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When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do


allpics mom and kid When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

It is typical for every parent to panic when their child is injured and then turn to anger towards the person or entity that caused the injury. However, parents really do not have this luxury when an injury occurs. They must act properly and do the right things to protect their child’s health and rights as a victim.

If your child has been injured, here’s five steps to help protect your child.

1. Soothe Your Child. Whatever just happened it hurts and they are scared. In an accident discussed on the blog of a Raleigh personal injury lawyer, a case involving teens mentions how scared a passenger was after an accident. Do whatever it takes to soothe your child and calm them down. Your child needs you more than ever right now and you need to be cool and calm so you can give them the support they need. This is crucial. If you panic, so will they.

2. Notify Authorities. You need to report the accident to the right authorities. If the accident happened at a place of business, report it to management. If it was another type of accident, report it to the police. Make sure that a report is filed with someone so that you can get immediate medical care for your child.

3. Get Medical Treatment. Even if the injury may seem minor, have your child examined. Head injuries and bone and muscle injuries can be more severe in children because they are still growing. Let a doctor determine the severity of the injuries.

4. Hire A Personal Injury Attorney. Your child is entitled to receive total medical care for their injuries and may also be entitled to other forms of compensation for the accident. By hiring an attorney you protect their rights as a victim. As an additional benefit, having an attorney available to deal with the insurance companies will be a stress relief for you and provide you with more time to care for your child.

5. Do Not Give Any Statements. Do not give any statements to the insurance company, written or oral, about the accident or the injuries unless you have spoken to your attorney. The insurance adjustor is going to try to get you to say something that will lessen your claim or cause it to be denied. If they realize that you are working with an attorney, they will be more apt to work through the process legally.Your child is the most important thing in your life. You need to be able to act quickly and calmly when they have been injured. Following these steps will allow you to sail through the process and will help you to remain calm to care for your child.

Of course, this whole experience will be devastating to you at the same time. But as a parent, you need to remain in control. You will find time later to be emotional and upset. Now, however is not the time, your child must come first.

Writer Melanie Fleury has four kids and knows how scary even a small injury can be. Auger & Auger, a Raleigh personal injury lawyer urges parents to seek immediate medical attention as well as legal counsel if the injury is the fault of another.

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Fatal Car Accident: What are the Family’s Rights?

Fatal Car Accident: What are the Family’s Rights?


Fatal Car Accident: What are the Family’s Rights?

ALLPICS FATAL Fatal Car Accident: What are the Familys Rights?

Car accidents happen every single day in America. In fact, statistics show that the typical driver will have to file an auto insurance claim once every 17.9 years. Unfortunately, every accident victim doesn’t end up this lucky. In fact, there were a full 34,080 traffic fatalities in 2012 alone, and this was a sharp 5.3 percent increase over the previous year. When a family loses a loved one in a car accident, it can be an extremely disheartening time. Fortunately, they do have certain rights during these times, and though these rights may not bring their loved one back, they can make the aftermath more bearable.

The Family’s Rights

Surviving family members have a host of rights at their disposal if they lose a loved one due to a tragic car accident, and this is even more so the case if another driver’s negligence led to the accident. After the incident, for example, family members have the right to review the police report that was filed in relation to the accident. They can also contact witnesses to the wreck if they want to gain a better understanding of what unfolded during the time the accident occurred.

The website of a Chicago car accident lawyer states “When you are in a vulnerable state, an insurance adjuster may attempt to settle the claim with you. They will ask you to sign documents, which could state you don’t retain the right to file for any future compensation. This can be very dangerous and you shouldn’t sign anything without the advice of competent legal counsel.”

In addition, family members have the right to handle their loved one’s auto insurance policy. This is essential in cases where a negligent driver has no insurance; it provides a potential alternative method of recovering some financial compensation to help with funeral costs and other monetary losses. Lastly, the family has the right to bring forth a wrongful death suit if the negligence of a person, company or even local government caused the fatal accident.

Steps to a Wrongful Death Suit

the response crewBefore taking any steps in filing a wrongful death lawsuit, a victim’s family needs to be prepared for a lengthy ordeal. Insurance companies will try their best to avoid fair payouts when their policyholders make life-altering mistakes. It’s first important to find out who can legally file the suit. In most states, a victim’s children, spouse and even parents can usually bring forward a claim. These rules can change by state, however, so it’s definitely something to look into.

It’s also important to collect as much evidence as possible in a timely manner. This includes the victim’s former pay stubs, proof of any government benefits and anything else that may prove financial loss to the family. The best way to go about this, however, is to speak with an attorney. A legal professional will know all of the areas that a surviving family can recover compensation from, and better yet, they’ll know how to obtain necessary evidence.

Can a Family go it Alone?

CourtroomMany people, when faced with any type of lawsuit, believe that they can do better by going it alone. After all, attorneys cost money, and many people think that not paying one will result in a higher cash award for themselves. Unfortunately, some families quickly find out that this simply isn’t the case. Insurance companies have high powered lawyers, and they’re going to put everything that they can into fighting a case that could result in the loss of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

The best option is to at least speak with an attorney. They can give a person a better idea of what they’re up against and what their chances are. The time that it takes to sit through a consultation with an attorney is well worth it if it ensures that a victim’s surviving family members receive all of the financial compensation that they deserve.

The legal system is set up in a way that is meant to protect innocent victims and their families, and this is more true in wrongful death cases than anywhere else. Negligent actions are unacceptable, but when they lead to a person’s untimely death, they can literally reach the level of criminal. Regardless of whether the criminal justice system becomes involved, however, it’s imperative for survivors to seek out an attorney to help file a wrongful death suit.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a freelance writer who frequently researches car accidents. She has found great resources for writing her articles by using online search criteria like Chicago car accident lawyer or New York personal injury attorney.

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Board Meetings And Mom’s Care: How to Manage Both

Board Meetings And Mom’s Care: How to Manage Both


ALLPICS 3 GEN Board Meetings And Moms Care: How to Manage Both

Board Meetings And Mom’s Care: How to Manage Both

You may have a very close relationship with your mother. She may be your friend, confidante, and strength that you draw near to during times of crises. However, her strength may not be enough to help you when you decide to provide for her care during her senior citizen years.

In fact, you may be left to draw on your own inner strength and cleverness as you figure out how to balance your mother’s care with your burgeoning professional career. Rather than allow your responsibilities to be stacked and balanced haphazardly and waiting for the pieces of your personal and professional life to fall into ruins, you can take these steps now to strike the perfect balance between caring for your aging mother and tending to your own personal and professional life.
L-R Leslie Reuter and 96 years old Mom Billie Wilma Grace Baird in Bogart, GA, 22 Jan. 2009

Rely on Outside Help

If you try to take care of the many tasks surrounding your mother’s care all by yourself, you will quickly find that you are not invincible. There is no plausible way that you can work all day long, take care of your own household, and then manage all of the tasks that go into taking care of your mom. Rather than stretch yourself to the limit, you must rely on outside help. You can hire a quality in-home health care service to take care of your mother throughout the day, allowing you time to focus on your career and stay on top of your professional goals with the assurance that your mother is being well taken care of by professional caretakers.

Delegate Responsibility

If you have siblings, cousins, older children, or other relatives who are capable of helping with your mom’s care, it would not be out of the question for you to delegate some of the responsibility to them. While you work, you could appoint someone else to take your mother shopping, to the doctor’s office, or to a physical therapy appointment. Knowing that the smaller tasks that go into caring for your mother have been address20120621 PR DOL WOMENed by a trusted relative can give you the peace of mind to focus on being a professional, mom, and wife.

Schedule Yourself Carefully

If you try to take on too much during the day, you will eventually reach a point where you cannot take any more responsibility. If your mother is cognizant and capable of understanding what you are telling her, you must explain to her that you need to schedule times when you are available to help her. You must decide when you can take care of her when you are not at work or attending your children’s school and extracurricular events or taking care of your family. This scheduling will indeed cut down on the spontaneity and surprise in your life. However, it can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your responsibilities are scheduled and that your priorities have been made clear to everyone.

These suggestions can help you balance taking care of your mother and maintaining your professional and family responsibilities. You may quickly realize that her care is something that you cannot maintain all by yourself.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and designer. Her mother turned 86 this year. She is still in great shape but is showing signs of slowing down. Her family will have to look into providing home health care in the future should she need it.

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2 mothers / 2 daughters

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Coping with Divorce During the Holidays

Coping with Divorce During the Holidays


ALLPICS DIVORCE KID Coping with Divorce During the Holidays
Coping with Divorce During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time when families gather and celebrate the love and affection they have for each other. However, this time of year can be particularly difficult when you are going through a divorce. Despite all of the stress and hostility that may accompany your pending divorce, this time of year may leave you longing for the familiar holiday experiences you and your children shared with your soon-to-be former spouse.

While it may be impractical for you and your children to share the holiday season with your spouse together as a family, you can still make the holidays memorable, fun, and free from stress when you keep these suggestions into mind.

Put Aside Your Emotions for the Time Being

If you and your spouse parted on hostile terms, it can be very difficult for you to keep your emotions in check during the holidays. You may resent the changes that you and your children must endure and you might be tempted to take out your hostility on your spouse by trying to keep the kids from him or her during the holiday break. However, for your children’s sake, it is important that you put aside your emotions and resentment for the few days of the holiday season.

The divorce surely is difficult on them as well, and they may feel guilty about having to spend time with your soon-to-be former spouse during the break. Rather than make this change any harder on them, you should encourage them to have fun with your spouse and assure them that you want them to be happy during the holiday season. As the blog of one family law attorney DG Tucson states, “Divorce doesn’t have to be hard” and it is important to have a “shared interest in the welfare of the children’.

Try to Maintain Traditions

Even with your spouse’s absence from the family, you can still maintain some or all of your family’s holiday traditions. If your children are accustomed to leaving out treats for Santa Claus and waking up to special presents from St. Nick, you can still keep this tradition without having to eliminate it because your spouse is no longer in the house.

Likewise, if your family enjoys going to Christmas Eve services at church, you can still make that outing with your children. Having familiar holiday routines incorporated into your new life as a single parent can help you and your children relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Establish New Family Traditions

As you prepare for your life as a single parent, you can embrace this change by establishing new traditions for you and your children during the holiday season. Introducing these new traditions can give you and your children something to look forward to during the Christmas and New Year’s break and help you form new and meaningful memories that you can look back on in the future.

The new traditions can be whimsical and fun or they can be somber and spiritual. If you are unsure of what traditions to introduce, you could take advice from your children and make this effort one that is cooperative and meaningful.

Going through a divorce during the holidays can be stressful. You and your children can get past the stress and worry by taking these steps and by resolving to make the best of your new life together.

A mother of four, writer Melanie Fleury cannot begin to think how heartbreaking a divorce would be to her family. She has seen many of her friends become emotionally and financially devastated after a divorce. She used the website of family law attorney DG Tucson to learn more about divorce and the laws pertaining to it.

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Creative Ideas For Your Family Portrait

Creative Ideas For Your Family Portrait


A family portrait is like freezing a moment in time. You will always have that picture to look back on with love and happy memories. Coming up with the perfect idea of how you want your family portraits to look is the tricky part though, so once you have looked through all of the Glamour Shots reviews and have a studio picked out, it is time to plan out the perfect portrait ideas. You want something that really captures your family, something that shows who you really are, and something that is fun! Here are some creative ideas for your next family portrait that everyone will love.

creative ideas for family portrait Creative Ideas For Your Family Portrait

Communication is Key

Before you can even get started with all the creative ideas for your shoot, you need to be sure that you and your photographer are communicating well with each other, explains Inspirebee. Communication is key in making sure that your family portrait is everything you wanted and more. It is important to remember that this is your shoot, and your memories that are being captured, so you need to communicate what you want out of it. While you may think that it is just one year, and if you don’t like them, there is always next year, remember that this year is a year of memories you don’t want to forget, so make sure you remember them in your way. Do this, and you will already be on your way to photos you will love.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Impromptu

Some of the best family portraits are the ones that didn’t need a lot of planning at all, but just show the family as they really are. If you are working with a truly skilled photographer, they will be able to capture this magic for you. Take your family to an open place where you can run around and play and just be happy together and let your photographer snap away. You will have a day of fun to remember as well as pictures that show your family as they truly are.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A popular trend in family portraits has been to use them to make announcements, explains Babble. For example, you can take a picture of you and your spouse in front of a blackboard backdrop. Stand side by side with a chalk plus sign drawn between you and an equal sign after you with the number three to announce that you are having a child. It is cute, and it really does say a thousand words.

Let the Kids Take Over

Your children have such creative imaginations, so why not let those imaginations influence your family portraits? Have your kids weigh in on what they think you should do in various pictures. Let each of your children plan out one photo with all of you, and then finally plan one shot all together. It will be a great bonding experience and will let each of them feel like they have their very own version of the family portrait that they will always treasure.

Planning your family portrait is about more than looking through Glamour Shots reviews, it is about capturing memories that you can treasure forever. What memories will be sealed in your family portraits?

Mike is a freelance photographer who has taken a wide variety of pictures and likes to write about the different projects he has done in the past.

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Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neighborhood For Your Family

Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neighborhood For Your Family


When purchasing a new house, you have to think not only of the house itself but the neighborhood as well. The way your home looks should not be enough, but you also have to consider the neighborhood your children will grow up in. You want to give them the best possible surrounding where they can be safe but still have fun at the same time. Below are tips for choosing the best neighborhood.

five tips for choosing perfect Five Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neighborhood For Your Family

Its Proximity to Schools

As a parent, you want a home near the school your children go to. This way, it will be easier for you to juggle taking the kids to and from school and going to work. However, having schools near the neighborhood should not be enough to make you choose the neighborhood, but you also have to consider the ranking of the school. In addition to this, you also have to consider their rating.

Of note; most schools post their ranking and rating in their websites, making it easier for you. There are also websites that compare these information.

Its Crime Rate

Another important factor that you have to consider when choosing neighborhoods is its crime rate. After all, you want a safe place for your family, so choose a neighborhood that has a low crime rate, in terms of robbery and burglary, rape, assault and battery, murder, etc. You can easily check the crime rate of a neighborhood by visiting websites that focus on neighborhood comparisons such as crime websites. Websites like these gather relevant data such as crime rate, school ratings and rankings, and even neighborhood appreciation rates. You only have to type in the details and then you will be given a list to choose from.

Its Proximity to Community Centers

It will also be a very good investment if you choose a neighborhood that is near parks and community centers. This way, your family will have a place to visit if you want to relax and enjoy some quality time with each other. Parks and community centers are also a good way for you and your family to get some exercise such as walking and jogging.

Its Proximity to Stores and Establishments

Choosing a neighborhood that is near stores and other establishments is also a good investment. You can easily take a walk to the nearest convenient store to pick something up. Not only can this help you save some money on gas, but the walk is also a good way to get some exercise.

Its Proximity to Your Job

Having a home near your job is always a great thing since this will give you more time to be with your family. Instead of driving two hours to reach home, say for example, you will be there in less than 30 minutes. The more time you spend with your family, the tighter and closer your bond becomes.

Choosing the perfect neighborhood for your family is not that easy, but it can be made easier by consulting your real estate agent, your home builder, or even your relatives and friends. If want more options, then go online and visit neighborhood comparison sites to know the place well in terms of crime rate, school ranking and rating, etc.

Jennifer Dalley is a freelance content provider who regularly contributes articles to home improvement and real estate blogs. If you are looking for the perfect home in Boise, Idaho, she recommends getting in touch home builders for more information about the place.

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How To Conduct A Family Intervention

How To Conduct A Family Intervention


When a family member is in obvious need of an intervention, it may be a painful decision whether or not to conduct a family intervention. However, because of the close ties between family members, they are often only ones who can help the person they love. Family ties are often times the only ones strong enough to break free through the cycle of addiction.

First, an intervention is when a group of people gather together to confront a loved one about a dangerous addiction that he has developed. They lay down ground rules about what behavior is no longer accepted. It is considered a wake-up call that forces the addict to understand how his addiction has affected those around him. Often times an interventionist helps provide guidelines for laying out consequences for the person if they refuse to seek treatment.

Family Interventions

Family interventions should not be taken lightly, and much thought and planning should go into how this is done. The ultimate goal is for the addict to seek treatment, and plans should be made to maximize the chances of this ultimate outcome. An expert should at least be consulted about how the intervention should happen.

Some of the questions family members have about interventions include:

  • Does it work?
  • Will it alienate me from the person I love?
  • What are the risks?
  • Will my family be torn apart?

These are all legitimate concerns and an expert should be able to answer them. To answer the first question, interventions should be considered on a case-by-case basis. For some families interventions may not be the best solution. However, for those who believe their loved ones are truly in danger, intervention may be their last option to get their loved one to seek help.

Alienation Is A Risk

Unfortunately, alienation may be one of the risks that happen with an intervention. The addict may feel cornered and surrounded and lash out as those who are trying to help him. However, if an intervention is not made, the addict may be alienated from their loved one anyways.

Besides alienation, one of the repercussions are that families are torn apart if the intervention fails to yield positive results. The emotional repercussions of interventions resonate for years and years. In addition, even if the addict does decide to attend rehab only to appease family members, he may leave rehab early or only go through the motions.

A Viable Solution

In the end, family interventions may be a viable solution to help someone lost in their addiction. However, the ultimate success of the intervention lies on the shoulders of the addict, and whether he is ready to embrace the difficult path of treatment. An intervention helps them realize the urgency of the situation and hopefully create the ultimate outcome of seeking treatment.

All the love and treatment in the world can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help himself. Howevre a family intervention can help an addict repriortize their life and begin to see what is imporant once again.

Ken Seeley is a board certified interventionist, as well as the founder of Intervention 911, a provider of young adult treatment.

family How To Conduct A Family Intervention

Photo Credit: Loren Kerns (CC BY 2.0)

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Finding Tranquility in Your Own Backyard: Focal Points Every Garden Should Have

Finding Tranquility in Your Own Backyard: Focal Points Every Garden Should Have


From the most elegant and expensive to simple and beautiful, gardens provide many benefits to any home. A garden can be a quiet, peaceful environment for busy moms; a safe, imaginative environment for children to play; or a retreat for busy professionals.   Magazines may have given us an intimidating notion about what a garden should look like, full of perfectly manicured flora, freshly painted designer furniture, and grass so green it looks fake. Don’t fear – you can begin building the perfect garden with just a few pieces: an outdoor water fountain, seating, and, of course, plants. garden Finding Tranquility in Your Own Backyard: Focal Points Every Garden Should HaveFor centuries, poets and philosophers have been musing about the relationship between humans and water. Some have even claimed that those who live near water experience more peace and tranquility than others, because the sound of water has been symbolic of giving life for centuries. Early in the history of humanity, people groups would build cities dependent on the location of water sources. Whether or not you live near a large body of water, setting up an outdoor water fountain just beyond your door evokes the same soothing quality of listening to waves crash to shore.Fountains can be purchased or built in a variety of different design aesthetics, including classic, zen, and modern.

Seating is very important, because the placement and comfort of it directly influence the quality of relationships that can be fostered and built in your garden. It also influences the amount of restoration you can gain from your garden. In the past several years, design shows and blogs have begun to feature outdoor spaces, creating a demand for comfortable, affordable outdoor furniture in a variety of styles. Choose durable furniture with removable back and seat cushions. During inclement weather, the cushions can be removed and brought inside to extend the life of your furniture.

Gardens aren’t just for flowers anymore. From succulents to ferns, to full-sized fruit trees, find plants to match your personality. Do a bit of internet research or check with your local home and garden store to determine which plants are appropriate for your area and easy to maintain.

Start with these pieces to evoke elegance and tranquility, and you’ll add square footage to your home. With all of these stunning elements combined, your garden area will be enhanced and will also offer a quiet place to retreat to on a busy day. Your garden will also benefit yourself, your relationships, and the value of your home for years to come.

Paige One looks to gardens and the decor elements available for instant elegance and tranquility. Add elegance to your garden with outdoor water fountains and enjoy the instant value to your home.

Photo Credit: zenera (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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