Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bali Four Seasons Resort

Bali Four Seasons Resort


Have you ever imagine a magnificent hotel in the middle of the jungle? Well, there is one now! One of the world’s famous chains of hotels- The Four Seasons, has now its resort in Bali, in real jungle! One night in this wonder-like hotel will cost you only 750 US dollars! And for that (rich people will say pocket-money:)) money, you can enjoy in rooms with jungle-view, instead of a sea-view, and you will find that that’s more interesting thing to see in the morning when you walk to your balcony, awaken by the sounds of the jungle. Also, the hotel is designed like a wellness and spa center, so you can really relax at one of the many swimming pools, hot tubes in the open space, and even a beautiful little lake. Terraces are designed like one of the seven world’s wonders- the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? The interior design is modern, but has a little bit taste of Asia with its wooden built, light colors and even little sculptures from religions of Asia. Every room is very wide and spacious and has a lot of light, which also contributes to your relaxation. This paradise on Earth is truly a must-see place for everybody who can afford to come here.

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