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How To Build A Boat Kit: Step By Step

How To Build A Boat Kit: Step By Step


Building a boat is no simple project. It is something that requires immense planning and understanding of the various steps involved. Also, a boat should follow optimum safety standards in order to ensure that it is suitable to set sail on water and actually let you have a good time. For this, you need a step by step boat building kit. This kit should be highly illustrative and descriptive to make sure that you have covered all aspects of the boat.

how build boat kit step How To Build A Boat Kit: Step By Step

Step 1

The first step is making a blue print. You need drawings and instructions that are meticulous and easy to follow. This item of your boat building kit is very important as you will need all the details, measurements and patterns to build your row boat. Preparing a good blueprint is as good as winning half your battle. If you are no sure how to do it, you can seek assistance from professionals who will be able to guide you or even complete this step for you.

Step 2

Cut out all the wooden pieces as mentioned in the blue print and keep them in your kit. These pieces should be cut in accordance to the measurements, and to absolute precision. When you are beginning this step, make sure that you have included all the pieces necessary for the floor, the bottom panel and the sides of the boat. You can use plywood, mahogany or cider to build your boat.

Step 3

Make a complete collection of the hardware parts that you will require for your boat. These parts include the ones needed to make the inside of your boat. You can count the front, middle and rear seats among other important items of the hardware.

Step 4

When you are building your boat, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary parts to add the finishing touches. Therefore, your boat building kit needs to have items such as the fasteners, marine epoxy, finishing coat of paint, oars and oarlocks, if any and also the oarlock sleeves. You can get most of them from reputed hardware stores that sell boating equipment.

Step 5

There are certain accessories that need to go with your boat. These include items like the rub rails, the hatches, the rudders, the oak tip protectors and flotation devices.  These parts, although secondary, are extremely important to be added in your boat making kit.

Step 6

A boat kit must also include a list of necessary tools. You must include screw drivers, hot metal glue gun, sandpaper, wood filer, contact cement, carpenters level and wire cutters your boat making kit. You even get readymade boat making tool kits that are available in hardware stores. You can just buy these and include them in your boat making kit.

After you have made the kit, make sure you verify it completely before you begin your project. It is very frustrating when you have to hunt for small devices and tools when you are in the middle of a large project such as building a boat.

David Hammel is freelance writer, professional blogger and an avid boater. He is from the Napanee area and enjoys blogging for Atkins & Hoyle about his boating knowledge and experiences.

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How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You


When we get broadband, we tend to go for companies that we know and packages that we feel rather than know are correct for us. Not many of us went through a proper sourcing process and often we bought off the headline rates rather than buying a package based on the fine.

how know internet wrong for How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

This article will look at the ways in which we can ascertain whether our current package is wrong for us so that we can know when we should leave. We’ll also begin by looking at how I check broadband speed in order to understand the performance of my connection.

How I Check Broadband Speed

Checking your broadband speed provides you with the ability to understand the level of performance of your connection in different parts of your home and when connected through an Ethernet cable.

I test broadband speed by jumping on to a website called I chose this website because it tests based on a server close to me and it provides a good user interface with a clear graphical display.

All I have to do is click begin and within 45 seconds I see my ping speed, my download speed, and then my upload speed. I check my broadband speed regularly so that I can understand what level of connection I’m getting and whether I’m seeing a deterioration in performance.

I also check my broadband speed at different times of the day and week, so that I can make sure that contention ratios, the number of people on the line at any one time, and traffic management are not impacting my broadband experience.

Indeed, this is the first way to know whether your broadband is correct for you. If you’re seeing underperformance on a regular basis, then it may be time for a change, but it really should be down to whether you can complete your everyday activities or not.

Speed May Be Of the Essence

When you bought a broadband package you were probably sold an up to speed on ADSL. This up to speed may have been up to 24mbps up to 16mbps, or even on some providers such as AOL up to 8mbps. This up to speed is the top level speed of the package and therefore, you’re unlikely to receive the speed. However, if you’re getting a half or two thirds of your up to speed, that is a issue but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily look to move your contract and that your internet package is wrong for you.

If you’re able to do activities such as streaming high definition movies, online gaming, watching YouTube, downloading emails, social networking, and everything that you want to do, then inherently the speed and performance is right for you, and then there’s other considerations you should look at.

If you find your experience limited in any of your activities, then perhaps an upgrade may be the way forward, but of course it is down to what technology and what providers are servicing your area. If you can get Virgin fibre optic broadband you’re pretty much guaranteed faster speeds than on any ADSL, or any other fibre optic broadband connection, but it is down to whether you can get it.

Your Data Allowances

One of the primary ways of knowing whether your package is right for you is by seeing if you are over using your data. If you constantly find yourself monitoring the amount of data you’ve used half way through the month, you probably should be looking for an upgrade.

This would signal that you don’t have enough data and that you’re worried about over consumption. Indeed, if you find yourself over consuming you may be charged extra fees. BT internet charge an extra £5 per 5 GB for data you consume above their limited packages.

If you are continuall finding yourself paying extra it may be that you need to bite the bullet and go for an unlimited package, and it may even save you money based on the reduction in overall costs from extra fees. Some good unlimited providers include BE broadband, Sky broadband, and BT broadband on their broadband unlimited packages.

Of course, many unlimited providers actually have fair usage caps on their policies which restrict the amount of data you can consume. So do ensure you understand the different policies of different providers before you sign up for a package.

Special Requirements

When I check broadband speed, I see ping, download speed and upload speed. Most of what we’ve looked at here is focused on download speed and download allowance. The reality is that ping and upload speed can also be important to you, especially if you do certain activities.

The ping rate on my speed test is 35m, and that is pretty good. However, if you have a ping rate above say 50ms or 100ms, you will have underperformance in certain activities. If you are a keen online gamer, for example, you’ll probably struggle to have a seamless journey through your games if you have a high ping rate. This is because ping dictates the response from the server and therefore, on server-based online games, you will have fuzzy, jittery and underperforming fun.

Similarly, video chat online is heavily dependent on the ping rate and if you don’t get the ping you require, you may find you don’t get the performance you want.

Upload Speed Requirements

If you spend a lot of time sending information up to the web as opposed to taking it down and viewing it, upload speed can be critical. I, myself spend a lot of time updating websites, which involves uploading a large number of files. This takes a big data allowance, but also a decent upload speed. At 1mbps, my speed probably isn’t sufficient to get really good performance, but it could be worse.

People who spend a lot of time sending photos up to Facebook, may also find that they get underperformance from their upload speed. Sending a 100 large photos could end up taking quite a lot of time.

How important upload speed is to your decision as to whether your broadband is right for you really comes down to how much its underperformance impinges on your life.

What to Do About It

If you do think “I need to check broadband speed” all the time and are monitoring your data allowances consistently, it may be time for a move.

A great way to find out about connections in your area is through a service provided by uSwitch, where you can check what speeds providers are offering in your area. Rather than just a broadband comparison of up to speeds, you can see the actual speeds that people have received on their tests. These speeds are taken where people share their speed test results anonymously in order to offer data on different providers. By using one of these services, you can quickly develop a shortlist of performers that have better upload, download or ping speeds for your needs. Then, it’s a matter of looking at fair usage and traffic management policies of different providers to ensure that you understand the actual makeup of the download limits and other costs involve in your package.

You should look out for additional hidden extras, such as line rental and fees for miscellaneous extras such as delivery of your router, installation costs, itemised billing and non-direct debit payments.

When Sam Jones’s neighbour had a problem with his internet, Phil advised him to check broadband speed. He also told him that if the problem continued that he might find a better deal with the help of price comparison sites like uSwitch

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How To Reduce The Amount Of CO2 Your Workplace Is Responsible For

How To Reduce The Amount Of CO2 Your Workplace Is Responsible For


We are using up more and more of our fossil fuels each year and unfortunately they are running out. They will not last forever which is why it is becoming even more crucial we all start embracing ‘Green energy’. No more is this true than in the workplace. More and more ‘Green workplaces’ are springing up all over the world but there are still not enough.

how reduce amount co2 workplace How To Reduce The Amount Of CO2 Your Workplace Is Responsible For

If each company in the UK were to embrace Green Energy, not only would this have a hugely positive environmental impact but it would also reduce the amount of wasted energy from each company and therefore save a lot of money too. Not to mention the fact that doing ‘good’ will naturally enhance the culture of each workplace.

So, how can your workplace reduce the amount of wasted energy, save money and help the environment?

1. Lighting

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of energy your workplace uses is to, quite simply, change your light bulbs. This may sound simple but it makes a real difference. For instance, energy saving bulbs can last up to eight times longer than a traditional bulb and use a lot less energy too!

-Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are the odd shaped bulbs you are probably using in your own home. They are handy because they fit into the traditional bulb sockets so require no additional fittings. They are 80% energy saving, so most definitely worthwhile installing in your workplace.

-Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are much smaller bulbs than you will be used to. However, whilst small they are very efficient, both in terms of the light they emit, as well as the energy they use. LEDs tend to be more expensive than CFL bulbs; however, they offer a workplace a lot more value because they last longer.

2. Dealing with your waste

How you dispose of your electronic waste is extremely important. Disposing of electronics in the wrong way can have a huge negative environmental impact, due to the amount of hazardous ingredients they contain. If you are unsure of how to dispose of your electrical waste, you should contact your local council, as well as use the online resources provided by DEFRA and the Energy Saving Trust.

We live in a digital world now, so why are we still printing out reams of paper? Using devices, laptops and mobiles in meetings instead of printouts will not only save trees but cut down on the amount of paper waste your workplace produces. Try to put a limit on the number of copies and printouts your photocopiers and printers produce and then start charging employees, or their departmental budgets, after this set limit is reached.

3. Going green with your IT

‘Green IT’ is becoming more and more recognised as companies start to realise the huge cost savings that can be made. In a recent study it was even estimated that, of the European companies who have embraced green IT, they will have saved approximately 23.2 million euros in a year.

What is meant by green IT is the practicing of environmentally sustainable computing. This involves everything from how a computer and other electrical equipment are manufactured to how they are used on a daily basis.

Workplaces can start their own green IT schemes by embracing cloud computing, which is where documents, files and data is saved on, and accessed via, the web instead of on a local server. This will save your workplace physical space, as well as money. Cloud computing is relatively low maintenance, you can access it from wherever you are, 24/7, and it is also of extremely low impact to the environment.

4. Encourage virtual meetings

As travel costs continue to increase, it makes sense to conduct more meetings via teleconference or via the web. Not only will embracing virtual meetings end up saving your company a lot of money in travel costs, it will also reduce the negative impact on the environment because you will not be driving or taking public transport.

Reports into tele/web conferencing have also shown an increase in productivity amongst those taking part, which is a huge bonus. One can only assume this is down to employees having more time to dedicate to their work, instead of travelling to and from various meetings.

5. Reconsider how your employees travel to work

Reducing the amount of energy your workplace produces is not just limited to your physical workplace. You also need to take responsibility for how much energy your employees are using each time they come to, and leave, work.

You should do a survey of your employees, asking them how they travel to and from work. Take notice of how many people are driving and try to link up employees who travel from the same areas, encouraging them to carpool. Reducing the number of cars on the road will help decrease the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere, not to mention help lessen the amount of traffic on the road.

Look into the various public transport schemes the Government offer, as well as schemes like Cycle to Work and make sure your employees are well informed about these. You may even consider offering rewards or incentives to employees who take up these schemes. Another option is to encourage people to work from home a few times a week. This will decrease the number of people using transport to work, as well as cut down on the amount of energy being used in the workplace.

James writes for Jaga perimeter heating. When not writing, he can often be found trying to reduce his Co2 emissions both at home and at work.

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How To Boost Your Brainpower

How To Boost Your Brainpower


One of the most important parts in your body is your brain and you might not have known that you need to keep exercising your brain just like your body.

The brain needs constant challenging and keeping it active can really help decrease the risk of problems at an old age. Here are some of the best ways you can boost your brainpower.

Keep Your Brain Healthy With Correct Nutrition

Lights of ideas

Nutrition plays an important part in boosting your brainpower. Brain uses energy to keep up with daily tasks and the kind of energy it receives can really influence how your brain works.

You can really improve your focus by eating fish oil supplements because omega-3 vitamin is really important in providing brain the right firepower to function.

When you ensure a correct amount of fish oil in your nutrition your energy levels are much better and you will find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks.

If you only consume a lot of junk food your brain won’t be able to think clearly and you will soon start noticing how you forget things and find it hard to stay alert. With a proper nutrition your brain will feel healthier and this will also make you feel a lot happier.

It isn’t even just about eating carrots all day long. You are still able to enjoy the good things in life and help boost your brain. For instance, red wine has a lot of good antioxidants that can protect your brain so keep drinking it, in moderation of course!

Keep It Fit With Music

Music is really important for the wellbeing of the brain and it is really important you get into listening and practising music as early on as possible. There are so many positive benefits to music that it is an essential part of keeping yourself happy and energetic.

Learning to play an instrument can help improve your cognitive skills because the neurons in your brain have to work a lot while you practice. It is a great way to create new neuron connections in your brain and can really help you improve the way you learn and remember new things.

The great thing about using music in order to boost your brainpower is the fact that learning to play different instruments isn’t too difficult. You can quickly learn how to play saxophone, for instance, if you just look online and visit the Pro Music Tutor website.

Have Fun And Reduce Stress

You need to make sure you have a lot of laughter in life. Studies have shown that taking some time off every now and then and doing something funny can really improve your brainpower. When you laugh your brain will produce a lot more of the feel-good chemicals and thus your stress levels will go down.

Keeping stress levels low is important because your brain emits neuron transmissions a lot better when it isn’t also high on the stress hormones. Thus it is a good idea to take a break every now and then and watch some funny cat videos on Youtube.

Janet is into helping people feel better and make healthier life choices in their every day life. She is a big believer in keeping a balance between work and play and loves to try out new relaxation methods.

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How To Continue To Dance Throughout Your Pregnancy

How To Continue To Dance Throughout Your Pregnancy


All women should be encouraged to exercise a small amount throughout their pregnancy. It is important to stay fit whilst pregnant, since you are not only looking after your own health but your baby’s too. There are many benefits to be had when you dance throughout your pregnancy, although as with any exercise it should be done in moderation so there is no risk to yourself or your baby.

how continue dance throughout pregnancy How To Continue To Dance Throughout Your Pregnancy

Dancing is an extremely fun way of exercising, so can really lift your mood when perhaps your emotions are running a bit wild. Since it is fun, it is easier to do then going to the gym, yet will have all the same positive effects, such as keeping your muscles toned and body stretched.

Dancing in your first trimester

The first three months of your pregnancy are extremely important since you are at greatest risk of miscarriage. With this in mind you obviously need to be precautionary and never do anything too excessive. Generally though, you should be able to dance just as you normally do.  The biggest thing to keep in mind when dancing in your first trimester is you must warm-up properly.

Everyone needs to warm-up before exercise but when pregnant it is even more important to make sure your muscles and joints are warmed up before exercise, since it will help your heart beat speed up at a slower rate, instead of going from normal to escalated right away. Warming up will also help to ensure you don’t sprain anything or injure yourself in any way, which is obviously crucial if you are to remain in a healthy state for your baby.

When dancing in your first trimester, it is generally recommended you should always be able to talk, therefore if you find yourself out of breath and unable to carry on talking, you must slow down. Always try to keep at least one foot on the ground, as this will ensure your dancing is relatively low impact. Ultimately, listen to your body. If your dancing is affecting you in a negative manner, it’s your body’s way to telling you to slow down or perhaps stop altogether.

Dancing in your second and third trimesters

One of the biggest things to take into account when dancing during your second and third trimesters is how much your centre of gravity will have shifted because of your growing belly. This means your balance will have altered a lot. At the best of times, people are quite clumsy when they’re dancing, often tripping over their own feet or other people’s!

With this in mind, you’ve got to pay more attention to your own feet and keep your dancing at a pace where you feel balanced and safe. It’s a good idea to steer clear of dance styles which require extremely jerky and jumpy movements, since these will be throwing your baby around inside you, which won’t be very comfortable and can also lead to balance issues.

Best dance styles for pregnancy

Unfortunately many dance styles are simply not ideal for pregnancy. For instance, even though ballroom dancing can be relatively slow-paced, the close-up nature needed with a partner is just too uncomfortable and will inhibit your dancing, as well as your freedom of movement.  Likewise, dance styles that require a lot of jumping and hip movements, will not be good for your body or your baby since they put a lot of added pressure on your joints and ligaments.

The best styles are those that are slow-paced whilst at the same time energetic enough to keep you fit and toned. If you are pregnant and want to keep dancing, look at taking up ballet since you can do this throughout your entire pregnancy and use the barre for support as you become more imbalanced with your growing bump. Jazz and salsa dancing are also ideal for pregnant women since they don’t really require you to jump around.

Ultimately, only do what you are comfortable with. You really need to take care of your body and make sure you are not forcing your body into rotations and movements that push it too much. If in any doubt, always check with your doctor and the dance class instructor.

Laura writes for Danceforce. When not writing about dance bags, she can often be found dancing to music no one else can hear.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Settlement

How To Make The Most Of Your Settlement


Making the most of your settlement can often be a difficult task. What many people don’t realize is that some agreements stipulate that you will get your money monthly over a prolonged period of time and not a lump sum. It is an extremely frustrating thing and can cause you not to enjoy your compensation or lottery win.

While receiving your money monthly will be the most advisable way however it doesn’t allow you to enjoy the money. Incremental payments allow you to only have access to a certain amount per month which can prove extremely annoying and limiting. Some companies out there offer you a reduced total sum for a one of lump payment into your account.

You receive a large sum of money and they assume your payment plan and make profit towards the end of it. It is a win, win situation and it is a great way in which you can make the most of your own money.

This article will highlight three ways in which you can make the most of your settlement.

Explore the World

how most settlement How To Make The Most Of Your Settlement

Having access to a large sum of money instead of a series of incremental payments can allow you to plan the trip of a lifetime you have always dreamed of. The majority of us work to pay the mortgage and bills and then any extra money we save for a rainy day. Our existences are pitiful and if you stick with incremental payments the likelihood of that changing is very small.

Obviously the payments will be taken care of by the claim money but the change to your life will only be small as you never really have true access to the money you have been awarded. If you take a hit and accept a smaller overall sum you can have access to the full amount and then do as you wish with it.

You can save sum but also have the ability to explore those parts of the world you have always wanted to. I believe travelling the world is one the greatest things one can do and the majority of us never get the chance to do it. Take the Structured settlement payout and have a little fun in your life while you still can because in the blink of an eye you will be all grown up and living a life filled with regret and missed opportunities.

Help People Out

People often live their lives dreaming of the chance to help out their friends and family. If you accept the reduced payout you will have the option to do this, spread your prosperity and ensure everyone you care about can revel in your newfound wealth. Money is a made up commodity and if you didn’t have the compensation you wouldn’t have missed it.

My advice is take the amount offered and embrace the world for what it is, a haven of wonderful spectacles.

Save for a Rainy Day

For those of you who are keen on saving having access to the lump sum will allow your to do that also, I mean it isn’t hard to transfer some of it into a high interest account and save it for that rainy day. Access to the lump sum gives you many more opportunities and you would be naive to let it pass.

Martin is interested in financial law and is especially keen on finding ways to make sure financial negotiations run smooth and work well for both parties involved. When he isn’t trying to negotiate something he is usually mixing his own brew of tea and giving it to his friends and family.

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How To Host The Greatest Party

How To Host The Greatest Party


Regardless of the occasion, everyone loves a party and what people love even more is a great party. There are certain ways to make a party great and these must be followed in order to create the dream spectacle.

Many parties I and I’m sure you, have been to have just not been that great, a shortage of food and drink and throwback 80’s music. We live in a technologically advanced world and the opportunities out there the excel are great, it just needs a little care, attention and research, not to mention generosity.

This article will highlight what it takes to throw and unique yet great party and where to look in order to find the components.

An Idea

how host greatest party How To Host The Greatest Party

If you are going to host a “great” party as apposed to merely a “good” one as host you have got to have an idea of what you want your party to look like from the perspective of the guest. This is the most important part of party planning, being able to step back and have an objective view.

There are many party themes that have already been done in the past and it is an idea to look at these for inspiration, may it be Roman themed or a Disney theme, as host you must find the correct theme to suit your guest list. Having a party is something that only a select number of people do and pulling it off can often be tough.

Plan the food, plan the drinks and plan the decoration, if you have an idea that is off the beaten track then give it a go, you want it to be memorable after all. Fireworks are a unique idea that could suit, companies such as fireworks crazy offer great selection boxes so check them out online.


Being generous is extremely important and to have a great party, essential. The worst thing to happen at a party is a shortage in food and drink, so make sure that under no circumstances that happens. Stock up on great alcohol and food and even consider hiring staff for the evening to serve both of these.

If your part is a one off event or a landmark birthday then splash the cash, it is something that doesn’t come around very often so make the most of the opportunity to entertain.


Being innovative is something that is tough to do and even tougher to execute. Many people have good ideas but turning these ideas into reality is an extremely tough task. For this to occur you have got to be committed to the cause and be willing to spend time and often money making the dream reality.

In the internet age we live in there are many options available and if you have an idea there will be a way to make it happen. Having a party can be a great thing, one of the rare times you get to spend with your friends and family, eating and drinking and enjoying one another’s company.

Just make sure you plan for every eventuality and ensure above all that the fridges are stocked, running out of supplies is the worst thing that can happen at a party.

Andrew is an author with a love to party planning. He has over 15 years industry experience, as well as this he enjoys planning parties in his spare time. His writing style is very particular and quite conversational.

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How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?

How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?


LinkedIn is by no means a larger network than Facebook, Google+ or Twitter but its exponential growth rate has accrued the site more than 200 million active members this past year. It is by far the leading network for business professionals. If you’re a lawyer using LinkedIn as a tool you may think just “connecting” is enough to make a difference in your practice. However, using the site in more innovative, personal ways can elicit further results.

how should lawyers use linkedin How Should Lawyers Use LinkedIn In 2013?

Find Connections

Updates to LinkedIn in Spring 2013 have made searching for relevant connections based on your professional identity and network easier and more efficient. Much like Facebook, the new LinkedIn offers “suggested searches” and search filters like location, company or school to make finding possible connections simpler.

Take It On The Go

Recently LinkedIn released an updated version of its mobile app. The previous app underwent a complete redesign that did away with difficult and outdated scrolling. The new app also offers numerous personalization options and a newer navigation page that makes finding connections while on the go easier. This makes connecting with someone you’ve recently met, at a conference or through a chance happening, easier akin to exchanging a phone number. Looking someone up on the spot can help avoid the risk that you forget contact information and lose an opportunity to connect.


Remember to fully participate with your LinkedIn community. While you might not think that a like or comment will amount to future business, engaging in this way is similar to having a small exchange after bumping into someone at a store. You are accordingly on the person’s mind and it may prompt an email, offhanded thought or question that leads to further conversation. Sharing news about your field or appropriate commentary about related information are ways to participate in LinkedIn and make your connections personal and meaningful. Offer those who follow your network company updates.

Demonstrate Skills

While offering actual legal advice through LinkedIn is not recommended, offering general insight through comments and posts is encouraged. Recognize that LinkedIn can act as a platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It also gives you an opportunity to give your network a sense for your personal practice style and philosophy of law.

Specify Services

There is a section on LinkedIn that allows you to denote what services or practice areas you offer. Make sure to offer your prospective clients as much information about your capabilities as possible. Clarify what areas you can offer particularly expert service in. You can also link the employee information for individual areas of practice.

Recently an article titled, “The Perils of Being A Social Media Holdout” by Clara Shih and Lisa Shalett was published in the Harvard Business Review. The article warns against the results of discounting the importance of participation in social media networks.

“People are looking you up. Not having a presence means you are not easily “findable” and perhaps leads people to question whether yours is a credible business. People are increasingly turning to social networks as the easiest way to get their questions answered.”

Employing LinkedIn as a tool in your law practice is easy enough and the payoff is more than worth it. Don’t hold out!

Amanda O’Donnell writes for Alamo Injury Attorneys a San Antonio firm that uses LinkedIn to best serve its clients needs.

Photo Credit: Adriano Gasparri

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How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

How Outpatient Treatment Can Help


We hear about a lot of addicts and alcoholics who do inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, where the clients live at the treatment facility while getting clean.

how outpatient treatment can help How Outpatient Treatment Can Help

What Happens After Treatment

Less often, we hear about what happens after inpatient, residential treatment. For a lot of people in rehab, a great step down from inpatient is outpatient addiction treatment. In this level of rehab, clients live either at home or in a sober living home, and then participate in a rehab program during the day or evening.

If you are in school, outpatient addiction treatment is a great way to continue what you learned in inpatient treatment, and to still have a good level of accountability as you re-enter “real life.”

If you have children, and are usually their primary caregiver, outpatient rehab is a great way for you to return to that role, while sustaining the sobriety you worked hard for in inpatient treatment.

If you are returning to work after inpatient rehab, attending outpatient addiction treatment after work, for the evening session, will continue your recovery at the time of day you actually need it the most. You can use the treatment program to handle work stress, to keep yourself from hitting the bar after a long workday, and to be involved with a group of peers who are working toward the same goal of recovery while getting back into their lives.

What Balance Looks Like

Outpatient addiction treatment offers all addicts and alcoholics a chance to find balance. Recovery is a very real part of your life, forever, and needs to be incorporated in as a priority. Clients in an outpatient program learn what that can look like in their everyday lives.

In some cases, outpatient addiction treatment is the first choice for addicts and alcoholics when they are ready to get sober. Can’t be away from school, children, or work? Participating in a treatment program that works around your class schedule, or that you can go to while your kids are in school, offers a great option.

The Reality

Your reality includes you going back to work, or not really being able to miss work at all, so you choose a program that you can attend at night, after your work day. From the start of your recovery, after detoxing, you learn how to stay sober while living your day-to-day life.

There are celebrities who have chosen the outpatient addiction treatment route. If you watched Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, you saw clients participating in the inpatient portion of rehab, but on the last day of each season, as clients graduated from the Pasadena Recovery Center’s inpatient program, many of them chose a sober living home and an outpatient program as the next steps in their lives.

With recovery in mind, as the main focus, the clients who took Dr. Drew, and his treatment team’s, advice stood the best chance at staying clean and sober.

Although the show has been controversial, the idea of inpatient treatment followed by outpatient addiction treatment plus sober living is a great model for addicts looking to continue a healthy life in early recovery.

Kate Green works with Balboa Horizons Treatment Services as a quality improvement manager in order to reach those who are looking for recovery from their issues of addiction.

Photo Credit: Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería

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Start Of The Football Season – How To Keep Your Pitch Perfect All Season

Start Of The Football Season – How To Keep Your Pitch Perfect All Season


Finally it is that time of year you’ve been not so patiently looking forward to: football is back! One of the most important behind the scenes roles of each match is that of the groundskeeper. Keeping the pitch healthy and green is essential for both team’s performance and stealth. Here are a few tips and tricks to keeping your lawn pitch perfect. So that when you aren’t cheering on your team you can star in your own premier league final in your back garden!

start football season how keep Start Of The Football Season   How To Keep Your Pitch Perfect All Season

Monitor your Mowing

Lawns should be kept at roughly 3 to 4 inches long all year round. Adjust your lawn mower so that you don’t cut off too much as this discourages growth. There are certain times of the year when you should alter the amount of times you cut your grass per month. You will need to mow more frequently during the spring months as this is when grass grows at its fastest rate. Growing slows during summer and autumn so frequent mowing will be less necessary. Mowing is largely at your own discretion so all you need to do is keep an eye on the length of your grass and mow when it appears to be longer than 6 inches. Make sure you sharpen the blades of your lawnmower on a bi-monthly basis to ensure a consistent cut. Blunted lawnmower blades with cut your grass unevenly and roughly, which could lead to browning in patches on your lawn. As premier league teams need to maintain their equipment so do you.

Keep it Fertile

All flora needs a form of fertilisation in order to thrive and grow healthily. Grass is no exception to this rule. Opinion differs greatly as to when to fertilise and what type to use. A good rule of thumb is to decide what you want to achieve when you fertilise. If you want your lawn to grow quickly and abundantly then you should fertilise frequently using a fast action fertiliser. The main problem with this approach is that, although your lawn will grow quickly it will not be as healthy as it could be. Making plants grow quicker than their natural rate can cause a weakening to them and make them brittle. Grass that has been forced to grow faster is more likely to suffer during hot spells in the summer. Therefore if you opt for a slow acting fertiliser it will encourage your lawn to grow at its natural rate and make it stronger and healthier. It is also advisable that you only fertilise your grass once a year during the cooler months. Early spring and late autumn are the best times of the year for grass fertilisation.

Keep it Hydrated

All plants need water in order to grow. Grass is at its best when it gets at least one inch of rain per week, during the hot summer months this doesn’t always happen. The best thing you can do is to water your lawn on extremely hot and sunny days. Make sure you water the grass when the sun isn’t at its fullest. Early morning or late evening is the ideal time depending on when you are free to do it.

Corinne Kemp – Lifestyle and Product Writer for Grassform

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