. Instant streaming movies and videos and photo-heavy sites that load in a blink of the eye make the Internet much more engaging and relevant. Where dialup surfing can be slow and tedious, broadband Internet access is fun and engaging.

With broadband Internet access it’s possible to have more fun, reduce costs significantly, and explore new ways to earn money. Is it worth paying more for? Give high speed Internet access a try and you may find out that it is well worth the premium.

Celeste Stewart questions whether broadband internet from providers like be broadband is worth the money and concludes that it is.

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Satellite Internet Vs Dsl Internet Vs Fiber Optic Internet

Satellite Internet Vs Dsl Internet Vs Fiber Optic Internet


When it comes to choosing which internet connection you should use, you might get confused because of the many available options out there. There is cable internet, DSL, Broadband, Fiber Optics and Satellite Internet connection available for you in the market. Choosing the best one mainly depends on your specific requirements, but location plays a vital role in it as well.

Even though there are a variety of available options, 3 of them are most preferred and used internet connection types, i.e. Satellite, DSL and Fiber Optic. In this article we are going to discuss the differences between these 3 major types of internet connections.

fiber optic internet Satellite Internet Vs Dsl Internet Vs Fiber Optic Internet

DSL Internet

DSL stands for Digital Subscribers Line. DSL has been considered as one of the fastest mediums to send and receive data packets. And has been used by millions to access internet around the globe. DSL is fast because of its ability to send huge chunks of data simultaneously through the copper wires. DSL is a far better option, not just because it is faster, but because it does not require your telephone lines to get busy when the internet is being accessed, this is why DSL lines are also known as “Always On” lines.

Two major types of DSL connections are ADSL and SDSL, both are very efficient for individual and corporate usage. However, ADSL is more preferred by home users, as ADSL is simple to use and install. DSL internet provides various benefits but gradually more advanced and faster internet types are replacing it.

Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet is nothing more than just a faster form of DSL connections. The only difference is that instead of using coax telephone lines; these connections use the Fiber Optics cable to connect a DSL modem to the telephone switch. Fiber optics improve the performance of DSL connection largely. It increases the speed and reliability of the connection, which ensures lossless transmission of data signals. However, installing a Fiber Optics connection require both time and technical professional capabilities. There are specialized Fiber Optics engineers who can connect or join fiber optic cables.

You cannot just avail the Fiber Optics Internet in any area. Most of the areas still use the old-fashioned telephone lines to connect, therefore it is critical to first find out whether installation of Fiber Optics is possible in your area or not.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is the most advanced form of internet connections that most of the people do not even know about. Satellite internet is the fastest type of connection available. Its main advantage is that it can be used in areas where no DSL, cable or wireless connection works. People living in Rural areas are forced to use Dial-up connections to connect to the internet, but now they can avail satellite internet services and get connected to their family and friends anywhere in the world. However, the cost of Satellite internet connection is a bit higher than that of DSL or Fiber Optic connections because of the usage of expensive equipments and satellite itself.

Author Bio

James is a Technology Consultant and a certified CCNA. He has explored many Internet options over the year and including Satellite Internet. He has found Huges Net to be a reliable satellite internet service provider. Find out more here

Photo Credit: Marufish (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Internet On The Phone – Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

Internet On The Phone – Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of


Do you plan on using your cell phone as a hub for receiving emails and messages on the go? Maybe you download songs and other stuff on your phone and want to find out what affects the speed of download? Internet on the phone depends on five factors, all of which heavily influence download speeds and your personal internet experience.

Type of Mobile Connection

Mobile networks have undergone major improvements over the past decade. Today, you have the opportunity to use GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA networks together and each as a standalone.

Starting with the basic GPRS, it provides the slowest transfer rates of just 128kbps while EDGE increases speeds to 236kbps. They fall under the 2nd generation of mobile networks and are available almost everywhere in the world. The next generation network called 3G uses a myriad of network types to increase speeds to 384kbps or higher while a further step up is HSDPA also dubbed as the 3.5G connection. This can breeze through the internet with transfer speeds of 14.4 Mbps although most service providers restrict bandwidth to just 3.2Mbps.

Obviously, new generations of mobile network offer faster speeds and a better end user experience so try sticking to 3G or higher connections for the best internet browsing.

Go Wi-Fi

Malls, cafes and many public places now offer free Wi-Fi connection. Anyone in the vicinity of these locations can tap into open Wi-Fi networks for free and cruise through the internet. Wi-Fi connections are always better than mobile network connections because of phenomenal transfer rates of 150Mbps or more. Moreover, you actually access a fixed line or ADSL network through Wi-Fi achieving greater reliability. This connection does not depend on the signal strength of your service provider.

Web Browser Matters Too

If you thought that the default browser is what your phone can only operate then think again because people with older cell phones will feel their internet speeds throttled by the connection speeds blaming it on their phone whereas a simple change of web browser can boost speeds. A popular application, Opera Mini is known to quicken web page browsing experience offering seamless scrolling and pinch zoom capability.

Mobile Phone Features

The speed of your mobile internet depends heavily on the phone features. A phone with faster hardware and better display will be better able to exploit high 3G speeds. However, a phone with low internal memory and an older OS will be bottlenecked even if it has got HSDPA connection enabled. For example, Blackberry is superb with mobile networks but slower with Wi-Fi connections.

If speed matters a lot then purchase a top of the line mobile phone with the latest specifications and witness the true potential of mobile networks.

Costs Vary Based On Usage

Traditionally, all mobile network operators charge users on a per MB basis or usage basis unless they are specifically told to put in a monthly rental. 3G rentals are obviously costlier than 2G rentals or EDGE rentals but in return you get a higher speed with more download quota.

Fred Williams is an expert in the field of mobile and technology. He works for one of the leading internet providers in Denmark, offering cheap mobile subscriptions (interesting to know is that the term in Danish is mobilabonnement) as well as broadband internet and other services.

phone iphone internet Internet On The Phone   Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

phone iphone internet1 Internet On The Phone   Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

Photo Credit: William Hook (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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NASA Tests First Deep

NASA Tests First Deep


nasa NASA Tests First DeepNASA has successfully tested the first deep space communications network modeled on the Internet. Working as part of a NASA-wide team, engineers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., used software called Disruption-Tolerant Networking, or DTN, to transmit dozens of space images to and from a NASA science spacecraft located about more than 32 million kilometers (20 million miles) from Earth. “This is the first step in creating a totally new space communications capability, an interplanetary Internet,” said Adrian Hooke, team lead and manager of space-networking architecture, technology and standards at NASA Headquarters in Washington. NASA and Vint Cerf, a vice president at Google, Inc., in Mountain View, Calif., partnered 10 years ago to develop this software protocol. The DTN sends information using a method that differs from the normal Internet’s Transmission-Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, or TCP/IP communication suite, which Cerf co-designed. The Interplanetary Internet must be robust enough to withstand delays, disruptions and disconnections in space. Glitches can happen when a spacecraft moves behind a planet, or when solar storms and long communication delays occur. The delay in sending or receiving data from Mars takes between three-and-a-half to 20 minutes at the speed of light. Unlike TCP/IP on Earth, the DTN does not assume a continuous end-to-end connection. In its design, if a destination path can’t be found, the data packets are not discarded. Instead, each network node keeps custody of the information as long as necessary until it can safely communicate with another node. This store-and-forward method, similar to basketball players safely passing the ball to the player nearest the basket, means that information does not get lost when no immediate path to the destination exists. Eventually, the information is delivered to the end user. “In space today, an operations team has to manually schedule each link and generate all the commands to specify which data to send, when to send it, and where to send it,” said Leigh Torgerson, manager of the DTN Experiment Operations Center at JPL. “With standardized DTN, this can all be done automatically.” Engineers began a month-long series of DTN demonstrations in October. Data were transmitted using NASA’s Deep Space Network in demonstrations occurring twice a week. Engineers use NASA’s Epoxi spacecraft as a Mars data-relay orbiter. Epoxi is on a mission to encounter Comet Hartley 2 in two years. “There are 10 nodes on this early interplanetary network,” said Scott Burleigh of JPL, lead software-engineer for the demonstrations. “One is the Epoxi spacecraft itself and the other nine, which are on the ground at JPL, simulate Mars landers, orbiters and ground mission-operations centers.” This month-long experiment is the first in a series of planned demonstrations to qualify the technology for use on a variety of upcoming space missions, said Jay Wyatt, manager of the Space Networking and Mission Automation Program Office at JPL. In the next round of testing, a NASA-wide demonstration using new DTN software loaded on board the International Space Station is scheduled to begin next summer. In the next few years, the Interplanetary Internet could enable many new types of space missions. Complex missions involving multiple landed, mobile and orbiting spacecraft will be far easier to support through the use of the Interplanetary Internet. It could also ensure reliable communications for astronauts on the surface of the moon. The Deep Impact Networking Experiment is sponsored by the Space Communications and Navigation Office in NASA’s Space Operations Mission Directorate in Washington. NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and Discovery Program in Washington provided experimental access to the Epoxi spacecraft. The Epoxi mission team provided critical support throughout development and operations.

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