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Alcohol And Drug Prevention Tips For Young Teens

Alcohol And Drug Prevention Tips For Young Teens


There is no real guarantee that your teen will not touch alcohol and drugs in his lifetime. The only way that you can prevent this possibility from happening is proper education about the ramifications and consequences of too much alcohol and taking drugs. However, education alone will never be enough. Yes, he knows what could happen to him, but who can say that simply knowing the effects will stop your teen from trying them. If you want to be sure, you need to be able to trust him and for him to trust you, too. Below are alcohol and prevention tips that any parent should know.

alcohol drug prevention tips for Alcohol And Drug Prevention Tips For Young Teens

Know His Friends

When he has friends over, you should get to know them, too. Ask their names, who their parents are, where they live, etc. Getting to know his friends is a good way of knowing the type of crowd he is running around with. Furthermore, they will also be a good source of information if ever your teen has a problem and will not open up to you.

It will also be a huge plus if you also get to know their parents. The relationships you build with them, even a very casual one at that, will be a big help if you need to find out about your teen’s activities, such as cutting classes, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs.

Let Your Teen Trust You

Peer pressure is one of the biggest problems in teens. The pressure from their friends could push them into doing something they normally will not do. If you want to help your teen deal with peer pressure, then let him know that they can trust you. If he makes a mistake, tried drugs, for example, or drank alcohol at a party, let him know that there will be repercussions. The penalty will not be severe the first time, but that they will increase the second time he has committed the same mistake.

If peer pressure is becoming too much, then let your teen know that he can use you as a sort of scapegoat when saying no. He will feel more comfortable saying “My parents will ground me for a month if I do that” than continually saying “I don’t want to do it.”

Be His Role Model

You should be a good role model for him. Remember, if your teen sees you drinking yourself to oblivion, then he is bound to think that that is the norm and might copy that in the future.

Build a good relationship with him. Let him know that you trust he will make sound decisions, and that he can trust you, too, if ever he makes mistakes. Get involved in his life, and ask him about his studies, his friends, his extracurricular activities, or how his day went. Be his friend.

The process of building a good relationship with your teen is difficult, and it will also be painful and bittersweet at times. But it can be done. Going through it will always be better than dealing with the negative consequences of alcohol and drugs such as addiction, petty crimes, DUI offenses, drug possession charges, etc.

Jennifer Dae is a content writer for a number of parenting and relationship blogs. Alcohol and drugs do damage to families.

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How To Pass A Drug Test On A Short Notice?

How To Pass A Drug Test On A Short Notice?


When you are asked to take a test for drugs, the first thing that will be on your mind is how you can pass the test, especially when on a short notice. Here is a quick take on passing the test with tips that can help you immensely.

Pass the urine test: In general, you would require testing for your urine for the presence of metabolites, and there are a number of ideas of passing on a short notice. The first thing that you can do is detox the body with water. Consume as much liquid as you can and you will find that the sample is diluted enough to pass the test. Also, urinate more before the test, so that you can get rid of more contaminants, and avoid taking the first urine, which often has the most toxins.

There are synthetic and artificial urine samples that can be used for replacing your personal sample, and unless you are caught, you are sure of passing the test. Dilution is another technique where you can add warm water to the urine and reduce the concentration of contaminants. The only thing that you must not try as well is masking. Commercial test-masking chemicals and household chemicals such as bleach are easily tested and detected. You can check for the detox kits that are easily available these days and help you get clear sample of urine without many efforts or tricks thrown in.

Pass the saliva test: Saliva tests are not frequent, but not rare, as well. Such tests take the consumption of drugs in recent times, and therefore, if you have not drugged your body in a week, you should be safe. Generally, the sample of saliva is taken from the gum and lower check, and you can try to manipulate the sample with a simple trick. Instead of using the sample from the place directed, just bite the swab with your molar teeth. Of course, this is something that will require some amount of practice, but you can certainly be assured of winning with the idea.

Pass the hair test: Testing for drugs and getting away with the same is the toughest when you are asked to take a hair test. This is mainly because the chemicals may flush out of the body and urine, but tests can easily detect the same in your hair. The first thing that you can do is deny taking the test by going bald or just avoid taking the test altogether. Of course, you would need to cook up a good story why you couldn’t take the air test, so make sure that you practice well. Hair test samples cannot be replaced with someone else’s in general because samples are taken by the labs on their own.

Whether you will pass a drug testor not is much dependent on the drug you are being tested for and the kind of sample you are asked to give. With so many people passing tests, you certainly take idea from the tips given below.

About Author: Naresh has been writing Health related content for the last copal of years now. more info here .

drug test How To Pass A Drug Test On A Short Notice?

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Molly: The Life Of The Drug Party?

Molly: The Life Of The Drug Party?


“Molly” is one of the more recent additions to what could be called the “A-List” drug group. “She” is what drug users believe to be the purest form of Ecstasy, so the false sense of safety is leading many people to experiment with Molly regularly.

Molly, short for molecule, is a version of MDMA, just like Ecstasy. Every batch created can potentially be a different concoction of any number of stimulant or hallucinogenic substances, like those in cocaine and methamphetamine. You really do not know what you are taking unless you made the drug yourself. That seems scary, is that worrisome to you? If it isn’t it should be, these people creating the drugs are often addicts themselves.

Online Buzz

Online chat rooms are filled with people discussing how to get the best high from taking Molly, with people offering up advice on what drugs to combine, how much of each drug to take, and how amazing the high from Molly can be, all as if they were exchanging recipes and baking tips. It appears there is an entire sub-culture being created around the use and lifestyle of using MDMA.

The scariest part of all of this is that people are just simply not aware of how dangerous the chemical composition of all drugs, and in this cause of Molly, really are to the human body and brain. Officials say that Molly can prove to be deadly, and many deaths have been attributed to the use of Molly.

Carefree Fun?

The carefree fun of lowered inhibitions, possibly hallucinating and loving everyone and everything lasts for only a few hours, while the drug itself is altering your brain chemistry. It just takes one time to overdose, and with repeated use, the brain of a Molly user or abuser is completely out of whack. Altering your brain chemistry is a recipe for disaster.

Have you heard of serotonin, the naturally-occurring neurotransmitter in your brain that’s responsible for happiness, well-being, mood, appetite, and sleep? What about dopamine, the neurotransmitter that dictates reward and pleasure? Molly disrupts both of these. During use of the drug, you feel great because the neurotransmitters and activated, but Molly is also messing up your organic system of functioning.

Psychological Aspect

Psychologically, this causes paranoia, anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, impaired attention, inability to focus or concentrate, lowered drive and motivation, and emotional sensitivity. Physiologically, a Molly user experiences dizziness, lightheadedness, or vertigo, loss of appetite, diarrhea or constipation, insomnia, aches and pains, exhaustion, and jaw soreness.

All of this for a few hours of escape from reality? Think about what must be happening inside your body, and to the only brain you will ever have, if all of these side effects are showing up for you. Is it worth it?

If you have been experimenting with Molly and you want to stop, find out how, and if treatment is right for you. Get your life back and get healthy by seeking the treatment you need if you are currently in a battle with an Ecstasy addiction.

Post written by Dr. Priya Chaudhri, Ph.D. the clinical director at The Control Center a holistic addiction treatment center helping people with their battles with drug addiction, learn more at their website.

drug party Molly: The Life Of The Drug Party?

drug party1 Molly: The Life Of The Drug Party?

drug party2 Molly: The Life Of The Drug Party?

Photo Credit: Eren Emre Kanal (CC BY 2.0)

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