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Twitter Predictions for 2014

Twitter Predictions for 2014


Those who use it tend to love it. They laud its real-time connectivity, its digital soap box nature, and its openness. Late adopters (and non-adopters) however are less convinced. Besides being able to follow the going-ons of your favorite celebrity, what’s the point, they wonder. It’s like whispering into the throngs of a large crowd: nobody can hear you and even less people care. But those are the detractors speaking. Suffice to say, there are plenty of advocates too.

twitter predictions for 2014 Twitter Predictions for 2014

For 53 million Americans, Twitter is a relevant, engaging, and interesting medium with which to share and consume information. And it is this user base that will spurn the platform’s continued usage and growth. Having recently gone public, the company now has a mission to produce annual profits. And this will require change, even if those changes are at first slight. But what will these changes mean for the average user? Well, in the upcoming year, new and old users alike should expect more of, well, everything!

More Advertising

Twitter is now a publicly traded company valued at $35 billion. This means that the company’s first priority is no longer redefining the standards by which individuals communicate online. The company’s first priority now is to produce revenue. More revenue than there are expenses, in fact. And to do that, Twitter will be required to adopt the same tactics that are currently employed by such companies as Facebook, Google, and Tumblr: advertising.

Users of Twitter can expect a much broader implementation of advertising on the social network over the course of 2014. No longer will a company’s message be limited to those individuals who follow it; with paid advertising, the audience is limitless. There can be little doubt that advertising will become more prevalent and conspicuous over the course of the next year. Unfortunately for the first-adopters, the days of the “free” user experience are over.

More Pictures

Facebook’s own research indicates that posts that include or incorporate images in some fashion show much higher rates of user engagement than those that don’t. It should come as no surprise that this is true for Twitter as well. Going forward, images will take center stage, as Twitter will be forced to:

  1. Recognize the importance that images play in a person’s user experience; and
  2. Realize that to attract new “customers,” it’s going to have to model itself in some fashion on the current king of the social media world: Facebook.

As much as Twitter may pride itself on being different than Facebook, there can be no denying the popularity of the platform. And like Coca-Cola and Pepsi or Ford and General Motors before it, this rivalry will result in the companies becoming more like each other, not less.

More Personal

Over the coming year, the way in which information is presented is likely to be streamlined and tweaked. News feeds have already begun to change to emphasize visual communication and promote conversations, and further changes will likely be made to continue down this path. One such change will be the move to make direct messaging more prominent. When one considers how Twitter has positioned itself within the marketplace, this change can be viewed as being quite drastic.

One of the core attributes of Twitter is that every message is public. While it’s true that some privacy settings exist, the nature of the platform is that it is a soap box – a place to spread one’s opinion. When someone Tweets, everyone sees it. But put simply, people do not always want their conversations to be public, and the direct messaging function provides for just the privacy that people are seeking. By making it more prominent, Twitter is in essence advocating a more private form of communication.

More Users

Pretty soon, everyone’s going to be Tweeting. If you think this isn’t the case, think again. Even if you hold fast and refuse to start a personal account, the odds are good that social media will become a part of your daily work responsibilities. More and more, employers are arming their employees with smartphones so that they can take part in the company’s online voice from anywhere – at any time. And  social media is starting to show up in employers’ job listings too; even those listings that aren’t specifically for a social media manager. Perhaps one of the biggest trends for 2014 will be the nearly universal adoption of corporate Twitter accounts. And if you work for a corporation, that means you might be first in line to help manage the thing!

Author Bio: Jessica is a freelance journalist who loves to cover technology news and the ways that technology makes life easier. She also blogs at Check her out on Twitter @TechyJessy.

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5 Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Tips For A New Home

5 Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Tips For A New Home


The right Feng Shui decorating tips can help create a harmonious atmosphere to your home. This involves combining the right colors and decor that can transform your home into a lush, relaxing, healthy and welcoming living environment most especially in the dining room which often goes neglected. Our fast paced lifestyles and busy career schedules have made it somewhat impossible for families to have meals together regularly and in the Feng Shui perspective that means missing out on a sacred aspect of life. This is how Feng Shui color combinations and decorating ideas for your dining room can make your home pleasant, energetic, healthy and re-establish strong family relationships.

feng shui dining room decorating 5 Feng Shui Dining Room Decorating Tips For A New Home

Your dining room must have a gentle flow of energy that never goes stagnant. Applying Feng Shui to the dining room interior of a new home, allows you to eliminate the pent up negative energy of the past and introduce a new beginning of change for a healthier and wealthier life for the family. This is especially essential when you move into a new home and want a fresh start in life. Here are some basic Feng Shui tips you can use for your new dining room –

1. Dividing The Dining Room And Living Room

A dining room and living room that are openly connected to one another must be divided with open shelves and other Feng Shui furnishings to mark the dividing line. Your dining room must be decorated with analogous interior colors that slightly differ for the living room and dining room, so that visually separate zones are created inside an inviting space. If you are unable to find Feng Shui furnishings to act as a divider between these two significant rooms, you can use a tall house plant instead.

2. Using Mirrors To Double Health And Wealth

A popular Feng Shui decorating idea for dining rooms is to utilize a mirror to help improve the chi flow inside the room, while reflecting pleasant artwork, furniture and windows, as well as expanding the space in your dining room. As a favorite element in Feng Shui, it is also essential to choose a mirror that can reflect food on your table which symbolically doubles your money, while amplifyng the natural light in your dining room. It can also double the number of dishes and glasses placed on the table for impressive table decor and festive dining room decor.

3. Higher Ceilings For Spacious Dining Spaces

Spacious dining rooms with high ceilings help people feel healthier, enjoy meals together and relax. Look for Feng Shui decor that can raise the ceiling visually or use scones on your dining room walls with soft light directed towards the ceiling for a spacious and comfortable environment.

4. Dining Room Tables And Chairs

It is never recommended in Feng Shui that small dining tables be used for a family of four because the number four in Chinese culture has always been associated with death. A dining table for six with an even number of chairs is highly ideal in Feng Shui. Though rearranging chairs after meals is not always possible in modern homes with small diing rooms, Feng Shui decorating ideas from ancient culture recommends placing the dining chairs near the walls after dinner to create more space and breathing area.

The location of your dining room table is also crucial and it must not be positioned on the line that connects the window and door to prevent health, happiness and luck from leaving the home. People sitting at the dining room table must not also face a bathroom door, as it can affect the appetite and the health and welfare of both family members and guests. It is also important to note that dining rooms with adjacent bathrooms indicate various health problems. If you are unable to position your dining room table the suitable Feng Shui way, then incorporate Feng Shui bells and wind chimes to maintan positive energy flow throughout the home.

5. Dining Room Table Decor

Feng Shui dining room decorating does not only mean proper placing of the dining room and furnishings, but it also includes decorating with the right colored fabrics, crystal glasses and tableware. The table clothes and napkins to be used must be in colors that suits the dining table, location and the room’s interior. When the table is positioned in the northern area of your dining room, opt for the color blue table acessories, while shades of green are Feng Shui colors suited for tables positioned in the eastern part of the room. However, if you have a preference for neutral colors or dark elegant colors, try to incorporate the recommended Feng Shui colors through candles, flowers, vases, napkins and other tableware.

It is ideal to use octagonal shaped tables in your dining room to help improve communication and comfort when dining. Try to avoid oval and round tables as these can encourage guests to leave early as Feng Shui interprets round and oval tables to increase the energy flow and suddenly leave the room. Square shaped tables on the other hand make people feel happy and secure, while long rectangular tables can make people sitting at both ends feel unimportant and left out.

Valerie Peters is a DIY home improvement enthusiast and freelance writer specializing in Feng Shui interior designing. She offers an array of interior designing tips following Feng Shui ideas for various types of homes and DIY home improvement ideas for new and trendy modern Hayden Homes.

Photographed by : mensatic

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How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You


When we get broadband, we tend to go for companies that we know and packages that we feel rather than know are correct for us. Not many of us went through a proper sourcing process and often we bought off the headline rates rather than buying a package based on the fine.

how know internet wrong for How To Know Your Internet Is Wrong For You

This article will look at the ways in which we can ascertain whether our current package is wrong for us so that we can know when we should leave. We’ll also begin by looking at how I check broadband speed in order to understand the performance of my connection.

How I Check Broadband Speed

Checking your broadband speed provides you with the ability to understand the level of performance of your connection in different parts of your home and when connected through an Ethernet cable.

I test broadband speed by jumping on to a website called I chose this website because it tests based on a server close to me and it provides a good user interface with a clear graphical display.

All I have to do is click begin and within 45 seconds I see my ping speed, my download speed, and then my upload speed. I check my broadband speed regularly so that I can understand what level of connection I’m getting and whether I’m seeing a deterioration in performance.

I also check my broadband speed at different times of the day and week, so that I can make sure that contention ratios, the number of people on the line at any one time, and traffic management are not impacting my broadband experience.

Indeed, this is the first way to know whether your broadband is correct for you. If you’re seeing underperformance on a regular basis, then it may be time for a change, but it really should be down to whether you can complete your everyday activities or not.

Speed May Be Of the Essence

When you bought a broadband package you were probably sold an up to speed on ADSL. This up to speed may have been up to 24mbps up to 16mbps, or even on some providers such as AOL up to 8mbps. This up to speed is the top level speed of the package and therefore, you’re unlikely to receive the speed. However, if you’re getting a half or two thirds of your up to speed, that is a issue but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily look to move your contract and that your internet package is wrong for you.

If you’re able to do activities such as streaming high definition movies, online gaming, watching YouTube, downloading emails, social networking, and everything that you want to do, then inherently the speed and performance is right for you, and then there’s other considerations you should look at.

If you find your experience limited in any of your activities, then perhaps an upgrade may be the way forward, but of course it is down to what technology and what providers are servicing your area. If you can get Virgin fibre optic broadband you’re pretty much guaranteed faster speeds than on any ADSL, or any other fibre optic broadband connection, but it is down to whether you can get it.

Your Data Allowances

One of the primary ways of knowing whether your package is right for you is by seeing if you are over using your data. If you constantly find yourself monitoring the amount of data you’ve used half way through the month, you probably should be looking for an upgrade.

This would signal that you don’t have enough data and that you’re worried about over consumption. Indeed, if you find yourself over consuming you may be charged extra fees. BT internet charge an extra £5 per 5 GB for data you consume above their limited packages.

If you are continuall finding yourself paying extra it may be that you need to bite the bullet and go for an unlimited package, and it may even save you money based on the reduction in overall costs from extra fees. Some good unlimited providers include BE broadband, Sky broadband, and BT broadband on their broadband unlimited packages.

Of course, many unlimited providers actually have fair usage caps on their policies which restrict the amount of data you can consume. So do ensure you understand the different policies of different providers before you sign up for a package.

Special Requirements

When I check broadband speed, I see ping, download speed and upload speed. Most of what we’ve looked at here is focused on download speed and download allowance. The reality is that ping and upload speed can also be important to you, especially if you do certain activities.

The ping rate on my speed test is 35m, and that is pretty good. However, if you have a ping rate above say 50ms or 100ms, you will have underperformance in certain activities. If you are a keen online gamer, for example, you’ll probably struggle to have a seamless journey through your games if you have a high ping rate. This is because ping dictates the response from the server and therefore, on server-based online games, you will have fuzzy, jittery and underperforming fun.

Similarly, video chat online is heavily dependent on the ping rate and if you don’t get the ping you require, you may find you don’t get the performance you want.

Upload Speed Requirements

If you spend a lot of time sending information up to the web as opposed to taking it down and viewing it, upload speed can be critical. I, myself spend a lot of time updating websites, which involves uploading a large number of files. This takes a big data allowance, but also a decent upload speed. At 1mbps, my speed probably isn’t sufficient to get really good performance, but it could be worse.

People who spend a lot of time sending photos up to Facebook, may also find that they get underperformance from their upload speed. Sending a 100 large photos could end up taking quite a lot of time.

How important upload speed is to your decision as to whether your broadband is right for you really comes down to how much its underperformance impinges on your life.

What to Do About It

If you do think “I need to check broadband speed” all the time and are monitoring your data allowances consistently, it may be time for a move.

A great way to find out about connections in your area is through a service provided by uSwitch, where you can check what speeds providers are offering in your area. Rather than just a broadband comparison of up to speeds, you can see the actual speeds that people have received on their tests. These speeds are taken where people share their speed test results anonymously in order to offer data on different providers. By using one of these services, you can quickly develop a shortlist of performers that have better upload, download or ping speeds for your needs. Then, it’s a matter of looking at fair usage and traffic management policies of different providers to ensure that you understand the actual makeup of the download limits and other costs involve in your package.

You should look out for additional hidden extras, such as line rental and fees for miscellaneous extras such as delivery of your router, installation costs, itemised billing and non-direct debit payments.

When Sam Jones’s neighbour had a problem with his internet, Phil advised him to check broadband speed. He also told him that if the problem continued that he might find a better deal with the help of price comparison sites like uSwitch

Photo Credit: LarsZi

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How To Reduce The Amount Of CO2 Your Workplace Is Responsible For

How To Reduce The Amount Of CO2 Your Workplace Is Responsible For


We are using up more and more of our fossil fuels each year and unfortunately they are running out. They will not last forever which is why it is becoming even more crucial we all start embracing ‘Green energy’. No more is this true than in the workplace. More and more ‘Green workplaces’ are springing up all over the world but there are still not enough.

how reduce amount co2 workplace How To Reduce The Amount Of CO2 Your Workplace Is Responsible For

If each company in the UK were to embrace Green Energy, not only would this have a hugely positive environmental impact but it would also reduce the amount of wasted energy from each company and therefore save a lot of money too. Not to mention the fact that doing ‘good’ will naturally enhance the culture of each workplace.

So, how can your workplace reduce the amount of wasted energy, save money and help the environment?

1. Lighting

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of energy your workplace uses is to, quite simply, change your light bulbs. This may sound simple but it makes a real difference. For instance, energy saving bulbs can last up to eight times longer than a traditional bulb and use a lot less energy too!

-Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are the odd shaped bulbs you are probably using in your own home. They are handy because they fit into the traditional bulb sockets so require no additional fittings. They are 80% energy saving, so most definitely worthwhile installing in your workplace.

-Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are much smaller bulbs than you will be used to. However, whilst small they are very efficient, both in terms of the light they emit, as well as the energy they use. LEDs tend to be more expensive than CFL bulbs; however, they offer a workplace a lot more value because they last longer.

2. Dealing with your waste

How you dispose of your electronic waste is extremely important. Disposing of electronics in the wrong way can have a huge negative environmental impact, due to the amount of hazardous ingredients they contain. If you are unsure of how to dispose of your electrical waste, you should contact your local council, as well as use the online resources provided by DEFRA and the Energy Saving Trust.

We live in a digital world now, so why are we still printing out reams of paper? Using devices, laptops and mobiles in meetings instead of printouts will not only save trees but cut down on the amount of paper waste your workplace produces. Try to put a limit on the number of copies and printouts your photocopiers and printers produce and then start charging employees, or their departmental budgets, after this set limit is reached.

3. Going green with your IT

‘Green IT’ is becoming more and more recognised as companies start to realise the huge cost savings that can be made. In a recent study it was even estimated that, of the European companies who have embraced green IT, they will have saved approximately 23.2 million euros in a year.

What is meant by green IT is the practicing of environmentally sustainable computing. This involves everything from how a computer and other electrical equipment are manufactured to how they are used on a daily basis.

Workplaces can start their own green IT schemes by embracing cloud computing, which is where documents, files and data is saved on, and accessed via, the web instead of on a local server. This will save your workplace physical space, as well as money. Cloud computing is relatively low maintenance, you can access it from wherever you are, 24/7, and it is also of extremely low impact to the environment.

4. Encourage virtual meetings

As travel costs continue to increase, it makes sense to conduct more meetings via teleconference or via the web. Not only will embracing virtual meetings end up saving your company a lot of money in travel costs, it will also reduce the negative impact on the environment because you will not be driving or taking public transport.

Reports into tele/web conferencing have also shown an increase in productivity amongst those taking part, which is a huge bonus. One can only assume this is down to employees having more time to dedicate to their work, instead of travelling to and from various meetings.

5. Reconsider how your employees travel to work

Reducing the amount of energy your workplace produces is not just limited to your physical workplace. You also need to take responsibility for how much energy your employees are using each time they come to, and leave, work.

You should do a survey of your employees, asking them how they travel to and from work. Take notice of how many people are driving and try to link up employees who travel from the same areas, encouraging them to carpool. Reducing the number of cars on the road will help decrease the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere, not to mention help lessen the amount of traffic on the road.

Look into the various public transport schemes the Government offer, as well as schemes like Cycle to Work and make sure your employees are well informed about these. You may even consider offering rewards or incentives to employees who take up these schemes. Another option is to encourage people to work from home a few times a week. This will decrease the number of people using transport to work, as well as cut down on the amount of energy being used in the workplace.

James writes for Jaga perimeter heating. When not writing, he can often be found trying to reduce his Co2 emissions both at home and at work.

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When Is My Employer Responsible For My Injury On The Job?

When Is My Employer Responsible For My Injury On The Job?


If you work anywhere with forklift, factory machinery, or on a construction site with dangerous and large equipment, you understand the hazards involved in doing your job.  If there is an accident or incident you could be at risk of a serious injury.  Machines malfunctioning, equipment falling apart, or just reckless endangerment on the site, can all lead to extensive issues surrounding an injury.  When accidents on the job site happen they are not always your fault.  It is important to know when your employer should be held accountable for their liability regarding you in their work space.

employer injury When Is My Employer Responsible For My Injury On The Job?

Abiding by OSHA

In every workplace there is a notification of rules provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Association that, by law, must be clearly displayed somewhere for all employees to read and acknowledge.  This outline and regulations makes things known such as:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Hours Allowed On-Clock
  • Standard Safety Procedures (varied by industry)
  • Instructions On Filing A Claim

It is important as an employee to be aware of OSHA compliances based on the industry you work in.  There are difference codes and regulations that your employer must comply with, whether you’re in the construction field, maritime, or even agriculture.  These are in place for your safety and outline the liability that your employer takes should an accident occur at work.

Safety Assured By Employer

If you work with heavy machinery or dangerous equipment then it is pertinent that your employer take the steps to assure your safety as well as the safety of their business.  If equipment that requires maintenance and upkeep isn’t regularly inspected it will fall under the liability of the employer should something happen.  If hydraulic lifts or fork lifts or scaffolding is in anyway faulty then your safety on the clock is jeopardized.  Employers are also responsible for assuring that all employees are properly trained and informed of how to do their job and use the equipment involved.  Training courses and certifications are usually required by law to operate larger machinery in a workplace, and failure to have all employers involved to be properly prepared to use them can result in a serious accident that lands blame on the employer.  On the job accidents can put employees in the hospital with piling medical bills and loss of work time due to their injuries.  Your employer is responsible to compensate for your loss in the event of their negligence resulting in an injury.

Off-Site Liability

Employers can also be responsible for accidents that occur off the site of the company or job.  For example, if a repairman heads out on a call in a company car and is involved in an accident, the employer is responsible because they own the vehicle involved and oversee the actions of the employee.  Whenever an employee is on the clock and performing duties assigned by their superior, the liability falls on the one in charge.  Any injuries resulting from an incident should be dealt with and compensated by the employer for putting an employee in said situation.  No matter where the work is being done, your right as an employee is to feel safe and protected from harm while under the watch of your employer.

If you are hurt or injured on the job, the accident could result in serious misfortune and hardship for you and your family.  Costly medical and prescription expenses, time spent off work for recovery, and even permanent damage done that restricts future job abilities, are just some of the effects an accident can have when an employer is negligent towards the safety of their employees.  Liability almost always fall on that of the company that employs their workers to do the jobs and tasks they ask, regardless of the risk it takes or hazards occurring when working.

With over 30+ years of experience in personal injury law, Colley & Colley L.L.P. are central Texas’ experts at dealing with injuries sustatined on the job.

An aspiring law blogger, Zach Chodaniecky is well aware of the benefits of employers knowing where their liability is.

Photo Credit: Uninen

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Creative Ideas For Your Family Portrait

Creative Ideas For Your Family Portrait


A family portrait is like freezing a moment in time. You will always have that picture to look back on with love and happy memories. Coming up with the perfect idea of how you want your family portraits to look is the tricky part though, so once you have looked through all of the Glamour Shots reviews and have a studio picked out, it is time to plan out the perfect portrait ideas. You want something that really captures your family, something that shows who you really are, and something that is fun! Here are some creative ideas for your next family portrait that everyone will love.

creative ideas for family portrait Creative Ideas For Your Family Portrait

Communication is Key

Before you can even get started with all the creative ideas for your shoot, you need to be sure that you and your photographer are communicating well with each other, explains Inspirebee. Communication is key in making sure that your family portrait is everything you wanted and more. It is important to remember that this is your shoot, and your memories that are being captured, so you need to communicate what you want out of it. While you may think that it is just one year, and if you don’t like them, there is always next year, remember that this year is a year of memories you don’t want to forget, so make sure you remember them in your way. Do this, and you will already be on your way to photos you will love.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Impromptu

Some of the best family portraits are the ones that didn’t need a lot of planning at all, but just show the family as they really are. If you are working with a truly skilled photographer, they will be able to capture this magic for you. Take your family to an open place where you can run around and play and just be happy together and let your photographer snap away. You will have a day of fun to remember as well as pictures that show your family as they truly are.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A popular trend in family portraits has been to use them to make announcements, explains Babble. For example, you can take a picture of you and your spouse in front of a blackboard backdrop. Stand side by side with a chalk plus sign drawn between you and an equal sign after you with the number three to announce that you are having a child. It is cute, and it really does say a thousand words.

Let the Kids Take Over

Your children have such creative imaginations, so why not let those imaginations influence your family portraits? Have your kids weigh in on what they think you should do in various pictures. Let each of your children plan out one photo with all of you, and then finally plan one shot all together. It will be a great bonding experience and will let each of them feel like they have their very own version of the family portrait that they will always treasure.

Planning your family portrait is about more than looking through Glamour Shots reviews, it is about capturing memories that you can treasure forever. What memories will be sealed in your family portraits?

Mike is a freelance photographer who has taken a wide variety of pictures and likes to write about the different projects he has done in the past.

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Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?


In the beginning you don’t want to spend a lot of money, so you end up wearing the cheapest and nastiest GI you can find. Maybe it was the one you wore to karate a few years ago when you dreamed of becoming Bruce Lee. It could even have been one of the smelly suits your club lets people wear. Times have changed and you want something fancy. You have now decided you love BJJ and you want to be as professional as possible from now on.

why would you want proper Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

Maybe you’re also jealous when you see your fellow fighters walking around in their beautiful GIs. If you want to do things the right way you will have to buy a professional suit. You need to make sure you buy the right one because they’re not the cheapest piece of clothing you will ever purchase. Let’s look at what makes them so special and what you should be looking out for. From now on you will never feel embarrassed at training ever again.

What makes them so different?

why would you want proper1 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

A proper BJJ GI is designed specifically for jiu-jitsu and they are usually designed by the professionals. These are the guys living the dream every single day, so they know what the suit must feel like. One of the reasons they are so expensive is because they’re a lot tougher than most other GIs. The material they are made from isn’t going to fall apart when someone pulls on it too hard. The judo GIs are also pretty tough, but they tend to be a lot baggier, so BJJ ones are unique.

Buying an adult GI

why would you want proper2 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you’re older and looking to pick one up you should know they come in about 6 or 7 different sizes. They start at A0 and they sometimes move all the way down to A6. If you need something bigger I suggest you spend a few months resisting the temptation of donuts before you think about rolling around the floor with someone who is trying to knock you out.

If you have bought any clothes before you will know they are different depending on the manufacturer. You might wear a size A1 of a certain brand, but when it’s time to buy a new one you might need to buy an A2. You could also be in-between sizes as most people are not built the exact same way. If you have broad shoulders you might need to go a size up.

Buying a child GI

why would you want proper3 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

When you buy a suit for your child you don’t have to go crazy and buy the most expensive option in the shop. You just need to make sure the GI fits well because small children won’t be able to grab onto it with the same force an adult could. They also grow very quickly and you’ll need to buy a new one more regularly, so buying a top-of-the-range GI every year will leave you broke.

Trying to be different

why would you want proper4 Why Would You Want A Proper BJJ GI And What One Should You Go For?

If you want to be a little different you don’t have to wear a white GI. If you’re going to compete you will need to wear a white, blue, or black one, but that doesn’t stop companies from offering you GIs in red, yellow, and pink. You can still wear them to training and some people like a little customization.

You can even have patches put on your GI, or you can buy them with the patches already attached. This is definitely one of the main reasons some people are drawn to certain GIs. Other people take the no-nonsense approach and they like to wear a plain white one. No matter what your GI looks like I’m sure you will love it because you will look professional from now on.

The author of this post, Scott David, is a health and fitness enthusiast working at Quality MMA Gear, a provider of MMA clothing and gear. He has a keen interest in technology and he is a huge action movie buff.

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Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh


three tips for moving business Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Moving your business to a new location can really give it the fresh start that it needs, especially if it has been struggling. If you can manage to find a better location that’s closer to your prime customer base, or if you’re able to find a spot for your business on a busy avenue where a lot of people walking and driving by will see your company name outside the building, you can increase your odds of generating new clients who can then continue coming back for more work, helping your generate even more income over time. And moving to a more affordable location can help you save a lot of money on overhead costs, such as rent, thereby allowing you to allocate that money to other expenses instead.

If you’re ready to move your company and start fresh, continue reading for some important tips to help you do so.

Offer Discounts to Existing Customers

three tips for moving business1 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

In order to get existing customers to follow you to your new location, and to give them a reason to come visit you at your new space after you open, offer them discounts and other incentives. This will ensure that they have a reason to come by the new place, get a feel for the new location and their commute to it, and experience the new things that you have to offer them because of your new office or retail space.

Set Up a Grand Opening Event

three tips for moving business2 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Once you have your official moving day set, you can then plan to host a special event in order to generate some more buzz about the fact that your company is in a brand new office space, retail space, etc. A grand opening can be the perfect way to allow both old and new vendors, clients, and customers to see the new place and get a better understanding of your products and services. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment of moving, and it’s also a perfect way to get everyone to come and see your new place before they forget the fact that you moved and that you have a stellar new facility to work out of.

Shop Around for the Most Affordable Movers

three tips for moving business3 Three Tips For Moving Your Business And Starting Fresh

Moving is no easy task, and it can become quite expensive, especially if you have a lot of high-end, heavy equipment that you need to transport. For example, a large printing facility may have machines that are extremely difficult to lift, and electricians may need to come in to make sure that the machines can be set up in the new space correctly and safely. Therefore, when searching for commercial movers, make sure you ask plenty of questions and get pricing. This will help you find the company that’s right for you that will help you save money during your move.

Moving your business can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. But if you look at it as a way to start your business off fresh again, you can have some fun with it by planning a grand opening event and other promotional events.

Today’s featured writer, Thomas Philip, is an employee at Office Move Pro, well-known office movers in Toronto. When he is not busy offering logistics services toclients, he likes to read books with a cup of hot coffee.

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Top Tips For Learning New Skills Online

Top Tips For Learning New Skills Online


The internet has opened a lot of new possibilities for us to explore and discover. With instant access to content all around the world you have the opportunity to get to know new cultures and learn new skills in a heartbeat. Developing new skills online is great because it allows you to do it all in your own time and is often a really cheap way to do it.

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when you are learning new skills online.

Discuss With Other People Learning The Same Thing

OnlineYou should seek out other people who are learning similar skills to exchange tips and monitor each other’s progress. For instance, if you are learning a new language it might be good if you can have Skype talks with other people new to the language as well.

You can also find a lot of helpful tips from various online forums and you can post your own comments for other people’s benefit. The key is to have someone to talk to about your progress.

Learn Time Management

The problem with learning new skills online is that since you can do it from the comfort of your own home you tend to prioritise your studying as the last thing to do. This can mean that you aren’t making the most out of your learning opportunity and are really hindering your progress.

EDU Cause Review suggests you should keep setting yourself a timeline for what you want to achieve and when, and then think how best to get to your goals. Set an hour or two of your time each day to browse through new information as well as actually practicing your skills online.

Setting yourself goals will really help you keep progressing and achieving your goals. If possible you can get your online friends to monitor your progress to ensure you have a reason to keep learning.

Find Inspiration If You Feel Stuck

Sometimes when you are learning new skills you hit the phase where you feel you aren’t getting anywhere and the skills aren’t improving. This is often the time that most people quit their hobby and move on. But the internet has provided a solution to this problem of feeling stuck.

You need to go online and start browsing for new information about the skill you are learning or read through other people’s experiences about developing this skill. Looking for inspiration online can give you a lot of new ideas to try out and help you get over the tough phase.

Take Lessons

There are hundreds of great tutorials online to help you learn new skills. A lot of these websites offer a lot of detailed information and often use video in order to really help you out. For instance, guitar tutorial website Pro Music Tutor has HD-quality videos to teach you all there is to know about playing the guitar.

Take advantage of these lessons because they are often provided by professionals and can thus be much more effective in teaching you the skills than just reading other people’s blog posts.

Jesse is interested in using the internet to learn new skills and develop his own skill set. He is also passionate about music and loves to help around at his local orchestra and teach young children to play music.

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How To Choose The Best Computer Support For Your Work

How To Choose The Best Computer Support For Your Work


Choosing the right kind of company computer support is really important, whether you’re choosing it for a big office and many employees, or simply for your own home office. There is a lot out there to choose from but how can you tell the reliable, trusted support companies from the rip off merchants?

how choose best computer support How To Choose The Best Computer Support For Your Work

Most companies, if not all these days, are overly reliant on their computer systems, networks and computer equipment. It comes as no surprise therefore that many companies are willing to spend any amount of money asked of them if they get the promise of restricted amounts of downtime should something ever go wrong. After all, all a company wants is to be back online and communicating with customers ASAP.

It is therefore incredibly important to make sure you choose the most suitable support for your business you can. The best way to do this is to compile your very own checklist of what you require from such a service and then use it to compare and contrast the offers you have got from different computer support companies. The following points are general but will get your checklist off to a good start:

Do they use contractors or are they in-house?

It is really important to know how knowledgeable they are as a company. Many such companies will simply run as a middle-man, where they are the main contact for you but actually hire freelancers to do the work. This can often mean inflated pricing because obviously the company wants to make a profit but they also need to pay the freelancers.

Try and find out if their own employees do the work as this will keep those inflated prices down. It should also give you more confidence the company knows what they are talking about. Ask them about their competitors, i.e. what makes them stand out from the crowd, what makes them better and why you should choose them above others.

Don’t be afraid to say what others have quoted you, as this will help other companies match or offer you more computer support for less. Anything you can knock off their initial quote at this stage is a bonus! Also, be sure to find out how often they will provide you with computer updates, annual maintenance and so on.

Unbiased support and guidance

Although every company is going to be a little biased, it is important to avoid companies who just talk about themselves the entire time. You want to choose a company who recognises the advantages their competitors have over them. A company who even says things like, ‘Oh yes, we can understand why you have chosen to get a quote from that company, they are very experienced in…’ will show you they have integrity and are confident enough in their own company to appreciate others in their industry.

You also need to be sure they are not going to try the hard sell on you each and every time you contact them. For instance, if something goes wrong with a computer or if something needs updating, they are not going to try and sell you something you don’t need. You want a company who looks out for your needs, so will tell you when you really need, or don’t need something.

Reliability and trustworthiness

These are obviously qualities you should be looking for when choosing a computer support company. You may question how you can ever tell how reliable or trustworthy a company is before you actually start working with them and yes, this is hard. However, there are a few checks you can do to assess them before making your decision about who to hire, such as:

– Do they have a website?

– Does their website look professional and does everything work, i.e. links?

– Is their contact information clearly displayed on their site?

– Do they only give you the option for you to send them an email or do they also provide a telephone number? Ideally, they should offer both.

– How quickly do they respond to you?

– How good is their response, i.e. do they answer all your questions? Do they give you enough information about their company and the way they work?

– Do they give you an initial quote or do they ask to come see you, check out your computers/ network and equipment first. Ideally, they should get as full a picture of what your requirements are, what you are missing etc. before ever quoting you.

– Have you done a search for them online? Can you find any feedback or testimonials from other customers?

With all of the above points to check, you should be able to make a well-informed decision on which computer support company to hire. However, it is always worth having your own company specific points too, for instance:

What computer system/ network are you running and do they have experience with it?

Are they local to you and how long is their response time?

Your company will obviously have its own specific requirements so make sure you keep these in mind before making your final hiring decision.

James writes for Quintech. When not writing about SAP Gloucester, he can often be found providing computer support to others against his will.

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